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2005-12-30 Jie Zhang <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_name): Add case for Blackfin.
2005-12-27 Alan Modra <>
* Run "make dep-am".
(Makefile): Remove dependency.
* Regenerate.
2005-12-26 Jan-Benedict Glaw <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself as VAX maintainer.
2005-12-22 Randolph Chung <>
* rddbg.c (read_section_stabs_debugging_info): Add $GDB_SYMBOLS$
entry to names[] array for SOM binaries.
2005-12-21 H.J. Lu <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself as x86_64 maintainer.
2005-12-16 Nathan Sidwell <>
Second part of ms1 to mt renaming.
* readelf.c (guess_is_rela): Use EM_MT.
(dump_relocations, get_machine_name): Adjust.
2005-12-12 Nathan Sidwell <>
* Replace ms1 files with mt files.
* Rebuilt.
* readelf.c (elf/mt.h): Adjust #include.
2005-11-30 Nick Clifton <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add fi.
* configure: Regenerate.
* po/fi.po: New file: Finnish translation.
2005-11-21 Arnold Metselaar <>
* MAINTAINERS: add myself as Z80 maintainer
2005-11-17 Andrew Haley <>
* cxxfilt.c (main): Flush output at newline.
2005-11-16 Mark Mitchell <>
* doc/binutils.texi: Include config.texi and @file documentation
for manual pages.
2005-11-15 Jan Beulich <>
* objcopy.c (keep_file_symbols): New.
(enum command_line_switch): Add OPTION_KEEP_FILE_SYMBOLS.
(strip_options): Add --keep-file-symbols.
(copy_options): Likewise.
(copy_usage): Likewise.
(strip_usage): Likewise.
(filter_symbols): Act upon keep_file_symbols.
(strip_main): Handle OPTION_KEEP_FILE_SYMBOLS.
(copy_main): Likewise.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document --keep-file-symbols for objcopy
and strip.
2005-11-14 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* readelf.c (struct dump_list_entry, request_dump_byname)
(initialise_dumps_byname): New.
(parse_args): Call request_dump_byname.
(process_section_contents): Call initialise_dumps_byname.
* doc/binutils.texi (readelf): Mention -x NAME.
* NEWS: Likewise.
2005-11-11 Nick Clifton <>
PR 1150
* readelf.c (get_mips_symbol_other): New function.
(get_symbol_other): New function.
(process_symbol_table): Call get_symbol_other() to get a
description of the st_other field if it contains more information
than just the visibility.
2005-11-07 Steve Ellcey <>
* configure: Regenerate after modifying bfd/warning.m4.
2005-10-30 H.J. Lu <>
* Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerated.
* dep-in.sed: Replace " ./" with " ".
2005-10-25 Alan Modra <>
* po/ Regenerate.
* po/binutils.pot: Regenerate.
2005-10-24 Bernd Schmidt <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self as BFIN maintainer.
2005-10-18 Jie Zhang <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self as BFIN maintainer.
2005-10-11 Danny Smith <>
* rclex.l (handle quotes): Stop parsing hex notation escaped
chars after the first two digits,
2005-10-11 Nick Clifton <>
PR binutils/1437
* cxxfilt.c (flags): Remove DMGL_TYPES;
(long_options): Rename --no-types to --types.
(usage): Likewise.
(demangle_it): Add a comment describing why _ and $ prefixes are
skipped. Use printf rather than puts to emit the demangled output
in order to avoid emitting a new line character.
(main): Have the -t flag enable type demangling.
Emit a newline after every demangled command line argument.
Copy whitespace from stdin to stdout.
* doc/binutils.texi (c++filt): Document the change to the -t
Document why demangling names on the command line is slightly
different to demangling names read from the standard input.
2005-10-10 Mark Mitchell <>
* doc/ (config.texi): Set top_srcdir.
* doc/ Regenerated.
* doc/binutils.texi: Use at-file.texi from libiberty.
2005-10-10 H.J. Lu <>
PR binutils/1436
* readelf.c (ABSADDR): New.
(dump_ia64_unwind): Use ABSADDR to get the unwind info address.
2005-10-10 Thomas Weidenmueller <>
* resbin.c (res_to_bin_accelerator): Place the terminating NUL at
the correct location in the bindata structure.
2005-10-10 Bryce Schober <>
* doc/binutils.texi (objdump): Fix typo: -reg-name-std should be
2005-10-04 Nick Clifton <>
* cxxfilt.c: Treat mangled names specified on the command line in
the same way as mangled names read from stdin.
Add -i switch to disable the display of implementation details.
Add -t switch to disable the demangling of types.
* NEWS: Mention the new switches.
* doc/binutils.texi (cxxfilt): Document the -i and -t switches.
2005-10-03 Mark Mitchell <>
* addr2line.c (usage): Document @file.
* ar.c (usage): Likewise.
* coffdump (usage): Likewise.
* cxxfilt.c (usage): Likewise.
* dlltool.c (usage): Likewise.
* dllwrap.c (usage): Likewise.
* nlmconv.c (usage): Likewise.
* nm.c (usage): Likewise.
* objcopy.c (usage): Likewise.
* objdump.c (usage): Likewise.
* readelf.c (usage): Likewise.
* size.c (usage): Likeise.
* srconv.c (usage): Likewise.
* strings.c (usage): Likewise.
* windres.c (usage): Likewise.
