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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#include "cmFunctionCommand.h"
#include <sstream>
#include <utility>
#include <cm/memory>
#include <cm/string_view>
#include "cm_static_string_view.hxx"
#include "cmAlgorithms.h"
#include "cmExecutionStatus.h"
#include "cmFunctionBlocker.h"
#include "cmListFileCache.h"
#include "cmMakefile.h"
#include "cmPolicies.h"
#include "cmRange.h"
#include "cmState.h"
#include "cmStringAlgorithms.h"
namespace {
// define the class for function commands
class cmFunctionHelperCommand
* This is called when the command is first encountered in
* the CMakeLists.txt file.
bool operator()(std::vector<cmListFileArgument> const& args,
cmExecutionStatus& inStatus) const;
std::vector<std::string> Args;
std::vector<cmListFileFunction> Functions;
cmPolicies::PolicyMap Policies;
std::string FilePath;
bool cmFunctionHelperCommand::operator()(
std::vector<cmListFileArgument> const& args,
cmExecutionStatus& inStatus) const
cmMakefile& makefile = inStatus.GetMakefile();
// Expand the argument list to the function.
std::vector<std::string> expandedArgs;
makefile.ExpandArguments(args, expandedArgs);
// make sure the number of arguments passed is at least the number
// required by the signature
if (expandedArgs.size() < this->Args.size() - 1) {
std::string errorMsg = cmStrCat(
"Function invoked with incorrect arguments for function named: ",
return false;
cmMakefile::FunctionPushPop functionScope(&makefile, this->FilePath,
// set the value of argc
makefile.AddDefinition("ARGC", std::to_string(expandedArgs.size()));
// set the values for ARGV0 ARGV1 ...
for (unsigned int t = 0; t < expandedArgs.size(); ++t) {
std::ostringstream tmpStream;
tmpStream << "ARGV" << t;
makefile.AddDefinition(tmpStream.str(), expandedArgs[t]);
// define the formal arguments
for (unsigned int j = 1; j < this->Args.size(); ++j) {
makefile.AddDefinition(this->Args[j], expandedArgs[j - 1]);
// define ARGV and ARGN
std::string argvDef = cmJoin(expandedArgs, ";");
auto eit = expandedArgs.begin() + (this->Args.size() - 1);
std::string argnDef = cmJoin(cmMakeRange(eit, expandedArgs.end()), ";");
makefile.AddDefinition("ARGV", argvDef);
makefile.AddDefinition("ARGN", argnDef);
// Invoke all the functions that were collected in the block.
// for each function
for (cmListFileFunction const& func : this->Functions) {
cmExecutionStatus status(makefile);
if (!makefile.ExecuteCommand(func, status) || status.GetNestedError()) {
// The error message should have already included the call stack
// so we do not need to report an error here.
return false;
if (status.GetReturnInvoked()) {
return true;
// pop scope on the makefile
return true;
class cmFunctionFunctionBlocker : public cmFunctionBlocker
cm::string_view StartCommandName() const override { return "function"_s; }
cm::string_view EndCommandName() const override { return "endfunction"_s; }
bool ArgumentsMatch(cmListFileFunction const&,
cmMakefile& mf) const override;
bool Replay(std::vector<cmListFileFunction> functions,
cmExecutionStatus& status) override;
std::vector<std::string> Args;
bool cmFunctionFunctionBlocker::ArgumentsMatch(cmListFileFunction const& lff,
cmMakefile& mf) const
std::vector<std::string> expandedArguments;
mf.ExpandArguments(lff.Arguments, expandedArguments,
return expandedArguments.empty() || expandedArguments[0] == this->Args[0];
bool cmFunctionFunctionBlocker::Replay(
std::vector<cmListFileFunction> functions, cmExecutionStatus& status)
cmMakefile& mf = status.GetMakefile();
// create a new command and add it to cmake
cmFunctionHelperCommand f;
f.Args = this->Args;
f.Functions = std::move(functions);
f.FilePath = this->GetStartingContext().FilePath;
mf.GetState()->AddScriptedCommand(this->Args[0], std::move(f));
return true;
bool cmFunctionCommand(std::vector<std::string> const& args,
cmExecutionStatus& status)
if (args.empty()) {
status.SetError("called with incorrect number of arguments");
return false;
// create a function blocker
auto fb = cm::make_unique<cmFunctionFunctionBlocker>();
cmAppend(fb->Args, args);
return true;