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2005-04-13 H.J. Lu <>
2003-11-18 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* mips.h: Define new enum members, M_LCA_AB and M_DLCA_AB.
2003-04-04 Svein E. Seldal <>
* tic4x.h: Namespace cleanup. Replace s/c4x/tic4x
2002-11-16 Klee Dienes <>
* m88k.h (INSTAB): Remove 'next' field.
(instruction): Remove definition; replace with extern declaration
and mark as const.
2002-08-28 Michael Hayes <>
* tic4x.h: New file.
2002-07-25 Richard Sandiford <>
* mips.h (CPU_R2000): Remove.
2003-10-21 Peter Barada <>
Bernardo Innocenti <>
* m68k.h: Add MCFv4/MCF5528x support.
2003-10-19 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* mmix.h (JMP_INSN_BYTE): Define.
2003-09-30 Chris Demetriou <>
* mips.h: Document +E, +F, +G, +H, and +I operand types.
Update documentation of I, +B and +C operand types.
(INSN_ISA64R2, ISA_MIPS64R2, CPU_MIPS64R2): New defines.
(M_DEXT, M_DINS): New enum values.
2003-09-04 Nick Clifton <>
* v850.h (PROCESSOR_V850E1): Define.
2003-08-19 Alan Modra <>
* ppc.h (PPC_OPCODE_440): Define. Formatting. Use hex for other
PPC_OPCODE_* defines.
2003-08-16 Jason Eckhardt <>
* i860.h (fmov.ds): Expand as famov.ds.
( Expand as
(pfmov.ds): Expand as pfamov.ds.
2003-08-07 Michael Meissner <>
* cgen.h: Remove PARAM macro usage in all prototypes.
(CGEN_EXTRACT_INFO): Use void * instead of PTR.
(cgen_print_fn): Ditto.
(struct cgen_insn): Ditto.
2003-08-07 Alan Modra <>
* alpha.h: Remove PARAMS macro.
* arc.h: Likewise.
* d10v.h: Likewise.
* d30v.h: Likewise.
* i370.h: Likewise.
* or32.h: Likewise.
* pj.h: Likewise.
* ppc.h: Likewise.
* sparc.h: Likewise.
* tic80.h: Likewise.
* v850.h: Likewise.
2003-07-18 Michael Snyder <>
* include/opcode/h8sx.h (DO_MOVA1, DO_MOVA2): Reformatting.
2003-07-15 Richard Sandiford <>
* mips.h (CPU_RM7000): New macro.
(OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Match CPU_RM7000 against 4650 insns.
2003-07-09 Alexandre Oliva <>
2000-04-01 Alexandre Oliva <>
* mn10300.h (AM33_2): Renamed from AM33.
2000-03-31 Alexandre Oliva <>
* mn10300.h (AM332, FMT_D3): Defined.
(MN10300_OPERAND_FPCR): Likewise.
2003-07-01 Martin Schwidefsky <>
* s390.h (s390_opcode_cpu_val): Add enum for cpu type z990.
2003-06-25 Richard Sandiford <>
* h8300.h (IMM2_NS, IMM8_NS, IMM16_NS): Remove.
(IMM8U, IMM8U_NS): Define.
(h8_opcodes): Use IMM8U_NS for mov.[wl] #xx:8,@yy.
2003-06-25 Richard Sandiford <>
* h8300.h (h8_opcodes): Fix the mov.l @(dd:32,ERs),ERd and
mov.l ERs,@(dd:32,ERd) entries.
2003-06-23 H.J. Lu <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Support Intel Precott New Instructions.
2003-06-10 Gary Hade <>
* ppc.h (PPC_OPERAND_DQ): Define.
2003-06-10 Richard Sandiford <>
* h8300.h (IMM4_NS, IMM8_NS): New.
(h8_opcodes): Replace IMM4 with IMM4_NS in mov.b and mov.w entries.
Likewise IMM8 for mov.w and mov.l. Likewise IMM16U for mov.l.
2003-06-03 Michael Snyder <>
* h8300.h (enum h8_model): Add AV_H8S to distinguish from H8H.
(ldc): Split ccr ops from exr ops (which are only available
on H8S or H8SX).
(stc): Ditto.
(andc, orc, xorc): Ditto.
(ldmac, stmac, clrmac, mac): Change access to AV_H8S.
2003-06-03 Michael Snyder <>
and Bernd Schmidt <>
and Alexandre Oliva <>
* h8300.h: Add support for h8300sx instruction set.
2003-05-23 Jason Eckhardt <>
* i860.h (expand_type): Add XP_ONLY.
(scyc.b): New XP instruction.
(ldio.l): Likewise.
(ldio.s): Likewise.
(ldio.b): Likewise.
(ldint.l): Likewise.
(ldint.s): Likewise.
(ldint.b): Likewise.
(stio.l): Likewise.
(stio.s): Likewise.
(stio.b): Likewise.
(pfld.q): Likewise.
2003-05-20 Jason Eckhardt <>
* i860.h (flush): Set lower 3 bits properly and use 'L'
for the immediate operand type instead of 'i'.
2003-05-20 Jason Eckhardt <>
* i860.h (fzchks): Both S and R bits must be set.
(pfzchks): Likewise.
(faddp): Likewise.
(pfaddp): Likewise.
( Remove (invalid instruction).
( Likewise.
( Likewise.
( Likewise.
2003-05-18 Jason Eckhardt <>
* i860.h (form, pform): Add missing .dd suffix.
2003-05-13 Stephane Carrez <>
* m68hc11.h (M68HC12_BANK_VIRT): Define to 0x010000
2003-04-07 Michael Snyder <>
* h8300.h (ldc/stc): Fix up src/dst swaps.
2003-04-09 J. Grant <>
* mips.h: Correct comment typo.
2003-03-21 Martin Schwidefsky <>
* s390.h (s390_opcode_arch_val): Rename to s390_opcode_mode_val.
(s390_opcode): Remove architecture. Add modes and min_cpu.
2003-03-17 D.Venkatasubramanian <>
* h8300.h (O_SYS_CMDLINE): New pseudo opcode for command line
2003-02-21 Noida D.Venkatasubramanian <>
* h8300.h (ldmac, stmac): Replace MACREG with MS32 and MD32.
2003-01-23 Alan Modra <>
* m68hc11.h (cpu6812s): Define.
2003-01-07 Chris Demetriou <>
* mips.h: Fix missing space in comment.
(INSN_ISA32, INSN_ISA32R2, INSN_ISA64): Shift values right
by four bits.
2003-01-02 Chris Demetriou <>
* mips.h: Update copyright years to include 2002 (which had
been missed previously) and 2003. Make comments about "+A",
"+B", and "+C" operand types more descriptive.
2002-12-31 Chris Demetriou <>
* mips.h: Note that the "+D" operand type name is now used.
2002-12-30 Chris Demetriou <>
* mips.h: Document "+" as the start of two-character operand
type names, and add new "K", "+A", "+B", and "+C" operand types.
2002-12-24 Dmitry Diky <>
* msp430.h: New file. Defines msp430 opcodes.
2002-12-30 D.Venkatasubramanian <>
* h8300.h: Added some more pseudo opcodes for system call
2002-12-19 Chris Demetriou <>
* mips.h (OP_OP_COP0, OP_OP_COP1, OP_OP_COP2, OP_OP_COP3)
(OP_OP_SDC2, OP_OP_SDC3): Define.
2002-12-16 Alan Modra <>
* hppa.h (completer_chars): #if 0 out.
* ns32k.h (struct ns32k_opcode): Constify "name", "operands" and
(struct not_wot): Constify "args".
(struct not): Constify "name".
(numopcodes): Delete.
(endop): Delete.
2002-12-13 Alan Modra <>
* pj.h (pj_opc_info_t): Add union.
2002-12-04 David Mosberger <>
* ia64.h: Fix copyright message.
(IA64_OPND_AR_CSD): New operand kind.
2002-12-03 Richard Henderson <>
* ia64.h (enum ia64_opnd): Add IA64_OPND_LDXMOV.
2002-12-03 Alan Modra <>
* cgen.h (struct cgen_maybe_multi_ifield): Add "const PTR p" to union.
Constify "leaf" and "multi".
2002-11-19 Klee Dienes <>
* h8300.h (h8_opcode): Remove 'noperands', 'idx', and 'size'
(h8_opcodes). Modify initializer and initializer macros to no
longer initialize the removed fields.
2002-11-19 Svein E. Seldal <>
* tic4x.h (c4x_insts): Fixed LDHI constraint
2002-11-18 Klee Dienes <>
* h8300.h (h8_opcode): Remove 'length' field.
(h8_opcodes): Mark as 'const' (both the declaration and
definition). Modify initializer and initializer macros to no
longer initialize the length field.
2002-11-18 Klee Dienes <>
* arc.h (arc_ext_opcodes): Declare as extern.
(arc_ext_operands): Declare as extern.
* i860.h (i860_opcodes): Declare as const.
2002-11-18 Svein E. Seldal <>
* tic4x.h: File reordering. Added enhanced opcodes.
2002-11-16 Svein E. Seldal <>
* tic4x.h: Major rewrite of entire file. Define instruction
classes, and put each instruction into a class.
2002-11-11 Svein E. Seldal <>
* tic4x.h: Added new opcodes and corrected some bugs. Add support
for new DSP types.
2002-10-14 Alan Modra <>
* cgen.h: Test __BFD_H_SEEN__ rather than BFD_VERSION_DATE.
2002-09-30 Gavin Romig-Koch <>
Ken Raeburn <>
Aldy Hernandez <>
Eric Christopher <>
Richard Sandiford <>
* mips.h: Update comment for new opcodes.
(INSN_4111, INSN_4120, INSN_5400, INSN_5500): New.
(CPU_VR4120, CPU_VR5400, CPU_VR5500): New.
(OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Handle the new CPU_* values and INSN_* flags.
Don't match CPU_R4111 with INSN_4100.
2002-08-19 Elena Zannoni <>
From matthew green <>
* ppc.h (PPC_OPCODE_SPE): New opcode flag for Powerpc e500
PPC_OPCODE_CACHELCK, PPC_OPCODE_RFMCI): New opcode flags for the
e500x2 Integer select, branch locking, performance monitor,
cache locking and machine check APUs, respectively.
(PPC_OPCODE_EFS): New opcode type for efs* instructions.
(PPC_OPCODE_CLASSIC): New opcode type for Classic PowerPC instructions.
2002-08-13 Stephane Carrez <>
* m68hc11.h (M6812_OP_PAGE): Define to identify call operand.
M68HC12_BANK_SHIFT, M68HC12_BANK_PAGE_MASK): Define for 68HC12
memory banks.
(M6811_OC1M5, M6811_OC1M4, M6811_MODF): Fix value.
2002-07-09 Thiemo Seufer <>
* mips.h (INSN_MIPS16): New define.
2002-07-08 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Remove IgnoreSize from movsx and movzx.
2002-06-08 Alan Modra <>
* a29k.h: Replace CONST with const.
(CONST): Don't define.
* convex.h: Replace CONST with const.
(CONST): Don't define.
* dlx.h: Replace CONST with const.
* or32.h (CONST): Don't define.
2002-05-30 Chris G. Demetriou <>
(INSN_MDMX): New constants, for MDMX support.
(opcode character list): Add "O", "Q", "X", "Y", and "Z" for MDMX.
2002-05-28 Kuang Hwa Lin <>
* dlx.h: New file.
2002-05-25 Alan Modra <>
* ia64.h: Use #include "" instead of <> for local header files.
* sparc.h: Likewise.
2002-05-22 Thiemo Seufer <>
* mips.h: Add M_DROL, M_DROL_I, M_DROR, M_DROR_I macro cases.
2002-05-17 Andrey Volkov <>
* h8300.h: Corrected defs of all control regs
and eepmov instr.
2002-04-11 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Add intel mode cmpsd and movsd.
Put them before SSE2 insns, so that rep prefix works.