* doc/binutils.texi: Add section on common options.
2005-10-03 H.J. Lu <>
* NEWS: Mention -W/--dwarf.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document -W/--dwarf for objdump.
2005-10-01 Paul Brook <>
* readelf.c (arm_attr_tag_CPU_arch, arm_attr_tag_ARM_ISA_use,
arm_attr_tag_THUMB_ISA_use, arm_attr_tag_VFP_arch,
arm_attr_tag_WMMX_arch, arm_attr_tag_NEON_arch,
arm_attr_tag_ABI_PCS_config, arm_attr_tag_ABI_PCS_R9_use,
arm_attr_tag_ABI_PCS_RW_data, arm_attr_tag_ABI_PCS_RO_DATA,
arm_attr_tag_ABI_PCS_GOT_use, arm_attr_tag_ABI_PCS_wchar_t,
arm_attr_tag_ABI_FP_rounding, arm_attr_tag_ABI_FP_denormal,
arm_attr_tag_ABI_FP_exceptions, arm_attr_tag_ABI_FP_user_exceptions,
arm_attr_tag_ABI_FP_number_model, arm_attr_tag_ABI_align8_needed,
arm_attr_tag_ABI_align8_preserved, arm_attr_tag_ABI_enum_size,
arm_attr_tag_ABI_HardFP_use, arm_attr_tag_ABI_VFP_args,
arm_attr_tag_ABI_WMMX_args, arm_attr_tag_ABI_optimization_goals,
arm_attr_tag_ABI_FP_optimization_goals, arm_attr_public_tags): New.
(display_arm_attribute, process_arm_specific): New functions.
(process_arch_specific): Add EM_ARM.
2005-09-30 Mark Mitchell <>
* dlltool.c (main): Fix typo.
* windres.c (main): Likewise.
2005-09-30 H.J. Lu <>
* Regenerated.
2005-09-30 H.J. Lu <>
* sysinfo.y (main): Undo last change.
2005-08-30 Mark Mitchell <>
* addr2line.c (main): Use expandargv.
* ar.c (main): Likewise.
* coffdump.c (main): Likewise.
* cxxfilt.c (main): Likewise.
* dlltool.c (main): Likewise.
* dllwrap.c (main): Likewise.
* nlmconv.c (main): Likewise.
* nm.c (main): Likewise.
* objcopy.c (main): Likewise.
* objdump.c (main): Likewise.
* readelf.c (main): Likewise.
* size.c (main): Likeiwse.
* srcconv.c (main): Likewise.
* strings.c (main): Likewise.
* sysdump.c (main): Likewise.
* sysinfo.y (main): Likewise.
* windres.c (main): Likewise.
2005-09-30 H.J. Lu <>
* Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerated.
* aclocal.m4: Likewise.
2005-09-30 Catherine Moore <>
* Bfin support.
* Regenerated.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerated.
* readelf.c (elf/bfin.h): Include.
(guess_is_rela): EM_BLACKFIN support.
(dump_relocations): Likewise.
2005-09-30 H.J. Lu <>
* dwarf.c (fetch_indirect_string): Adjust for section address.
(process_debug_info): Likewise.
(display_debug_loc): Likewise.
(display_debug_ranges): Likewise.
* objdump.c (mach_o_dwarf_sections): New.
(generic_dwarf_sections): Likewise.
(check_mach_o_dwarf): Likewise.
(dump_dwarf): Call check_mach_o_dwarf.
2005-09-30 H.J. Lu <>
* (objdump_SOURCES): Add dwarf.c.
* Regenerated.
* objdump.c: Include "dwarf.h".
(usage): Add -W/--dwarf.
(long_options): Likewise.
(dump_dwarf_section_info): New.
(load_debug_section): Likewise.
(free_debug_section): Likewise.
(dump_dwarf_section): Likewise.
(dump_dwarf): Likewise.
(dump_bfd): Load symbol table and call dump_dwarf if
dump_dwarf_section_info isn't zero.
(main): Handle -W/--dwarf.
2005-09-30 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c: Reordered.
(is_relocatable): New.
(dwarf_section): New structure for DWARF section.
(load_debug_section): New.
(free_debug_section): Likewise.
(debug_str_section): Likewise.
(debug_abbrev_section): Likewise.
(debug_str_contents): Removed.
(debug_str_size): Likewise.
(debug_loc_contents): Likewise.
(debug_loc_size): Likewise.
(debug_range_contents): Likewise.
(debug_range_size): Likewise.
(load_debug_str): Likewise.
(free_debug_str): Likewise.
(load_debug_loc): Likewise.
(free_debug_loc): Likewise.
(load_debug_arange): Likewise.
(free_debug_arange): Likewise.
(load_debug_abbrev): Likewise.
(free_debug_abbrev): Likewise.
(fetch_indirect_string): Updated.
(debug_apply_rela_addends): Likewise.
(process_debug_info): Likewise.
(get_debug_info): Likewise.
(display_debug_lines): Likewise.
(display_debug_pubnames): Likewise.
(display_debug_macinfo): Likewise.
(display_debug_abbrev): Likewise.
(display_debug_loc): Likewise.
(display_debug_str): Likewise.
(display_debug_info): Likewise.
(display_debug_aranges): Likewise.
(display_debug_ranges): Likewise.
(display_debug_frames): Likewise.
(display_debug_not_supported): Likewise.
(debug_displays): Likewise.
