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FarmHash v1.1, March 1, 2015
* Added a new 64-bit hash function (namespace farmhashte) that is
substantially faster for long strings. It requires SSE4.1. If
AVX instructions are available then it should be slightly faster (e.g.,
use g++ -mavx).
* Added a 32-bit hash function trivially derived from the above. Useful
on CPUs with SSE4.1 or AVX.
* Added new 64-bit hash functions derived from FarmHash v1.0
(namespaces farmhashuo and farmhashxo). My testing suggests that for
some string lengths these are speedier than the old standby (farmhashna).
* Compiling with FARMHASH_NO_BUILTIN_EXPECT defined will now eliminate
FarmHash's usage of __builtin_expect. Thanks to Cory Riddell for
suggesting this.
* Improved some comments, the README, etc.
FarmHash v1.0, March 31, 2014
* Initial release