2002-03-15 Chris G. Demetriou <>
* mips.h (INSN_MIPS3D): New definition used to mark MIPS-3D
(OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Adjust comments to indicate that ASE bit masks
may be passed along with the ISA bitmask.
2002-03-05 Paul Koning <>
* pdp11.h: Add format codes for float instruction formats.
2002-02-25 Alan Modra <>
Mon Feb 18 17:31:48 CET 2002 Jan Hubicka <>
* i386.h (push,pop): Fix Reg64 to WordReg to allow 16bit operands.
Mon Feb 11 12:53:19 CET 2002 Jan Hubicka <>
* i386.h (push,pop): Allow 16bit operands in 64bit mode.
(xchg): Fix.
(in, out): Disable 64bit operands.
(call, jmp): Avoid REX prefixes.
(jcxz): Prohibit in 64bit mode
(jrcxz, loop): Add 64bit variants.
(movq): Fix patterns.
(movmskps, pextrw, pinstrw): Add 64bit variants.
2002-01-31 Ivan Guzvinec <>
* or32.h: New file.
2002-01-22 Graydon Hoare <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_MAYBE_MULTI_IFLD): New structure.
2002-01-21 Thomas Klausner <>
* h8300.h: Comment typo fix.
2002-01-03 matthew green <>
* ppc.h (PPC_OPCODE_BOOKE): BookE is not Motorola specific.
(PPC_OPCODE_BOOKE64): Likewise.
Mon Dec 31 16:45:41 2001 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (call, ret): Move to end of table.
(addb, addib): PA2.0 variants should have been PA2.0W.
(ldw, ldh, ldb, stw, sth, stb, stwa): Reorder to keep disassembler
(fldw, fldd, fstw, fstd, bb): Likewise.
(short loads/stores): Tweak format specifier slightly to keep
disassembler happy.
(indexed loads/stores): Likewise.
(absolute loads/stores): Likewise.
2001-12-04 Alexandre Oliva <>
* d10v.h (OPERAND_NOSP): New macro.
2001-11-29 Alexandre Oliva <>
* d10v.h (OPERAND_SP): New macro.
2001-11-15 Alan Modra <>
* ppc.h (struct powerpc_operand <insert, extract>): Add dialect param.
2001-11-11 Timothy Wall <>
* tic54x.h: Revise opcode layout; don't really need a separate
structure for parallel opcodes.
2001-11-13 Zack Weinberg <>
Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Add entries for "sldr", "smsw" and "str" to
accept WordReg.
2001-11-04 Chris Demetriou <>
* mips.h (OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Remove extra space.
2001-10-30 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* mmix.h: New file.
2001-10-18 Chris Demetriou <>
* mips.h (OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Add a no-op term to the end
of the expression, to make source code merging easier.
2001-10-17 Chris Demetriou <>
* mips.h: Sort coprocessor instruction argument characters
in comment, add a few more words of description for "H".
2001-10-17 Chris Demetriou <>
* mips.h (INSN_SB1): New cpu-specific instruction bit.
(OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Allow instructions matching INSN_SB1
if cpu is CPU_SB1.
2001-10-17 matthew green <>
* ppc.h (PPC_OPCODE_BOOKE64): Fix typo.
2001-10-12 matthew green <>
opcode flags for BookE 32-bit, BookE 64-bit and PowerPC 403
instructions, respectively.
2001-09-27 Nick Clifton <>
* v850.h: Remove spurious comment.
2001-09-21 Nick Clifton <>
* h8300.h: Fix compile time warning messages
2001-09-04 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.h (struct alpha_operand): Pack elements into bitfields.
2001-08-31 Eric Christopher <>
* mips.h: Remove CPU_MIPS32_4K.
2001-08-27 Torbjorn Granlund <>
* ppc.h (PPC_OPERAND_DS): Define.
2001-08-25 Andreas Jaeger <>
* d30v.h: Fix declaration of reg_name_cnt.
* d10v.h: Fix declaration of d10v_reg_name_cnt.
* arc.h: Add prototypes from opcodes/arc-opc.c.
2001-08-16 Thiemo Seufer <>
* mips.h (INSN_10000): Define.
(OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Check for INSN_10000.
2001-08-10 Alan Modra <>
* ppc.h: Revert 2001-08-08.
2001-08-10 Richard Sandiford <>
* mips.h (INSN_GP32): Remove.
(OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Remove gp32 parameter.
(M_MOVE): New macro identifier.
2001-08-08 Alan Modra <>
1999-10-25 Torbjorn Granlund <>
* ppc.h (struct powerpc_operand): New field `reloc'.
2001-08-01 Aldy Hernandez <>
* mips.h (INSN_ISA_MASK): Nuke bits 12-15.
2001-07-12 Jeff Johnston <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_INSN): Add regex support.
(build_insn_regex): Declare.
2001-07-11 Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_MACH): Add insn_chunk_bitsize field.
(cgen_cpu_desc): Ditto.
2001-07-07 Ben Elliston <>
* m88k.h: Clean up and reformat. Remove unused code.
2001-06-14 Geoffrey Keating <>
* cgen.h (cgen_keyword): Add nonalpha_chars field.
2001-05-23 Thiemo Seufer <>
* mips.h (CPU_R12000): Define.
2001-05-23 John Healy <>
* cgen.h: Increased CGEN_MAX_SYNTAX_ELEMENTS to 48.
2001-05-15 Thiemo Seufer <>
* mips.h (INSN_ISA_MASK): Define.
2001-05-12 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Second operand of cvtps2dq is an xmm reg,
not an mmx reg. Swap xmm/mmx regs on both movdq2q and movq2dq,
and use InvMem as these insns must have register operands.
2001-05-04 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Move InvMem to first operand of pmovmskb
and pextrw to swap reg/rm assignments.
2001-04-05 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.h (enum cris_insn_version_usage): Correct comment for
2001-03-24 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Correct entry for "movntdq". Add "punpcklqdq".
Add InvMem to first operand of "maskmovdqu".
2001-03-22 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.h (ADD_PC_INCR_OPCODE): New macro.
2001-03-21 Kazu Hirata <>
* h8300.h: Fix formatting.
2001-03-22 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Add paddq, psubq.
2001-03-19 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (REGNAM_AL, REGNAM_AX, REGNAM_EAX): Define.
2001-02-28 Igor Shevlyakov <>
* m68k.h: new defines for Coldfire V4. Update mcf to know
about mcf5407.
2001-02-18 lars brinkhoff <>
* pdp11.h: New file.
2001-02-12 Jan Hubicka <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): SSE integer converison instructions have
64bit versions on x86-64.
2001-02-10 Nick Clifton <>
* mips.h: Remove extraneous whitespace. Formating change to allow
for future contribution.
2001-02-09 Martin Schwidefsky <>
* s390.h: New file.
2001-02-02 Patrick Macdonald <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_SYNTAX_CHAR_TYPE): Typedef as unsigned short.
2001-01-24 Karsten Keil <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Fix swapgs
2001-01-14 Alan Modra <>
* hppa.h: Describe new '<' and '>' operand types, and tidy
existing comments.
(pa_opcodes): Add entries for missing wide mode ldi,ldo,ldw,stw.
Remove duplicate "ldw j(s,b),x". Sort some entries.
2001-01-13 Jan Hubicka <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Fix pusha and ret templates.
2001-01-11 Peter Targett <>
* arc.h (ARC_MACH_5, ARC_MACH_6, ARC_MACH_7, ARC_MACH_8): New
definitions for masking cpu type.
(arc_ext_operand_value) New structure for storing extended
(ARC_OPERAND_*) Flags for operand values.
2001-01-10 Jan Hubicka <>
* i386.h (pinsrw): Add.
(pshufw): Remove.
(cvttpd2dq): Fix operands.
(cvttps2dq): Likewise.
(movq2q): Rename to movdq2q.
2001-01-10 Richard Schaal <>
* i386.h: Correct movnti instruction.
2001-01-09 Jeff Johnston <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_SYNTAX_CHAR_TYPE): New typedef based on max number
of operands (unsigned char or unsigned short).
(CGEN_SYNTAX): Changed to make array CGEN_SYNTAX_CHAR_TYPE.
(CGEN_SYNTAX_CHAR): Changed to cast to unsigned char.
2001-01-05 Jan Hubicka <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Make [sml]fence template to use immext field.
2001-01-03 Jan Hubicka <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Fix 64bit pushf template; Add instructions
introduced by Pentium4
2000-12-30 Jan Hubicka <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Add "rex*" instructions;
add swapgs; disable jmp/call far direct instructions for
64bit mode; add syscall and sysret; disable registers for 0xc6
template. Add 'q' suffixes to extendable instructions, disable
obsolete instructions, add new sign/zero extension ones.
(i386_regtab): Add extended registers.
(*Suf): Add No_qSuf.
(q_Suf, wlq_Suf, bwlq_Suf): New.
2000-12-20 Jan Hubicka <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Replace "Imm" with "EncImm".
(i386_regtab): Add flags field.
2000-12-12 Nick Clifton <>
* mips.h: Fix formatting.
2000-12-01 Chris Demetriou <>
(OP_MASK_CODE20, OP_SH_CODE20): Define, with values of old
OP_*_SYSCALL definitions.
(OP_SH_CODE19, OP_MASK_CODE19): Define, for use as
19 bit wait codes.
(MIPS operand specifier comments): Remove 'm', add 'U' and
'J', and update the meaning of 'B' so that it's more general.
INSN_ISA5): Renumber, redefine to mean the ISA at which the
instruction was added.
(INSN_ISA32): New constant.
(INSN_4650, INSN_4010, INSN_4100, INSN_3900, INSN_GP32):
Renumber to avoid new and/or renumbered INSN_* constants.
(INSN_MIPS32): Delete.
(ISA_UNKNOWN): New constant to indicate unknown ISA.
ISA_MIPS32): New constants, defined to be the mask of INSN_*
constants available at that ISA level.
(CPU_UNKNOWN): New constant to indicate unknown CPU.
(CPU_4K, CPU_MIPS32_4K): Rename the former to the latter,
define it with a unique value.
(OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Update for new ISA membership-related
constant meanings.
* mips.h (INSN_ISA64, ISA_MIPS5, ISA_MIPS64): New
* mips.h (CPU_SB1): New constant.
2000-10-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
* sparc.h (enum sparc_opcode_arch_val): Add SPARC_OPCODE_ARCH_V9B.
Note that '3' is used for siam operand.
2000-09-22 Jim Wilson <>
* ia64.h (enum ia64_dependency_semantics): Add IA64_DVS_STOP.
2000-09-13 Anders Norlander <>
* mips.h: Use defines instead of hard-coded processor numbers.
(CPU_R2000, CPU_R3000, CPU_R3900, CPU_R4000, CPU_R4010,
CPU_VR4100, CPU_R4111, CPU_R4300, CPU_R4400, CPU_R4600, CPU_R4650,
CPU_R5000, CPU_R6000, CPU_R8000, CPU_R10000, CPU_MIPS32, CPU_4K,
CPU_4KC, CPU_4KM, CPU_4KP): Define..
(OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Use new defines.
(OP_MASK_CODE20, OP_SH_CODE20): Define.
Add 'P' to used characters.
Use 'H' for coprocessor select field.
Use 'm' for 20 bit breakpoint code.
Document new arg characters and add to used characters.
(INSN_MIPS32): New define for MIPS32 extensions.
(OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Recognize MIPS32 instructions.
2000-09-05 Alan Modra <>
* hppa.h: Mention cz completer.
2000-08-16 Jim Wilson <>
* ia64.h (IA64_OPCODE_POSTINC): New.
2000-08-15 H.J. Lu <>
* i386.h: Swap the Intel syntax "movsx"/"movzx" due to the
IgnoreSize change.
2000-08-08 Jason Eckhardt <>
* i860.h: Small formatting adjustments.
2000-07-29 Marek Michalkiewicz <>
* avr.h (AVR_UNDEF_P, AVR_SKIP_P, AVR_DISP0_P): New macros.
Move related opcodes closer to each other.
Minor changes in comments, list undefined opcodes.