(display_debug_section): Likewise.
(get_file_header): Set is_relocatable.
2005-09-30 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (debug_apply_rela_addends): Relocate the whole
(process_debug_info): Don't call debug_apply_rela_addends.
(display_debug_frames): Likewise.
(get_debug_info): Call debug_apply_rela_addends.
(debug_displays): Add the "relocate" field.
(display_debug_section): Call debug_apply_rela_addends if
2005-09-30 Matthias Kurz <>
* bucomm.h: Prevent the inclusion of <libintl.h> from the Solaris
version of <locale.h> when ENABLE_NLS is not defined.
2005-09-26 Mark Mitchell <>
* BRANCHES: Mention binutils-csl-gxxpro-3_4-branch.
2005-09-20 Richard Henderson <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_lines): Use unsigned long for address
increments. Use 0x prefix for all hex numbers.
2005-09-09 Richard Earnshaw <>
* readelf.c (get_arm_section_type_name): Add SHT_ARM_PREEMPTMAP and
2005-09-07 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (get_elf_section_flags): Handle 64bit sh_flags.
2005-09-02 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (debug_abbrev_contents): New.
(debug_abbrev_size): Likewise.
(load_debug_abbrev): Likewise.
(free_debug_abbrev): Likewise.
(process_debug_info): Use them.
2005-08-17 H.J. Lu <>
PR binutils/1179
* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): Don't adjust
(adjust_addresses): Don't adjust vma for debugging section.
Adjust lma only for relocatable files.
(dump_bfd): Tell adjust_addresses if it is a relocatable file.
2005-08-16 H.J. Lu <>
* bucomm.h (stpcpy): Declare if HAVE_DECL_STPCPY isn't defined.
* (AC_GNU_SOURCE): Added.
(AC_CHECK_DECLS): Add stpcpy.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Likewise.
2005-08-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
UNW_DEC_RESTORE, UNW_DEC_SPILL_REG): Increase {,ab,t}regname
buffer sizes.
2005-08-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* doc/binutils.texi (objdump): Document -M e300.
2005-08-14 John David Anglin <>
* readelf.c (slurp_hppa_unwind_table): Fix entry size on hppa64-hpux.
Don't access table entries past the end of the table.
2005-08-13 John David Anglin <>
* readelf.c (get_parisc_segment_type): Handle PT_PARISC_WEAKORDER.
(get_parisc_section_type_name): Handle SHT_PARISC_DLKM.
2005-08-11 H.J. Lu <>
* NEWS: Mention "-t/--section-details" and
* doc/binutils.texi: Document "-t/--section-details". Remove
* readelf.c (do_full_section_name): Renamed to ...
(do_section_details): This.
(option): Rename "-N/--full-section-name" to
(usage): Likewise.
(parse_args): Likewise.
(get_elf_section_flags): Support do_section_details.
(process_section_headers): Updated for do_section_details.
2005-08-04 John David Anglin <>
* readelf.c (get_parisc_dynamic_type): Add new dynamic types.
(get_dynamic_type): Use old values for DT_LOOS and DT_HIOS when
e_machine is EM_PARISC.
(get_parisc_segment_type): Add new segment types.
(get_parisc_section_type_name): Add new section names.
(dynamic_section_parisc_val): Add new table entries.
2005-08-01 Filip Navara <>
* dlltool.c (alphafunc): Remove and replace usage with nfunc.
(nfunc): Fix sorting of fastcall symbols when --kill-at is used.
2005-07-25 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Handle SHN_X86_64_LCOMMON.
(get_symbol_index_type): Likewise.
(get_elf_section_flags): Handle SHF_X86_64_LARGE.
2005-07-21 Eric Christopher <>
* MAINTAINERS: Change affiliation.
2005-07-19 Ben Elliston <>
* readelf.c (read_and_display_attr_value): Remove comment adjacent
to DW_ATE_decimal_float about it being a GNU extension.
2005-07-18 Nick Clifton <>
* binemul.c: Fix name of Red Hat.
* binemul.h: Likewise.
* emul_aix.c: Likewise.
* emul_vanilla: Likewise.
2005-07-18 Ben Elliston <>
* readelf.c (read_and_display_attr_value): Handle a DW_AT_encoding
value of DW_ATE_decimal_float instead of DW_ATE_GNU_decimal_float.
2005-07-16 Alan Modra <>
* Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerate.
2005-07-15 Eric Christopher <>
* MAINTAINERS: Change affiliation.
2005-07-14 Jim Blandy <>
* readelf.c: #include "elf/m32c.h"
(guess_is_rela, dump_relocations, get_machine_name): Add cases for
* (readelf.o): Update dependencies.
* Regenerated.
2005-07-08 Ben Elliston <>
* bucomm.h: Include <stdarg.h> unconditionally, not only when
ANSI_PROTOTYPES is defined. Remove #ifdef logic.
* dlltool.c: Likewise.
* dllwrap.c: Likewise.
2005-07-07 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* bucomm.h (report): Add format attribute.
* dlltool.c (inform): Likewise.
* dllwrap.c (display, inform, warn): Likewise.
* objdump.c (objdump_sprintf): Likewise.
* readelf.c (error, warn): Likewise. Fix format bugs.
2005-07-05 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Nick Clifton <>
* strings.c (filename_and_size_t): New typedef.
(strings_a_section): Skip sections with size greater or equal to
the file size. Cache the file size to avoid repeated stat()s.
