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# Makefile template for Configure for the CRIS simulator, based on a mix
# of the ones for m32r and i960.
# Copyright (C) 2004-2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# Contributed by Axis Communications.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
CRISV10F_OBJS = crisv10f.o cpuv10.o decodev10.o modelv10.o mloopv10f.o
CRISV32F_OBJS = crisv32f.o cpuv32.o decodev32.o modelv32.o mloopv32f.o
cgen-utils.o cgen-trace.o cgen-scache.o \
cgen-run.o \
sim-if.o arch.o \
traps.o \
# Extra headers included by sim-main.h.
# FIXME: $(srccom)/cgen-ops.h should be in CGEN_INCLUDE_DEPS.
$(CGEN_INCLUDE_DEPS) $(srccom)/cgen-ops.h \
arch.h cpuall.h cris-sim.h cris-desc.h
SIM_EXTRA_CLEAN = cris-clean
# This selects the cris newlib/libgloss syscall definitions.
arch = cris
sim-if.o: sim-if.c $(SIM_MAIN_DEPS) $(sim-core_h) $(sim-options_h)
# Needs CPU-specific knowledge.
dv-cris.o: dv-cris.c $(SIM_MAIN_DEPS) $(sim-core_h)
# This is the same rule as dv-core.o etc.
dv-rv.o: dv-rv.c $(hw_main_headers) $(sim_main_headers)
arch.o: arch.c $(SIM_MAIN_DEPS)
traps.o: traps.c targ-vals.h $(SIM_MAIN_DEPS) $(sim-options_h)
devices.o: devices.c $(SIM_MAIN_DEPS)
# rvdummy is just used for testing. It does nothing if
# --enable-sim-hardware isn't active.
all: rvdummy$(EXEEXT)
check: rvdummy$(EXEEXT)
rvdummy$(EXEEXT): rvdummy.o $(EXTRA_LIBDEPS)
$(CC) $(ALL_CFLAGS) -o rvdummy$(EXEEXT) rvdummy.o $(EXTRA_LIBS)
rvdummy.o: rvdummy.c config.h $(remote_sim_h) $(callback_h)
# CRISV10 objs
cpuv10.h decodev10.h engv10.h
crisv10f.o: crisv10f.c cris-tmpl.c $(CRISV10F_INCLUDE_DEPS)
# FIXME: What is mono and what does "Use of `mono' is wip" mean (other
# than the apparent; some "mono" feature is work in progress)?
mloopv10f.c engv10.h: stamp-v10fmloop
stamp-v10fmloop: $(srcdir)/../common/ Makefile
$(SHELL) $(srccom)/ -shell $(SHELL) \
-mono -no-fast -pbb -switch semcrisv10f-switch.c \
-cpu crisv10f -infile $(srcdir)/
$(SHELL) $(srcroot)/move-if-change eng.hin engv10.h
$(SHELL) $(srcroot)/move-if-change mloop.cin mloopv10f.c
touch stamp-v10fmloop
mloopv10f.o: mloopv10f.c semcrisv10f-switch.c $(CRISV10F_INCLUDE_DEPS)
cpuv10.o: cpuv10.c $(CRISV10F_INCLUDE_DEPS)
decodev10.o: decodev10.c $(CRISV10F_INCLUDE_DEPS)
modelv10.o: modelv10.c $(CRISV10F_INCLUDE_DEPS)
# CRISV32 objs
cpuv32.h decodev32.h engv32.h
crisv32f.o: crisv32f.c cris-tmpl.c $(CRISV32F_INCLUDE_DEPS)
