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//go:build !windows
// +build !windows
package pty
import (
// StartWithSize assigns a pseudo-terminal tty os.File to c.Stdin, c.Stdout,
// and c.Stderr, calls c.Start, and returns the File of the tty's
// corresponding pty.
// This will resize the pty to the specified size before starting the command.
// Starts the process in a new session and sets the controlling terminal.
func StartWithSize(cmd *exec.Cmd, ws *Winsize) (*os.File, error) {
if cmd.SysProcAttr == nil {
cmd.SysProcAttr = &syscall.SysProcAttr{}
cmd.SysProcAttr.Setsid = true
cmd.SysProcAttr.Setctty = true
return StartWithAttrs(cmd, ws, cmd.SysProcAttr)