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package srslog
import (
// Framer is a type of function that takes an input string (typically an
// already-formatted syslog message) and applies "message framing" to it. We
// have different framers because different versions of the syslog protocol
// and its transport requirements define different framing behavior.
type Framer func(in string) string
// DefaultFramer does nothing, since there is no framing to apply. This is
// the original behavior of the Go syslog package, and is also typically used
// for UDP syslog.
func DefaultFramer(in string) string {
return in
// RFC5425MessageLengthFramer prepends the message length to the front of the
// provided message, as defined in RFC 5425.
func RFC5425MessageLengthFramer(in string) string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%d %s", len(in), in)