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2006-05-12 Werner Lemberg <>
* Version 2.2.1 released.
Tag sources with `VER-2-2-1'.
2006-05-12 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/tools/docmaker/ (re_source_keywords): Add word
boundary markers.
* src/tools/docmaker/ (re_field): Allow `.' in field names
(but not at the beginning or end).
* src/tools/docmaker/ (html_header_1): Use `utf-8' charset.
(block_footer): Split into...
(block_footer_start, block_footer_middle, block_footer_end): This to
add navigation buttons.
(HtmlFormatter::block_exit): Updated.
* include/freetype/*: Many minor documentation improvements (adding
links, spelling errors, etc.).
2006-05-11 Werner Lemberg <>
* README: Minor updates.
* include/freetype/*: s/scale/scaling value/ where appropriate.
Many other minor documentation improvements.
* src/tools/docmaker/ (re_italic, re_bold): Handle
trailing punctuation.
* src/tools/docmaker/ (HtmlFormatter::make_html_word): Add
warning message for undefined cross references.
Update handling of re_italic and re_bold.
2006-05-11 Masatake YAMATO <>
* builds/unix/ftsystem.c (FT_Stream_Open): Check errno only if
read system call returns -1.
Remove a redundant parenthesis.
2006-05-10 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/unix/ftsystem.c (FT_Stream_Open): Avoid infinite loop if
given an empty, un-mmap()able file. Reported and suggested fix in
Savannah bug #16555.
* builds/ (refdoc): Write-protect the `docmaker'
directory to suppress generation of .pyc files. According to the
Python docs there isn't a more elegant solution (currently).
* builds/ (dist): New target which builds .tar.gz,
.tar.bz2, and .zip files. Note that the version number is still
(do-dist): Sub-target of `dist'.
(CONFIG_GUESS, CONFIG_SUB): New variables.
(.PHONY): Updated.
2006-05-09 Rajeev Pahuja <>
* builds/win32/visualc/freetype.sln,
builds/win32/visualc/freetype.vcproj: Upgraded to VS.NET 2005 from
VS.NET 2003
Added files ftbbox.c, fttype1.c, ftwinfnt.c, ftsynth.c.
* builds/win32/visualc/index.html: Updated.
2006-05-07 Werner Lemberg <>
Put version information into the configure script. Reported by Paul
Watson <>.
* builds/unix/ Renamed to...
* builds/unix/configure.raw: This which now serves (with appropriate
modifications) as a template for
* version.sed: New script.
* Generate from configure.raw, using
2006-05-06 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FREETYPE_PATCH): Set to 1.
* builds/unix/ (version_info): Set to 9:10:3.
* builds/win32/visualc/index.html,
builds/win32/visualc/freetype.vcproj, builds/ (refdoc),
Jamfile (RefDoc), README: s/220/221/, s/2.2.0/2.2.1/.
Minor updates.
* builds/unix/install-sh: Updated from `texinfo' CVS module at
* devel/ftoption.h: Synchronize with
2006-05-04 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/lzw/ftlzw2.c: Renamed to...
* src/lzw/ftlzw.c: This.
* src/lzw/Jamfile, src/lzw/ Updated.
* builds/mac/FreeType.m68k_cfm.make.txt,
builds/mac/FreeType.ppc_classic.make.txt: Updated.
2006-05-03 David Turner <>
Allow compilation again with C++ compilers.
* include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h (FT_ASSIGNP,
FT_ASSIGNP_INNER): New macros which do the actual assignment, and
which exist in two variants (for C and C++).
Update callers accordingly.
2006-05-03 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/config/ftoption.h (FT_STRICT_ALIASING): Removed.
2006-05-02 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h: s/new/newsz/ (for C++).
(FT_ALLOC): Remove redundant redefinition.
* builds/compiler/ (CFLAGS) [g++]: Don't use
* src/base/ftstream.c (FT_Stream_EnterFrame): Add cast.
* include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h (FT_BASE_DEF) [__cplusplus]:
Remove `extern'.
2006-05-02 David Turner <>
Update the memory management functions and macros to safely deal
with array size buffer overflows. This corresponds to attempts to
allocate arrays that are too large. For an example, consider the
following code:
count = read_uint32_from_file(); array = malloc( sizeof ( Item ) *
count ); for ( nn = 0; nn < count; nn++ )
array[nn] = read_item_from_file();
If `count' is larger than `FT_UINT_MAX/sizeof(Item)', the
multiplication overflows, and the array allocated os smaller than
the data read from the file. In this case, the heap will be
trashed, and this can be used as a denial-of-service attack, or make
the engine crash later.
The FT_ARRAY_NEW and FT_ARRAY_RENEW macros now ensure that the new
count is no larger than `FT_INT_MAX/item_size', otherwise a new
error code `FT_Err_Array_Too_Large' will be returned.
Note that the memory debugger now works again when FT_DEBUG_MEMORY
is defined. FT_STRICT_ALIASING has disappeared; the corresponding
code is now the default.
* include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h (FT_BASE_DEF) [!__cplusplus]:
Don't use `extern'.
* include/freetype/fterrdef.h (FT_Err_Array_Too_Large): New error
* include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h (FT_DEBUG_INNER)
[FT_DEBUG_MEMORY]: New macro.
(ft_mem_realloc, ft_mem_qrealloc): Pass new object size count also.
(ft_mem_alloc_debug, ft_mem_qalloc_debug, ft_mem_realloc_debug,
ft_mem_qrealloc_debug, ft_mem_free_debug): Removed.
FT_MEM_FREE): Redefine.
FT_MEM_QREALLOC_MULT): New macros. Update callers where
(FT_MEM_SET_ERROR): Slightly redefine.
* src/base/ftdbgmem.c (_ft_debug_file, _ft_debug_lineno)
[FT_DEBUG_MEMORY]: New global variables, replacing...
(FT_MemTableRec) [FT_DEBUG_MEMORY]: Remove `filename' and
`line_no'. Update all callers.
(ft_mem_debug_alloc) [FT_DEBUG_MEMORY]: Avoid possible integer
(ft_mem_alloc_debug, ft_mem_realloc_debug, ft_mem_qalloc_debug,
ft_mem_qrealloc_debug, ft_mem_free_debug): Removed.
* src/base/ftmac.c (read_lwfn): Catch integer overflow.
* src/base/ftrfork.c (raccess_guess_darwin_hfsplus): Ditto.
* src/base/ftutil.c: Remove special code for FT_STRICT_ALIASING.
(ft_mem_alloc, ft_mem_realloc, ft_mem_qrealloc): Rewrite.
* include/freetype/ftstream.h (FT_FRAME_ENTER, FT_FRAME_EXIT,
place where the frames were entered, extracted, exited or released
in the memory debugger.
* src/base/ftstream.c (FT_Stream_ReleaseFrame) [FT_DEBUG_MEMORY]:
Call ft_mem_free.
(FT_Stream_EnterFrame) [FT_DEBUG_MEMORY]: Use ft_mem_qalloc.
(FT_Stream_ExitFrame) [FT_DEBUG_MEMORY]: Use ft_mem_free.
2006-04-30 suzuki toshiya <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (Mac_Read_POST_Resource): Correct pfb_pos
initialization, remove extra cast to copy to pfb_lenpos. This fixes
parsing of PFB fonts with MacOS resource fork (bug introduced
2003-09-11). Patch provided by Huib-Jan Imbens <>.
