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## -*- text -*- ##
# Master Makefile for the GNU readline library.
# Copyright (C) 1994-2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
RL_LIBRARY_NAME = readline
srcdir = @srcdir@
VPATH = @srcdir@
top_srcdir = @top_srcdir@
CC = @CC@
AR = @AR@
RM = rm -f
CP = cp
MV = mv
prefix = @prefix@
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@
datarootdir = @datarootdir@
bindir = @bindir@
libdir = @libdir@
mandir = @mandir@
includedir = @includedir@
datadir = @datadir@
localedir = @localedir@
infodir = @infodir@
man3dir = $(mandir)/man3
# Support an alternate destination root directory for package building
# Programs to make tags files.
ETAGS = etags
CTAGS = ctags -tw
# For libraries which include headers from other libraries.
INCLUDES = -I. -I$(srcdir)
# could add -Werror here
GCC_LINT_FLAGS = -ansi -Wall -Wshadow -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-qual \
-Wwrite-strings -Wstrict-prototypes \
-Wmissing-prototypes -Wno-implicit -pedantic
${RM} $@
$(CC) -c $(CCFLAGS) $<
# The name of the main library target.
LIBRARY_NAME = libreadline.a
STATIC_LIBS = libreadline.a libhistory.a
# The C code source files for this library.
CSOURCES = $(srcdir)/readline.c $(srcdir)/funmap.c $(srcdir)/keymaps.c \
$(srcdir)/vi_mode.c $(srcdir)/parens.c $(srcdir)/rltty.c \
$(srcdir)/complete.c $(srcdir)/bind.c $(srcdir)/isearch.c \
$(srcdir)/display.c $(srcdir)/signals.c $(srcdir)/emacs_keymap.c \
$(srcdir)/vi_keymap.c $(srcdir)/util.c $(srcdir)/kill.c \
$(srcdir)/undo.c $(srcdir)/macro.c $(srcdir)/input.c \
$(srcdir)/callback.c $(srcdir)/terminal.c $(srcdir)/xmalloc.c $(srcdir)/xfree.c \
$(srcdir)/history.c $(srcdir)/histsearch.c $(srcdir)/histexpand.c \
$(srcdir)/histfile.c $(srcdir)/nls.c $(srcdir)/search.c \
$(srcdir)/shell.c $(srcdir)/savestring.c $(srcdir)/tilde.c \
$(srcdir)/text.c $(srcdir)/misc.c $(srcdir)/compat.c \
# The header files for this library.
HSOURCES = $(srcdir)/readline.h $(srcdir)/rldefs.h $(srcdir)/chardefs.h \
$(srcdir)/keymaps.h $(srcdir)/history.h $(srcdir)/histlib.h \
$(srcdir)/posixstat.h $(srcdir)/posixdir.h $(srcdir)/posixjmp.h \
$(srcdir)/tilde.h $(srcdir)/rlconf.h $(srcdir)/rltty.h \
$(srcdir)/ansi_stdlib.h $(srcdir)/tcap.h $(srcdir)/rlstdc.h \
$(srcdir)/xmalloc.h $(srcdir)/rlprivate.h $(srcdir)/rlshell.h \
$(srcdir)/rltypedefs.h $(srcdir)/rlmbutil.h
HISTOBJ = history.o histexpand.o histfile.o histsearch.o shell.o mbutil.o
TILDEOBJ = tilde.o
OBJECTS = readline.o vi_mode.o funmap.o keymaps.o parens.o search.o \
rltty.o complete.o bind.o isearch.o display.o signals.o \
util.o kill.o undo.o macro.o input.o callback.o terminal.o \
text.o nls.o misc.o compat.o xfree.o xmalloc.o $(HISTOBJ) $(TILDEOBJ)
