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* \file rtp.h
* \brief
* Definition of structures and functions to handle RTP headers. For a
* description of RTP see RFC1889 on
* \date
* 30 September 2001
* \author
* Stephan Wenger
#ifndef _RTP_H_
#define _RTP_H_
#include "nalu.h"
#define MAXRTPPAYLOADLEN (65536 - 40) //!< Maximum payload size of an RTP packet
#define MAXRTPPACKETSIZE (65536 - 28) //!< Maximum size of an RTP packet incl. header
#define H264PAYLOADTYPE 105 //!< RTP paylaod type fixed here for simplicity
#define H264SSRC 0x12345678 //!< SSRC, chosen to simplify debugging
#define RTP_TR_TIMESTAMP_MULT 1000 //!< should be something like 27 Mhz / 29.97 Hz
typedef struct
unsigned int v; //!< Version, 2 bits, MUST be 0x2
unsigned int p; //!< Padding bit, Padding MUST NOT be used
unsigned int x; //!< Extension, MUST be zero */
unsigned int cc; /*!< CSRC count, normally 0 in the absence
of RTP mixers */
unsigned int m; //!< Marker bit
unsigned int pt; //!< 7 bits, Payload Type, dynamically established
unsigned int seq; /*!< RTP sequence number, incremented by one for
each sent packet */
unsigned int timestamp; //!< timestamp, 27 MHz for H.264
unsigned int ssrc; //!< Synchronization Source, chosen randomly
byte * payload; //!< the payload including payload headers
unsigned int paylen; //!< length of payload in bytes
byte * packet; //!< complete packet including header and payload
unsigned int packlen; //!< length of packet, typically paylen+12
} RTPpacket_t;
#if 0
int ComposeRTPPacket (RTPpacket_t *p);
int DecomposeRTPpacket (RTPpacket_t *p);
int WriteRTPPacket (RTPpacket_t *p, FILE *f);
void DumpRTPHeader (RTPpacket_t *p);
void RTPUpdateTimestamp (int tr);
int RTPWriteBits (int Marker, int PacketType, void * bitstream,
int BitStreamLenInByte, FILE *out);
Boolean isAggregationPacket();
int aggregationRTPWriteBits (int Marker, int PacketType, int subPacketType, void * bitstream, int BitStreamLenInByte, FILE *out);
void begin_sub_sequence_rtp();
void end_sub_sequence_rtp();
void RTPUpdateTimestamp (int tr);
void OpenRTPFile (char *Filename);
void CloseRTPFile ();
int WriteRTPNALU (NALU_t *n);