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package types
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// Volume volume
// swagger:model Volume
type Volume struct {
// Date/Time the volume was created.
CreatedAt string `json:"CreatedAt,omitempty"`
// Name of the volume driver used by the volume.
// Required: true
Driver string `json:"Driver"`
// User-defined key/value metadata.
// Required: true
Labels map[string]string `json:"Labels"`
// Mount path of the volume on the host.
// Required: true
Mountpoint string `json:"Mountpoint"`
// Name of the volume.
// Required: true
Name string `json:"Name"`
// The driver specific options used when creating the volume.
// Required: true
Options map[string]string `json:"Options"`
// The level at which the volume exists. Either `global` for cluster-wide,
// or `local` for machine level.
// Required: true
Scope string `json:"Scope"`
// Low-level details about the volume, provided by the volume driver.
// Details are returned as a map with key/value pairs:
// `{"key":"value","key2":"value2"}`.
// The `Status` field is optional, and is omitted if the volume driver
// does not support this feature.
Status map[string]interface{} `json:"Status,omitempty"`
// usage data
UsageData *VolumeUsageData `json:"UsageData,omitempty"`
// VolumeUsageData Usage details about the volume. This information is used by the
// `GET /system/df` endpoint, and omitted in other endpoints.
// swagger:model VolumeUsageData
type VolumeUsageData struct {
// The number of containers referencing this volume. This field
// is set to `-1` if the reference-count is not available.
// Required: true
RefCount int64 `json:"RefCount"`
// Amount of disk space used by the volume (in bytes). This information
// is only available for volumes created with the `"local"` volume
// driver. For volumes created with other volume drivers, this field
// is set to `-1` ("not available")
// Required: true
Size int64 `json:"Size"`