2000-07-26 Dave Brolley <>
* cgen.h (cgen_hw_lookup_by_num): Second parameter is unsigned.
2000-07-22 Jason Eckhardt <>
* i860.h (btne, bte, bla): Changed these opcodes
to use sbroff ('r') instead of split16 ('s').
(J, K, L, M): New operand types for 16-bit aligned fields.
(ld.x, {p}fld.x, fst.x, pst.d): Changed these opcodes to
use I, J, K, L, M instead of just I.
(T, U): New operand types for split 16-bit aligned fields.
(st.x): Changed these opcodes to use S, T, U instead of just S.
(andh, andnoth, orh, xorh): Deleted 3-register forms as they do not
exist on the i860.
(, Deleted these as they do not exist on the i860.
(, pfeq.dd): New opcodes.
(st.s): Fixed incorrect mask bits.
(fmlow): Fixed incorrect mask bits.
(fzchkl, pfzchkl): Fixed incorrect mask bits.
(faddz, pfaddz): Fixed incorrect mask bits.
(form, pform): Fixed incorrect mask bits.
(pfld.l): Fixed incorrect mask bits.
(fst.q): Fixed incorrect mask bits.
(all floating point opcodes): Fixed incorrect mask bits for
handling of dual bit.
2000-07-20 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
cris.h: New file.
2000-06-26 Marek Michalkiewicz <>
* avr.h (AVR_ISA_WRAP): Remove, now assumed if not AVR_ISA_MEGA.
(AVR_ISA_ESPM): Remove, because ESPM removed in databook update.
(AVR_ISA_85xx): Remove, all uses changed back to AVR_ISA_2xxx.
(AVR_ISA_M83): Define for ATmega83, ATmega85.
(espm): Remove, because ESPM removed in databook update.
(eicall, eijmp): Move to the end of opcode table.
2000-06-18 Stephane Carrez <>
* m68hc11.h: New file for support of Motorola 68hc11.
Fri Jun 9 21:51:50 2000 Denis Chertykov <>
* avr.h: clr,lsl,rol, ... moved after add,adc, ...
Wed Jun 7 21:39:54 2000 Denis Chertykov <>
* avr.h: New file with AVR opcodes.
Wed Apr 12 17:11:20 2000 Donald Lindsay <>
* d10v.h: added ALONE attribute for d10v_opcode.exec_type.
2000-05-23 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* i386.h: Allow d suffix on iret, and add DefaultSize modifier.
2000-05-17 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* i386.h: Use sl_FP, not sl_Suf for fild.
2000-05-16 Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_MAX_SYNTAX_BYTES): Increase to 32. Check that
it exceeds CGEN_ACTUAL_MAX_SYNTAX_BYTES, if set.
(CGEN_MAX_IFMT_OPERANDS): Increase to 16. Check that it exceeds
2000-05-13 Alan Modra <>,
* i386.h (i386_optab): Cpu686 for sysenter,sysexit,fxsave,fxrestore.
2000-05-13 Alan Modra <>,
Alexander Sokolov <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Add cpu_flags for all instructions.
2000-05-13 Alan Modra <>
From Gavin Romig-Koch <>
* i386.h (wld_Suf): Define. Use on pushf, popf, pusha, popa.
2000-05-04 Timothy Wall <>
* tic54x.h: New.
2000-05-03 J.T. Conklin <>
* ppc.h (PPC_OPCODE_ALTIVEC): New opcode flag for vector unit.
(PPC_OPERAND_VR): New operand flag for vector registers.
2000-05-01 Kazu Hirata <>
* h8300.h (EOP): Add missing initializer.
Fri Apr 21 15:03:37 2000 Jason Eckhardt <>
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): New opcodes for PA2.0 wide mode
forms of ld/st{b,h,w,d} and fld/fst{w,d} (16-bit displacements).
New operand types l,y,&,fe,fE,fx added to support above forms.
(pa_opcodes): Replaced usage of 'x' as source/target for
floating point double-word loads/stores with 'fx'.
Fri Apr 21 13:20:53 2000 Richard Henderson <>
David Mosberger <>
Timothy Wall <>
Jim Wilson <>
* ia64.h: New file.
2000-03-27 Nick Clifton <>
* d30v.h (SHORT_A1): Fix value.
(SHORT_AR): Renumber so that it is at the end of the list of short
instructions, not the end of the list of long instructions.
2000-03-26 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: (UNIXWARE_COMPAT): Rename to SYSV386_COMPAT as the
problem isn't really specific to Unixware.
(i386_optab): If !OLDGCC_COMPAT, don't handle fsubp etc. with
destination %st(0).
Fix lots of comments.
2000-03-02 J"orn Rennecke <>
* d30v.h:
(SHORT_B2r, SHORT_B3, SHORT_B3r, SHORT_B3b, SHORT_B3br): Updated.
(LONG_2b, LONG_2br, LONG_D, LONG_Dr, LONG_Dbr): Updated.
2000-02-25 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (fild, fistp): Change intel d_Suf form to fildd and
fistpd without suffix.
2000-02-24 Nick Clifton <>
* cgen.h (cgen_cpu_desc): Rename field 'flags' to
Delete prototypes for cgen_set_flags() and cgen_get_flags().
2000-02-24 Andrew Haley <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_INSN_MACH_HAS_P): New macro.
(CGEN_CPU_TABLE): flags: new field.
Add prototypes for new functions.
2000-02-24 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Add some more UNIXWARE_COMPAT comments.
2000-02-23 Linas Vepstas <>
* i370.h: New file.
2000-02-22 Chandra Chavva <>
* d30v.h (FLAG_NOT_WITH_ADDSUBppp): Redefined as operation
cannot be combined in parallel with ADD/SUBppp.
2000-02-22 Andrew Haley <>
* mips.h: (OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Add comment.
1999-12-30 Andrew Haley <>
* mips.h (OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): Add gp32 arg, which determines
whether synthetic opcodes (e.g. move) generate 32-bit or 64-bit
2000-01-15 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Qualify intel mode far call and jmp with x_Suf.
1999-12-27 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Add JumpAbsolute qualifier to all non-intel mode
indirect jumps and calls. Add FF/3 call for intel mode.
Wed Dec 1 03:05:25 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h: Add new operand types. Add new instruction formats.
Wed Nov 24 20:28:58 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Correctly handle immediate for PA2.0 "bb"
1999-11-18 Gavin Romig-Koch <>
* mips.h (INSN_ISA5): New.
1999-11-01 Gavin Romig-Koch <>
* mips.h (OPCODE_IS_MEMBER): New.
1999-10-29 Nick Clifton <>
* d30v.h (SHORT_AR): Define.
1999-10-18 Michael Meissner <>
* alpha.h (alpha_num_opcodes): Convert to unsigned.
(alpha_num_operands): Ditto.
Sun Oct 10 01:46:56 1999 Jerry Quinn <>
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add load and store cache control to
instructions. Add ordered access load and store.
* hppa.h (pa_opcode): Add new entries for addb and addib.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Fix cmpb and cmpib entries.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add entries for cmpb and cmpib.
Thu Oct 7 00:12:25 MDT 1999 Diego Novillo <>
* d10v.h: Add flag RESTRICTED_NUM3 for imm3 operands.
Thu Sep 23 07:08:38 1999 Jerry Quinn <>
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add "call" and "ret". Clean up "b", "bve"
and "be" using completer prefixes.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add initializers to silence compiler.
* hppa.h: Update comments about character usage.
Mon Sep 20 03:55:31 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Fix minor thinkos introduced while cleaning
up the new fstw & bve instructions.
Sun Sep 19 10:40:59 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add remaining PA2.0 integer load/store
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add remaining PA2.0 FP load/store instructions.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add long offset double word load/store
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add FLAG_STRICT variants of FP loads and
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Handle PA2.0 fcnv, fcmp and ftest insns.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Finish support for PA2.0 "b" instructions.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Handle PA2.0 "bve" instructions.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add new syntax "be" instructions.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Note use of 'M' and 'L'.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add support for "b,l".
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add support for "b,gate".
Sat Sep 18 11:41:16 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Use 'fX' for first register operand
in xmpyu.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Fix mask for probe and probei.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Fix mask for depwi.
Tue Sep 7 13:44:25 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add "addil" variant which has the %r1 as
an explicit output argument.
Mon Sep 6 04:41:42 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h: Add strict variants of PA1.0/PA1.1 loads and stores.
Add a few PA2.0 loads and store variants.
1999-09-04 Steve Chamberlain <>
* pj.h: New file.
1999-08-29 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_regtab): Move %st to top of table, and split off
other fp reg entries.
(i386_float_regtab): To here.
Sat Aug 28 00:25:25 1999 Jerry Quinn <>
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Replace 'f' by 'v'. Prefix float register args
by 'f'.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add extrd, extrw, depd, depdi, depw, depwi.
Add supporting args.
* hppa.h: Document new completers and args.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add 64 bit patterns and pa2.0 syntax for uxor,
uaddcm, dcor, addi, add, sub, subi, shladd, rfi, and probe. Add pa2.0
extensions for ssm, rsm, pdtlb, pitlb. Add performance instructions
pmenb and pmdis.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add pa2.0 instructions hadd, hshl,
hshr, hsub, mixh, mixw, permh.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Change completers in instructions to
use 'c' prefix.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add popbts, new forms of bb, havg,
hshladd, hshradd, shrpd, and shrpw instructions. Update arg comments.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Change fmpyfadd, fmpynfadd, fneg,
fnegabs to use 'I' instead of 'F'.
1999-08-21 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Add AMD athlon instructions, pfnacc, pfpnacc, pswapd.
Document pf2iw and pi2fw as athlon insns. Remove pswapw.
Alphabetically sort PIII insns.
Wed Aug 18 18:14:40 1999 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_INSN_MACH_HAS_P): New macro.
Fri Aug 6 09:46:35 1999 Jerry Quinn <>
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add 64 bit versions of or, xor, and,
and andcm. Add 32 and 64 bit version of cmpclr, cmpiclr.
* hppa.h: Document 64 bit condition completers.
Thu Aug 5 16:56:07 1999 Jerry Quinn <>
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Change condition args to use '?' prefix.
1999-08-04 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Add DefaultSize modifier to all insns
that implicitly modify %esp. #undef d_Suf, x_suf, sld_suf,
sldx_suf, bwld_Suf, d_FP, x_FP, sld_FP, sldx_FP at end of table.
Wed Jul 28 02:04:24 1999 Jerry Quinn <>
Jeff Law <>
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add "pushnom" and "pushbts".
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Mark all PA2.0 opcodes with FLAG_STRICT.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Change xmpyu, fmpyfadd,
and fmpynfadd to use 'J' and 'K' instead of 'E' and 'X'.
1999-07-13 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Add "undocumented" AMD 3DNow! pf2iw, pi2fw, pswapw insns.
Thu Jul 1 00:17:24 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (struct pa_opcode): Add new field "flags".
Fri Jun 25 04:22:04 1999 Jerry Quinn <>
Jeff Law <>
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add pa2.0 clrbts instruction.
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add entries for mfia and mtsarcm instructions.
1999-06-23 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Allow `l' suffix on bswap. Allow `w' suffix on arpl,
lldt, lmsw, ltr, str, verr, verw. Add FP flag to fcmov*. Add FP
flag to fcomi and friends.
Fri May 28 15:26:11 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Move integer arithmetic instructions after
integer logical instructions.
1999-05-28 Linus Nordberg <>
* m68k.h: Document new formats `E', `G', `H' and new places `N',
`n', `o'.
* m68k.h: Define mcf5206e, mcf5307, mcf. Document new format `u'
and new places `m', `M', `h'.
Thu May 27 04:13:54 1999 Joel Sherrill (
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add several processor specific system
Wed May 26 16:57:44 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (pa_opcodes): Add second entry for "comb", "comib",
"addb", and "addib" to be used by the disassembler.
1999-05-12 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (ReverseModrm): Remove all occurences.
