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package backend // import ""
import (
specs ""
// PullOption defines different modes for accessing images
type PullOption int
const (
// PullOptionNoPull only returns local images
PullOptionNoPull PullOption = iota
// PullOptionForcePull always tries to pull a ref from the registry first
// PullOptionPreferLocal uses local image if it exists, otherwise pulls
// ProgressWriter is a data object to transport progress streams to the client
type ProgressWriter struct {
Output io.Writer
StdoutFormatter io.Writer
StderrFormatter io.Writer
AuxFormatter *streamformatter.AuxFormatter
ProgressReaderFunc func(io.ReadCloser) io.ReadCloser
// BuildConfig is the configuration used by a BuildManager to start a build
type BuildConfig struct {
Source io.ReadCloser
ProgressWriter ProgressWriter
Options *types.ImageBuildOptions
// GetImageAndLayerOptions are the options supported by GetImageAndReleasableLayer
type GetImageAndLayerOptions struct {
PullOption PullOption
AuthConfig map[string]types.AuthConfig
Output io.Writer
Platform *specs.Platform