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ZLIB version 1.2.2 for AS400 installation instructions
I) From an AS400 *SAVF file:
1) Unpacking archive to an AS400 save file
On the AS400:
_ Create the ZLIB AS400 library:
CRTLIB LIB(ZLIB) TYPE(PROD) TEXT('ZLIB compression API library')
_ Create a work save file, for example:
On a PC connected to the target AS400:
_ Unpack the save file image to a PC file "ZLIBSAVF"
_ Upload this file into the save file on the AS400, for example
using ftp in BINARY mode.
2) Populating the ZLIB AS400 source library
On the AS400:
_ Extract the saved objects into the ZLIB AS400 library using:
3) Customize installation:
_ Edit CL member ZLIB/TOOLS(COMPILE) and change parameters if needed,
according to the comments.
_ Compile this member with:
4) Compile and generate the service program:
_ This can now be done by executing:
II) From the original source distribution:
1) On the AS400, create the source library:
CRTLIB LIB(ZLIB) TYPE(PROD) TEXT('ZLIB compression API library')
2) Create the source files:
CRTSRCPF FILE(ZLIB/H) RCDLEN(112) TEXT('ZLIB library includes')
CRTSRCPF FILE(ZLIB/TOOLS) RCDLEN(112) TEXT('ZLIB library control utilities')
3) From the machine hosting the distribution files, upload them (with
FTP in text mode, for example) according to the following table:
Original AS400 AS400 AS400 AS400
file file member type description
SOURCES Original ZLIB C subprogram sources
adler32.c ADLER32 C ZLIB - Compute the Adler-32 checksum of a dta strm
compress.c COMPRESS C ZLIB - Compress a memory buffer
crc32.c CRC32 C ZLIB - Compute the CRC-32 of a data stream
deflate.c DEFLATE C ZLIB - Compress data using the deflation algorithm
gzio.c GZIO C ZLIB - IO on .gz files
infback.c INFBACK C ZLIB - Inflate using a callback interface
inffast.c INFFAST C ZLIB - Fast proc. literals & length/distance pairs
inflate.c INFLATE C ZLIB - Interface to inflate modules
inftrees.c INFTREES C ZLIB - Generate Huffman trees for efficient decode
trees.c TREES C ZLIB - Output deflated data using Huffman coding
uncompr.c UNCOMPR C ZLIB - Decompress a memory buffer
zutil.c ZUTIL C ZLIB - Target dependent utility functions
H Original ZLIB C and ILE/RPG include files
crc32.h CRC32 C ZLIB - CRC32 tables
deflate.h DEFLATE C ZLIB - Internal compression state
inffast.h INFFAST C ZLIB - Header to use inffast.c
inffixed.h INFFIXED C ZLIB - Table for decoding fixed codes
inflate.h INFLATE C ZLIB - Internal inflate state definitions
inftrees.h INFTREES C ZLIB - Header to use inftrees.c
trees.h TREES C ZLIB - Created automatically with -DGEN_TREES_H
zconf.h ZCONF C ZLIB - Compression library configuration
zlib.h ZLIB C ZLIB - Compression library C user interface
as400/ ZLIB.INC RPGLE ZLIB - Compression library ILE RPG user interface
zutil.h ZUTIL C ZLIB - Internal interface and configuration
TOOLS Building source software & AS/400 README
as400/bndsrc BNDSRC Entry point exportation list
as400/compile.clp COMPILE CLP Compile sources & generate service program
as400/readme.txt README TXT Installation instructions
4) Continue as in I)3).
Notes: For AS400 ILE RPG programmers, a /copy member defining the ZLIB
API prototypes for ILE RPG can be found in ZLIB/H(ZLIB.INC).
Please read comments in this member for more information.
Remember that most foreign textual data are ASCII coded: this
implementation does not handle conversion from/to ASCII, so
text data code conversions must be done explicitely.
Always open zipped files in binary mode.