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* \file transform8x8.h
* \brief
* prototypes of 8x8 transform functions
* \date
* 9. October 2003
* \author
* Main contributors (see contributors.h for copyright, address and affiliation details)
* Yuri Vatis
#ifndef _TRANSFORM8X8_H_
#define _TRANSFORM8X8_H_
int Mode_Decision_for_new_Intra8x8Macroblock (double lambda, int *min_cost);
int Mode_Decision_for_new_8x8IntraBlocks (int b8, double lambda, int *min_cost);
void intrapred_luma8x8(int img_x,int img_y, int *left_available, int *up_available, int *all_available);
double RDCost_for_8x8IntraBlocks(int *c_nz, int b8, int ipmode, double lambda, double min_rdcost, int mostProbableMode);
int dct_luma8x8(int b8,int *coeff_cost, int intra);
void LowPassForIntra8x8Pred(imgpel *PredPel, int block_up_left, int block_up, int block_left);
#endif //_TRANSFORM8X8_H_