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package network // import ""
import (
// Address represents an IP address
type Address struct {
Addr string
PrefixLen int
// IPAM represents IP Address Management
type IPAM struct {
Driver string
Options map[string]string //Per network IPAM driver options
Config []IPAMConfig
// IPAMConfig represents IPAM configurations
type IPAMConfig struct {
Subnet string `json:",omitempty"`
IPRange string `json:",omitempty"`
Gateway string `json:",omitempty"`
AuxAddress map[string]string `json:"AuxiliaryAddresses,omitempty"`
// EndpointIPAMConfig represents IPAM configurations for the endpoint
type EndpointIPAMConfig struct {
IPv4Address string `json:",omitempty"`
IPv6Address string `json:",omitempty"`
LinkLocalIPs []string `json:",omitempty"`
// Copy makes a copy of the endpoint ipam config
func (cfg *EndpointIPAMConfig) Copy() *EndpointIPAMConfig {
cfgCopy := *cfg
cfgCopy.LinkLocalIPs = make([]string, 0, len(cfg.LinkLocalIPs))
cfgCopy.LinkLocalIPs = append(cfgCopy.LinkLocalIPs, cfg.LinkLocalIPs...)
return &cfgCopy
// PeerInfo represents one peer of an overlay network
type PeerInfo struct {
Name string
IP string
// EndpointSettings stores the network endpoint details
type EndpointSettings struct {
// Configurations
IPAMConfig *EndpointIPAMConfig
Links []string
Aliases []string
// Operational data
NetworkID string
EndpointID string
Gateway string
IPAddress string
IPPrefixLen int
IPv6Gateway string
GlobalIPv6Address string
GlobalIPv6PrefixLen int
MacAddress string
DriverOpts map[string]string
// Task carries the information about one backend task
type Task struct {
Name string
EndpointID string
EndpointIP string
Info map[string]string
// ServiceInfo represents service parameters with the list of service's tasks
type ServiceInfo struct {
VIP string
Ports []string
LocalLBIndex int
Tasks []Task
// Copy makes a deep copy of `EndpointSettings`
func (es *EndpointSettings) Copy() *EndpointSettings {
epCopy := *es
if es.IPAMConfig != nil {
epCopy.IPAMConfig = es.IPAMConfig.Copy()
if es.Links != nil {
links := make([]string, 0, len(es.Links))
epCopy.Links = append(links, es.Links...)
if es.Aliases != nil {
aliases := make([]string, 0, len(es.Aliases))
epCopy.Aliases = append(aliases, es.Aliases...)
return &epCopy
// NetworkingConfig represents the container's networking configuration for each of its interfaces
// Carries the networking configs specified in the `docker run` and `docker network connect` commands
type NetworkingConfig struct {
EndpointsConfig map[string]*EndpointSettings // Endpoint configs for each connecting network
// ConfigReference specifies the source which provides a network's configuration
type ConfigReference struct {
Network string
var acceptedFilters = map[string]bool{
"dangling": true,
"driver": true,
"id": true,
"label": true,
"name": true,
"scope": true,
"type": true,
// ValidateFilters validates the list of filter args with the available filters.
func ValidateFilters(filter filters.Args) error {
return errdefs.InvalidParameter(filter.Validate(acceptedFilters))