# FIXME: What is mono and what does "Use of `mono' is wip" mean (other
# than the apparent; some "mono" feature is work in progress)?
mloopv32f.c engv32.h: stamp-v32fmloop
# We depend on stamp-v10fmloop to get serialization to avoid
# racing with it for the same temporary file-names when "make -j".
stamp-v32fmloop: stamp-v10fmloop $(srcdir)/../common/ Makefile
$(SHELL) $(srccom)/ -shell $(SHELL) \
-mono -no-fast -pbb -switch semcrisv32f-switch.c \
-cpu crisv32f -infile $(srcdir)/
$(SHELL) $(srcroot)/move-if-change eng.hin engv32.h
$(SHELL) $(srcroot)/move-if-change mloop.cin mloopv32f.c
touch stamp-v32fmloop
mloopv32f.o: mloopv32f.c semcrisv32f-switch.c $(CRISV32F_INCLUDE_DEPS)
cpuv32.o: cpuv32.c $(CRISV32F_INCLUDE_DEPS)
decodev32.o: decodev32.c $(CRISV32F_INCLUDE_DEPS)
modelv32.o: modelv32.c $(CRISV32F_INCLUDE_DEPS)
for v in 10 32; do \
rm -f mloopv$${v}f.c engv$${v}.h stamp-v$${v}fmloop; \
rm -f stamp-v$${v}fcpu; \
-rm -f stamp-arch stamp-desc
-rm -f tmp-*
# cgen support, enable with --enable-cgen-maint
CGEN_MAINT = ; @true
# The following line is commented in or out depending upon --enable-cgen-maint.
# Useful when making CGEN-generated files manually, without --enable-cgen-maint.
stamps: stamp-v10fmloop stamp-v32fmloop stamp-arch stamp-v10fcpu stamp-v32fcpu stamp-desc
stamp-arch: $(CGEN_READ_SCM) $(CGEN_ARCH_SCM) $(CGEN_CPU_DIR)/cris.cpu Makefile
$(MAKE) cgen-arch $(CGEN_FLAGS_TO_PASS) mach=crisv10,crisv32 \
archfile=$(CGEN_CPU_DIR)/cris.cpu \
FLAGS="with-scache with-profile=fn"
touch stamp-arch
arch.h arch.c cpuall.h: $(CGEN_MAINT) stamp-arch
# The sed-hack is supposed to be temporary, until we get CGEN to emit it.
stamp-v10fcpu: $(CGEN_READ_SCM) $(CGEN_CPU_SCM) $(CGEN_DECODE_SCM) $(CGEN_CPU_DIR)/cris.cpu Makefile
$(MAKE) cgen-cpu-decode $(CGEN_FLAGS_TO_PASS) \
archfile=$(CGEN_CPU_DIR)/cris.cpu \
cpu=crisv10f mach=crisv10 SUFFIX=v10 FLAGS="with-scache with-profile=fn" EXTRAFILES="$(CGEN_CPU_SEMSW)"
$(SHELL) $(srcroot)/move-if-change $(srcdir)/semv10-switch.c $(srcdir)/semcrisv10f-switch.c
sed -ne 'p; s/^\(#include "sim-assert.h"\)$$/#include "cgen-ops.h"/p' < $(srcdir)/decodev10.c > decodev10.c.tmp
mv decodev10.c.tmp $(srcdir)/decodev10.c
touch stamp-v10fcpu
cpuv10.h cpuv10.c semcrisv10f-switch.c modelv10.c decodev10.c decodev10.h: $(CGEN_MAINT) stamp-v10fcpu
stamp-v32fcpu: $(CGEN_READ_SCM) $(CGEN_CPU_SCM) $(CGEN_DECODE_SCM) $(CGEN_CPU_DIR)/cris.cpu Makefile
$(MAKE) cgen-cpu-decode $(CGEN_FLAGS_TO_PASS) \
archfile=$(CGEN_CPU_DIR)/cris.cpu \
cpu=crisv32f mach=crisv32 SUFFIX=v32 FLAGS="with-scache with-profile=fn" EXTRAFILES="$(CGEN_CPU_SEMSW)"
$(SHELL) $(srcroot)/move-if-change $(srcdir)/semv32-switch.c $(srcdir)/semcrisv32f-switch.c
sed -ne 'p; s/^\(#include "sim-assert.h"\)$$/#include "cgen-ops.h"/p' < $(srcdir)/decodev32.c > decodev32.c.tmp
mv decodev32.c.tmp $(srcdir)/decodev32.c
touch stamp-v32fcpu
cpuv32.h cpuv32.c semcrisv32f-switch.c modelv32.c decodev32.c decodev32.h: $(CGEN_MAINT) stamp-v32fcpu
stamp-desc: $(CGEN_READ_SCM) $(CGEN_DESC_SCM) $(CGEN_CPU_DIR)/cris.cpu Makefile
$(MAKE) cgen-desc $(CGEN_FLAGS_TO_PASS) \
archfile=$(CGEN_CPU_DIR)/cris.cpu \
cpu=cris mach=all
touch stamp-desc
cris-desc.c cris-desc.h cris-opc.h: $(CGEN_MAINT) stamp-desc