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package mount // import ""
// Info reveals information about a particular mounted filesystem. This
// struct is populated from the content in the /proc/<pid>/mountinfo file.
type Info struct {
// ID is a unique identifier of the mount (may be reused after umount).
ID int
// Parent indicates the ID of the mount parent (or of self for the top of the
// mount tree).
Parent int
// Major indicates one half of the device ID which identifies the device class.
Major int
// Minor indicates one half of the device ID which identifies a specific
// instance of device.
Minor int
// Root of the mount within the filesystem.
Root string
// Mountpoint indicates the mount point relative to the process's root.
Mountpoint string
// Opts represents mount-specific options.
Opts string
// Optional represents optional fields.
Optional string
// Fstype indicates the type of filesystem, such as EXT3.
Fstype string
// Source indicates filesystem specific information or "none".
Source string
// VfsOpts represents per super block options.
VfsOpts string