(InvMem): Add to control/debug/test mov insns, movhlps, movlhps,
movmskps, pextrw, pmovmskb, maskmovq.
Change NoSuf to FP on all MMX, XMM and AMD insns as these all
ignore the data size prefix.
* i386.h (i386_optab, i386_regtab): Add support for PIII SIMD.
Mostly stolen from Doug Ledford <>
Sat May 8 23:27:35 1999 Richard Henderson <>
* ppc.h (PPC_OPCODE_64_BRIDGE): New.
1999-04-14 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_ATTR): Delete member num_nonbools.
(CGEN_ATTR_MASK): Number booleans starting at 0.
Mon Apr 12 23:43:27 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (fmpyfadd, fmpynfadd, fneg, fnegabs): New PA2.0
Tue Mar 23 11:24:38 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (bb, bvb): Tweak opcode/mask.
1999-03-22 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_ISA,CGEN_MACH): New typedefs.
(struct cgen_cpu_desc): Rename member mach to machs. New member isas.
New members word_bitsize,default_insn_bitsize,base_insn-bitsize,
Delete member max_insn_size.
(enum cgen_cpu_open_arg): New enum.
(cpu_open): Update prototype.
(cpu_open_1): Declare.
(cgen_set_cpu): Delete.
1999-03-11 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_HW_TABLE): Delete `num_init_entries' member.
(CGEN_OPERAND_NIL): New macro.
(CGEN_OPERAND): New member `type'.
(@arch@_cgen_operand_table): Delete decl.
(cgen_operand_lookup_by_name,cgen_operand_lookup_by_num): Declare.
(CGEN_OPINST): Pointer to operand table entry replaced with enum.
(CGEN_CPU_TABLE): New member `isa'. Change member `operand_table',
(@arch@_cgen_cpu_open): New arg `isa'.
(cgen_set_cpu): Ditto.
Fri Feb 26 02:36:45 1999 Richard Henderson <>
* i386.h: Fill in cmov and fcmov alternates. Add fcomi short forms.
1999-02-25 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (enum cgen_asm_type): Add CGEN_ASM_NONE.
(CGEN_HW_ENTRY): Delete member `next'. Change type of `type' to
enum cgen_hw_type.
(CGEN_HW_TABLE): New struct.
(hw_table): Delete declaration.
(CGEN_OPERAND): Change member hw to hw_type, change type from pointer
to table entry to enum.
(CGEN_CPU_TABLE): Change member hw_list to hw_table.
Sat Feb 13 14:13:44 1999 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.h (AXP_OPCODE_EV6): New.
(AXP_OPCODE_NOPAL): Include it.
1999-02-09 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_CPU_DESC): Renamed from CGEN_OPCODE_DESC.
All uses updated. New members int_insn_p, max_insn_size,
(CGEN_ATTR): Change type of num_nonbools to unsigned int.
(CGEN_ATTR_MASK): Subtract it to compute bit number.
(CGEN_ATTR_VALUE): Redo bool/nonbool attr calculation.
(cgen_opcode_handler): Renamed from cgen_base.
(CGEN_HW_ATTR_VALUE): Renamed from CGEN_HW_ATTR, all uses updated.
all uses updated.
(CGEN_OPERAND_INDEX): Rewrite to use table entry, not global.
(enum cgen_opinst_type): Renamed from cgen_operand_instance_type.
(CGEN_IFLD_ATTR_VALUE): Renamed from CGEN_IFLD_ATTR, all uses updated.
(CGEN_INSN): Rewrite.
(CGEN_{ASM,DIS}_HASH*): Delete.
(init_opcode_table,init_ibld_table): Declare.
(CGEN_INSN_ATTR): New type.
Mon Feb 1 21:09:14 1999 Catherine Moore <>
* i386.h (d_Suf, x_Suf, sld_Suf, sldx_Suf, bwld_Suf): Define.
(x_FP, d_FP, dls_FP, sldx_FP): Define.
Change *Suf definitions to include x and d suffixes.
(movsx): Use w_Suf and b_Suf.
(movzx): Likewise.
(movs): Use bwld_Suf.
(fld): Change ordering. Use sld_FP.
(fild): Add Intel Syntax equivalent of fildq.
(fst): Use sld_FP.
(fist): Use sld_FP.
(fstp): Use sld_FP. Add x_FP version.
(fistp): LLongMem version for Intel Syntax.
(fcom, fcomp): Use sld_FP.
(fadd, fiadd, fsub): Use sld_FP.
(fsubr): Use sld_FP.
(fmul, fimul, fdvi, fidiv, fdivr): Use sld_FP.
1999-01-27 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (enum cgen_mode): Add CGEN_MODE_TARGET_MAX, CGEN_MODE_INT,
1999-01-16 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (bv): Fix mask.
1999-01-05 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_ATTR_VALUE_TYPE): New typedef.
(CGEN_ATTR): Use it.
(CGEN_ATTR_TABLE): New member dfault.
1998-12-30 Gavin Romig-Koch <>
* mips.h (MIPS16_INSN_BRANCH): New.
Wed Dec 9 10:38:48 1998 David Taylor <>
The following is part of a change made by Edith Epstein
<> as part of a project to merge in
changes by HP; HP did not create ChangeLog entries.
* hppa.h (completer_chars): list of chars to not put a space
Sun Dec 6 13:21:34 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Permit w suffix on processor control and
status word instructions.
1998-11-30 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (struct cgen_hw_entry): Delete const on attrs member.
(struct cgen_keyword_entry): Ditto.
(struct cgen_operand): Ditto.
(CGEN_IFLD): New typedef, with associated access macros.
(CGEN_IFMT): New typedef, with associated access macros.
(CGEN_IFMT): Renamed from CGEN_FORMAT. New member `iflds'.
(CGEN_IVALUE): New typedef.
(struct cgen_insn): Delete const on syntax,attrs members.
`format' now points to format data. Type of `value' is now
(struct cgen_opcode_table): New member ifld_table.
1998-11-18 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (cgen_extract_fn): Update type of `base_insn' arg.
(CGEN_OPERAND_INSTANCE): New member `attrs'.
(cgen_dis_lookup_insn): Update type of `base_insn' arg.
(cgen_opcode_table): Update type of dis_hash fn.
(extract_operand): Update type of `insn_value' arg.
Thu Oct 29 11:38:36 1998 Doug Evans <>
Tue Oct 27 08:57:59 1998 Gavin Romig-Koch <>
* mips.h (INSN_MULT): Added.
Tue Oct 20 11:31:34 1998 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (MAX_MNEM_SIZE): Rename from MAX_OPCODE_SIZE.
Mon Oct 19 12:50:00 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_INSN_INT): New typedef.
(CGEN_INSN_BYTES): Renamed from cgen_insn_t.
(CGEN_INSN_BYTES_PTR): New typedef.
(CGEN_EXTRACT_INFO): New typedef.
(cgen_insert_fn,cgen_extract_fn): Update.
(cgen_opcode_table): New member `insn_endian'.
(assemble_insn,lookup_insn,lookup_get_insn_operands): Update.
(insert_operand,extract_operand): Update.
(cgen_get_insn_value,cgen_put_insn_value): Add prototypes.
Fri Oct 9 13:38:13 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_ATTR_BOOLS): New macro.
(struct CGEN_HW_ENTRY): New member `attrs'.
(CGEN_HW_ATTR): New macro.
(struct CGEN_OPERAND_INSTANCE): New member `name'.
Mon Oct 5 00:21:07 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h: Add "fid".
Sun Oct 4 21:00:00 1998 Alan Modra <>
From Robert Andrew Dale <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Add AMD 3DNow! instructions.
Tue Sep 22 17:53:47 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* d30v.h (EITHER_BUT_PREFER_MU): Define.
Mon Aug 10 14:09:38 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (cgen_insn): #if 0 out element `cdx'.
Mon Aug 3 12:21:57 1998 Doug Evans <>
Move all global state data into opcode table struct, and treat
opcode table as something that is "opened/closed".
* cgen.h (CGEN_OPCODE_DESC): New type.
(all fns): New first arg of opcode table descriptor.
(cgen_set_parse_operand_fn): Add prototype.
(cgen_current_machine,cgen_current_endian): Delete.
(CGEN_OPCODE_TABLE): New members mach,endian,operand_table,
(opcode_open,opcode_close): Add prototypes.
* cgen.h (cgen_insn): New element `cdx'.
Thu Jul 30 21:44:25 1998 Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* d30v.h (FLAG_LKR): New flag for "left-kills-right" instructions.
Tue Jul 28 10:59:07 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h: Add "no_match_operands" field for instructions.
(MN10300_MAX_OPERANDS): Define.
Fri Jul 24 11:44:24 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (cgen_macro_insn_count): Declare.
Tue Jul 21 13:12:13 1998 Doug Evans <>
(cgen_insert_fn,cgen_extract_fn): New arg `pc'.
(get_operand,put_operand): Replaced with get_{int,vma}_operand,
Fri Jun 26 11:09:06 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h: Add "machine" field for instructions.
(MN103, AM30): Define machine types.
Fri Jun 19 16:09:09 1998 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Use FP, not sl_Suf, for fxsave and fxrstor.
1998-06-18 Ulrich Drepper <>
* i386.h: Add support for fxsave, fxrstor, sysenter and sysexit.
Sat Jun 13 11:31:35 1998 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Add general form of aad and aam. Add ud2a
and ud2b.
(i386_regtab): Allow cr0..7, db0..7, dr0..7, tr0..7, not just
those that happen to be implemented on pentiums.
Tue Jun 9 12:16:01 1998 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Change occurences of Data16 to Size16, Data32 to Size32,
IgnoreDataSize to IgnoreSize. Flag address and data size prefixes
with Size16|IgnoreSize or Size32|IgnoreSize.
Mon Jun 8 12:15:52 1998 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (REPNE): Rename to REPNE_PREFIX_OPCODE.
(i386_regtab_end): Remove.
(i386_prefixtab, i386_prefixtab_end): Remove.
(i386_optab): Use NULL as sentinel rather than "" to suit rewrite
of md_begin.
(i386_optab_end): Remove.
(sl_Suf): Define.
(sl_FP): Use sl_Suf.
* i386.h (i386_optab): Allow 16 bit displacement for `mov
mem,acc'. Combine 16 and 32 bit forms of various insns. Allow 16
bit form of ljmp. Add IsPrefix modifier to prefixes. Add addr32,
data32, dword, and adword prefixes.
(i386_regtab): Add BaseIndex modifier to valid 16 bit base/index
Fri Jun 5 23:42:43 1998 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_regtab): Remove BaseIndex modifier from esp.
* i386.h: Allow `l' suffix on fld, fst, fstp, fcom, fcomp with
register operands, because this is a common idiom. Flag them with
a warning. Allow illegal faddp, fsubp, fsubrp, fmulp, fdivp,
fdivrp because gcc erroneously generates them. Also flag with a
* i386.h: Add suffix modifiers to most insns, and tighter operand
checks in some cases. Fix a number of UnixWare compatibility
issues with float insns. Merge some floating point opcodes, using
new FloatMF modifier.
* i386.h: Change occurence of ShortformW to W|ShortForm. Add
IgnoreDataSize where appropriate.
Wed Jun 3 18:28:45 1998 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: (one_byte_segment_defaults): Remove.
(two_byte_segment_defaults): Remove.
(i386_regtab): Add BaseIndex to 32 bit regs reg_type.
Fri May 15 15:59:04 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (cgen_hw_lookup_by_name): Renamed from cgen_hw_lookup.
(cgen_hw_lookup_by_num): Declare.
Thu May 7 09:27:58 1998 Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* mips.h (OP_{SH,MASK}_CODE2): Added "q" operand format for lower
ten bits of MIPS ISA1 "break" instruction, and for "sdbbp"
Thu May 7 02:14:08 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (cgen_asm_init_parse): Delete.
(cgen_save_fixups,cgen_restore_fixups,cgen_swap_fixups): Delete.
(cgen_asm_record_register,cgen_asm_finish_insn): Delete.
