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package swarm // import ""
import "os"
// Config represents a config.
type Config struct {
ID string
Spec ConfigSpec
// ConfigSpec represents a config specification from a config in swarm
type ConfigSpec struct {
Data []byte `json:",omitempty"`
// Templating controls whether and how to evaluate the config payload as
// a template. If it is not set, no templating is used.
Templating *Driver `json:",omitempty"`
// ConfigReferenceFileTarget is a file target in a config reference
type ConfigReferenceFileTarget struct {
Name string
UID string
GID string
Mode os.FileMode
// ConfigReferenceRuntimeTarget is a target for a config specifying that it
// isn't mounted into the container but instead has some other purpose.
type ConfigReferenceRuntimeTarget struct{}
// ConfigReference is a reference to a config in swarm
type ConfigReference struct {
File *ConfigReferenceFileTarget `json:",omitempty"`
Runtime *ConfigReferenceRuntimeTarget `json:",omitempty"`
ConfigID string
ConfigName string