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# NOTE: Using 1.13 as a base to build the RISCV compiler, the resulting version is based on go1.6.
FROM golang:1.13
# Clone and complie a riscv compatible version of the go compiler.
RUN git clone /riscv-go
# riscvdev branch HEAD as of 2019-06-29.
RUN cd /riscv-go && git checkout 04885fddd096d09d4450726064d06dd107e374bf
ENV PATH=/riscv-go/misc/riscv:/riscv-go/bin:$PATH
RUN cd /riscv-go/src && GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP=$(go env GOROOT) ./make.bash
ENV GOROOT=/riscv-go
# Set the base env.
ENV GOOS=linux GOARCH=riscv CGO_ENABLED=0 GOFLAGS='-v -ldflags=-s -ldflags=-w'
# Pre compile the stdlib.
RUN go build -a std
# Add the code to the image.
ADD . .
# Build the lib.
RUN go build