(strings_object_file): Pass filename_and_size_t argument to
strings_a_section() via bfd_map_over_sections().
2005-07-04 Alan Modra <>
PR 1004
* objcopy.c (copy_object): Use bfd_make_section_with_flags.
(write_debugging_info): Likewise.
(setup_section): Use bfd_make_section_anyway_with_flags.
2005-07-01 Steve Ellcey <>
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* objdump.c (NEED_DECLARATION_*): Replace with !HAVE_DECL_*.
* bucomm.h: (NEED_DECLARATION_*): Ditto.
2005-06-30 Ben Elliston <>
* (check-DEJAGNU): Don't search for expect.
* Regenerate.
2005-06-30 Ben Elliston <>
* (EXPECT): Set to expect.
(RUNTEST): Likewise, set to runtest.
* Regenerate.
2005-06-17 Jakub Jelinek <>
(process_section_headers): Use it.
(process_relocs): Don't crash if symsec is not SHT_SYMTAB
(process_version_sections): Use sizeof (Elf_External_Versym)
instead of sh_entsize.
2005-06-16 Nick Clifton <>
* rename.c (simple_copy): Only define if it is going to be used.
(smart_rename): Mark the preserve_dates parameter as possibly
being unused.
* resres.c (write_res_data): Prevent a potential compile time
warning by casting the return value from fwrite.
2005-06-14 H.J. Lu <>
PR 995
* ar.c (BUFSIZE): Moved to ...
* bucomm.h (BUFSIZE): Here.
* bucomm.c: Include <assert.h>.
(bfd_get_archive_filename): New.
* bucomm.h (bfd_get_archive_filename): New.
* objcopy.c (copy_unknown_object): New.
(copy_object): Use bfd_get_archive_filename when reporting input
error. Don't call fatal on unknown arch.
(copy_archive): Call copy_unknown_object on unknown format or
2005-06-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
* readelf.c (cmalloc, xcmalloc, xcrealloc): New functions.
(get_data): Add nmemb argument. Return NULL if nmemb * size
overflows. If var == NULL, allocate one extra byte and
clear it.
(slurp_rela_relocs, slurp_rel_relocs, get_32bit_program_headers,
get_64bit_program_headers, get_program_headers,
get_32bit_section_headers, get_64bit_section_headers,
get_32bit_elf_symbols, get_64bit_elf_symbols, process_section_headers,
process_section_groups, process_relocs, slurp_ia64_unwind_table,
ia64_process_unwind, slurp_hppa_unwind_table, hppa_process_unwind,
get_32bit_dynamic_section, get_64bit_dynamic_section,
process_dynamic_section, process_version_sections, get_dynamic_data,
process_symbol_table, dump_section, load_debug_str, load_debug_loc,
load_debug_range, read_and_display_attr_value, process_debug_info,
get_debug_info, frame_need_space, display_debug_frames,
display_debug_section, process_mips_specific, process_gnu_liblist,
process_corefile_note_segment): Adjust get_data callers. Use
cmalloc, xcmalloc and xcrealloc instead of {m,xm,xre}alloc where
passed size is a product of 2 numbers.
* readelf.c (print_mode): Fix comment typo.
(slurp_rela_relocs, slurp_rel_relocs): Fix memory leaks.
(dump_relocations): Fix a thinko in check for invalid st_name.
(process_program_headers): Don't crash if string_table is NULL.
(process_section_headers): Don't crash if e_shstrndx is invalid.
Ensure string_table_length is 0 if string_table == NULL.
Don't return just because string_table is NULL.
(process_section_groups): Don't crash if symtab's sh_link or
symbol's st_name is invalid. Fix a memory leak. Fix check for
invalid section number entry.
(process_relocs): Don't crash if relocation or symbol section's
sh_link is invalid.
(slurp_ia64_unwind_table, slurp_hppa_unwind_table): Don't crash if
relocation section's sh_info is invalid.
(ia64_process_unwind, hppa_process_unwind): Don't crash if symbol
table's sh_link is invalid.
(process_version_sections): Don't crash on version or symbol
section's sh_link is invalid. Don't crash if symbol's st_shndx
is invalid.
(process_symbol_table): Don't crash if string table is corrupt
or symbol's st_name, st_shndx, vna_name or vda_name is invalid.
(debug_apply_rela_addends): Don't crash if relocation section's
sh_info or sh_link is invalid.
(display_debug_loc): Warn for unterminated .debug_loc section
or start offsets not within .debug_loc section boundaries.
(process_gnu_liblist): Don't crash if liblist section's sh_link
or entry's l_name is invalid.
2005-06-09 Jakub Jelinek <>
* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): Don't crash if q->howto == NULL.
If q->howto->name == NULL, print q->howto->type as number instead.
(dump_reloc_set): Likewise.
2005-06-07 Eric Christopher <>
* readelf.c (guess_is_rela): Support ms1.
(dump_relocations): Ditto.
(get_machine_name): Ditto.
2005-06-07 Aldy Hernandez <>
Michael Snyder <>
Stan Cox <>
* (readelf.o): Depend on ms1.h.
* Regenerate.
* readelf.c: Include ms1.h.
2005-06-06 H.J. Lu <>
PR 990
* nm.c (print_symbol): Call bfd_find_line before
2005-06-06 Alan Modra <>
* NEWS: Mention new powerpc ld support.