2006-04-29 Werner Lemberg <>
Further C library abstraction. Based on a patch from
* include/freetype/config/ftstdlib.h (FT_CHAR_BIT, FT_FILE,
ft_fopen, ft_fclose, ft_fseek, ft_ftell, ft_fread, ft_smalloc,
ft_scalloc, ft_srealloc, ft_sfree, ft_labs): New wrapper macros for
C library functions. Update all users accordingly (and catch some
other places where the C library function was used instead of the
wrapper functions).
* src/base/ftsystem.c: Don't include stdio.h and stdlib.h.
* src/gzip/zutil.h [MSDOS && !(__TURBOC__ || __BORLANDC__)]: Don't
include malloc.h.
* builds/unix/ (datarootdir): Define, for autoconf 2.59c
and forthcoming versions.
2006-04-28 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/lzw/ftlzw.c, src/lzw/zopen.c, src/lzw/zopen.h: Removed,
2006-04-27 yi luo <>
* builds/win32/visualc/freetype.vcproj: Updated.
2006-04-26 David Turner <>
* Version 2.2 released.
Tag sources with `VER-2-2-0'.
2006-04-26 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/psaux/psobjs.c (shift_elements): Don't use FT_Long but
FT_PtrDist for `delta'. Reported by Céline PILLET
2006-04-21 David Turner <>
* include/freetype/ftincrem.h: Documentation updates.
(FT_Incremental_Interface): New typedef.
* include/freetype/ftmodapi.h, include/freetype/ftglyph.h:
Documentation updates.
* include/freetype/freetype.h: Documentation update.
(FT_HAS_FAST_GLYPHS): Always set to 0.
* include/freetype/ftstroke.h, src/base/ftstroke.c (FT_Stroker_New):
Take an FT_Library argument instead of FT_Memory.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c: Remove compiler warnings (gcc-4.0.2).
2006-04-13 David Turner <>
* src/autofit/afloader.c (af_loader_init, af_loader_load_g): Remove
superfluous code in the auto-fitter's loader.
2006-04-05 Detlef Würkner <>
* builds/amiga/makefile, builds/amiga/makefile.os4,
builds/amiga/smakefile: Added FT2_BUILD_LIBRARY define.
2006-04-03 luoyi <>
* builds/compiler/ (TE): New variable.
(ANSIFLAGS): Updated.
2006-04-03 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/ (clean_symbols_list, clean_apinames): Removed.
(.PHONY): Updated.
* Minor fixes to improve --help output.
* docs/PROBLEMS: New file.
2006-04-01 David Turner <>
* docs/CHANGES: Updated.
* include/freetype/ftcache.h, include/freetype/config/ftheader.h:
Update documentation comments.
2006-04-01 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/unix/ (uninstall): Don't handle `cache'
directory which no longer exists.
2006-03-29 Detlef Würkner <>
* src/psaux/psconv.c: Changed some variables which are expected to
hold negative values from `char' to `FT_Char' to allow building with
a compiler where `char' is unsigned by default.
2006-03-27 David Turner <>
* src/sfnt/ttkern.c (tt_face_get_kerning): Fix a serious bug that
causes some programs to go into an infinite loop when dealing with
fonts that don't have a properly sorted kerning sub-table.
2006-03-26 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/bdf/bdflib.c (ERRMSG4): New macro.
(_bdf_parse_glyphs): Handle invalid BBX values.
* include/freetype/fterrdef.h (FT_Err_Bbx_Too_Big): New error
2006-03-23 Werner Lemberg <>
* docs/CHANGES: Updated.
* src/tools/docmaker/ (html_header_2): Add horizontal
padding between table elements.
(html_header_1): The `DOCTYPE' comment must be in uppercase.
(make_html_para): Convert `...' quotations into real left and
right single quotes.
Use `para_header' and `para_footer'.
* src/tools/docmaker/ (re_bold, re_italic): Accept "'"
2006-03-23 David Turner <>
Add FT_Get_SubGlyph_Info API to retrieve subglyph data. Note that
we do not expose the FT_SubGlyphRec structure.
* include/freetype/internal/ftgloadr.h (FT_SUBGLYPH_FLAGS_*): Moved
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_SUBGLYPH_FLAGS_*): Here.
(FT_Get_SubGlyph_Info): New declaration.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Get_SubGlyph_Info): New function.
* src/autofit/afloader.c (af_loader_load_g): Compute lsb_delta and
rsb_delta correctly in edge cases.
2006-03-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/cache/ftccache.c, (ftc_node_mru_up, FTC_Cache_Lookup)
[!FTC_INLINE]: Compile conditionally.
* src/cache/ftccache.h: Updated.
* src/cache/ftcglyph.c (FTC_GNode_Init, FTC_GNode_UnselectFamily,
FTC_GNode_Done, FTC_GNode_Compare, FTC_Family_Init, FTC_GCache_New):
(FTC_GCache_Init, FTC_GCache_Done): Commented out.
(FTC_GCache_Lookup) [!FTC_INLINE]: Compile conditionally.
* src/cache/ftcglyph.h: Updated.
* src/cache/ftcimage.c (FTC_INode_Free, FTC_INode_New):
(FTC_INode_Weight): Commented out.
* src/cache/ftcimage.h: Updated.
* src/cache/ftcmanag.c (FTC_Manager_Compress,
FTC_Manager_RegisterCache, FTC_Manager_FlushN):
* src/cache/ftcmanag.h: Updated.
* src/cache/ftcsbits.c (FTC_SNode_Free, FTC_SNode_New,
FTC_SNode_Compare): s/FT_EXPORT/FT_LOCAL/.
(FTC_SNode_Weight): Commented out.
* src/cache/ftcsbits.h: Updated.
2006-03-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/cache/ftccache.c, src/cache/ftccache.h (FTC_Node_Destroy):
Remove, unused.
* src/cache/ftccmap.h: Remove, unused.
* src/cache/ (CACHE_DRV_H): Remove ftccmap.h.
2006-03-21 Zhe Su <>
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Get_Orientation): Improve
2006-03-21 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/cff/cfftypes.h (CFF_CharsetRec): Add `max_cid' member.
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_charset_load): Set `charset->max_cid'.
* src/cff/cffgload.c (cff_slot_load): Change type of third parameter
to `FT_UInt'.
Check range of `glyph_index'.
* src/cff/cffgload.h: Updated.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_face_build_cmaps): Handle invalid offset
* builds/ (refdoc), docs/CHANGES, Jamfile (RefDoc),
README: s/2.1.10/2.2/.
2006-03-21 David Turner <>
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_metrics_scale): Fix small bug
that crashes the auto-hinter (introduced by previous patch).
2006-03-20 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/ (CACHE_DIR, CACHE_H): Remove.
(FREETYPE_H): Updated.
* src/cache/ (CACHE_H_DIR): Remove.
(CACHE_DRV_H): Updated.
2006-03-20 David Turner <>
* include/freetype/cache/ftccache.h,
include/freetype/cache/ftccmap.h, include/freetype/cache/ftcglyph.h
include/freetype/cache/ftcimage.h include/freetype/cache/ftcmanag.h
include/freetype/cache/ftcmru.h include/freetype/cache/ftcsbits.h:
Move to...
* src/cache/ftccache.h, src/cache/ftcglyph.h, src/cache/ftcimage.h,
src/cache/ftcsbits.h, src/cache/ftcmanag.h, src/cache/ftccmap.h,
src/cache/ftcmru.h: This new location.
Update declarations according to the changes in the corresponding
source files.
Note that these files are not used by FreeType clients; all public
APIs of the cache module have been already moved to
`include/freetype/ftcache.h', and all FT_CACHE_INTERNAL_XXXX_H
macros resolve to it.
Reason for the move is to allow modifications of the internals
without interferences with rogue clients. Note that there are no
known clients that access the cache internals at the moment.
