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#objdump: -d
#name: c54x opcode list
.*: file format .*c54x.*
Disassembly of section .text:
0+000 <_opcodes>:
0: e39a abdst \*ar3\+,\*ar4\+
1: f485 abs a
2: f585 abs a,b
3: 0090 add \*ar0\+,a
4: 0491 add \*ar1\+,ts,a
5: 3c92 add \*ar2\+,16,a
6: 6f93 add \*ar3\+,a,b
7: 0d00
8: 90a1 add \*ar4\+,1,a
9: a09a add \*ar3\+,\*ar4\+,a
a: f000 add #-32768,a
b: 8000
c: f160 add #0,16,a,b
d: 0000
e: f510 add a,-16,b
f: f580 add a,asm,b
10: 0690 addc \*ar0\+,a
11: 6b91 addm #1,\*ar1\+
12: 0001
13: 0292 adds \*ar2\+,a
14: 1893 and \*ar3\+,a
15: f131 and #1,1,a,b
16: 0001
17: f163 and #1,16,a,b
18: 0001
19: f080 and a
1a: 6890 andm #1,\*ar0\+
1b: 0001
1c: f073 b 11c <_opcodes_end>
1d: 011c
1e: f273 bd 11c <_opcodes_end>
1f: 011c
20: f495 nop
21: f495 nop
22: f4e2 bacc a
23: f7e2 baccd b
24: f495 nop
25: f495 nop
26: 6c91 banz 11c <_opcodes_end>,\*ar1\+
27: 011c
28: 6e92 banzd 11c <_opcodes_end>,\*ar2\+
29: 011c
2a: f495 nop
2b: f495 nop
2c: f875 bc 11c <_opcodes_end>,aeq, aov
2d: 011c
2e: fa3f bcd 11c <_opcodes_end>,tc, c, bio
2f: 011c
30: f495 nop
31: f495 nop
32: 9691 bit \*ar3\+,1
33: 6194 bitf \*ar4\+,#-1
34: ffff
35: 3495 bitt \*ar5\+
36: f4e3 cala a
37: f7e3 calad b
38: f495 nop
39: f495 nop
3a: f074 call 11c <_opcodes_end>
3b: 011c
3c: f274 calld 11c <_opcodes_end>
3d: 011c
3e: f495 nop
3f: f495 nop
40: f930 cc 11c <_opcodes_end>,tc
41: 011c
42: fb45 ccd 11c <_opcodes_end>,aeq
43: 011c
44: f495 nop
45: f495 nop
46: f693 cmpl b,a
47: 6090 cmpm \*ar0\+,#1
48: 0001
49: f5a9 cmpr lt,ar1
4a: 8e92 cmps a,\*ar2\+
4b: 518b dadd \*ar3-,a,b
4c: 5a8c dadst \*ar4-,a
4d: 4d95 delay \*ar5\+
4e: 568e dld \*ar6-,a
4f: 598f drsub \*ar7-,b
50: 5e88 dsadt \*ar0-,a
51: 4e89 dst a,\*ar1-
52: 558a dsub \*ar2-,b
53: 5c8b dsubt \*ar3-,a
54: f48e exp a
55: e09a firs \*ar3\+,\*ar4\+,11c <_opcodes_end>
56: 011c
57: ee80 frame -128
58: f6e1 idle 2
59: f7cf intr 15
5a: 1090 ld \*ar0\+,a
5b: 1491 ld \*ar1\+,ts,a
5c: 4492 ld \*ar2\+,16,a
5d: 9491 ld \*ar3\+,1,a
5e: 94a1 ld \*ar4\+,1,a
5f: e901 ld #1,b
60: f021 ld #32767,1,a
61: 7fff
62: f062 ld #32767,16,a
63: 7fff
64: f582 ld a,asm,b
65: f541 ld a,1,b
66: 3090 ld \*ar0\+,t
67: 4691 ld \*ar1\+,dp
68: ea02 ld #2,dp
69: ed0f ld #15,asm
6a: f4a7 ld #7,arp
6b: 3292 ld \*ar2\+,asm
6c: 4813 ldm ar3,a
6d: a889 ld \*ar2\+,a || mac \*ar3\+,a
6e: abab ld \*ar4\+,b || macr \*ar5\+,b
6f: ac89 ld \*ar2\+,a || mas \*ar3\+,a
70: afab ld \*ar4\+,b || masr \*ar5\+,b
71: 1696 ldr \*ar6\+,a
72: 1297 ldu \*ar7\+,a
73: e19a lms \*ar3\+,\*ar4\+
74: 4c90 ltd \*ar0\+
75: 2891 mac \*ar1\+,a
76: 2a92 macr \*ar2\+,a
77: b189 mac \*ar2\+,\*ar3\+,a,b
78: b5ab macr \*ar4\+,\*ar5\+,a,b
79: f167 mac #1,a,b
7a: 0001
7b: 6490 mac \*ar0\+,#1,a
7c: 0001
7d: 3591 maca \*ar1\+,b
7e: f588 maca t,a,b
7f: 7a92 macd \*ar2\+,11c <_opcodes_end>,a
80: 011c
81: 7893 macp \*ar3\+,11c <_opcodes_end>,a
82: 011c
83: a6ab macsu \*ar4\+,\*ar5\+,a
84: 6d96 mar \*ar6\+
85: 2c97 mas \*ar7\+,a
86: 2e90 masr \*ar0\+,a
87: b99a mas \*ar3\+,\*ar4\+,a,b