2005-06-03 Steve Ellcey <>
* Check for getc_unlocked prototype.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* strings.c (get_char): Only call getc_unlocked if we have seen a
2005-06-03 Nick Clifton <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add zh_TW
* configure: Regenerate.
* po/zh_TW.po: New Chinese (traditional) translation.
2005-05-31 Richard Henderson <>
* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Special case R_ALPHA_LITUSE.
2005-05-29 Richard Henderson <>
* readelf.c (get_alpha_dynamic_type): New.
(get_dynamic_type): Call it.
2005-05-24 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (process_section_groups): Report group section
index. Check if the section member index is valid.
2005-05-23 Fred Fish <>
* addr2line.c (unwind_inlines): New flag for 'i' option.
(usage): Document '-i' option.
(long_options): Recognize '--inlines'.
(translate_addresses): Loop, calling bfd_find_inliner_info as
necessary and printing multiple output lines.
(main): Handle 'i' option.
* doc/binutils.texi (addr2line): Document '-i' option.
* NEWS: Mention new addr2line '-i' option.
2005-05-23 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (fetch_indirect_string): Display a warning message
when a corrupt DW_FORM_strp value is encountered.
(process_debug_info): Mention that the compilation unit offset is
being displayed in hexadecimal.
(display_debug_lines): Fix typo in name of .debug_line section.
2005-05-19 Zack Weinberg <>
* Have 'all' depend on 'info'.
* Regenerate.
2005-05-19 Ben Elliston <>
* readelf.c (read_and_display_attr_value): Handle a DW_AT_encoding
value of DW_ATE_GNU_decimal_float.
2005-05-17 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* doc/ (config.texi): Don't use $<.
* doc/ Regenerated.
2005-05-15 Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes <>
* deflex.l: Ignore CRs
2005-05-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* acinclude.m4: Remove obsolete code.
* Update AC_PREREQ.
* doc/ (binutils_TEXINFOS): Define.
(config.texi): Depend on distributed files instead of built
(binutils.dvi, Remove unnecessary rules.
(install-data-local): Renamed from install.
(info-local): Renamed from info.
*, aclocal.m4,, configure,
doc/ Regenerated.
2005-05-14 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (get_ppc_dynamic_type): Display DT_PPC_GOT, not
2005-05-13 Fred Fish <>
* readelf.c: Fix a couple of obvious comment typos,
'debug_str' -> 'debug_ranges' and proecess' -> 'process'.
2005-05-13 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (dump_ia64_unwind): Get stamp with proper size.
2005-05-12 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_lines): If pointer_size has not been
found then assume that it is 4 in order to prevent a seg fault
when process_extend_line_op attempts to read the line data.
2005-05-11 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (get_ppc_dynamic_type): New function for DT_PPC_GLINK.
(get_dynamic_type): Call the above.
2005-05-07 Nick Clifton <>
* Update the address and phone number of the FSF organization in
the GPL notices in the following files:
aclocal.m4, addr2line.c, ar.c, arlex.l, arparse.y, arsup.c,
arsup.h, binemul.c, binemul.h, bucomm.c, bucomm.h, budbg.h,
budemang.c, budemang.h, coffdump.c, coffgrok.c, coffgrok.h,
cxxfilt.c, debug.c, debug.h, deflex.l, defparse.y, dlltool.c,
dlltool.h, dllwrap.c, emul_aix.c, emul_vanilla.c, filemode.c,
ieee.c, nlmconv.c, nlmconv.h, nlmheader.y, nm.c, objcopy.c,
objdump.c, prdbg.c, rclex.l, rcparse.y, rdcoff.c, rddbg.c,
readelf.c, rename.c, resbin.c, rescoff.c, resrc.c, resres.c,
size.c, srconv.c, stabs.c, strings.c, sysdump.c, sysinfo.y,
syslex.l, unwind-ia64.c, unwind-ia64.h, version.c, windres.c,
windres.h, winduni.c, winduni.h wrstabs.c, doc/fdl.texi
2005-05-06 Jan Beulich <>
* objcopy.c (copy_file): Don't delete output upon error here.
(copy_main): Delete output upon error.
2005-05-02 Ben Elliston <>
* dlltool.c (dtab): Remove empty function.
(process_duplicates): Remove calls to dtab().
2005-05-01 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* doc/binutils.texi (strip, objcopy): Clarify the description of
the "--strip-debug" option. Fix a typo.
2005-04-29 H.J. Lu <>
* bucomm.c: Undo the last change.
* bucomm.h: Likewise.
2005-04-29 Ben Elliston <>
* syslex.l (word, number, unit): Remove unused variables.
* nlmheader.y (keyword_tokens): Make static.
* coffdump.c (dump_coff_symbol, coff_dump): Make static.
* coffgrok.c (lofile, last_function_symbol, last_function_type,
last_struct, last_enum, cur_sfile): Make variables static.
* sysdump.c (getCHARS, fillup, getBARRAY, getINT, getBITS,
sysroff_swap_tr_in, sysroff_print_tr_out): Make static.
* sysinfo.y (writecode, it, code, repeat, oldrepeat, name, rdepth,
names, pnames): Likewise.
2005-04-29 Ben Elliston <>
* ar.c (mri_mode): Make static.
* arsup.c (obfd, real_name, outfile): Likewise.
* binemul.c (ar_emul_create): Remove unused function.
