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//go:build !windows
//+build !windows
package pty
import (
// Winsize describes the terminal size.
type Winsize struct {
Rows uint16 // ws_row: Number of rows (in cells)
Cols uint16 // ws_col: Number of columns (in cells)
X uint16 // ws_xpixel: Width in pixels
Y uint16 // ws_ypixel: Height in pixels
// Setsize resizes t to s.
func Setsize(t *os.File, ws *Winsize) error {
//nolint:gosec // Expected unsafe pointer for Syscall call.
return ioctl(t.Fd(), syscall.TIOCSWINSZ, uintptr(unsafe.Pointer(ws)))
// GetsizeFull returns the full terminal size description.
func GetsizeFull(t *os.File) (size *Winsize, err error) {
var ws Winsize
//nolint:gosec // Expected unsafe pointer for Syscall call.
if err := ioctl(t.Fd(), syscall.TIOCGWINSZ, uintptr(unsafe.Pointer(&ws))); err != nil {
return nil, err
return &ws, nil