Mon Apr 27 10:13:11 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_ATTR_TYPE): Delete `const', moved to uses.
(cgen_asm_finish_insn): Update prototype.
(cgen_insn): New members num, data.
(CGEN_INSN_TABLE): Members asm_hash, asm_hash_table_size,
dis_hash, dis_hash_table_size moved to ...
All uses updated. New members asm_hash_p, dis_hash_p.
(cgen_expand_macro_insn): Declare.
(cgen_macro_insn_count): Declare.
(get_insn_operands): Update prototype.
(lookup_get_insn_operands): Declare.
Tue Apr 21 17:11:32 1998 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Change iclrKludge and imulKludge to
regKludge. Add operands types for string instructions.
Mon Apr 20 14:40:29 1998 Tom Tromey <>
* i386.h (X): Renamed from `Z_' to preserve formatting of opcode
Sun Apr 19 13:54:06 1998 Tom Tromey <>
* i386.h (Z_): Renamed from `_' to avoid clash with common alias
for `gettext'.
Fri Apr 3 12:04:48 1998 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h: Remove NoModrm flag from all insns: it's never checked.
Add IsString flag to string instructions.
(IS_STRING): Don't define.
Mon Mar 30 21:31:56 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h: Revert March 24 patch; no more LinearAddress.
Mon Mar 30 10:25:54 1998 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Remove fwait (9b) from all floating point
instructions, and instead add FWait opcode modifier. Add short
form of fldenv and fstenv.
* i386.h (i386_optab): Change second operand constraint of `mov
sreg,reg|mem' instruction from Reg16|Mem to WordReg|WordMem to
allow legal instructions such as `movl %gs,%esi'
Fri Mar 27 18:30:52 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* h8300.h: Various changes to fully bracket initializers.
Tue Mar 24 18:32:47 1998 H.J. Lu <>
* i386.h: Set LinearAddress for lidt and lgdt.
Mon Mar 2 10:44:07 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_BOOL_ATTR): New macro.
Thu Feb 26 15:54:31 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* d30v.h (FLAG_DELAY): New flag for delayed branches/jumps.
Mon Feb 23 10:38:21 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_CAT3): Delete. Use CONCAT3 now.
(cgen_insn): Record syntax and format entries here, rather than
Tue Feb 17 21:42:56 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_SYNTAX_MAKE_FIELD): New macro.
Tue Feb 17 16:00:56 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (cgen_insert_fn): Change type of result to const char *.
(cgen_parse_{signed,unsigned}_integer): Delete min,max arguments.
Thu Feb 12 18:30:41 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (lookup_insn): New argument alias_p.
Thu Feb 12 03:41:00 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
Fix rac to accept only a0:
* d10v.h (OPERAND_ACC): Split into:
(OPERAND_GPR): Define.
Wed Feb 11 17:31:53 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (CGEN_FIELDS): Define here.
(CGEN_HW_ENTRY): New member `type'.
(hw_list): Delete decl.
(enum cgen_mode): Declare.
(CGEN_OPERAND): New member `hw'.
(enum cgen_operand_instance_type): Declare.
(CGEN_INSN): New member `operands'.
(CGEN_OPCODE_DATA): Make hw_list const.
(get_insn_operands,lookup_insn): Add prototypes for.
Tue Feb 3 17:11:23 1998 Doug Evans <>
(CGEN_HW_ENTRY): Move `next' entry to end of struct.
Mon Feb 2 19:19:15 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* cgen.h: Correct typo in comment end marker.
Mon Feb 2 17:10:38 1998 Steve Haworth <>
* tic30.h: New file.
Thu Jan 22 17:54:56 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* cgen.h: Add prototypes for cgen_save_fixups(),
cgen_restore_fixups(), and cgen_swap_fixups(). Change prototype
of cgen_asm_finish_insn() to return a char *.
Wed Jan 14 17:21:43 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* cgen.h: Formatting changes to improve readability.
Mon Jan 12 11:37:36 1998 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (*): Clean up pass over `struct foo' usage.
(CGEN_ATTR): Make unsigned char.
(cgen_base): Move member `attrs' to cgen_insn.
(CGEN_KEYWORD): New member `null_entry'.
(CGEN_{SYNTAX,FORMAT}): New types.
(cgen_insn): Format and syntax separated from each other.
Tue Dec 16 15:15:52 1997 Michael Meissner <>
* d30v.h (d30v_opcode): Reorder flags somewhat, add new flags for
2 word load/store, ADDppp/SUBppp, 16/32 bit multiply. Make
flags_{used,set} long.
(d30v_operand): Make flags field long.
Mon Dec 1 12:24:44 1997 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68k.h: Fix comment describing operand types.
Sun Nov 23 22:31:27 1997 Michael Meissner <>
* d30v.h (SHORT_CMPU): Add case for cmpu instruction, and move
everything else after down.
Tue Nov 18 18:45:14 1997 J"orn Rennecke <>
* d10v.h (OPERAND_FLAG): Split into:
Thu Nov 13 11:04:24 1997 Gavin Koch <>
* mips.h (struct mips_opcode): Changed comments to reflect new
field usage.
Fri Oct 24 22:36:20 1997 Ken Raeburn <>
* mips.h: Added to comments a quick-ref list of all assigned
operand type characters.
(OP_{MASK,SH}_PERFREG): New macros.
Wed Oct 22 17:28:33 1997 Richard Henderson <>
* sparc.h: Add '_' and '/' for v9a asr's.
Patch from David Miller <>
Tue Oct 14 13:22:29 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* h8300.h: Bit ops with absolute addresses not in the 8 bit
area are not available in the base model (H8/300).
Thu Sep 25 13:03:41 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* m68k.h: Remove documentation of ` operand specifier.
Wed Sep 24 19:00:34 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* m68k.h: Document q and v operand specifiers.
Mon Sep 15 18:28:37 1997 Nick Clifton <>
* v850.h (struct v850_opcode): Add processors field.
(PROCESSOR_V850, PROCESSOR_ALL): New bit constants.
(PROCESSOR_V850E, PROCESSOR_NOT_V850): New bit constants.
(PROCESSOR_V850EA): New bit constants.
Mon Sep 15 11:29:43 1997 Ken Raeburn <>
Merge changes from Martin Hunt:
* d30v.h: Allow up to 64 control registers. Add
SHORT_A5S format.
* d30v.h (LONG_Db): New form for delayed branches.
* d30v.h: (LONG_Db): New form for repeati.
* d30v.h (SHORT_D2B): New form.
* d30v.h (SHORT_A2): New form.
* d30v.h (OPERAND_2REG): Add new operand to indicate 2
registers are used. Needed for VLIW optimization.
Mon Sep 8 14:05:45 1997 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h: Move assembler interface section
up so cgen_parse_operand_result is defined for cgen_parse_address.
(cgen_parse_address): Update prototype.
Tue Sep 2 15:32:32 1997 Nick Clifton <>
* v850.h (V850_OPREAND_ADJUST_SHORT_MEMORY): Removed.
Tue Aug 26 12:21:52 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h (two_byte_segment_defaults): Correct base register 5 in
modes 1 and 2 to be ss rather than ds. From Gabriel Paubert
* i386.h: Set ud2 to 0x0f0b. From Gabriel Paubert
* i386.h: Comment fixes for ficom[p]?{s,l} from Gabriel Paubert
* i386.h (JUMP_ON_CX_ZERO): Uncomment (define again).
(JUMP_ON_ECX_ZERO): Remove commented out macro.
Fri Aug 22 10:38:29 1997 Nick Clifton <>
* v850.h (V850_NOT_R0): New flag.
Mon Aug 18 11:05:58 1997 Nick Clifton <>
* v850.h (struct v850_opcode): Remove flags field.
Wed Aug 13 18:45:48 1997 Nick Clifton <>
* v850.h (struct v850_opcode): Add flags field.
(struct v850_operand): Extend meaning of 'bits' and 'shift'
(V850E_PUSH_POP, V850E_IMMEDIATE16, V850E_IMMEDIATE32): New flags.
Fri Aug 8 16:58:42 1997 Doug Evans <>
* arc.h: New file.
Thu Jul 24 21:16:58 1997 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (sparc_opcodes): Declare as const.
Thu Jul 10 12:53:25 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* mips.h (FP_S, FP_D): Define. Bitmasks indicating if an insn
uses single or double precision floating point resources.
(cpu specific INSN macros): Tweak into bitmasks outside the range
of INSN_ISA field.
Mon Jun 16 14:10:00 1997 H.J. Lu <>
* i386.h: Fix pand opcode.
Mon Jun 2 11:35:09 1997 Gavin Koch <>
* mips.h: Widen INSN_ISA and move it to a more convenient
bit position. Add INSN_3900.
Tue May 20 11:25:29 1997 Gavin Koch <>
* mips.h (struct mips_opcode): added new field membership.
Mon May 12 16:26:50 1997 H.J. Lu <>
* i386.h (movd): only Reg32 is allowed.
* i386.h: add fcomp and ud2. From Wayne Scott
Mon May 5 17:16:21 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h: Add MMX instructions.
Mon May 5 12:45:19 1997 H.J. Lu <>
* i386.h: Remove W modifier from conditional move instructions.
Mon Apr 14 14:56:58 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h: Change the opcodes for fsubp, fsubrp, fdivp, and fdivrp
with no arguments to match that generated by the UnixWare
Thu Apr 10 14:35:00 1997 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h (<cpu>_cgen_assemble_insn): New arg for errmsg.
(cgen_parse_operand_fn): Declare.
(cgen_init_parse_operand): Declare.
(cgen_parse_operand): Renamed from cgen_asm_parse_operand,
new argument `want'.
(enum cgen_parse_operand_result): Renamed from cgen_asm_result.
(enum cgen_parse_operand_type): New enum.
Sat Apr 5 13:14:05 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h: Revert last patch for the NON_BROKEN_OPCODES cases.
Fri Apr 4 11:46:11 1997 Doug Evans <>
* cgen.h: New file.
Fri Apr 4 14:02:32 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h: Correct opcode values for fsubp, fsubrp, fdivp, and
Tue Mar 25 22:57:26 1997 Stu Grossman (
* v850.h (extract): Make unsigned.
Mon Mar 24 14:38:15 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h: Add iclr.
Thu Mar 20 19:49:10 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h: Change DW to W for cmpxchg and xadd, since they don't
take a direction bit.
Sat Mar 15 19:03:29 1997 H.J. Lu <>
* sparc.h (sparc_opcode_lookup_arch): Use full prototype.
Fri Mar 14 15:22:01 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* sparc.h: Include <ansidecl.h>. Update function declarations to
use prototypes, and to use const when appropriate.
Thu Mar 6 14:18:30 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h (MN10300_OPERAND_RELAX): Define.
Mon Feb 24 15:15:56 1997 Martin M. Hunt <>
* d10v.h: Change pre_defined_registers to
d10v_predefined_registers and reg_name_cnt to d10v_reg_name_cnt.
Sat Feb 22 21:25:00 1997 Dawn Perchik <>
* mips.h: Add macros for cop0, cop1 cop2 and cop3.
Change mips_opcodes from const array to a pointer,
and change bfd_mips_num_opcodes from const int to int,
so that we can increase the size of the mips opcodes table
Fri Feb 21 16:34:18 1997 Martin M. Hunt <>
* d30v.h (FLAG_X): Remove unused flag.
Tue Feb 18 17:37:20 1997 Martin M. Hunt <>
* d30v.h: New file.
Fri Feb 14 13:16:15 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (PDS_NAME): Macro to access name field of predefined symbols.
(PDS_VALUE): Macro to access value field of predefined symbols.
(tic80_next_predefined_symbol): Add prototype.
Mon Feb 10 10:32:17 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (tic80_symbol_to_value): Change prototype to match
change in function, added class parameter.
Thu Feb 6 17:30:15 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (TIC80_OPERAND_ENDMASK): Add for flagging TIc80
endmask fields, which are somewhat weird in that 0 and 32 are
treated exactly the same.