* builds/unix/ (install): Don't install headers from
Remove `freetype/cache' from the target directory.
* include/freetype/config/ftheader.h (FT_CACHE_MANAGER_H,
* src/cache/ftcbasic.c, src/cache/ftccache.h, src/cache/ftccback.h,
src/cache/ftccmap.c, src/cache/ftcglyph.c, src/cache/ftcglyph.h,
src/cache/ftcimage.c, src/cache/ftcimage.h, src/cache/ftcmanag.c,
src/cache/ftcmanag.h, src/cache/ftcmru.h, src/cache/ftcsbits.c,
src/cache/ftcsbits.h: Don't use the FT_CACHE_INTERNAL_XXX_H macros
but include the headers directly (which are now in `src/cache').
* src/cache/ftccache.c: Don't use the FT_CACHE_INTERNAL_XXX_H
macros but include the headers directly.
(FTC_Cache_Init, FTC_Cache_Done, FTC_Cache_NewNode,
FTC_Cache_Lookup, FTC_Cache_RemoveFaceID): Declare as FT_LOCAL_DEF.
* src/cache/ftccache.c: Don't use the FT_CACHE_INTERNAL_XXX_H
macros but include the headers directly.
(FTC_MruNode_Prepend, FTC_MruNode_Up, FTC_MruNode_Remove,
FTC_MruList_Init, FTC_MruList_Reset, FTC_MruList_Done,
FTC_MruList_New, FTC_MruList_Remove, FTC_MruList_RemoveSelection):
Declare as FT_LOCAL_DEF.
(FTC_MruList_Find, FTC_MruList_Lookup) [!FTC_INLINE]: Compile
Declare as FT_LOCAL_DEF.
* builds/win32/visualc/freetype.dsp: Update project file, add
missing base source files (ftstroke.c, ftxf86.c, etc.).
* src/autofit/afcjk.c, src/autofit/aflatin.c, src/base/ftobjs.c,
src/cff/cffobjs.c, src/cid/cidobjs.c, src/pfr/pfrobjs.c,
src/sfnt/sfobjs.c, src/sfnt/ttmtx.c, src/type1/t1afm.c,
src/type1/t1objs.c: Remove compiler warnings when building with
Visual C++ 6 and /W4.
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_hints_init): Disable horizontal
hinting for italic/oblique fonts.
* src/truetype/ttpload.c, src/truetype/ttpload.h
(tt_face_get_device_metrics): Change second argument to `FT_UInt'.
2006-03-06 David Turner <>
* src/cache/ftcmanag.c (FTC_Manager_Lookup_Size): Prevent crashes in
Mozilla/FireFox print preview in Ubuntu Hoary.
2006-02-28 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/base/ftutil.c (ft_mem_qalloc) [FT_STRICT_ALIASING]: Do not
return error when size == 0.
2006-02-28 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Done_Library): Remove modules in reverse
order so that type42 module is removed before truetype module. This
avoids double free in some occasions.
2006-02-28 David Turner <>
* Release candidate VER-2-2-0-RC4.
* docs/CHANGES: Documentation updates.
2006-02-28 suzuki toshiya <>
* modules.cfg (BASE_EXTENSIONS): Compile in ftgxval.c by default to
build ftvalid in ft2demos. It works as dummy ABI if gxvalid is not
2006-02-27 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/cache/ftccache.h
[FT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS]: Remove declaration of
* src/cache/ftccache.c (ftc_node_destroy)
should now fix all possible compilation options.
2006-02-27 David Turner <>
* src/base/ftutil.c (ft_mem_alloc, ft_mem_qalloc, ft_mem_realloc,
ft_mem_qrealloc): Return an error if a negative size is passed in
* src/cache/ftccache.c (ftc_node_destroy): Mark as FT_BASE_DEF since
it needs to be exported for rogue clients.
* src/pshinter/pshglob.c (psh_blues_set_zones_0): Prevent problems
with malformed fonts which have an odd number of blue values (these
are broken according to the specs).
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_subfont_load), src/type1/t1load.c
(T1_Open_Face): Modify the loaders to force even-ness of
(cff_index_access_element): Ignore invalid entries in index files.
2006-02-27 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Set_Char_Size): Check the case where width
or height is 0.
2006-02-27 suzuki toshiya <>
* builds/mac/FreeType.m68k_cfm.make.txt,
builds/mac/FreeType.ppc_classic.make.txt: Update to new header
inclusion introduced on 2006-02-16.
2006-02-27 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (GRID_FIT_METRICS): New macro.
(ft_glyphslot_grid_fit_metrics, FT_Load_Glyph) [GRID_FIT_METRICS]:
Re-enable glyph metrics grid-fitting. It is now done in the base
(FT_Set_Char_Size, FT_Set_Pixel_Sizes): Make sure the width and
height are not too small or too large, just like we were doing in
* src/autofit/afloader.c (af_loader_load_g): The vertical metrics
are not scaled.
2006-02-26 Werner Lemberg <>
* docs/release: Minor additions and clarifications.
* docs/CHANGES: Updated to reflect many fixes for backward
compatibility. Still incomplete.
2006-02-26 David Turner <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_recompute_scaled_metrics): Re-enable
conservative rounding of metrics to avoid breaking clients like
Pango (see
2006-02-25 Werner Lemberg <>
* devel/ftoption.h: Synchronize with
* src/cache/ftccache.c (ftc_node_destroy): Use FT_LOCAL_DEF (again).
2006-02-25 David Turner <>
Fix compiler warnings as well as C++ compilation problems.
Add missing prototypes.
* src/autofit/afcjk.c, src/base/ftobjs.c, src/base/ftutil.c,
src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c, src/cff/cffcmap.c, src/cff/cffobjs.c,
src/psaux/afmparse.c,, src/psaux/t1cmap.c, src/smooth/ftgrays.c
src/tools/apinames.c, src/truetype/ttdriver.c: Add various casts,
initialize variables, and decorate functions with FT_CALLBACK_DEF,
etc., to fix compiler warnings (and C++ compiling errors).
* src/cache/ftcbasic.c: Fix `-Wmissing-prototypes' warnings with
* builds/unix/ftsystem.c: Don't include FT_INTERNAL_OBJECTS_H but
* src/base/ftsystem.c: Include FT_INTERNAL_STREAM_H.
* include/freetype/config/ftheader.h (FT_PFR_H): New macro.
* include/freetype/config/ftoption.h (FT_STRICT_ALIASING): Don't
define for C++.
* include/freetype/internal/services/svotval.h: Don't include
* include/freetype/internal/services/svpfr.h: Include FT_PFR_H.
* src/gzip/ftgzip.c: Include FT_GZIP_H.
* src/lzw/ftlzw.c, src/lzw/ftlzw2.c: Include FT_LZW_H.
* src/sfnt/ttbdf.c (tt_face_load_bdf_props): Rearrange code.
2006-02-24 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_OUTLINE_GET_CONTOUR, ft_contour_has,
ft_contour_enclosed, ft_outline_get_orientation): Commented out. We
have to wait until `FT_GlyphSlot_Own_Bitmap' is stabilized.
(FT_Outline_Embolden): Use `FT_Outline_Get_Orientation'.
2006-02-24 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/ftbitmap.h (FT_Bitmap_Embolden): Update
* include/freetype/ftsynth.h (FT_GlyphSlot_Own_Bitmap),
src/base/ftsynth.c (FT_GlyphSlot_Own_Bitmap): New function to make
sure a glyph slot owns its bitmap. It is also marked experimental
and due to change.
(FT_GlyphSlot_Embolden): Undo the last change. It turns out that
rendering the outline confuses some applications.