# The texinfo files which document this library.
DOCSOURCE = doc/rlman.texinfo doc/rltech.texinfo doc/rluser.texinfo
DOCOBJECT = doc/readline.dvi
DOCSUPPORT = doc/Makefile
CREATED_MAKEFILES = Makefile doc/Makefile examples/Makefile shlib/Makefile
CREATED_CONFIGURE = config.status config.h config.cache config.log \
stamp-config stamp-h
INSTALLED_HEADERS = readline.h chardefs.h keymaps.h history.h tilde.h \
rlstdc.h rlconf.h rltypedefs.h
all: $(TARGETS)
everything: all examples
static: $(STATIC_LIBS)
libreadline.a: $(OBJECTS)
$(RM) $@
-test -n "$(RANLIB)" && $(RANLIB) $@
libhistory.a: $(HISTOBJ) xmalloc.o xfree.o
$(RM) $@
$(AR) $(ARFLAGS) $@ $(HISTOBJ) xmalloc.o xfree.o
-test -n "$(RANLIB)" && $(RANLIB) $@
# Since tilde.c is shared between readline and bash, make sure we compile
# it with the right flags when it's built as part of readline
tilde.o: tilde.c
rm -f $@
$(CC) $(CCFLAGS) -DREADLINE_LIBRARY -c $(srcdir)/tilde.c
readline: $(OBJECTS) readline.h rldefs.h chardefs.h ./libreadline.a
$(CC) $(CCFLAGS) -DREADLINE_LIBRARY -o $@ $(top_srcdir)/examples/rl.c ./libreadline.a ${TERMCAP_LIB}
lint: force
Makefile makefile: config.status $(srcdir)/
CONFIG_FILES=Makefile CONFIG_HEADERS= $(SHELL) ./config.status
Makefiles makefiles: config.status $(srcdir)/
@for mf in $(CREATED_MAKEFILES); do \
CONFIG_FILES=$$mf CONFIG_HEADERS= $(SHELL) ./config.status ; \
config.status: configure
$(SHELL) ./config.status --recheck
config.h: stamp-h
stamp-h: config.status $(srcdir)/
CONFIG_FILES= CONFIG_HEADERS=config.h ./config.status
echo > $@
#$(srcdir)/configure: $(srcdir)/ ## Comment-me-out in distribution
# cd $(srcdir) && autoconf ## Comment-me-out in distribution
shared: force
-test -d shlib || mkdir shlib
-( cd shlib ; ${MAKE} ${MFLAGS} all )
documentation: force
-test -d doc || mkdir doc
-( cd doc && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) )
examples: force
-test -d examples || mkdir examples
-(cd examples && ${MAKE} ${MFLAGS} all )
## Don't mess with people's installed readline's.
## This tries to install this version of readline over whatever
## version is already installed on the system (which could be a
## newer version). There is no real reason for us to install
## readline along with GDB. GDB links statically against readline,
## so it doesn't depend on us installing it on the system.
#install: $(INSTALL_TARGETS)
install-headers: installdirs ${INSTALLED_HEADERS}
for f in ${INSTALLED_HEADERS}; do \
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/$$f $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/readline ; \
-test -n "$(includedir)" && cd $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/readline && \
maybe-uninstall-headers: uninstall-headers
install-static: installdirs $(STATIC_LIBS) install-headers install-doc install-examples
-$(MV) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/libreadline.a $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/libreadline.old
$(INSTALL_DATA) libreadline.a $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/libreadline.a
-test -n "$(RANLIB)" && $(RANLIB) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/libreadline.a
-$(MV) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/libhistory.a $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/libhistory.old
$(INSTALL_DATA) libhistory.a $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/libhistory.a
-test -n "$(RANLIB)" && $(RANLIB) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/libhistory.a
installdirs: $(srcdir)/support/mkinstalldirs
-$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/support/mkinstalldirs $(DESTDIR)$(includedir) \
$(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/readline $(DESTDIR)$(libdir) \
$(DESTDIR)$(infodir) $(DESTDIR)$(man3dir)
uninstall: uninstall-headers uninstall-doc uninstall-examples
-test -n "$(DESTDIR)$(libdir)" && cd $(DESTDIR)$(libdir) && \
${RM} libreadline.a libreadline.old libhistory.a libhistory.old $(SHARED_LIBS)
-( cd shlib; ${MAKE} ${MFLAGS} DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} uninstall )
install-shared: installdirs install-headers shared install-doc
-( cd shlib ; ${MAKE} ${MFLAGS} DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} install )
uninstall-shared: maybe-uninstall-headers
-( cd shlib; ${MAKE} ${MFLAGS} DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} uninstall )
install-examples: installdirs install-headers shared
-( cd examples ; ${MAKE} ${MFLAGS} DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} install )
uninstall-examples: maybe-uninstall-headers
-( cd examples; ${MAKE} ${MFLAGS} DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} uninstall )
install-doc: installdirs
-( if test -d doc ; then \
cd doc && \
${MAKE} ${MFLAGS} infodir=$(infodir) DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} install; \
fi )
-( if test -d doc ; then \
cd doc && \
${MAKE} ${MFLAGS} infodir=$(infodir) DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} uninstall; \
fi )
TAGS: force
-( cd $(srcdir) && $(ETAGS) $(CSOURCES) $(HSOURCES) )
tags: force
-( cd $(srcdir) && $(CTAGS) $(CSOURCES) $(HSOURCES) )
clean: force
$(RM) readline readline.exe
-( cd shlib && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $@ )
-( cd doc && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $@ )
-( cd examples && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $@ )
mostlyclean: clean
-( cd shlib && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $@ )
-( cd doc && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $@ )
-( cd examples && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $@ )
distclean maintainer-clean: clean
-( cd shlib && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $@ )
-( cd doc && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $@ )
-( cd examples && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $@ )
$(RM) Makefile
info dvi html pdf ps:
-( cd doc && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) $@ )
dist: force
@echo Readline distributions are created using $(srcdir)/support/mkdist.