(ar_emul_default_create): Likewise.
* binemul.h (ar_emul_create): Remove declaration.
(ar_emul_default_create): Likewise.
(struct bin_emulation_xfer_struct): Remove ar_create member.
* bucomm.c (report): Make static.
* bucomm.h (report): Remove declaration.
* cxxfilt.c (mbuffer): Make static.
(main): Use unsigned ints for some loop control variables.
* readelf.c: Make many global variables static.
* size.c (berkeley_format): Make static.
(long_options): Likewise.
* emul_aix.c (bin_aix_emulation): Remove ar_emul_default_create
structure initialiser.
(bin_aix5_emulation): Likewise.
* emul_vanilla.c (bin_vanilla_emulation): Likewise.
2005-04-27 Ben Elliston <>
* syslex.l: Adjust top-of-file comment: this file is part of GNU
binutils, not GNU ld.
2005-04-25 Nick Clifton <>
* objcopy.c (copy_archive): Initialise 'obfd' field of new
name_list structure.
* objcopy.c (copy_usage): Fix description of -K switch.
* doc/binutils.texi (strip, objcopy): Fix description of -K
2005-04-20 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_frames): Use data factor for
DW_CFA_def_cfa_sf and DW_CFA_def_cfa_offset_sf.
2005-04-19 H.J. Lu <>
* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Skip linker created section.
2005-04-17 H.J. Lu <>
* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Support SEC_GROUP.
2005-04-16 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (debug_apply_rela_addends): Remove redundant %s from
printf string.
2005-04-15 Nick Clifton <>
* objcopy.c (copy_file): Issue an error message when attmepting to
copy an empty input file.
2005-04-14 Alan Modra <>
* (NO_WERROR): Define. Use instead of -Wno-error.
* Include ../bfd/warning.m4 contents.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2005-04-12 Alan Modra <>
* Run "make dep-am".
(syslex.o, sysinfo.o, arparse.o, arlex.o): Add -Wno-error to command.
(sysroff.o, defparse.o, deflex.o): Likewise.
(nlmheader.o, rcparse.o, rclex.o): Likewise.
* Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2005-04-11 Jan Beulich <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself as ix86 Intel mode maintainer.
2005-04-06 Nick Clifton <>
H.J. Lu <>
* po/rw.po: New translation: Kinyarwanda.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add rw.
* configure: Regenerate.
2005-04-04 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* readelf.c (debug_apply_rela_addends): Reorder r_info as
necessary for 64-bit MIPS.
2005-04-04 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* doc/binutils.texi (readelf): Remove a duplicate paragraph.
2005-04-04 Ramana Radhakrishnan <>
PR binutils/813
* objdump.c (dump_symbols): Add a check to see if the section for
the symbol is chosen using process_section_p.
2005-04-01 H.J. Lu <>
* NEWS: Mention new readelf options, "-N/--full-section-name"
and "-g/--section-groups".
* doc/binutils.texi: Document new readelf options,
"-N/--full-section-name" and "-g/--section-groups".
2005-03-31 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (do_full_section_name): New.
(options): Add "--full-section-name"/'N'.
(usage): Add -N/--full-section-name.
(parse_args): Handle 'N'.
(process_section_headers): Print out the full section name if
do_full_section_name isn't 0.
2005-03-31 Nick Clifton <>
* Add a check for <unistd.h> providing a prototype
for getopt() which is compatible with the one in
include/getopt.h. If so then define HAVE_DECL_GETOPT.
* configure: Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* addr2line.c: Include "config.h" before "bfd.h" so that
HAVE_DECL_GETOPT is defined before getopt.h is included.
2005-03-21 Jan-Benedict Glaw <>
* doc/binutils.texi: Document new VAX disassembler-specific option
-M entry:0xfooba8.
* NEWS: Mention the new option.
2005-03-29 Anil Paranjpe <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself as H8300 maintainer.
2005-03-28 Aaron W. LaFramboise <>
* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): Remove cast.
2005-03-25 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* BRANCHES: Add binutils-csl-arm-2005q1-branch and
2005-03-25 Mark Kettenis <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself as M88k maintainer.
2005-03-24 Danny Smith <>
* winduni.c (unicode_from_ascii): Don't declare variables
's' and 'w' if _WIN32. Use MultiByteToWideChar to set the unicode
string len.
2005-03-24 Dmitry Diky <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself as MSP430 maintainer.
2005-03-23 Nick Clifton <>
* po/fr.po: Updated translation.
2005-03-22 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Daniel Jacobwitz to the blanket write
privileges list.
2005-03-17 Paul Brook <>
Dan Jacobowitz <>
Mark Mitchell <>
* binutils/readelf.c (get_arm_segment_type): New function.
(get_segment_type): Use it.
2005-03-18 Paul Brook <>
* objdump.c (objdump_print_addr): Avoid uninitialized warning.
2005-03-17 Diego Novillo <>
* MAINTAINERS: Remove self as maintainer of x86 intel
2005-03-16 Nick Clifton <>
Ben Elliston <>
* (werror): New switch: Add -Werror to the
compiler command line. Enabled by default. Disable via
* configure: Regenerate.
2005-03-15 Daniel Marques <>
Nick Clifton <>
* objcopy.c (globalize_specific_list): New linked list of symbols
to convert from local binding into global binding.
(command_line_switch): Add OPTION_GLOBALIZE_SYMBOL and
(copy_options): Add "globalize-symbol" and "globalize-symbols".