2006-02-24 David Turner <>
* Release candidate VER-2-2-0-RC3.
* src/cache/ftcbasic.c: Correct compatibility hack bug.
2006-02-24 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_Size_RequestRec): Change the type
of `width' and `height' to `FT_Long'.
(enum FT_Size_Request_Type), src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Request_Metrics):
New request type `FT_SIZE_REQUEST_TYPE_SCALES' to specify the scales
2006-02-23 David Turner <>
Two BDF patches from Debian libfreetype6 for 2.1.10.
* src/bdf/bdflib.c (_bdf_parse_glyphs): Fix a bug with zero-width
Fix a problem with large encodings.
Fix binary compatibility issues for gnustep-back (GNUstep backend
module) which still crashes under Sarge.
* src/cache/ftccmap.c (FTC_OldCMapType, FTC_OldCMapIdRec,
structures and enumerations.
compatibility code.
* src/cache/ftcbasic.c: Fix a silly bug that prevented our `hack' to
support rogue clients compiled against 2.1.7 to work correctly.
This probably explains the GNUstep crashes with the second release
2006-02-23 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/ftoutln.h (enum FT_Orientation): New value
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_OUTLINE_GET_CONTOUR, ft_contour_has,
ft_contour_enclosed, ft_outline_get_orientation): Another version of
`FT_Outline_Get_Orientation'. This version differs from the public
one in that each part (contour not enclosed in another contour) of the
outline is checked for orientation.
(FT_Outline_Embolden): Use `ft_outline_get_orientation'.
* src/base/ftsynth.c (FT_GlyphSlot_Embolden): Render the outline and
use bitmap's embolden routine when the outline one failed.
2006-02-22 Chia-I Wu <>
* modules.cfg: Compile in ftotval.c and ftxf86.c by default for ABI
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_done_face): Fix a memory leak.
* src/sfnt/ttsbit0.c (tt_sbit_decoder_load_bit_aligned,
tt_sbit_decoder_load_byte_aligned) [FT_OPTIMIZE_MEMORY]: Fix sbit
loading. (Only tested with bit aligned sbit with x_pos == 0.)
* src/truetype/ttpload.c (tt_face_load_hdmx,
tt_face_get_device_metrics) [FT_OPTIMIZE_MEMORY]: `hdmx' is not
actually used.
2006-02-21 David Turner <>
Add a new API named FT_Get_TrueType_Engine_Type to determine whether
we have a patented, unpatented, or unimplemented TrueType bytecode
The FT_Get_Module_Flags API was removed consequently.
* include/freetype/ftmodapi.h (FT_Module_Get_Flags): Removed.
Replaced with...
(FT_Get_TrueType_Engine_Type): This.
(FT_TrueTypeEngineType): New enumeration.
* include/freetype/internal/ftserv.h (FT_SERVICE_TRUETYPE_ENGINE_H):
New macro.
* src/base/ftobjs.c: Include FT_SERVICE_TRUETYPE_ENGINE_H.
(FT_Module_Get_Flags): Removed. Replaced with...
(FT_Get_TrueType_Engine_Type): This.
* src/truetype/ttdriver.c: Include FT_SERVICE_TRUETYPE_ENGINE_H.
(tt_service_truetype_engine): New service structure.
(tt_services): Register it.
* include/freetype/internal/services/svtteng.h: New file.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_load_face): Fix silly bug that prevented
embedded bitmaps from being correctly listed and used.
* src/sfnt/ttmtx.c (tt_face_load_hmtx): Disable memory optimization
if FT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS is used. The is necessary because
libXfont is directly accessing the HMTX data, unfortunately.
Fix some compiler warnings.
(tt_face_get_metrics): Ditto.
* src/pfr/pfrsbit.c (pfr_slot_load_bitmap): Fix handling of
character advances.
2006-02-20 David Turner <>
Support binary compatibility with the X.Org server's Xfont library.
Note that this change unfortunately prevents memory optimizations
for the embedded bitmap loader.
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h (SFNT_Interface): Move
`set_sbit_strike' and `load_sbit_metrics' fields to the location of
version 2.1.8.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (tt_face_set_sbit_strike_stub): Call
(sfnt_interface): Updated.
* src/sfnt/ttsbit.c [FT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS]: Don't load
(tt_load_sbit_metrics): Make `sbit_small_metrics_fields' static.
* src/sfnt/ttsbit.h: Updated.
2006-02-17 David Turner <>
* builds/unix/ (LINK_LIBRARY): Don't filter out exported
functions anymore. This ensures that all FT_BASE internal functions
are available for dynamic linking.
* include/freetype/ftcache.h (FTC_IMAGE_TYPE_COMPARE,
FTC_IMAGE_TYPE_HASH), src/cache/ftcbasic.c (FTC_OldFontRec,
FTC_OldImageDescRec, FTC_ImageCache_Lookup, FTC_Image_Cache_New,
FTC_OldImageDesc, FTC_OLD_IMAGE_FORMAT, ftc_old_image_xxx,
ftc_image_type_from_old_desc, FTC_Image_Cache_Lookup,
FTC_SBitCache_Lookup, FTC_SBit_Cache_New, FTC_SBit_Cache_Lookup)
[FT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS]: Try to revive old functions of the
cache sub-system. We try to recognize old legacy signatures with a
gross hack (hope it works).
2006-02-17 Werner Lemberg <>
* devel/ftoption.h: Synchronize with
2006-02-16 David Turner <>
Massive changes to the internals to respect the internal object
layouts and exported functions of FreeType 2.1.7. Note that the
cache sub-system cannot be fully retrofitted, unfortunately.
* include/freetype/config/ftoption.h
* include/freetype/ftcache.h, include/freetype/cache/ftccache.h,
include/freetype/internal/psaux.h, include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h,
include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h, src/base/ftcalc.c,
src/base/ftdbgmem.c, src/base/ftobjs.c, src/base/ftutil.c,
src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c, src/cache/ftccache.c, src/cache/ftccback.h,
src/cache/ftcmanag.c, src/cff/cffdrivr.c, src/cid/cidriver.c,
src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c, src/pfr/pfrdrivr.c, src/psaux/psauxmod.c,
src/sfnt/sfdriver.c, src/truetype/ttdriver.c, src/type1/t1driver.c,
src/type1/t1objs.c, src/type42/t42drivr.c, src/winfonts/winfnt.c:
Use FT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS to revive old functions and data
Move newly added structure elements to the end of the affected
structure and add stub fields (if FT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS is
defined) to assure binary compatibility with older FreeType
Use FT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS to add function stubs for old
Rename the following internal functions to provide the old function
names as stubs:
FT_Alloc -> ft_mem_alloc
FT_QAlloc -> ft_mem_qalloc
FT_Realloc -> ft_mem_realloc
FT_QRealloc -> ft_mem_qrealloc
FT_Free -> ft_mem_free
FT_Alloc_Debug -> ft_mem_alloc_debug
FT_QAlloc_Debug -> ft_mem_qalloc_debug
FT_Realloc_Debug -> ft_mem_realloc_debug
FT_QRealloc_Debug -> ft_mem_qrealloc_debug
FT_Free_Debug -> ft_mem_free_debug
2006-02-15 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_Face_InternalRec): Remove
unused `max_points' and `max_contours'.
* src/cid/cidobjs.c (cid_face_init), src/type1/t1objs.c
(T1_Face_Init), src/type42/t42objs.c (T42_Face_Init): Update.
* include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h (TT_FaceRec): Remove unused
* src/truetype/ttinterp.h (TT_ExecContextRec): Remove unused
`loadSize' and `loadStack'.
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (TT_Done_Context, TT_Load_Context),
src/sfnt/ttload.c (tt_face_load_maxp): Update.