@echo Here is a sample of the necessary commands:
@echo bash $(srcdir)/support/mkdist -m $(srcdir)/MANIFEST -s $(srcdir) -r $(RL_LIBRARY_NAME) $(RL_LIBRARY_VERSION)
# Tell versions [3.59,3.63) of GNU make not to export all variables.
# Otherwise a system limit (for SysV at least) may be exceeded.
# Dependencies
bind.o: ansi_stdlib.h posixstat.h
bind.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
bind.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h rlstdc.h
bind.o: history.h
callback.o: rlconf.h
callback.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
callback.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h rlstdc.h
compat.o: rlstdc.h
complete.o: ansi_stdlib.h posixdir.h posixstat.h
complete.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
complete.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h rlstdc.h
display.o: ansi_stdlib.h posixstat.h
display.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
display.o: tcap.h
display.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
display.o: history.h rlstdc.h
funmap.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
funmap.o: rlconf.h ansi_stdlib.h rlstdc.h
funmap.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h
histexpand.o: ansi_stdlib.h
histexpand.o: history.h histlib.h rlstdc.h rltypedefs.h
histexpand.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h
histfile.o: ansi_stdlib.h
histfile.o: history.h histlib.h rlstdc.h rltypedefs.h
histfile.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h
history.o: ansi_stdlib.h
history.o: history.h histlib.h rlstdc.h rltypedefs.h
history.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h
histsearch.o: ansi_stdlib.h
histsearch.o: history.h histlib.h rlstdc.h rltypedefs.h
histsearch.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h
input.o: ansi_stdlib.h
input.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
input.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h rlstdc.h
isearch.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
isearch.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
isearch.o: ansi_stdlib.h history.h rlstdc.h
keymaps.o: emacs_keymap.c vi_keymap.c
keymaps.o: keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h rlconf.h ansi_stdlib.h
keymaps.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
keymaps.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlstdc.h
kill.o: ansi_stdlib.h
kill.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
kill.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
kill.o: history.h rlstdc.h
macro.o: ansi_stdlib.h
macro.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
macro.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
macro.o: history.h rlstdc.h
mbutil.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
mbutil.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h rlstdc.h
misc.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
misc.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
misc.o: history.h rlstdc.h ansi_stdlib.h
nls.o: ansi_stdlib.h
nls.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
nls.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
nls.o: history.h rlstdc.h
parens.o: rlconf.h
parens.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h
parens.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h rlstdc.h
readline.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
readline.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
readline.o: history.h rlstdc.h
readline.o: posixstat.h ansi_stdlib.h posixjmp.h
rltty.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
rltty.o: rltty.h
rltty.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h rlstdc.h
search.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
search.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
search.o: ansi_stdlib.h history.h rlstdc.h
shell.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h
shell.o: ansi_stdlib.h
signals.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
signals.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
signals.o: history.h rlstdc.h
terminal.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
