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; REQUIRES: asserts
; RUN: opt -regions -analyze < %s | FileCheck %s
; RUN: opt < %s -passes='print<regions>' 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
; While working on improvements to the region info analysis, this test
; case caused an incorrect region bb2 => bb3 to be detected. It is incorrect
; because bb2 has an outgoing edge to bb4. This is interesting because
; bb2 dom bb3 and bb3 pdom bb2, which should have been enough to prevent incoming
; forward edges into the region and outgoing forward edges from the region.
define void @meread_() nounwind {
br label %bb1
bb1: ; preds = %bb4, %bb
br label %bb2
bb2: ; preds = %bb1
br i1 true, label %bb3, label %bb4
bb3: ; preds = %bb2
br i1 true, label %bb4, label %bb5
bb4: ; preds = %bb3, %bb2
br label %bb1
bb5: ; preds = %bb3
ret void
; CHECK: [0] bb => <Function Return>
; CHECK-NEXT: [1] bb1 => bb5
; CHECK-NEXT: End region tree