* src/cff/cffobjs.h (cff_size_select), src/sfnt/sfdriver.c
(sfnt_interface), src/truetype/ttdriver.c (tt_size_request): Fix
compiler errors/warnings when TT_CONFIG_OPTION_EMBEDDED_BITMAPS is not
* src/sfnt/ttmtx.c (tt_face_load_hmtx, tt_face_get_metrics): Fix
possible segment faults for the non-FT_OPTIMIZE_MEMORY'ed versions.
For most OpenType tables, `tt_face_load_xxxx' simply loads the table
and `face->root' is set later in `sfnt_load_face'. Here, we try to
make this work for _all_ tables. Also improve tracing messages.
* src/sfnt/ttsbit.c, src/sfnt/ttsbit0.c, src/sfnt/ttload.c,
src/sfnt/ttmtx.c: all `tt_face_load_xxxx' should load the table and
then exit. Error handling or setting face->root is done later in
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_load_face): Work harder.
Mac bitmap-only fonts are not scalable.
Check that `face->header.Units_Per_EM' is not zero.
(LOAD_, LOADM_): Emit pretty trace messages.
* src/sfnt/ttsbit0.c (tt_face_load_strike_metrics): Read metrics
from `eblc'.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_face_build_cmaps), src/sfnt/ttpost.c
(load_format_20, load_format_25, tt_face_get_ps_name): Use
face->max_profile.numGlyphs, instead of face->root.num_glyphs.
2006-02-14 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/ftoutln.h (FT_Outline_Embolden): Mention in
documentation that negative strength values are possible.
Give an example call.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_GlyphSlotRec): Improve
documentation of `outline' field.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c: Include FT_INTERNAL_DEBUG_H.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c: Include ttmtx.h.
* src/autofit/afcjk.c: Include aftypes.h and aflatin.h.
2006-02-14 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/sfnt/ttmtx.c (tt_face_get_metrics): Typo.
2006-02-14 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/sfnt/ttmtx.c (tt_face_load_hhea, tt_face_load_hmtx): Simply
return error if table is missing.
Check table length in non-FT_OPTIMIZE_MEMORY'ed `tt_face_load_hmtx'.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_load_face): Take care of missing metrics
tables. The last change makes Mac bitmap-only font not load and
this fixes it.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (load_truetype_glyph): Fix compilation
error when FT_CONFIG_OPTION_INCREMENTAL is defined.
2006-02-13 Chia-I Wu <>
Clean up the SFNT_Interface. In this final pass, `load_hmtx' is
split from `load_hhea'.
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h, src/sfnt/sfdriver.c,
src/sfnt/ttmtx.c, src/sfnt/ttmtx.h: Split `hmtx' from `hhea'.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_load_face): Update.
2006-02-13 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/sfnt/ttmtx.h, src/sfnt/ttmtx.c: Why are there two copies of
2006-02-13 Chia-I Wu <>
Clean up the SFNT_Interface. In this pass, we want to treat the
font directory (offset table and table directory) as a normal table
like the others. This also means that TTCs are no longer recognized
there but in `init_face'.
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h (SFNT_Interface),
src/sfnt/sfdriver.c: `load_sfnt_header' and `load_directory' are
combined and renamed to `load_font_dir'.
* src/sfnt/ttload.h, src/sfnt/ttload.c:
`sfnt_init' is moved to sfobjs.c and renamed to `sfnt_open_font'.
`tt_face_load_sfnt_header' and `tt_face_load_directory' are combined
and renamed to `tt_face_load_font_dir'.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_init_face): Recognize TTC here.
2006-02-13 Chia-I Wu <>
Clean up the SFNT_Interface. Table loading functions are now named
after the tables' tags; `hdmx' is TrueType-specific and thus the
code is moved to the truetype module; `get_metrics' is moved here
from the truetype module so that the code can be shared with the cff
This pass involves no real changes. That is, the code is moved
verbatim mostly. The only exception is the return value of
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h, src/sfnt/,
src/sfnt/sfdriver.c, src/sfnt/sfnt.c, src/sfnt/sfobjs.c,
src/sfnt/ttload.c, src/sfnt/ttload.h, src/sfnt/ttsbit.c,
src/sfnt/ttsbit.h, src/sfnt/ttsbit0.c: Clean up the SFNT_Interface.
* src/sfnt/ttmtx.c, src/sfnt/ttmtx.h: New files. Metrics-related
tables' loading and parsing code is moved to here.
Move `tt_face_get_metrics' here from the truetype module. The
return value is changed from `void' to `FT_Error'.
* include/freetype/internal/fttrace.h: New trace: ttmtx.
* src/truetype/ttpload.c, src/truetype/ttpload.h: `hdmx' loading and
parsing code is moved here.
New function `tt_face_load_prep' split from `tt_face_load_fpgm'.
`tt_face_load_fpgm' returns `FT_Err_Ok' if `fpgm' doesn't exist.
* src/cff/cffgload.c, src/cff/cffobjs.c: Update.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c, src/truetype/ttobjs.c: Update.
2006-02-11 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/autofit/afcjk.c (af_cjk_metrics_init): Fix a stupid bug...
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_metrics_init_widths): Use
AF_LatinMetricsRec as the dummy metrics because we cast the metrics
to it later in `af_latin_hints_link_segments'.
2006-02-11 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/config/ftoption.h (AF_CONFIG_OPTION_CJK): #define
to enable autofit CJK script support. (#define'd by default.)
* src/autofit/aflatin.h (AF_LATIN_CONSTANT): New macro.
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_metrics_init_widths): Make sure
that `edge_distance_threshold' is always set.
(af_latin_hints_link_segments): Potential divide-by-zero bug.
Use latin constant in the scoring formula.
* src/autofit/afcjk.c: Minor updates due to the above three changes.
* docs/TODO, docs/CHANGES: Updated.
2006-02-09 Chia-I Wu <>
Introduce experimental autofit CJK module based on akito's autohint
patch. You need to #define AF_MOD_CJK in afcjk.c to enable it.
* src/autofit/afglobal.c, src/autofit/afcjk.h, src/autofit/afcjk.c,
src/autofit/, src/autofit/autofit.c, src/autofit/aftypes.h:
Add CJK module based on akito's autohint patch.
* src/autofit/afhints.h (AF_SegmentRec): New field `len' for the
overlap length of the segments.
* src/autofit/aflatin.h (af_latin_metrics_init_widths),
src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_metrics_init_widths): Made
Use the character given by the caller.
(af_latin_metrics_init_widths, af_latin_hints_link_segments): Scale
the thresholds.
* src/autofit/afloader.c (af_loader_load_g): Respect
2006-02-09 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/cid/cidparse.c (cid_parse_new): Remove shadowing variable.
2006-02-09 suzuki toshiya <>
* src/cid/cidparse.c (cid_parse_new): Fix for abnormally short or
broken CIDFont. Reported by Taek Kwan(TK) Lee (see ft-devel
2006-02-08 suzuki toshiya <>
* builds/unix/ Fix bug for `--with-old-mac-fonts'
option on UNIX platform. It has been broken since 2006-01-11.
2006-02-01 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/otvalid/ s/otvalid_module_class/otv_module_class/.
* src/gxvalid/ s/gxvalid_module_class/gxv_module_class/.
* builds/unix/ Actually do define PLATFORM (fixing
change from 2006-01-31).
(TOP_DIR, OBJ_DIR): Update.
* builds/unix/ (install): Fix path for ftmodule.h.
* Makefile, *.mk, builds/unix/, builds/ Use
`?=' where appropriate.
