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// Copyright (c) 2012-2018 Ugorji Nwoke. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT license found in the LICENSE file.
// +build notfastpath
package codec
import "reflect"
const fastpathEnabled = false
// The generated fast-path code is very large, and adds a few seconds to the build time.
// This causes test execution, execution of small tools which use codec, etc
// to take a long time.
// To mitigate, we now support the notfastpath tag.
// This tag disables fastpath during build, allowing for faster build, test execution,
// short-program runs, etc.
func fastpathDecodeTypeSwitch(iv interface{}, d *Decoder) bool { return false }
func fastpathEncodeTypeSwitch(iv interface{}, e *Encoder) bool { return false }
func fastpathEncodeTypeSwitchSlice(iv interface{}, e *Encoder) bool { return false }
func fastpathEncodeTypeSwitchMap(iv interface{}, e *Encoder) bool { return false }
func fastpathDecodeSetZeroTypeSwitch(iv interface{}) bool { return false }
type fastpathT struct{}
type fastpathE struct {
rtid uintptr
rt reflect.Type
encfn func(*Encoder, *codecFnInfo, reflect.Value)
decfn func(*Decoder, *codecFnInfo, reflect.Value)
type fastpathA [0]fastpathE
func (x fastpathA) index(rtid uintptr) int { return -1 }
func (_ fastpathT) DecSliceUint8V(v []uint8, canChange bool, d *Decoder) (_ []uint8, changed bool) {
fn := d.cfer().get(uint8SliceTyp, true, true)
d.kSlice(&fn.i, reflect.ValueOf(&v).Elem())
return v, true
var fastpathAV fastpathA
var fastpathTV fastpathT
// ----
type TestMammoth2Wrapper struct{} // to allow testMammoth work in notfastpath mode