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* Various sections directives
* .bss, .data, .sect, .text, .usect
* .align, .space, .bes
; default section (should be .text)
.word 0x1234 ; this should be put in .text
; initialized data
.global coeff
coeff .word 011h,022h,033h
; uninitialized data
.global B1, buffer
.bss buffer, 10
B1: .usect ".bss", 10 ; alocate 10 words
; more initialized data in .data
.global ptr
ptr .word 0123h
; .text section
.global add, aloop
add: ld 0fh,a
aloop: sub #1,a
bc aloop,ageq
; more initialized data into .data
.global ivals
ivals .word 0aah, 0bbh, 0cch
; define another section for more variables
.global var2, inbuf, align2
var2 .usect "newvars", 1 ; with quotes
inbuf .usect newvars, 7, 1 ; w/o quotes, block 7 words
align2 .usect newvars, 15, ,1 ; 15 words aligned
; more code
.global mpy, mloop
mpy: ld 0ah,b
mloop: mpy #0ah,b
bc mloop,bnov
.global space, bes, spacep, besp
space: .space 64 ; points to first word of block
bes: .bes 64 ; points to last word of block
spacep: .word space
besp: .word bes
.global pk1, pk2, pk3, endpk1, endpk2, endpk3
pk1: .space 20
endpk1: .space 12
pk2: .bes 20
endpk2 .bes 12
pk3: .space 20
endpk3: .bes 12
; named initialized section (CODE)
.sect "vectors"
; named, initialized section, no quotes (DATA)
.sect clink
.clink ; mark section clink as STYP_CLINK
.word 022h, 044h
.sect "blksect" ; (DATA)
.word 0x1234,0x4321
.sblock "blksect", vectors ; set block flag on blksect and vectors