* builds/ (TOP_DIR), builds/os2/ (TOP_DIR),
builds/win32/ (TOP_DIR): Removed. Defined elsewhere.
2006-01-31 Werner Lemberg <>
Implement new, simplified module selection. With GNU make it is now
sufficient to modify a single file, `modules.cfg', to control the
inclusion of modules and base extension files.
This change also fixes the creation of ftmodule.h; it now depends on
`modules.cfg' and thus is rebuilt only if necessary.
Finally, a version of `ftoption.h' in OBJ_DIR is preferred over the
default location.
* modules.cfg: New file.
* builds/ Don't include `'.
Include all `' files as specified in `modules.cfg'.
(FT_CFLAGS): Add macro definition for FT_CONFIG_MODULES_H.
OBJ_M, OBJ_S): Use `:=', not `='.
(remove_ftmodule_h): New phony target to delete `ftmodule.h'.
(distclean): Add remove_ftmodule_h.
* builds/ (MODULE_LIST): Removed.
(make_module_list, clean_module_list): Replace targets
variables. Reason for the change is that it is not possible to have
a phony prerequisite which is run only if the target file must be
rebuilt (phony prerequisites act like subroutines and are *always*
executed). We only want to rebuild `ftmodule.h' if `module.cfg' is
Update all callers.
($FTMODULE_H)): Rule to create `ftmodule.h', depending on
* builds/ Rewrite and simplify module handling.
(MODULES_CFG, FTMODULE_H): New variables.
(MODULES): New variable to include all `' and `'
files. We no longer use make's `wildcard' function for this.
* Makefile (USE_MODULES): Remove. Update all users.
(OBJ_DIR): Define it here.
* src/*/ Change
make_module_list: foo
foo: ...
define FOO
in all files. `FTMODULE_H_COMMANDS' is used in `FTMODULE_H_CREATE'.
* builds/unix/ (setup): Always execute `configure' script.
(have_mk): Rename to...
(have_Makefile): This.
Don't use `strip' function.
* builds/unix/ Include `' only if BUILD_PROJECT is
(have_mk): Don't use `strip' function.
Test for in OBJ_DIR, not BUILD_DIR (and invert the test
* builds/unix/ (install, uninstall): Handle `ftmodule.h'.
* builds/os2/, builds/unix/,
builds/win32/, builds/win32/ Don't define
BUILD_DIR but DEVEL_DIR for development header files.
* builds/ansi/ (TOP_DIR, OBJ_DIR),
builds/beos/ (TOP_DIR, OBJ_DIR), builds/unix/
(TOP_DIR, OBJ_DIR): Removed. Defined elsewhere.
* builds/dos/ (OBJ_DIR), builds/os2/ (OBJ_DIR),
builds/win32/ (OBJ_DIR): Removed. Defined elsewhere.
* builds/unix/ Don't define BUILD_DIR but DEVEL_DIR for
development header files.
Don't define PLATFORM.
* configure: Copy `modules.cfg' to builddir if builddir != srcdir.
Update snippet taken from autoconf's m4sh.m4 to current CVS version.
Be more verbose.
* include/freetype/config/ftmodule.h: Add comments -- this file is
no longer used if FreeType is built with GNU make.
docs/INSTALL.GNU, docs/INSTALL.UNX: Document new build mechanism.
Other minor updates.
* modules.txt: Removed. Contents included in `modules.cfg'.
* include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h (FT_QAlloc_Debug,
FT_Free_Debug) [FT_STRICT_ALIASING]: Fix typos.
* src/base/ftdbgmem.c (FT_Alloc_Debug, FT_Realloc_Debug,
FT_QAlloc_Debug, FT_QRealloc_Debug, FT_Free_Debug)
2006-01-31 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_face_init), src/cid/cidobjs.c
(cid_face_init), src/pfr/pfrobjs.c (pfr_face_init),
src/type1/t1objs.c (T1_Face_Init): Set face->height to MAX(1.2 *
units_per_EM, ascender - descender).
2006-01-31 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/internal/t1types.h (AFM_FontInfo),
src/psaux/afmparse.c, src/tools/test_afm.c: Read `FontBBox',
`Ascender', and `Descender' from an AFM.
* src/type1/t1afm.c (T1_Read_Metrics): Use the metrics from the AFM.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_FaceRec): Mention that fields may
be changed after file attachment.
2006-01-28 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/*/ (.PHONY): Add.
2006-01-27 Werner Lemberg <>
* README, docs/FTL.TXT: Fix email address for bug reports.
Other minor formatting.
* devel/ftoption.h: Synchronize with
* src/autofit/ (add_autofit_module), src/bdf/
(add_bdf_module), src/type42/ (add_type42_driver): Fix
* src/smooth/ (add_smooth_renderer): Add lcd and lcdv
renderer classes.
2006-01-27 David Turner <>
* builds/unix/ Fix build problem on Cygwin.
* builds/unix/ (install): Don't install the internal
headers, and remove existing ones if found in the target install
* src/autofit/afwarp.c: Add simple #ifdef to prevent compilation
if the warp hinter isn't active (it shouldn't, still experimental).
* Jamfile, include/freetype/config/ftmodule.h: Remove `gxvalid'
and `otvalid' from the list of modules that are linked statically
to a given FreeType library. Functionality has been moved to the
`ftvalid' CVS module.
Note also that current Make-based build system still compiles the
modules though.
* include/freetype/config/ftoption.h (FT_STRICT_ALIASING): New macro
which controls the definitions of the memory management functions to
avoid warnings with recent versions of GCC. This macro is only here
to be disabled, in case we detect problems with the new scheme.
NOTE: Disable macro to use the memory debugger -- this will be fixed
* include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h, src/base/ftutil.c (FT_Alloc,
FT_QAlloc, FT_Realloc, FT_QRealloc, FT_Free) [FT_STRICT_ALIASING]:
New versions.
* builds/win32/visualc/freetype.dsp: Updating project file to
define FT2_BUILD_LIBRARY, and remove gxvalid + otvalid modules from
* builds/ (FT_CFLAGS), Jamfile (DEFINES): Define the
macro FT2_BUILD_LIBRARY when compiling the library.
* include/freetype/config/ftheader.h: Remove inclusions of internal
headers except if the macro FT2_BUILD_LIBRARY is defined.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (AFM_KernPair, AFM_TrackKern,
AFM_FontInfo): Move structure declarations to...
* include/freetype/internal/t1types.h: This file.
* (many files): Fix compiler warnings.
Various minor reorganizations.
* src/cff/cffload.c (cff_font_done): Don't free static array
* src/otvalid/otvcommn.c (otv_ClassDef_validate),
src/otvalid/otvgpos.c (otv_x_sxy): Fix debugging information.
Get rid of writable static variables (i.e., the string table) in
afmparse, and fix compilation in FT2_MULTI mode.
* src/psaux/afmparse.c: Include ft2build.h and FT_FREETYPE_H.
* src/psaux/afmparse.h: Here.
* src/psaux/Jamfile (_sources): Add afmparse.
* src/psaux/psconv.c: Include psconv.h.
* src/type1/t1afm.c: Don't include FT_INTERNAL_TYPE1_TYPES_H but
* src/type1/t1afm.h: Include FT_INTERNAL_TYPE1_TYPES_H.
2006-01-23 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_Select_Size): Rename the second
argument from `idx' to `strike_index'.
(FT_Size_Request_Type): Add FT_SIZE_REQUEST_TYPE_MAX to the end of
this enum.
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_REQUEST_WIDTH,
FT_REQUEST_HEIGHT): New macros to get the width and height of a
request, in fractional pixels.
