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package git
import (
func TestResetToCommit(t *testing.T) {
repo := createTestRepo(t)
seedTestRepo(t, repo)
// create commit to reset to
commitId, _ := updateReadme(t, repo, "testing reset")
// create commit to reset from
nextCommitId, _ := updateReadme(t, repo, "will be reset")
// confirm that we wrote "will be reset" to the readme
newBytes, err := ioutil.ReadFile(pathInRepo(repo, "README"))
checkFatal(t, err)
if string(newBytes) != "will be reset" {
t.Fatalf("expected %s to equal 'will be reset'", string(newBytes))
// confirm that the head of the repo is the next commit id
head, err := repo.Head()
checkFatal(t, err)
if head.Target().String() != nextCommitId.String() {
"expected to be at latest commit %s, but was %s",
commitToResetTo, err := repo.LookupCommit(commitId)
checkFatal(t, err)
repo.ResetToCommit(commitToResetTo, ResetHard, &CheckoutOpts{})
// check that the file now reads "testing reset" like it did before
bytes, err := ioutil.ReadFile(pathInRepo(repo, "README"))
checkFatal(t, err)
if string(bytes) != "testing reset" {
t.Fatalf("expected %s to equal 'testing reset'", string(bytes))