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# Since version 2.23 (released in August 2019), git-blame has a feature
# to ignore or bypass certain commits.
# This file contains a list of commits that are not likely what you
# are looking for in a blame, such as mass reformatting or renaming.
# You can set this file as a default ignore file for blame by running
# the following command.
# $ git config blame.ignoreRevsFile .git-blame-ignore-revs
# r365730: [Coding style change][lld] Rename variables for non-ELF ports
# r365595: [Coding style change] Rename variables so that they start with a lowercase letter
# r280751: [Coding style change][lldb] Moved LLDB code base to use LLVM style
# r302421: That change incorrectly changed line endings in some libc++ files
# r302496: That is the revert of r302421