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_Select_Metrics,
FT_Request_Metrics), src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Select_Metrics,
FT_Request_Metrics): New base functions to set the font metrics. They
were part of FT_Select_Size/FT_Request_Size and are made independent
functions so that metrics are not set again and again.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Select_Size, FT_Request_Size): Metrics are set
only when driver's size_select/size_request is NULL. That is, drivers
should set the metrics themselves.
(FT_Match_Size): Round before matching. This was what we did and it
does cause some problems without rounding.
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_size_select), src/truetype/ttdriver.c
(tt_size_select): Set the font metrics.
The scaled metrics are always preferred over strikes' metrics, even
when some strike is selected. This is done because the strikes'
metrics are not reliable, e.g., the sign of the descender is wrong for
some fonts.
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_size_request), src/truetype/ttdriver.c
(tt_size_request): Set the font metrics.
Call cff_size_select/tt_size_select when some strike is matched.
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c, src/cff/cffobjs.c, src/cid/cidobjs.c,
src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c, src/truetype/ttdriver.c, src/type1/t1objs.c,
src/type1/t1objs.h, src/type42/t42objs.c, src/winfonts/winfnt.c:
Set the font metrics.
* src/tools/test_afm.c, src/psaux/psconv.c: Older versions of these
files were committed. Just a catch-up.
(PS_Conv_ToFixed): Remove the `goto'.
(PS_Conv_ASCIIHexDecode, PS_Conv_EexecDecode): Speed up a little.
* src/sfnt/ttsbit.c (tt_face_load_sbit_strikes,
tt_face_load_strike_metrics), src/sfnt/ttsbit0.c
(tt_face_load_sbit_strikes, tt_face_load_strike_metrics): The
advertised metrics in `available_sizes' are different from those
actually used.
2006-01-23 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/psaux/psaux.c src/psaux/psauxmod.c src/type1/t1driver.c: Make
AFM parser optional, controlled by `T1_CONFIG_OPTION_NO_AFM'.
2006-01-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/unix/install-sh, builds/unix/mkinstalldirs: Updated from
`texinfo' CVS module at
2006-01-21 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/autofit/ (AUTOF_DRV_SRC): Add afwarp.c.
* src/autofit/afloader.c (af_loader_load_g): Move AF_USE_WARPER up
to avoid compiler warnings.
* src/autofit/afwarp.c (af_warper_compute_line_best): Remove
shadowing variable declarations.
Fix warning parameters and replace printf with AF_LOG.
(af_warper_compute): Remove unused variable.
2006-01-20 David Turner <>
Adding experimental implementation of `warp hinting' (new hinting
algorithm for gray-level and LCD rendering). It is disabled by
default, you need to #define AF_USE_WARPER in aftypes.h.
* src/autofit/afhints.c (af_glyph_hints_scale_dim) [AF_USE_WARPER]:
New function.
* src/autofit/afhints.h: Updated.
* src/autofit/aflatin.c [AF_USE_WARPER]: Include afwarp.h.
(af_latin_hints_init) [AF_USE_WARPER]: Reset mode to
FT_RENDER_MODE_NORMAL if an LCD mode is selected.
(af_latin_hints_apply) [AF_USE_WARPER]: Call af_warper_compute
* src/autofit/afloader.c (af_loader_load_g) [!AF_USER_WARPER]:
Isolate code for adjusting metrics.
* src/autofit/aftypes.h (AF_USE_WARPER): New macro (commented out by
* src/autofit/afwarp.c, src/autofit/afwarp.h: New files.
* src/autofit/autofit.c [AF_USE_WARPER]: Include afwarp.c.
* src/autofit/Jamfile (_sources): Add afwarp.
2006-01-19 David Turner <>
* src/sfnt/ttsbit0.c (tt_face_load_strike_metrics): Fix small bug
that prevented compilation when FT_OPTIMIZE_MEMORY is defined.
2006-01-19 Brian Weed <>
* builds/win32/visualc/freetype.dsp: Updated.
2006-01-17 Werner Lemberg <>
Use pscmap service in CFF module.
* src/cff/cffcmap.c (cff_cmap_uni_pair_compare): Removed.
(cff_sid_to_glyph_name): New function.
(cff_cmap_unicode_init, cff_cmap_unicode_done,
cff_cmap_unicode_char_index, cff_cmap_unicode_char next): Use pscmap
(cff_cmap_unicode_class_rec): Updated.
* src/cff/cffcmap.h (CFF_CMapUnicode, CFF_CMap_UniPair): Removed.
* src/psnames/psmodule.c (ps_unicodes_char_next): Fix `unicode'
return value.
* src/psaux/afmparse.c (afm_parser_read_vals): Use double casting
to avoid compiler warnings regarding type-punning.
2006-01-16 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/psaux/afmparse.c, src/psaux/afmparse.h: New files which
implement an AFM parser.
* src/psaux/psconv.c, src/psaux/psconv.h: New files to provide
conversion functions (e.g., PS real number => FT_Fixed) for the
PS_Parser and AFM_Parser. Some of the functions are taken, with
some modifications, from the file psobjs.c.
* src/psaux/psobjs.c: Use functions from psconv.c.
* include/freetype/internal/psaux.h, src/psaux/psauxmod.c: Add
`AFM_Parser' to the `psaux' service.
* src/psaux/psaux.c, src/psaux/ (PSAUX_DRV_SRC): Include
those new files.
* src/tools/test_afm.c: A test program for AFM parser.
* include/freetype/internal/services/svkern.h: New file providing a
`Kerning' service. It is currently only used to get the track
kerning information.
* include/freetype/internal/ftserv.h (FT_SERVICE_KERNING_H): New
* src/type1/t1driver.c, src/type1/t1objs.c, src/type1/t1afm.c,
src/type1/t1afm.h: Update to use the AFM parser.
Provide the `Kerning' service.
* include/freetype/freetype.h, src/base/ftobjs.c: New API
2006-01-15 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h, src/base/ftobjs.c,
src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c, src/cff/cffgload.c, src/cid/cidgload.c,
src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c, src/type1/t1gload.c, src/winfonts/winfnt.c:
* docs/CHANGES: Mention that vertical metrics are synthesized for
fonts not having this info.
2006-01-15 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (ft_fake_vertical_metrics),
src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_fake_vertical_metrics): New function to fake
vertical metrics.
* src/cff/cffgload.c, src/cid/cidgload.c, src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c,
src/type1/t1gload.c, src/winfonts/winfnt.c: Fake vertical metrics,
which are monotone.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (compute_glyph_metrics): Some fixes and
formattings in vertical metrics faking. There is still room for
improvements (and so does the CFF module).
2006-01-15 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (BDF_Glyph_Load), src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c
(PCF_Glyph_Load), src/winfonts/winfnt.c (FNT_Load_Glyph): Don't set
the linear advance fields as they are only used by the outline
* include/freetype/freetype.h: Documentation updates and
The meaning of FT_LOAD_FORCE_AUTOHINT is changed so that no real
change need be made to the code.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): Resolve flag dependencies and
decide whether to use the auto-hinter according to documentation.
There should to be no real difference.
Some checks (e.g., is text height positive?) after the glyph is
(FT_Select_Size, FT_Request_Size): Scales are set to wrong values.
Be careful that scales won't be negative.
2006-01-14 Chia-I Wu <>
* docs/CHANGES: Mention the size selection change.
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (BDF_Size_Request, BDF_Size_Select),
src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (PCF_Size_Request, PCF_Size_Select),
src/winfonts/winfnt.c (FNT_Size_Request, FNT_Size_Select): Do size
matching for requests of type NOMINAL and REAL_DIM.