terminal.o: tcap.h
terminal.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
terminal.o: history.h rlstdc.h
text.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
text.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
text.o: history.h rlstdc.h ansi_stdlib.h
tilde.o: ansi_stdlib.h
tilde.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h
tilde.o: tilde.h
undo.o: ansi_stdlib.h
undo.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
undo.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
undo.o: history.h rlstdc.h
util.o: posixjmp.h ansi_stdlib.h
util.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
util.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h rlstdc.h
vi_mode.o: rldefs.h ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h rlconf.h
vi_mode.o: readline.h keymaps.h rltypedefs.h chardefs.h tilde.h
vi_mode.o: history.h ansi_stdlib.h rlstdc.h
xfree.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h
xfree.o: ansi_stdlib.h readline.h
xmalloc.o: ${BUILD_DIR}/config.h
xmalloc.o: ansi_stdlib.h
bind.o: rlshell.h
histfile.o: rlshell.h
nls.o: rlshell.h
readline.o: rlshell.h
shell.o: rlshell.h
terminal.o: rlshell.h
histexpand.o: rlshell.h
bind.o: rlprivate.h
callback.o: rlprivate.h
complete.o: rlprivate.h
display.o: rlprivate.h
input.o: rlprivate.h
isearch.o: rlprivate.h
kill.o: rlprivate.h
macro.o: rlprivate.h
mbutil.o: rlprivate.h
misc.o: rlprivate.h
nls.o: rlprivate.h
parens.o: rlprivate.h
readline.o: rlprivate.h
rltty.o: rlprivate.h
search.o: rlprivate.h
signals.o: rlprivate.h
terminal.o: rlprivate.h
text.o: rlprivate.h
undo.o: rlprivate.h
util.o: rlprivate.h
vi_mode.o: rlprivate.h
bind.o: xmalloc.h
callback.o: xmalloc.h
complete.o: xmalloc.h
display.o: xmalloc.h
funmap.o: xmalloc.h
histexpand.o: xmalloc.h
histfile.o: xmalloc.h
history.o: xmalloc.h
input.o: xmalloc.h
isearch.o: xmalloc.h
keymaps.o: xmalloc.h
kill.o: xmalloc.h
macro.o: xmalloc.h
mbutil.o: xmalloc.h
misc.o: xmalloc.h
readline.o: xmalloc.h
savestring.o: xmalloc.h
search.o: xmalloc.h
shell.o: xmalloc.h
terminal.o: xmalloc.h
text.o: xmalloc.h
tilde.o: xmalloc.h
undo.o: xmalloc.h
util.o: xmalloc.h
vi_mode.o: xmalloc.h
xfree.o: xmalloc.h
xmalloc.o: xmalloc.h
complete.o: rlmbutil.h
display.o: rlmbutil.h
histexpand.o: rlmbutil.h
input.o: rlmbutil.h
isearch.o: rlmbutil.h
mbutil.o: rlmbutil.h
misc.o: rlmbutil.h
readline.o: rlmbutil.h
search.o: rlmbutil.h
text.o: rlmbutil.h
vi_mode.o: rlmbutil.h
bind.o: $(srcdir)/bind.c
callback.o: $(srcdir)/callback.c
compat.o: $(srcdir)/compat.c
complete.o: $(srcdir)/complete.c
display.o: $(srcdir)/display.c
funmap.o: $(srcdir)/funmap.c
input.o: $(srcdir)/input.c
isearch.o: $(srcdir)/isearch.c
keymaps.o: $(srcdir)/keymaps.c $(srcdir)/emacs_keymap.c $(srcdir)/vi_keymap.c
kill.o: $(srcdir)/kill.c
macro.o: $(srcdir)/macro.c
mbutil.o: $(srcdir)/mbutil.c
misc.o: $(srcdir)/misc.c
nls.o: $(srcdir)/nls.c
parens.o: $(srcdir)/parens.c
readline.o: $(srcdir)/readline.c
rltty.o: $(srcdir)/rltty.c
savestring.o: $(srcdir)/savestring.c
search.o: $(srcdir)/search.c
shell.o: $(srcdir)/shell.c
signals.o: $(srcdir)/signals.c
terminal.o: $(srcdir)/terminal.c
text.o: $(srcdir)/text.c
tilde.o: $(srcdir)/tilde.c
undo.o: $(srcdir)/undo.c
util.o: $(srcdir)/util.c
vi_mode.o: $(srcdir)/vi_mode.c
xfree.o: $(srcdir)/xfree.c
xmalloc.o: $(srcdir)/xmalloc.c
histexpand.o: $(srcdir)/histexpand.c
histfile.o: $(srcdir)/histfile.c
history.o: $(srcdir)/history.c
histsearch.o: $(srcdir)/histsearch.c
bind.o: bind.c
callback.o: callback.c
compat.o: compat.c
complete.o: complete.c
display.o: display.c
funmap.o: funmap.c
input.o: input.c
isearch.o: isearch.c
keymaps.o: keymaps.c emacs_keymap.c vi_keymap.c
kill.o: kill.c
macro.o: macro.c
mbutil.o: mbutil.c
misc.o: misc.c
nls.o: nls.c
parens.o: parens.c
readline.o: readline.c
rltty.o: rltty.c
savestring.o: savestring.c
search.o: search.c
shell.o: shell.c
signals.o: signals.c
terminal.o: terminal.c
text.o: text.c
tilde.o: tilde.c
undo.o: undo.c
util.o: util.c
vi_mode.o: vi_mode.c
xfree.o: xfree.c
xmalloc.o: xmalloc.c
histexpand.o: histexpand.c
histfile.o: histfile.c
history.o: history.c
histsearch.o: histsearch.c