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package git
#include <git2.h>
import "C"
import "runtime"
type ObjectType int
const (
ObjectAny ObjectType = C.GIT_OBJ_ANY
ObjectBad ObjectType = C.GIT_OBJ_BAD
ObjectCommit ObjectType = C.GIT_OBJ_COMMIT
ObjectTree ObjectType = C.GIT_OBJ_TREE
ObjectBlob ObjectType = C.GIT_OBJ_BLOB
ObjectTag ObjectType = C.GIT_OBJ_TAG
type Object interface {
Id() *Oid
Type() ObjectType
Owner() *Repository
type gitObject struct {
ptr *C.git_object
repo *Repository
func (t ObjectType) String() string {
switch t {
case ObjectAny:
return "Any"
case ObjectBad:
return "Bad"
case ObjectCommit:
return "Commit"
case ObjectTree:
return "Tree"
case ObjectBlob:
return "Blob"
case ObjectTag:
return "Tag"
// Never reached
return ""
func (o gitObject) Id() *Oid {
return newOidFromC(C.git_object_id(o.ptr))
func (o gitObject) Type() ObjectType {
return ObjectType(C.git_object_type(o.ptr))
// Owner returns a weak reference to the repository which owns this
// object
func (o gitObject) Owner() *Repository {
return &Repository{
ptr: C.git_object_owner(o.ptr),
func (o *gitObject) Free() {
runtime.SetFinalizer(o, nil)
func allocObject(cobj *C.git_object, repo *Repository) Object {
obj := gitObject{
ptr: cobj,
repo: repo,
switch ObjectType(C.git_object_type(cobj)) {
case ObjectCommit:
commit := &Commit{
gitObject: obj,
cast_ptr: (*C.git_commit)(cobj),
runtime.SetFinalizer(commit, (*Commit).Free)
return commit
case ObjectTree:
tree := &Tree{
gitObject: obj,
cast_ptr: (*C.git_tree)(cobj),
runtime.SetFinalizer(tree, (*Tree).Free)
return tree
case ObjectBlob:
blob := &Blob{
gitObject: obj,
cast_ptr: (*C.git_blob)(cobj),
runtime.SetFinalizer(blob, (*Blob).Free)
return blob
case ObjectTag:
tag := &Tag{
gitObject: obj,
cast_ptr: (*C.git_tag)(cobj),
runtime.SetFinalizer(tag, (*Tag).Free)
return tag
return nil