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package container // import ""
import (
containertypes ""
func TestDiff(t *testing.T) {
skip.If(t, testEnv.OSType == "windows", "FIXME")
defer setupTest(t)()
client := testEnv.APIClient()
ctx := context.Background()
cID := container.Run(ctx, t, client, container.WithCmd("sh", "-c", `mkdir /foo; echo xyzzy > /foo/bar`))
// Wait for it to exit as cannot diff a running container on Windows, and
// it will take a few seconds to exit. Also there's no way in Windows to
// differentiate between an Add or a Modify, and all files are under
// a "Files/" prefix.
expected := []containertypes.ContainerChangeResponseItem{
{Kind: archive.ChangeAdd, Path: "/foo"},
{Kind: archive.ChangeAdd, Path: "/foo/bar"},
if testEnv.OSType == "windows" {
poll.WaitOn(t, container.IsInState(ctx, client, cID, "exited"), poll.WithDelay(100*time.Millisecond), poll.WithTimeout(60*time.Second))
expected = []containertypes.ContainerChangeResponseItem{
{Kind: archive.ChangeModify, Path: "Files/foo"},
{Kind: archive.ChangeModify, Path: "Files/foo/bar"},
items, err := client.ContainerDiff(ctx, cID)
assert.NilError(t, err)
assert.DeepEqual(t, expected, items)