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; RUN: opt < %s -dfsan -dfsan-args-abi -dfsan-abilist=%S/Inputs/abilist.txt -S | FileCheck %s
; RUN: opt < %s -dfsan -dfsan-abilist=%S/Inputs/abilist.txt -S | FileCheck %s
target triple = "x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu"
; Declare custom functions. Inputs/abilist.txt causes any function with a
; name matching /custom.*/ to be a custom function.
declare i32 @custom_fun_one_callback(i8 (i32, double)* %callback_arg)
declare i32 @custom_fun_two_callbacks(
i8 (i32, double)* %callback_arg1,
i64 %an_int,
i8 (i32, double)* %callback_arg2
declare i8 @a_callback_fun(i32, double)
; CHECK-LABEL: @"dfs$call_custom_funs_with_callbacks"
define void @call_custom_funs_with_callbacks(i8 (i32, double)* %callback_arg) {
;; The callback should have attribute 'nonnull':
; CHECK: call signext i32 @__dfsw_custom_fun_one_callback(
; CHECK: nonnull @"dfst0$custom_fun_one_callback"
%call1 = call signext i32 @custom_fun_one_callback(
i8 (i32, double)* nonnull @a_callback_fun
;; Call a custom function with two callbacks. Check their annotations.
; CHECK: call i32 @__dfsw_custom_fun_two_callbacks(
; CHECK: nonnull @"dfst0$custom_fun_two_callbacks"
; CHECK: i64 12345
; CHECK: noalias @"dfst2$custom_fun_two_callbacks"
%call2 = call i32 @custom_fun_two_callbacks(
i8 (i32, double)* nonnull @a_callback_fun,
i64 12345,
i8 (i32, double)* noalias @a_callback_fun
ret void