(copy_usage): Document the new switches.
(filter_symbols): Convert defined local symbols mentioned on the
globalize_specific_list into global symbols.
(copy_object): Perform actions if the globalize_specific_list is
not empty.
(copy_main): Handle new switches.
* NEWS: Mention new feature.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document new switches.
2005-03-15 Alan Modra <>
* po/es.po: Commit new Spanish translation.
* po/fr.po: Commit new French translation.
2005-03-14 Alan Modra <>
* po/tr.po: Commit new Turkish translation.
2005-03-11 Nick Clifton <>
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2005-03-10 Nick Clifton <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add Romanian lingua "ro".
* configure: Regenerate.
* po/ro.po: New file.
* po/ru.po: Updated file.
2005-03-05 Alan Modra <>
* po/binutils.pot: Regenerate.
2005-03-02 Jan Beulich <>
* ar.c (remove_output): Use unlink_if_ordinary instead of unlink.
* objcopy.c (copy_file): Likewise.
(strip_main): Likewise.
2005-03-01 Stig Petter Olsroed <>
Nick Clifton <>
* objdump.c: Fix coding for DISASSEMBLER_NEEDS_RELOC:
(struct objdump_disasm_info): Add 'reloc' field.
(disassemble_bytes): Fix check for when an insn has a reloc
associated with it. Improve comment explaining why the use of
octets is wrong. Set the 'reloc' field in objdump_disasm_info
(objdump_print_addr): Use new 'reloc' field to lookup the correct
address for the symbol associated with the current instruction's
(disassemble_info): Initialise 'reloc' field.
2005-02-28 Jakub Jelinek <>
* readelf.c (get_file_type, get_machine_name, get_osabi_name,
get_segment_type, get_section_type_name, get_elf_class,
get_data_encoding, get_group_flags, dynamic_section_mips_val,
get_symbol_binding, get_symbol_type, get_TAG_name, get_FORM_name,
get_AT_name, process_mips_specific, process_gnu_liblist,
get_note_type, get_netbsd_elfcore_note_type): Use snprintf instead of
sprintf where needed.
(get_dynamic_type): Likewise. Increase buff to 64 bytes.
(get_elf_section_flags): Increase buff to 33 bytes. Avoid
using strcat.
(get_dynamic_flags): Renamed to...
(print_dynamic_flags): ... this. Print the flags to stdout instead
of returning them as string.
(process_dynamic_section): Adjust caller.
2005-02-25 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_ranges): Print out offset for end of
2005-02-23 Alan Modra <>
* dlltool.c: Warning fixes.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
2005-02-22 Alan Modra <>
* (syslex.o, sysinfo.o): Pass AM_CFLAGS to compiler.
(syslex.o, sysinfo.o, dlltool.o, rescoff.o): Remove duplicate
dependencies. Run "make dep-am".
* nlmconv.c: Warning fixes.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* srconv.c: Likewise.
* sysdump.c: Likewise.
* sysinfo.y: Likewise.
* syslex.l: Likewise. Use yyleng instead of strlen, memcpy instead
of strcpy.
* Regenerate.
2005-02-21 H.J. Lu <>
* objcopy.c (parse_flags): Replace SEC_SHARED with
* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Dump SEC_TIC54X_BLOCK and
SEC_TIC54X_CLINK for TI c54x only. Remove SEC_ARCH_BIT_0. Dump
2005-02-21 Alan Modra <>
* Run "make dep-am"
* Regenerate.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2005-02-21 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (BYTE_GET8): Delete. Replace uses with BYTE_GET.
(byte_get_little_endian): Don't handle size of -8.
(byte_get_signed, byte_get_big_endian): Likewise.
(print_dec_vma, print_hex_vma): New functions.
(print_vma): Use them. Return chars output.
(get_dynamic_data): Return a bfd_vma array. Add ent_size parm.
(process_symbol_table): Handle alpha and s390 .hash.
2005-02-18 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_loc): Print out offset for end of
2005-02-18 Joseph S. Myers <>
* (TOOL_PROGS): Add objdump.
* Regenerate.
2005-02-17 Alan Modra <>
* deflex.l (YY_NO_UNPUT): Define.
* rclex.l (YY_NO_UNPUT): Define.
* rcparse.y (null_unichar): New static var.
(res_null_text): Use it rather than attempting to init from wchar_t.
* windres.c: Include assert.h and time.h before getopt.h.
Include config.h and unistd.h too.
2005-02-15 Nick Clifton <>
* nlmconv.c: Provide a full prototype for the localtime() function
in order to avoid a compile time warning.
2005-02-11 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (group_count): Don't initialize it.
(process_section_groups): Reurn 1 if we won't do unwind nor
section groups. Set group_count to 0 before counting group
sections and return 1 if there are no group sections. Reread
SHT_SYMTAB/SHT_STRTAB sections only when needed. Don't skip
section 0.
(process_object): Only set do_unwind to 0 if
process_section_groups return 0.
2005-02-10 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* MAINTAINERS: Update my e-mail address.
2005-02-10 Mark Mitchell <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Paul Brook and Mark Mitchell as ARM (Symbian)
2005-02-07 Inderpreet Singh <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self as maintainer of MAXQ.
2005-01-31 Richard Sandiford <>
* readelf.c (eh_addr_size): New variable.