Thu Jan 30 13:46:18 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h: Change all the OPERAND defines to use the form (1 << X)
rather than a constant that is 2**X. Reorder them to put bits for
operands that have symbolic names in the upper bits, so they can
be packed into an int where the lower bits contain the value that
corresponds to that symbolic name.
(predefined_symbo): Add struct.
(tic80_predefined_symbols): Declare array of translations.
(tic80_num_predefined_symbols): Declare size of that array.
(tic80_value_to_symbol): Declare function.
(tic80_symbol_to_value): Declare function.
Wed Jan 29 09:37:25 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10200.h (MN10200_OPERAND_RELAX): Define.
Sat Jan 18 15:18:59 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (TIC80_NO_R0_DEST): Add for opcodes where r0 cannot
be the destination register.
Thu Jan 16 20:48:55 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (struct tic80_opcode): Change "format" field to "flags".
(TIC80_VECTOR): Define a flag bit for the flags. This one means
that the opcode can have two vector instructions in a single
32 bit word and we have to encode/decode both.
Tue Jan 14 19:37:09 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (TIC80_OPERAND_PCREL): Renamed from
(TIC80_OPERAND_BASEREL): New flag bit for register
base relative.
Mon Jan 13 15:56:38 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (TIC80_OPERAND_FLOAT): Add for floating point operands.
Mon Jan 6 10:51:15 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (TIC80_OPERAND_SCALED): Operand may have optional
":s" modifier for scaling.
Sun Jan 5 12:12:19 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (TIC80_OPERAND_M_SI): Add operand modifier for ":m".
Sat Jan 4 19:02:44 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (TIC80_OPERAND_BITNUM): Renamed from TIC80_OPERAND_CC_SZ.
(TIC80_OPERAND_CC): New define for condition code operand.
(TIC80_OPERAND_CR): New define for control register operand.
Fri Jan 3 16:22:23 1997 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h (struct tic80_opcode): Name changed.
(struct tic80_opcode): Remove format field.
(struct tic80_operand): Add insertion and extraction functions.
(TIC80_OPERAND_*): Remove old bogus values, start adding new
correct ones.
(FMT_*): Ditto.
Tue Dec 31 15:05:41 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* v850.h (V850_OPERAND_ADJUST_SHORT_MEMORY): New flag to adjust
type IV instruction offsets.
Fri Dec 27 22:23:10 1996 Fred Fish <>
* tic80.h: New file.
Wed Dec 18 10:06:31 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10200.h (MN10200_OPERAND_NOCHECK): Define.
Sat Dec 14 10:48:31 1996 Fred Fish <>
* mn10200.h: Fix comment, mn10200_operand not powerpc_operand.
* mn10300.h: Fix comment, mn10300_operand not powerpc_operand.
* v850.h: Fix comment, v850_operand not powerpc_operand.
Mon Dec 9 16:45:39 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10200.h: Flesh out structures and definitions needed by
the mn10200 assembler & disassembler.
Tue Nov 26 10:46:56 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* mips.h: Add mips16 definitions.
Mon Nov 25 17:56:54 1996 J.T. Conklin <>
* m68k.h: Document new <, >, m, n, o and p operand specifiers.
Wed Nov 20 10:59:41 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h (MN10300_OPERAND_PCREL): Define.
(MN10300_OPERAND_MEMADDR): Define.
Tue Nov 19 13:30:40 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h (MN10300_OPERAND_REG_LIST): Define.
Wed Nov 6 13:41:08 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h (MN10300_OPERAND_SPLIT): Define.
Tue Nov 5 13:26:12 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h (MN10300_OPERAND_EXTENDED): Define.
Mon Nov 4 12:52:48 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h (MN10300_OPERAND_REPEATED): Define.
Fri Nov 1 10:31:02 1996 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.h: Don't include "bfd.h"; private relocation types are now
negative to minimize problems with shared libraries. Organize
instruction subsets by AMASK extensions and PALcode
(struct alpha_operand): Move flags slot for better packing.
Tue Oct 29 12:19:10 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* v850.h (V850_OPERAND_RELAX): New operand flag.
Thu Oct 10 14:29:11 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h (FMT_*): Move operand format definitions
Tue Oct 8 14:48:07 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h (MN10300_OPERAND_PAREN): Define.
Mon Oct 7 16:52:11 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h (mn10300_opcode): Add "format" field.
(MN10300_OPERAND_*): Define.
Thu Oct 3 10:33:46 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10x00.h: Delete.
* mn10200.h, mn10300.h: New files.
Wed Oct 2 21:31:26 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10x00.h: New file.
Fri Sep 27 18:26:46 1996 Stu Grossman (
* v850.h: Add new flag to indicate this instruction uses a PC
Fri Sep 13 14:58:13 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* h8300.h (stmac): Add missing instruction.
Sat Aug 31 16:02:03 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* v850.h (v850_opcode): Remove "size" field. Add "memop"
Fri Aug 23 10:39:08 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* v850.h (V850_OPERAND_EP): Define.
* v850.h (v850_opcode): Add size field.
Thu Aug 22 16:51:25 1996 J.T. Conklin <>
* v850.h (v850_operands): Add insert and extract fields, pointers
to functions used to handle unusual operand encoding.
V850_OPERAND_SIGNED): Defined.
Wed Aug 21 17:45:10 1996 J.T. Conklin <>
* v850.h (v850_operands): Add flags field.
Tue Aug 20 14:52:02 1996 J.T. Conklin <>
* v850.h: New file.
Fri Aug 16 14:44:15 1996 James G. Smith <>
Fri Aug 16 00:15:15 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (pitlb, pitlbe, iitlba, iitlbp, fic, fice): Accept
a 3 bit space id instead of a 2 bit space id.
Thu Aug 15 13:11:46 1996 Martin M. Hunt <>
* d10v.h: Add some additional defines to support the
assembler in determining which operations can be done in parallel.
Tue Aug 6 11:13:22 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* h8300.h (SN): Define.
(eepmov.b): Renamed from "eepmov"
(nop, bpt, rte, rts, sleep, clrmac): These have no size associated
with them.
Fri Jul 26 11:47:10 1996 Martin M. Hunt <>
* d10v.h (OPERAND_SHIFT): New operand flag.
Thu Jul 25 12:06:22 1996 Martin M. Hunt <>
* d10v.h: Changes for divs, parallel-only instructions, and
signed numbers.
Mon Jul 22 11:21:15 1996 Martin M. Hunt <>
* d10v.h (pd_reg): Define. Putting the definition here allows
the assembler and disassembler to share the same struct.
Mon Jul 22 12:15:25 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i960.h (i960_opcodes): "halt" takes an argument. From Stephen
Williams <>.
Wed Jul 17 14:46:38 1996 Martin M. Hunt <>
* d10v.h: New file.
Thu Jul 11 12:09:15 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* h8300.h (band, bclr): Force high bit of immediate nibble to zero.
Wed Jul 3 14:30:12 1996 J.T. Conklin <>
* m68k.h (mcf5200): New macro.
Document names of coldfire control registers.
Tue Jul 2 23:05:45 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* h8300.h (SRC_IN_DST): Define.
* h8300.h (UNOP3): Mark the register operand in this insn
as a source operand, not a destination operand.
(SHIFT_2, SHIFT_IMM): Remove. Eliminate all references.
(UNOP3): Change SHIFT_IMM to IMM for H8/S bitops. Mark
register operand with SRC_IN_DST.
Fri Jun 21 13:52:17 1996 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.h: New file.
Thu Jun 20 15:02:57 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* rs6k.h: Remove obsolete file.
Wed Jun 19 15:29:38 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h: Correct opcode values for faddp, fsubp, fsubrp, fmulp,
fdivp, and fdivrp. Add ffreep.
Tue Jun 18 16:06:00 1996 Jeffrey A. Law <>
* h8300.h: Reorder various #defines for readability.
(BITOP): Accept additional (unused) argument. All callers changed.
(EBITOP): Likewise.
(O_LAST): Bump.
(ldc, stc, movb, movw, movl): Use 32bit offsets and absolutes.
* h8300.h (EXR, SHIFT_2, MACREG, SHIFT_IMM, RDINC): Define.
(BITOP, EBITOP): Handle new H8/S addressing modes for
bit insns.
(UNOP3): Handle new shift/rotate insns on the H8/S.
(insns using exr): New instructions.
(tas, mac, ldmac, clrmac, ldm, stm): New instructions.
Thu May 23 16:56:48 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* h8300.h (add.l): Undo Apr 5th change. The manual I had
was incorrect.
Mon May 6 23:38:22 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* h8300.h (START): Remove.
(MEMRELAX): Define. Mark absolute memory operands in mov.b, mov.w
and mov.l insns that can be relaxed.
Tue Apr 30 18:30:58 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i386.h: Remove Abs32 from lcall.
Mon Apr 22 17:09:23 1996 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (SPARC_OPCODE_ARCH_V9_P): New macro.
(SLCPOP): New macro.
Mark X,Y opcode letters as in use.
Thu Apr 11 17:28:18 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* sparc.h (F_FLOAT, F_FBR): Define.
Fri Apr 5 16:55:34 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* h8300.h (ABS8MEM): Renamed from ABSMOV. Remove ABSMOV
from all insns.
(add.l): Fix reg+reg variant.
(eepmov.w): Renamed from eepmovw.
(ldc,stc): Fix many cases.
Sun Mar 31 13:30:03 1996 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (SPARC_OPCODE_ARCH_MASK): New macro.
Thu Mar 7 15:08:23 1996 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (O): Mark operand letter as in use.
Tue Feb 20 20:46:21 1996 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (sparc_{encode,decode}_sparclet_cpreg): Declare.
Mark operand letters uU as in use.
Mon Feb 19 01:59:08 1996 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (sparc_opcode_arch_val): Add SPARC_OPCODE_ARCH_SPARCLET.
(sparc_opcode_arch): Delete member `conflicts'. Add `supported'.
(F_NOTV9): Delete.
Fri Feb 16 12:23:34 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* sparc.h (sparc_opcode_lookup_arch) Make return type in
declaration consistent with return type in definition.
Wed Feb 14 18:14:11 1996 Alan Modra <>
* i386.h (i386_optab): Remove Data32 from pushf and popf.
Thu Feb 8 14:27:21 1996 James Carlson <>
* i386.h (i386_regtab): Add 80486 test registers.
Mon Feb 5 18:35:46 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* i960.h (I_HX): Define.
(i960_opcodes): Add HX instruction.
Mon Jan 29 12:43:39 1996 Ken Raeburn <>
* i386.h: Fix waiting forms of finit, fstenv, fsave, fstsw, fstcw,
and fclex.
Wed Jan 24 22:36:59 1996 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (enum sparc_opcode_arch_val): Replaces sparc_architecture.
(bfd_* defines): Delete.
(sparc_opcode_archs): Replaces architecture_pname.
(sparc_opcode_lookup_arch): Declare.
Mon Jan 22 08:24:32 1996 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (enum sparc_architecture): Add v9a.
Thu Dec 28 13:27:53 1995 John Hassey <>
* i386.h: Added Pentium Pro instructions.
Thu Nov 2 22:59:22 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* m68k.h: Document new 'W' operand place.
Tue Oct 24 10:49:10 1995 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h: Add lci and syncdma instructions.
Mon Oct 23 11:09:16 1995 James G. Smith <>
* mips.h: Added INSN_4100 flag to mark NEC VR4100 specific
Mon Oct 16 10:28:15 1995 Michael Meissner <>
* ppc.h (PPC_OPCODE_{COMMON,ANY}): New opcode flags for
assembler's -mcom and -many switches.
Wed Oct 11 16:56:33 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
* i386.h: Fix cmpxchg8b extension opcode description.
Thu Oct 5 18:03:36 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
* i386.h: Add Pentium instructions wrmsr, rdtsc, rdmsr, cmpxchg8b,
and register cr4.
Tue Sep 19 15:26:43 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* m68k.h: Change comment: split type P into types 0, 1 and 2.
Wed Aug 30 13:50:55 1995 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (sparc_{encode,decode}_prefetch): Declare.