88: bd8b masr \*ar2\+,\*ar5\+,a,b
89: 3396 masa \*ar6\+,b
8a: f58a masa t,a,b
8b: f48b masar t,a
8c: f486 max a
8d: f587 min b
8e: 2097 mpy \*ar7\+,a
8f: a59a mpy \*ar3\+,\*ar4\+,b
90: 6280 mpy \*ar0,#1,a
91: 0001
92: f066 mpy #1,a
93: 0001
94: 3190 mpya \*ar0\+
95: f58c mpya b
96: 2591 mpyu \*ar1\+,b
97: e589 mvdd \*ar2\+,\*ar3\+
98: 7194 mvdk \*ar4\+,0 <_opcodes>
99: 0000
9a: 7215 mvdm 0 <_opcodes>,ar5
9b: 0000
9c: 7d96 mvdp \*ar6\+,11c <_opcodes_end>
9d: 011c
9e: 7097 mvkd 0 <_opcodes>,\*ar7\+
9f: 0000
a0: 7310 mvmd ar0,0 <_opcodes>
a1: 0000
a2: e712 mvmm ar1,ar2
a3: 7c93 mvpd 11c <_opcodes_end>,\*ar3\+
a4: 011c
a5: f584 neg a,b
a6: f495 nop
a7: f48f norm a
a8: 1b90 or \*ar0\+,b
a9: f340 or #7,b
aa: 0007
ab: f364 or #1,16,b
ac: 0001
ad: f3a0 or b
ae: 6991 orm #1,\*ar1\+
af: 0001
b0: 3692 poly \*ar2\+
b1: 8b93 popd \*ar3\+
b2: 8a14 popm ar4
b3: 7495 portr pa0,\*ar5\+
b4: 0000
b5: 7596 portw \*ar6\+,pa0
b6: 0000
b7: 4b97 pshd \*ar7\+
b8: 4a10 pshm ar0
b9: fc44 rc aneq
ba: fe46 rcd agt
bb: 7e91 reada \*ar1\+
bc: f7e0 reset
bd: fc00 ret
be: fe00 retd
bf: f495 nop
c0: f495 nop
c1: f4eb rete
c2: f6eb reted
c3: f495 nop
c4: f495 nop
c5: f49b retf
c6: f69b retfd
c7: f491 rol a
c8: f492 roltc a
c9: f590 ror b
ca: 4790 rpt \*ar0\+
cb: f495 nop
cc: ec20 rpt #32
cd: f495 nop
ce: f070 rpt #65535
cf: ffff
d0: f495 nop
d1: f072 rptb 11b <_opcodes\+0x11b>
d2: 011b
d3: f495 nop
d4: f272 rptbd 11b <_opcodes\+0x11b>
d5: 011b
d6: f495 nop
d7: f495 nop
d8: f071 rptz a,#32767
d9: 7fff
da: f495 nop
db: f6bf rsbx st1,braf
dc: 9e93 saccd a,\*ar3\+,alt
dd: f483 sat a
de: f56f sfta a,15,b
df: f494 sftc a
e0: f0ef sftl a,15
e1: e289 sqdst \*ar2\+,\*ar3\+
e2: 2794 squr \*ar4\+,b
e3: f48d squr a,a
e4: 3895 squra \*ar5\+,a
e5: 3a96 squrs \*ar6\+,a
e6: 9d87 srccd \*ar2\+,aleq
e7: f7bf ssbx st1,braf
e8: 8c90 st t,\*ar0\+
e9: 8d91 st trn,\*ar1\+
ea: 7692 st #32767,\*ar2\+
eb: 7fff
ec: 8293 sth a,\*ar3\+
ed: 8694 sth a,asm,\*ar4\+
ee: 9abf sth a,15,\*ar5\+
ef: 6f96 sth a,-16,\*ar6\+
f0: 0c70
f1: 8097 stl a,\*ar7\+
f2: 8490 stl a,asm,\*ar0\+
f3: 6f91 stl a,15,\*ar1\+
f4: 0c8f
f5: 988f stl a,15,\*ar2\+
f6: 8813 stlm a,ar3
f7: 7714 stm #32767,ar4
f8: 7fff
f9: c1ab st a,\*ar5\+ || add \*ar4\+,b
fa: c989 st a,\*ar3\+ || ld \*ar2\+,b
fb: e4a9 st a,\*ar3\+ || ld \*ar4\+,t
fc: d18b st a,\*ar5\+ || mac \*ar2\+,b
fd: dda9 st a,\*ar3\+ || masr \*ar4\+,b
fe: cda9 st a,\*ar3\+ || mpy \*ar4\+,b
ff: c5a9 st a,\*ar3\+ || sub \*ar4\+,b
100: 9cbd strcd \*ar5\+,beq
101: 0890 sub \*ar0\+,a
102: 0c91 sub \*ar1\+,ts,a
103: 4192 sub \*ar2\+,16,a,b
104: 6f93 sub \*ar3\+,a,b
105: 0d20
106: 92af sub \*ar4\+,15,a
107: a3ba sub \*ar5\+,\*ar4\+,b
108: f11f sub #1,15,a,b
109: 0001
10a: f161 sub #1,16,a,b
10b: 0001
10c: f530 sub a,-16,b
10d: f581 sub a,asm,b
10e: 0e90 subb \*ar0\+,a
10f: 1e91 subc \*ar1\+,a
110: 0a92 subs \*ar2\+,a
111: f4cf trap 15
112: 7f93 writa \*ar3\+
113: fd70 xc 1,aov
114: 1c94 xor \*ar4\+,a
115: f050 xor #1,a
116: 0001
117: f065 xor #1,16,a
118: 0001
119: f1c1 xor a,1,b
11a: 6a95 xorm #1,\*ar5\+
11b: 0001