(find_section): Move earlier in file. Return empty sections too.
(process_program_headers): Use find_section to find .dynamic.
(process_section_headers): Initialize eh_addr_size.
(dump_ia64_unwind, slurp_ia64_unwind_table, ia64_process_unwind)
(dump_hppa_unwind, slurp_hppa_unwind_table, hppa_process_unwind)
(display_debug_frames): Use it instead of local addr_size variable.
(size_of_encoded_value): Get pointer size from eh_addr_size rather
than is_32bit_elf.
2005-01-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* configure: Regenerate to track ../gettext.m4.
2005-01-31 Nick Clifton <>
* version.c (print_version): Bump the copyright date to 2005.
2005-01-25 Alan Modra <>
* nm.c (display_rel_file): Read dynamic syms before calling
2005-01-21 Ben Elliston <>
* dlltool.c (dump_iat): Remove unused function.
(gen_exp_file): Remove #if 0'd code.
(make_one_lib_file): Likewise.
* srconv.c: Remove #if 0'd code throughout.
* size.c (lprint_number): Remove.
(print_berkeley_format): Remove #if 0'd code.
* ar.c (do_quick_append): Remove declaration and definiton.
(main): Remove #if 0'd code.
* filemode.c (filemodestring): Remove #if 0'd function.
* sysdump.c (unit_info_list): Remove function.
(object_body_list): Likewise.
(program_structure): Likewise.
(debug_list): Likewise.
(module): Remove #if 0'd code.
2005-01-20 Mark Mitchell <>
* BRANCHES: Add binutils-2_15-branch.
* MAINTAINERS: Document branch policy.
* BRANCHES: New file.
2005-01-19 Fred Fish <>
* NEWS: Make note of the new MIPS disassembly option "no-aliases".
* doc/binutils.texi (objdump): Document the "no-aliases"
disassembly option.
2005-01-17 Eugene Kotlyarov <>
PR binutils/647
* rcparse.y (RCDATA): Allow a filename to be supplied as the
parameter. Parse it with define_rcdata_file().
* resrc.c (define_rcdata_file): New function.
* windres.h: Provide a prototype for the new function.
* resrc.c (define_user_file): Fix typo by replacing "font file"
with "file".
2005-01-16 Jason Thorpe <>
* MAINTAINERS: Update my email address.
2005-01-16 Danny Smith <>
* dlltool.c (set_dll_name_from_def): New function. Strip name
to basename, with warning.
(def_name): Use it.
(def_library): Likwise.
(main): Strip arg of --dllname to basename, with warning.
Only use basename of exp_name when inferring dll_name.
2005-01-11 Nick Clifton <>
PR binutils/637
* doc/binutils.texi (c++filt): Use uppercase CXXFILT in the
footnote in order to prevent the sed script in the Makefile from
converting it into c++filt.
2005-01-10 H.J. Lu <>
BZ 635
readelf.c (saved_base_address): Removed.
(decode_64bit_range): Likewise.
(decode_range): Likewise.
(display_64bit_debug_ranges): Likewise.
(debug_info): Add range_lists, num_range_lists and
(read_and_display_attr_value): Handle do_debug_ranges.
(process_debug_info): Likewise.
(display_debug_ranges): Rewrite.
(process_object): Free range_lists.
2005-01-10 Andreas Schwab <>
* Don't define SKIP_ZEROES.
* configure: Regenerate.
* objdump.c (disassemble_data): Set skip_zeroes and
skip_zeroes_at_end in disasm_info to defaults.
(DEFAULT_SKIP_ZEROES): Rename from SKIP_ZEROES and always define.
always define.
(disassemble_bytes): Use skip_zeroes and skip_zeroes_at_end from
2005-01-05 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_loc): Display base address
specifiers. Always output <End of list>.
2005-01-05 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (have_frame_base): New.
(need_base_address): Likewise.
(saved_base_address): Likewise.
(decode_location_expression): Return 1 if DW_AT_frame_base is
(debug_info): Add base_address and a have_frame_base pointer.
(read_and_display_attr_value): Replace saved_DW_AT_low_pc with
saved_base_address. Record base address. Set have_frame_base.
Record if a location list has DW_AT_frame_base. Display if a
location expression has no DW_AT_frame_base but needs one. Set
saved_base_address only if needed.
(process_debug_info): Clear have_frame_base, saved_base_address
and set need_base_address.
(display_debug_loc): Display if a location expression has no
DW_AT_frame_base but needs one. Display if start >= end. Don't
adjust for section address. Properly handle base address.
(process_object): Free the have_frame_base pointer in
2005-01-04 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_loc): Display offsets for hole and
(display_debug_str): Add a newline at the end.
2005-01-04 Armin Diehl <>
PR binutils/630
* nlmconv.c (main): Only store the basename of the output filename
in the module table.
2005-01-04 H.J. Lu <>
BZ 615
* readelf.c (process_debug_info): New.
(debug_info): Add num_loc_offsets, loc_offsets and
(get_debug_info): Use process_debug_info.
(display_debug_loc): Properly handle location list. Warn if bad
location lists are encoutnered.
(read_and_process_attr_value): New.
(read_and_display_attr_value): Use "%lx" for DW_FORM_data4.
(display_debug_info): Use process_debug_info.
(process_object): Also free loc_offsets in debug_information.
For older changes see ChangeLog-2004
Copyright (C) 2005 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.
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