Tue Aug 29 15:34:58 1995 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (sparc_{encode,decode}_{asi,membar}): Declare.
Wed Aug 2 18:32:19 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* m68kmri.h: Remove.
* m68k.h: Move tables into opcodes/m68k-opc.c, leaving just the
declarations. Remove F_ALIAS and flag field of struct
m68k_opcode. Change arch field of struct m68k_opcode to unsigned
int. Make name and args fields of struct m68k_opcode const.
Wed Aug 2 08:16:46 1995 Doug Evans <>
* sparc.h (F_NOTV9): Define.
Tue Jul 11 14:20:42 1995 Jeff Spiegel <>
* mips.h (INSN_4010): Define.
Wed Jun 21 18:49:51 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
* m68k.h (TBL1): Reverse sense of "round" argument in result.
Changes from Andreas Schwab <>:
* m68k.h: Fix argument descriptions of coprocessor
instructions to allow only alterable operands where appropriate.
[!NO_DEFAULT_SIZES]: An omitted size defaults to `w'.
(m68k_opcode_aliases): Add more aliases.
Fri Apr 14 22:15:34 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
* m68k.h: Added explcitly short-sized conditional branches, and a
bunch of aliases (fmov*, ftest*, tdivul) to support gcc's
svr4-based configurations.
Mon Mar 13 21:30:01 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
Mon Feb 27 08:36:39 1995 Bryan Ford <>
* i386.h: added missing Data16/Data32 flags to a few instructions.
Wed Mar 8 15:19:53 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* mips.h (OP_MASK_FR, OP_SH_FR): Define.
(INSN_READ_FPR_R): Define.
(INSN_RFE): Delete.
Wed Mar 8 03:13:23 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
* m68k.h (enum m68k_architecture): Deleted.
(struct m68k_opcode_alias): New type.
(m68k_opcodes): Now const. Deleted opcode aliases with exactly
matching constraints, values and flags. As a side effect of this,
the MOTOROLA_SYNTAX_ONLY and MIT_SYNTAX_ONLY macros, which so far
as I know were never used, now may need re-examining.
(numopcodes): Now const.
(m68k_opcode_aliases, numaliases): New variables.
(endop): Deleted.
[DONT_DEFINE_TABLE]: Declare numopcodes, numaliases, and
m68k_opcode_aliases; update declaration of m68k_opcodes.
Mon Mar 6 10:02:00 1995 Jeff Law (
* hppa.h (delay_type): Delete unused enumeration.
(pa_opcode): Replace unused delayed field with an architecture
(pa_opcodes): Mark each instruction as either PA1.0 or PA1.1.
Fri Mar 3 16:10:24 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* mips.h (INSN_ISA4): Define.
Fri Feb 24 19:13:37 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* mips.h (M_DLA_AB, M_DLI): Define.
Thu Feb 23 17:33:09 1995 Jeff Law (
* hppa.h (fstwx): Fix single-bit error.
Wed Feb 15 12:19:52 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* mips.h (M_ULD, M_ULD_A, M_USD, M_USD_A): Define.
Mon Feb 6 10:35:23 1995 J.T. Conklin <>
* i386.h: added cpuid instruction , and dr[0-7] aliases for the
debug registers. From Charles Hannum (
Mon Feb 6 03:31:54 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
Changes from Bryan Ford <> for 16-bit
i386 support:
* i386.h (MOV_AX_DISP32): New macro.
(i386_optab): Added Data16 and Data32 as needed. Added "w" forms
of several call/return instructions.
Mon Jan 23 16:45:43 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
Sat Jan 21 17:50:38 1995 Pat Rankin (
* vax.h (struct vot_wot, field `args'): Make it pointer to const
(struct vot, field `name'): ditto.
Thu Jan 19 14:47:53 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
* vax.h: Supply and properly group all values in end sentinel.
Tue Jan 17 10:55:30 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* mips.h (INSN_ISA, INSN_4650): Define.
Wed Oct 19 13:34:17 1994 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* a29k.h: Add operand type 'I' for `inv' and `iretinv'. On
systems with a separate instruction and data cache, such as the
29040, these instructions take an optional argument.
Wed Sep 14 17:44:20 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h (INSN_STORE_MEMORY): Correct value to not conflict with
Tue Sep 6 11:39:08 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h (INSN_STORE_MEMORY): Define.
Thu Jul 28 19:28:07 1994 Ken Raeburn (
* sparc.h: Document new operand type 'x'.
Tue Jul 26 17:48:05 1994 Ken Raeburn (
* i960.h (I_CX2): New instruction category. It includes
instructions available on Cx and Jx processors.
(I_JX): New instruction category, for JX-only instructions.
(i960_opcodes): Put eshro and sysctl in I_CX2 category. Added
Jx-only instructions, in I_JX category.
Wed Jul 13 18:43:47 1994 Ken Raeburn (
* ns32k.h (endop): Made pointer const too.
Sun Jul 10 11:01:09 1994 Ian Dall (
* ns32k.h: Drop Q operand type as there is no correct use
for it. Add I and Z operand types which allow better checking.
Thu Jul 7 12:34:48 1994 Steve Chamberlain (
* h8300.h (xor.l) :fix bit pattern.
(L_2): New size of operand.
(trapa): Use it.
Fri Jun 10 16:38:11 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* m68k.h: Move "trap" before "tpcc" to change disassembly.
Fri Jun 3 15:57:36 1994 Ken Raeburn (
* sparc.h: Include v9 definitions.
Thu Jun 2 12:23:17 1994 Ken Raeburn (
* m68k.h (m68060): Defined.
(m68040up, mfloat, mmmu): Include it.
(struct m68k_opcode): Widen `arch' field.
(m68k_opcodes): Updated for M68060. Removed comments that were
instructions commented out by "JF" years ago.
Thu Apr 28 18:31:14 1994 Ken Raeburn (
* m68k.h (struct m68k_opcode): Shorten `arch' field to 8 bits, and
add a one-bit `flags' field.
(F_ALIAS): New macro.
Wed Apr 27 11:29:52 1994 Steve Chamberlain (
* h8300.h (dec, inc): Get encoding right.
Mon Apr 4 13:12:43 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* ppc.h (struct powerpc_operand): Removed signedp field; just use
a flag instead.
Thu Mar 31 19:34:08 1994 Ken Raeburn (
* i386.h (IS_JUMP_ON_ECX_ZERO, "jcxz" pattern): Operand size
prefix is 0x66, not 0x67. Patch from H.J. Lu (
Thu Mar 3 15:51:05 1994 Ken Raeburn (
* i386.h: Reverse last change. It'll be handled in gas instead.
Thu Feb 24 15:29:05 1994 Ken Raeburn (
* i386.h (sar): Disabled the two-operand Imm1 form, since it was
slower on the 486 and used the implicit shift count despite the
explicit operand. The one-operand form is still available to get
the shorter form with the implicit shift count.
Thu Feb 17 12:27:52 1994 Torbjorn Granlund (
* hppa.h: Fix typo in fstws arg string.
Wed Feb 9 21:23:52 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* ppc.h (struct powerpc_opcode): Make operands field unsigned.
Mon Feb 7 19:14:58 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* ppc.h (PPC_OPCODE_601): Define.
Fri Feb 4 23:43:50 1994 Jeffrey A. Law (
* hppa.h (addb): Use '@' for addb and addib pseudo ops.
(so we can determine valid completers for both addb and addb[tf].)
* hppa.h (xmpyu): No floating point format specifier for the
xmpyu instruction.
Fri Feb 4 23:36:52 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* ppc.h (PPC_OPERAND_NEXT): Define.
(PPC_OPERAND_NEGATIVE): Change value to make room for above.
(struct powerpc_macro): Define.
(powerpc_macros, powerpc_num_macros): Declare.
Fri Jan 21 19:13:50 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* ppc.h: New file. Header file for PowerPC opcode table.
Mon Jan 17 00:14:23 1994 Jeffrey A. Law (
* hppa.h: More minor template fixes for sfu and copr (to allow
for easier disassembly).
* hppa.h: Fix templates for all the sfu and copr instructions.
Wed Dec 15 15:12:42 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* i386.h (push): Permit Imm16 operand too.
Sat Dec 11 16:14:06 1993 Steve Chamberlain (
* h8300.h (andc): Exists in base arch.
Wed Dec 1 12:15:32 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* From Hisashi MINAMINO <>
* hppa.h: #undef NONE to avoid conflict with hiux include files.
Sun Nov 21 22:06:57 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* hppa.h: Add FP quadword store instructions.
Wed Nov 17 17:13:16 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h: (M_J_A): Added.
(M_LA): Removed.
Mon Nov 8 12:12:47 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h (OP_MASK_CACHE, OP_SH_CACHE): Define. From Ted Lemon
Sun Nov 7 00:30:11 1993 Jeffrey A. Law (
* hppa.h: Immediate field in probei instructions is unsigned,
not low-sign extended.
Wed Nov 3 10:30:00 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* m88k.h (RRI10MASK): Change from 0xfc00ffe0 to 0xfc00fc00.
Tue Nov 2 12:41:30 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* i386.h: Add "fxch" without operand.
Mon Nov 1 18:13:03 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h (M_JAL_1, M_JAL_2, M_JAL_A): Added.
Sat Oct 2 22:26:11 1993 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h: Add gfw and gfr to the opcode table.
Wed Sep 29 16:23:00 1993 K. Richard Pixley (
* m88k.h: extended to handle m88110.
Tue Sep 28 19:19:08 1993 Jeffrey A Law (
* hppa.h (be, ble): Use operand type 'z' to denote absolute branch
Tue Sep 14 14:04:35 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* i960.h (i960_opcodes): Properly bracket initializers.
Mon Sep 13 12:50:52 1993 K. Richard Pixley (
* m88k.h (BOFLAG): rewrite to avoid nested comment.
Mon Sep 13 15:46:06 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* m68k.h (two): Protect second argument with parentheses.
Fri Sep 10 16:29:47 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* i386.h (i386_optab): Added new instruction "rsm" (for i386sl).
Deleted old in/out instructions in "#if 0" section.
Thu Sep 9 17:42:19 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* i386.h (i386_optab): Properly bracket initializers.
Wed Aug 25 13:50:56 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* hppa.h (pa_opcode): Use '|' for movb and movib insns. (From
Jeff Law,
Mon Aug 23 16:55:03 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* i386.h (lcall): Accept Imm32 operand also.
Mon Aug 23 12:43:11 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h (M_ABSU): Removed (absolute value of unsigned number??).
(M_DABS): Added.
Thu Aug 19 15:08:37 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h (INSN_*): Changed values. Removed unused definitions.
(M_*): Added new values for r6000 and r4000 macros.
(ANY_DELAY): Removed.
Wed Aug 18 15:37:48 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h: Added M_LI_S and M_LI_SS.
Tue Aug 17 07:08:08 1993 Steve Chamberlain (
* h8300.h: Get some rare correct.
Thu Aug 5 09:15:17 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* sparc.h: Don't define const ourself; rely on ansidecl.h having
been included.
Fri Jul 30 18:41:11 1993 John Gilmore (
* sparc.h (F_JSR, F_UNBR, F_CONDBR): Add new flags to mark
jump instructions, for use in disassemblers.
Thu Jul 22 07:25:27 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* m88k.h: Make bitfields just unsigned, not unsigned long or
unsigned short.
Wed Jul 21 11:55:31 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* hppa.h: New argument type 'y'. Use in various float instructions.
Mon Jul 19 17:17:03 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* hppa.h (break): First immediate field is unsigned.
* hppa.h: Add rfir instruction.
Sun Jul 18 16:28:08 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* mips.h: Split the actual table out into ../../opcodes/mips-opc.c.
Fri Jul 16 09:59:29 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h: Reworked the hazard information somewhat, and fixed some
bugs in the instruction hazard descriptions.
Thu Jul 15 12:42:01 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* m88k.h: Corrected a couple of opcodes.
