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// Copyright 2012 Jesse van den Kieboom. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package flags
import (
// The provided container is not a pointer to a struct
var ErrNotPointerToStruct = errors.New("provided data is not a pointer to struct")
// The provided short name is longer than a single character
var ErrShortNameTooLong = errors.New("short names can only be 1 character")
// An option group. The option group has a name and a set of options.
type Group struct {
// The name of the group.
Name string
Names map[string]*Option
IniNames map[string]*Option
// A map of long names to option option descriptions.
LongNames map[string]*Option
// A map of short names to option option descriptions.
ShortNames map[rune]*Option
// A list of all the options in the group.
Options []*Option
// An error which occurred when creating the group.
Error error
// Groups embedded in this group
EmbeddedGroups []*Group
IsCommand bool
LongDescription string
data interface{}
// The command interface should be implemented by any command added in the
// options. When implemented, the Execute method will be called for the last
// specified (sub)command providing the remaining command line arguments.
type Command interface {
// Execute will be called for the last active (sub)command. The
// args argument contains the remaining command line arguments. The
// error that Execute returns will be eventually passed out of the
// Parse method of the Parser.
Execute(args []string) error
type Usage interface {
Usage() string
// NewGroup creates a new option group with a given name and underlying data
// container. The data container is a pointer to a struct. The fields of the
// struct represent the command line options (using field tags) and their values
// will be set when their corresponding options appear in the command line
// arguments.
func NewGroup(name string, data interface{}) *Group {
ret := &Group{
Commander: Commander{
Commands: make(map[string]*Group),
Name: name,
Names: make(map[string]*Option),
IniNames: make(map[string]*Option),
LongNames: make(map[string]*Option),
ShortNames: make(map[rune]*Option),
IsCommand: false,
data: data,
ret.Error = ret.scan()
return ret