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* \file
* ratectl.h
* \author
* Zhengguo LI
* \date
* 14 Jan 2003
* \brief
* Headerfile for rate control
#ifndef _RC_QUADRATIC_H_
#define _RC_QUADRATIC_H_
#include "ratectl.h"
typedef struct
float bit_rate;
float frame_rate;
float PrevBitRate; //LIZG 25/10/2002
double GAMMAP; //LIZG, JVT019r1
double BETAP; //LIZG, JVT019r1
double GOPTargetBufferLevel;
double TargetBufferLevel; //LIZG 25/10/2002
double AveWp;
double AveWb;
int RC_MAX_QUANT; //LIZG 28/10/2002
int RC_MIN_QUANT; //LIZG 28/10/2002
int MyInitialQp;
int PAverageQp;
/*LIZG JVT50V2 distortion prediction model*/
/*coefficients of the prediction model*/
double PreviousPictureMAD;
double MADPictureC1;
double MADPictureC2;
double PMADPictureC1;
double PMADPictureC2;
/* LIZG JVT50V2 picture layer MAD */
double PPictureMAD [RC_MODEL_HISTORY];
double PictureMAD [RC_MODEL_HISTORY];
double ReferenceMAD[RC_MODEL_HISTORY];
double m_rgQp [RC_MODEL_HISTORY];
double m_rgRp [RC_MODEL_HISTORY];
double Pm_rgQp [RC_MODEL_HISTORY];
double Pm_rgRp [RC_MODEL_HISTORY];
double m_X1;
double m_X2;
double Pm_X1;
double Pm_X2;
int Pm_Qp;
int Pm_Hp;
int MADm_windowSize;
int m_windowSize;
int m_Qc;
int PPreHeader;
int PrevLastQP; // QP of the second-to-last coded frame in the primary layer
int CurrLastQP; // QP of the last coded frame in the primary layer
int NumberofBFrames;
/*basic unit layer rate control*/
int TotalFrameQP;
int NumberofBasicUnit;
int PAveHeaderBits1;
int PAveHeaderBits2;
int PAveHeaderBits3;
int PAveFrameQP;
int TotalNumberofBasicUnit;
int CodedBasicUnit;
double CurrentFrameMAD;
double CurrentBUMAD;
double TotalBUMAD;
double PreviousFrameMAD;
double PreviousWholeFrameMAD;
int DDquant;
unsigned int MBPerRow;
int QPLastPFrame;
int QPLastGOP;
/* adaptive field/frame coding*/
int FieldQPBuffer;
int FrameQPBuffer;
int FrameAveHeaderBits;
int FieldAveHeaderBits;
double *BUPFMAD;
double *BUCFMAD;
double *FCBUCFMAD;
double *FCBUPFMAD;
Boolean GOPOverdue;
int64 Iprev_bits;
int64 Pprev_bits;
/* rate control variables */
int Xp, Xb;
int Target;
int TargetField;
int Np, Nb, bits_topfield;
//HRD consideration
int UpperBound1, UpperBound2, LowerBound;
double Wp, Wb; // complexity weights
double DeltaP;
int TotalPFrame;
int PDuantQp;
} rc_quadratic;
// rate control functions
// init/copy
void rc_alloc ( rc_quadratic **prc );
void rc_free ( rc_quadratic **prc );
void copy_rc_jvt( rc_quadratic *dst, rc_quadratic *src );
// rate control (externally visible)
void rc_init_seq (rc_quadratic *prc);
void rc_init_GOP (rc_quadratic *prc, int np, int nb);
void rc_update_pict_frame(rc_quadratic *prc, int nbits);
void rc_init_pict (rc_quadratic *prc, int fieldpic,int topfield, int targetcomputation, float mult);
void rc_update_pict(rc_quadratic *prc, int nbits);
void updateQPInterlace( rc_quadratic *prc );
void updateQPNonPicAFF( rc_quadratic *prc );
void updateBottomField( rc_quadratic *prc );
int updateFirstP( rc_quadratic *prc, int topfield );
int updateNegativeTarget( rc_quadratic *prc, int topfield, int m_Qp );
int updateFirstBU( rc_quadratic *prc, int topfield );
void updateLastBU( rc_quadratic *prc, int topfield );
void predictCurrPicMAD( rc_quadratic *prc );
void updateModelQPBU( rc_quadratic *prc, int topfield, int m_Qp );
void updateQPInterlaceBU( rc_quadratic *prc );
void updateModelQPFrame( rc_quadratic *prc, int m_Bits );
void updateRCModel (rc_quadratic *prc);
int (*updateQP)(rc_quadratic *prc, int topfield);
int updateQPRC0(rc_quadratic *prc, int topfield);
int updateQPRC1(rc_quadratic *prc, int topfield);
int updateQPRC2(rc_quadratic *prc, int topfield);
int updateQPRC3(rc_quadratic *prc, int topfield);
// internal functions
void updateMADModel (rc_quadratic *prc);
void RCModelEstimator (rc_quadratic *prc, int n_windowSize, Boolean *m_rgRejected);
void MADModelEstimator(rc_quadratic *prc, int n_windowSize, Boolean *PictureRejected);
int updateComplexity( rc_quadratic *prc, Boolean is_updated, int nbits );
void updatePparams( rc_quadratic *prc, int complexity );
void updateBparams( rc_quadratic *prc, int complexity );
// rate control CURRENT pointers
rc_quadratic *quadratic_RC;
// rate control object pointers for RDPictureDecision buffering...
rc_quadratic *quadratic_RC_init, *quadratic_RC_best;