Tue Jul 6 15:17:35 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h: Replaced with version from Ralph Campbell and OSF. The
new version includes instruction hazard information, but is
otherwise reasonably similar.
Thu Jul 1 20:36:17 1993 Doug Evans (
* h8300.h: Fix typo in UNOP3 (affected sh[al][lr].l).
Fri Jun 11 18:38:44 1993 Ken Raeburn (
Patches from Jeff Law,
* hppa.h: Clean up some of the OLD_TABLE, non-OLD_TABLE braindamage.
Make the tables be the same for the following instructions:
"bb", "addb[tf]", "addib[tf]", "add", "add[loc]", "addco",
"sh[123]add", "sh[123]add[lo]", "sub", "sub[obt]", "sub[bt]o",
"ds", "comclr", "addi", "addi[ot]", "addito", "subi", "subio",
"comiclr", "fadd", "fsub", "fmpy", "fdiv", "fsqrt", "fabs",
"frnd", "fcpy", "fcnvff", "fcnvxf", "fcnvfx", "fcnvfxt",
"fcmp", and "ftest".
* hppa.h: Make new and old tables the same for "break", "mtctl",
"mfctl", "bb", "ssm", "rsm", "xmpyu", "fmpyadd", "fmpysub".
Fix typo in last patch. Collapse several #ifdefs into a
single #ifdef.
* hppa.h: Delete remaining OLD_TABLE code. Bring some
of the comments up-to-date.
* hppa.h: Update "free list" of letters and update
comments describing each letter's function.
Thu Jul 8 09:05:26 1993 Doug Evans (
* h8300.h: Lots of little fixes for the h8/300h.
Tue Jun 8 12:16:03 1993 Steve Chamberlain (
Support for H8/300-H
* h8300.h: Lots of new opcodes.
Fri Jun 4 15:41:37 1993 Steve Chamberlain (
* h8300.h: checkpoint, includes H8/300-H opcodes.
Thu Jun 3 15:42:59 1993 Stu Grossman (
* Patches from Jeffrey Law <>.
* hppa.h: Rework single precision FP
instructions so that they correctly disassemble code
PA1.1 code.
Thu May 27 19:21:22 1993 Bruce Bauman (
* i386.h (i386_optab, mov pattern): Remove Mem16 restriction from
mov to allow instructions like mov ss,xyz(ecx) to assemble.
Tue May 25 00:39:40 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* hppa.h: Use new version from Utah if OLD_TABLE isn't defined;
gdb will define it for now.
Mon May 24 15:20:06 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* sparc.h: Don't end enumerator list with comma.
Fri May 14 15:15:50 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* Based on patches from davidj@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU (David Johnson):
* mips.h (OP_MASK_COPZ, OP_SH_COPZ): Define.
("bc2t"): Correct typo.
("[ls]wc[023]"): Use T rather than t.
("c[0123]"): Define general coprocessor instructions.
Mon May 10 06:02:25 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* m68k.h: Move split point for gcc compilation more towards
Fri Apr 9 13:26:16 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* rs6k.h: Clean up instructions for primary opcode 19 (many were
simply wrong, ics, rfi, & rfsvc were missing).
Add "a" to opr_ext for "bb". Doc fix.
Thu Mar 18 13:45:31 1993 Per Bothner (
* i386.h: 486 extensions from John Hassey (
* mips.h: Add casts, to suppress warnings about shifting too much.
* m68k.h: Document the placement code '9'.
Thu Feb 18 02:03:14 1993 John Gilmore (
* m68k.h (BREAK_UP_BIG_DECL, AND_OTHER_PART): Add kludge which
allows callers to break up the large initialized struct full of
opcodes into two half-sized ones. This permits GCC to compile
this module, since it takes exponential space for initializers.
(numopcodes, endop): Revise to use AND_OTHER_PART in size calcs.
Thu Feb 4 02:06:56 1993 John Gilmore (
* a29k.h: Remove RCS crud, update GPL to v2, update copyrights.
* convex.h: Added, from GDB's convx-opcode.h. Added CONST to all
initialized structs in it.
Thu Jan 28 21:32:22 1993 John Gilmore (
Delta 88 changes inspired by Carl Greco, <cgreco@Creighton.Edu>:
* m88k.h (PMEM): Avoid previous definition from <sys/param.h>.
(AND): Change to AND_ to avoid ansidecl.h `AND' conflict.
Sat Jan 23 18:10:49 PST 1993 Ralph Campbell (
* mips.h: document "i" and "j" operands correctly.
Thu Jan 7 15:58:13 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* mips.h: Removed endianness dependency.
Sun Jan 3 14:13:35 1993 Steve Chamberlain (
* h8300.h: include info on number of cycles per instruction.
Mon Dec 21 21:29:08 1992 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* hppa.h: Move handy aliases to the front. Fix masks for extract
and deposit instructions.
Sat Dec 12 16:09:48 1992 Ian Lance Taylor (
* i386.h: accept shld and shrd both with and without the shift
count argument, which is always %cl.
Fri Nov 27 17:13:18 1992 Ken Raeburn (raeburn at
* i386.h (i386_optab_end, i386_regtab_end): Now const.
(one_byte_segment_defaults, two_byte_segment_defaults,
i386_prefixtab_end): Ditto.
Mon Nov 23 10:47:25 1992 Ken Raeburn (
* vax.h (bb*): Use "v" (bitfield type), not "a" (address operand)
for operand 2; from John Carr,
Wed Nov 4 07:36:49 1992 Ken Raeburn (
* m68k.h: Define FIXED_SIZE_BRANCH, so bsr and bra instructions
always use 16-bit offsets. Makes calculated-size jump tables
Fri Oct 16 22:52:43 1992 Ken Raeburn (
* i386.h: Fix one-operand forms of in* and out* patterns.
Tue Sep 22 14:08:14 1992 Ken Raeburn (
* m68k.h: Added CPU32 support.
Tue Sep 22 00:38:41 1992 John Gilmore (
* mips.h (break): Disassemble the argument. Patch from (Jonathan Stone).
Wed Sep 9 11:25:28 1992 Ian Lance Taylor (
* m68k.h: merged Motorola and MIT syntax.
Thu Sep 3 09:33:22 1992 Steve Chamberlain (
* m68k.h (pmove): make the tests less strict, the 68k book is
Tue Aug 25 23:25:19 1992 Ken Raeburn (
* m68k.h (m68ec030): Defined as alias for 68030.
(m68k_opcodes): New type characters "3" for 68030 MMU regs and "t"
for immediate 0-7 added. Set up some opcodes (ptest, bkpt) to use
them. Tightened description of "fmovex" to distinguish it from
some "pmove" encodings. Added "pmove" for 68030 MMU regs, cleaned
up descriptions that claimed versions were available for chips not
supporting them. Added "pmovefd".
Mon Aug 24 12:04:51 1992 Steve Chamberlain (
* m68k.h: fix where the . goes in divull
Wed Aug 19 11:22:24 1992 Ian Lance Taylor (
* m68k.h: the cas2 instruction is supposed to be written with
indirection on the last two operands, which can be either data or
address registers. Added a new operand type 'r' which accepts
either register type. Added new cases for cas2l and cas2w which
use them. Corrected masks for cas2 which failed to recognize use
of address register.
Fri Aug 14 14:20:38 1992 Per Bothner (
* m68k.h: Merged in patches (mostly m68040-specific) from
Colin Smith <>.
* m68k.h: Merged m68kmri.h and m68k.h (using the former as a
base). Also cleaned up duplicates, re-ordered instructions for
the sake of dis-assembling (so aliases come after standard names).
* m68kmri.h: Now just defines some macros, and #includes m68k.h.
Wed Aug 12 16:38:15 1992 Steve Chamberlain (
* m68kmri.h: added various opcodes. Moved jbxx to bxxes. Filled in
all missing .s
Mon Aug 10 23:22:33 1992 Ken Raeburn (
* sparc.h: Moved tables to BFD library.
* i386.h (i386_optab): Add fildq, fistpq aliases used by gcc.
Sun Jun 28 13:29:03 1992 Fred Fish (
* h8300.h: Finish filling in all the holes in the opcode table,
so that the Lucid C compiler can digest this as well...
Fri Jun 26 21:27:17 1992 John Gilmore (gnu at
* i386.h: Add setc, setnc, addr16, data16, repz, repnz aliases.
Fix opcodes on various sizes of fild/fist instructions
(16bit=no suffix, 32bit="l" suffix, 64bit="ll" suffix).
Use tabs to indent for comments. Fixes suggested by Minh Tran-Le.
Thu Jun 25 16:13:26 1992 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* h8300.h: Fill in all the holes in the opcode table so that the
losing HPUX C compiler can digest this...
Thu Jun 11 12:15:25 1992 John Gilmore (gnu at
* mips.h: Fix decoding of coprocessor instructions, somewhat.
(Fix by Eric Anderson,
Thu May 28 11:17:44 1992 Jim Wilson (
* sparc.h: Add new architecture variant sparclite; add its scan
and divscc opcodes. Define ARCHITECTURES_CONFLICT_P macro.
Tue May 5 14:23:27 1992 Per Bothner (
* mips.h: Add some more opcode synonyms (from Frank Yellin,
Thu Apr 16 18:25:26 1992 Per Bothner (
* rs6k.h: New version from IBM (Metin).
Thu Apr 9 00:31:19 1992 Per Bothner (
* rs6k.h: Fix incorrect extended opcode for instructions `fm'
and `fd'. (From (Metin G. Ozisik).)
Tue Apr 7 13:38:47 1992 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* rs6k.h: Move from ../../gdb/rs6k-opcode.h.
Fri Apr 3 11:30:20 1992 Fred Fish (
* m68k.h (one, two): Cast macro args to unsigned to suppress
complaints from compiler and lint about integer overflow during
Sun Mar 29 12:22:08 1992 John Gilmore (gnu at
* sparc.h (OP): Avoid signed overflow when shifting to high order bit.
Fri Mar 6 00:22:38 1992 John Gilmore (gnu at
* mips.h: Make bitfield layout depend on the HOST compiler,
not on the TARGET system.
Fri Feb 21 01:29:51 1992 K. Richard Pixley (
* i386.h: added inb, inw, outb, outw opcodes, added att syntax for
scmp, slod, smov, ssca, ssto. Curtesy Minh Tran-Le
Thu Jan 30 07:31:44 1992 Steve Chamberlain (sac at
* h8300.h: turned op_type enum into #define list
Thu Jan 30 01:07:24 1992 John Gilmore (gnu at
* sparc.h: Remove "cypress" architecture. Remove "fitox" and
similar instructions -- they've been renamed to "fitoq", etc.
REALLY fix tsubcctv. Fix "fcmpeq" and "fcmpq" which had wrong
number of arguments.
* h8300.h: Remove extra ; which produces compiler warning.
Tue Jan 28 22:59:22 1992 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* sparc.h: fix opcode for tsubcctv.
Tue Jan 7 17:19:39 1992 K. Richard Pixley (rich at
* sparc.h: fba and cba are now aliases for fb and cb respectively.
Fri Dec 27 10:55:50 1991 Per Bothner (bothner at
* sparc.h (nop): Made the 'lose' field be even tighter,
so only a standard 'nop' is disassembled as a nop.
Sun Dec 22 12:18:18 1991 Michael Tiemann (tiemann at
* sparc.h (nop): Add RD_GO to `lose' so that only %g0 in dest is
disassembled as a nop.
Wed Dec 18 17:19:44 1991 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* m68k.h, sparc.h: ANSIfy enums.
Tue Dec 10 00:22:20 1991 K. Richard Pixley (rich at
* sparc.h: fix a typo.
Sat Nov 30 20:40:51 1991 Steve Chamberlain (sac at
* a29k.h, arm.h, h8300.h, i386.h, i860.h, i960.h , m68k.h,
m88k.h, mips.h , np1.h, ns32k.h, pn.h, pyr.h, sparc.h, tahoe.h,
vax.h: Renamed from ../<foo>-opcode.h.
Copyright (C) 1991-2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.
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