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package swarm // import ""
import (
// ClusterInfo represents info about the cluster for outputting in "info"
// it contains the same information as "Swarm", but without the JoinTokens
type ClusterInfo struct {
ID string
Spec Spec
RootRotationInProgress bool
DefaultAddrPool []string
SubnetSize uint32
DataPathPort uint32
// Swarm represents a swarm.
type Swarm struct {
JoinTokens JoinTokens
// JoinTokens contains the tokens workers and managers need to join the swarm.
type JoinTokens struct {
// Worker is the join token workers may use to join the swarm.
Worker string
// Manager is the join token managers may use to join the swarm.
Manager string
// Spec represents the spec of a swarm.
type Spec struct {
Orchestration OrchestrationConfig `json:",omitempty"`
Raft RaftConfig `json:",omitempty"`
Dispatcher DispatcherConfig `json:",omitempty"`
CAConfig CAConfig `json:",omitempty"`
TaskDefaults TaskDefaults `json:",omitempty"`
EncryptionConfig EncryptionConfig `json:",omitempty"`
// OrchestrationConfig represents orchestration configuration.
type OrchestrationConfig struct {
// TaskHistoryRetentionLimit is the number of historic tasks to keep per instance or
// node. If negative, never remove completed or failed tasks.
TaskHistoryRetentionLimit *int64 `json:",omitempty"`
// TaskDefaults parameterizes cluster-level task creation with default values.
type TaskDefaults struct {
// LogDriver selects the log driver to use for tasks created in the
// orchestrator if unspecified by a service.
// Updating this value will only have an affect on new tasks. Old tasks
// will continue use their previously configured log driver until
// recreated.
LogDriver *Driver `json:",omitempty"`
// EncryptionConfig controls at-rest encryption of data and keys.
type EncryptionConfig struct {
// AutoLockManagers specifies whether or not managers TLS keys and raft data
// should be encrypted at rest in such a way that they must be unlocked
// before the manager node starts up again.
AutoLockManagers bool
// RaftConfig represents raft configuration.
type RaftConfig struct {
// SnapshotInterval is the number of log entries between snapshots.
SnapshotInterval uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
// KeepOldSnapshots is the number of snapshots to keep beyond the
// current snapshot.
KeepOldSnapshots *uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
// LogEntriesForSlowFollowers is the number of log entries to keep
// around to sync up slow followers after a snapshot is created.
LogEntriesForSlowFollowers uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
// ElectionTick is the number of ticks that a follower will wait for a message
// from the leader before becoming a candidate and starting an election.
// ElectionTick must be greater than HeartbeatTick.
// A tick currently defaults to one second, so these translate directly to
// seconds currently, but this is NOT guaranteed.
ElectionTick int
// HeartbeatTick is the number of ticks between heartbeats. Every
// HeartbeatTick ticks, the leader will send a heartbeat to the
// followers.
// A tick currently defaults to one second, so these translate directly to
// seconds currently, but this is NOT guaranteed.
HeartbeatTick int
// DispatcherConfig represents dispatcher configuration.
type DispatcherConfig struct {
// HeartbeatPeriod defines how often agent should send heartbeats to
// dispatcher.
HeartbeatPeriod time.Duration `json:",omitempty"`
// CAConfig represents CA configuration.
type CAConfig struct {
// NodeCertExpiry is the duration certificates should be issued for
NodeCertExpiry time.Duration `json:",omitempty"`
// ExternalCAs is a list of CAs to which a manager node will make
// certificate signing requests for node certificates.
ExternalCAs []*ExternalCA `json:",omitempty"`
// SigningCACert and SigningCAKey specify the desired signing root CA and
// root CA key for the swarm. When inspecting the cluster, the key will
// be redacted.
SigningCACert string `json:",omitempty"`
SigningCAKey string `json:",omitempty"`
// If this value changes, and there is no specified signing cert and key,
// then the swarm is forced to generate a new root certificate ane key.
ForceRotate uint64 `json:",omitempty"`
// ExternalCAProtocol represents type of external CA.
type ExternalCAProtocol string
// ExternalCAProtocolCFSSL CFSSL
const ExternalCAProtocolCFSSL ExternalCAProtocol = "cfssl"
// ExternalCA defines external CA to be used by the cluster.
type ExternalCA struct {
// Protocol is the protocol used by this external CA.
Protocol ExternalCAProtocol
// URL is the URL where the external CA can be reached.
URL string
// Options is a set of additional key/value pairs whose interpretation
// depends on the specified CA type.
Options map[string]string `json:",omitempty"`
// CACert specifies which root CA is used by this external CA. This certificate must
// be in PEM format.
CACert string
// InitRequest is the request used to init a swarm.
type InitRequest struct {
ListenAddr string
AdvertiseAddr string
DataPathAddr string
DataPathPort uint32
ForceNewCluster bool
Spec Spec
AutoLockManagers bool
Availability NodeAvailability
DefaultAddrPool []string
SubnetSize uint32
// JoinRequest is the request used to join a swarm.
type JoinRequest struct {
ListenAddr string
AdvertiseAddr string
DataPathAddr string
RemoteAddrs []string
JoinToken string // accept by secret
Availability NodeAvailability
// UnlockRequest is the request used to unlock a swarm.
type UnlockRequest struct {
// UnlockKey is the unlock key in ASCII-armored format.
UnlockKey string
// LocalNodeState represents the state of the local node.
type LocalNodeState string
const (
// LocalNodeStateInactive INACTIVE
LocalNodeStateInactive LocalNodeState = "inactive"
// LocalNodeStatePending PENDING
LocalNodeStatePending LocalNodeState = "pending"
// LocalNodeStateActive ACTIVE
LocalNodeStateActive LocalNodeState = "active"
// LocalNodeStateError ERROR
LocalNodeStateError LocalNodeState = "error"
// LocalNodeStateLocked LOCKED
LocalNodeStateLocked LocalNodeState = "locked"
// Info represents generic information about swarm.
type Info struct {
NodeID string
NodeAddr string
LocalNodeState LocalNodeState
ControlAvailable bool
Error string
RemoteManagers []Peer
Nodes int `json:",omitempty"`
Managers int `json:",omitempty"`
Cluster *ClusterInfo `json:",omitempty"`
Warnings []string `json:",omitempty"`
// Peer represents a peer.
type Peer struct {
NodeID string
Addr string
// UpdateFlags contains flags for SwarmUpdate.
type UpdateFlags struct {
RotateWorkerToken bool
RotateManagerToken bool
RotateManagerUnlockKey bool