* src/winfonts/winfnt.c (FNT_Face_Init): Print trace message when
`pixel_height' is used for nominal height.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Request_Size): Call `FT_Match_Size' if the
face is bitmap only and driver doesn't provide `request_size'. This
is added merely for completion as no driver satisfies the conditions.
2006-01-13 Chia-I Wu <>
Introduce new size selection interface.
* include/freetype/internal/ftdriver.h (struct FT_Driver_ClassRec):
Replace `set_char_sizes' and `set_pixel_sizes' by `request_size' and
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_Select_Size, FT_Size_Request_Type,
FT_Size_Request, FT_Request_Size, FT_Select_Size), src/base/ftobjs.c
(FT_Select_Size, FT_Request_Size): API additions to export the new
size selection interface.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Set_Char_Size, FT_Set_Pixel_Sizes): Use
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_Match_Size),
src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Match_Size): New function to match a size
request against `available_sizes'. Drivers supporting bitmap strikes
can use this function to implement `request_size'.
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c, src/cid/cidobjs.c, src/cid/cidobjs.h,
src/cid/cidriver.c, src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c, src/type1/t1driver.c,
src/type1/t1objs.c, src/type1/t1objs.h, src/type42/t42drivr.c,
src/type42/t42objs.c, src/type42/t42objs.h, src/winfonts/winfnt.c:
Update to new size selection interface.
* src/cff/cffdrivr.c, src/cff/cffgload.c, src/cff/cffobjs.c,
src/cff/cffobjs.h, src/truetype/ttdriver.c, src/truetype/ttgload.c,
src/truetype/ttobjs.c, src/truetype/ttobjs.h: Update to new size
selection interface.
Make `strike_index' FT_ULong and always defined.
Use `load_strike_metrics' provided by SFNT interface.
2006-01-13 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/internal/sfnt.h (SFNT_Interface): New method
`load_strike_metrics' used to load the strike's metrics.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c, src/sfnt/ttsbit.c, src/sfnt/ttsbit.h,
src/sfnt/ttsbit0.c: New function `tt_face_load_strike_metrics'.
* src/pfr/pfrobjs.c (pfr_face_init): Set FT_Bitmap_Size correctly.
* src/winfonts/winfnt.c (FNT_Face_Init): Use `nominal_point_size' for
nominal size unless it is obviously incorrect.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_Bitmap_Size): Update the comments on
FNT driver.
2006-01-12 Werner Lemberg <>
Prepare use of pscmap service within CFF module.
* include/freetype/internal/services/svpscmap.h: Include
(PS_Unicode_Index_Func): Removed. Unused.
(PS_Macintosh_Name_Func): Renamed to...
(PS_Macintosh_NameFunc): This.
Update all callers.
(PS_Adobe_Std_Strings_Func): Renamed to...
(PS_Adobe_Std_StringsFunc): This.
Update all callers.
(PS_UnicodesRec): This is the former `PS_Unicodes' structure.
Add `cmap' member.
Update all callers.
(PS_Unicodes): This is now a typedef'd pointer to PS_UnicodesRec.
Update all callers.
(PS_Glyph_NameFunc): New typedef.
(PS_Unicodes_InitFunc): Change arguments to expect a function
and generic data pointer which returns a glyph name from a given
* src/psnames/psmodule.c (ps_unicodes_init, ps_unicodes_char_index,
ps_unicodes_char_next, pscmaps_interface): Updated.
* include/freetype/internal/t1types.h (T1_FaceRec): Updated.
* src/psaux/t1cmap.h (T1_CMapStdRec): Updated.
(T1_CMapUnicode, T1_CMapUnicodeRec): Removed.
* src/psaux/t1cmap.c (t1_get_glyph_name): New callback function.
(t1_cmap_unicode_init, t1_cmap_unicode_done,
t1_cmap_unicode_char_index, t1_cmap_unicode_char_next,
t1_cmap_unicode_class_rec): Updated.
* src/type42/t42types.h (T42_FaceRec): Updated.
2006-01-11 suzuki toshiya <>
* include/freetype/ftmac.h: Add declaration of new functions
FT_New_Face_From_FSRef and FT_GetFile_From_Mac_ATS_Name that
were introduced by the jumbo patch on 2006-01-11.
2006-01-11 Werner Lemberg <>
Fix Savannah bug #15056 and use pscmap service in psaux module.
* include/freetype/internal/services/svpscmap.h (PS_UniMap): Use
FT_UInt32 for `glyph_index'.
(PS_Unicodes_InitFunc): Use FT_String for `glyph_names'.
(PS_Unicodes_CharIndexFunc): Use FT_UInt32 for `unicode'.
(PS_Unicodes_CharNextFunc): Make second argument a pointer to
* src/psnames/psmodule.c (VARIANT_BIT, BASE_GLYPH): New macros.
(ps_unicode_value): Set VARIANT_BIT in return value if glyph is a
variant glyph (this is, it has non-leading `.' in its name).
(compare_uni_maps): Sort base glyphs before variant glyphs.
(ps_unicodes_init): Use FT_String for `glyph_names' argument.
Reallocate only if number of used entries is much smaller.
Updated to handle variant glyphs.
(ps_unicodes_char_index, ps_unicodes_char_next): Prefer base glyphs
over variant glyphs.
Simplify code.
* src/psaux/t1cmap.c (t1_cmap_uni_pair_compare): Removed.
(t1_cmap_unicode_init, t1_cmap_unicode_char_index,
t1_cmap_unicode_char_next): Use pscmap service.
(t1_cmap_unicode_done): Updated.
* src/psaux/t1cmap.h (T1_CMapUniPair): Removed.
(T1_CMapUnicode): Use PS_Unicodes structure.
2006-01-11 suzuki toshiya <>
Jumbo patch to fix `deprecated' warning of cross-build for Tiger on
Intel, as reported by Sean McBride <> on
* src/base/ftmac.c: Heavy change to build without deprecated Carbon
functions on Tiger.
* builds/unix/ Add options and autochecks for Carbon
functions availabilities, for MacOS X.
* builds/mac/ Add converter for character `\305'.
* builds/mac/FreeType.m68k_{far|cfm}.make.txt: Add conditional
macros to avoid unavailable functions.
ftmac.c must be compiled without `-strict ansi', because it disables
cpp macro to use ToolBox system call.
* builds/mac/FreeType.ppc_{classic|carbon}.make.txt: Add conditional
macros to avoid unavailable functions.
* builds/mac/README: Detailed notes on function availabilities.
* docs/CHANGES: Notes about (possible) incompatibilities.
2006-01-08 Werner Lemberg <>
* docs/CHANGES: Updated.
2006-01-08 Huw D M Davies <>
* include/freetype/ftmodapi.h (FT_Module_Get_Flags): New
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Module_Get_Flags): New function.
2006-01-07 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_get_bitmaps): Remove unused variable
`bitmaps'. Reported by Yu Lei <>.
* src/base/ftutil.c (ft_highpow2): s/FT_BASE/FT_BASE_DEF/.
Reported by Niels Boldt <>.
2005-12-28 suzuki toshiya <>
* src/sfnt/sfnt/ttbdf.c: Add newline '\n' to the end of file, for
MPW compiler.
2005-12-23 David Turner <>
* Jamfile (RefDoc), docs/reference/README: Fix it so that `jam
refdoc' works correctly to generate the API reference in
* src/tools/docmaker/ (print_html_field,
print_html_field_list): Update to output nicer fields lists in the
API reference.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Load_Glyph): FT_LOAD_TARGET_LIGHT now
forces auto-hinting.
* freetype/freetype.h: Updating the documentation for
FT_LOAD_TARGET_XXX and FT_Render_Mode values.
2005-12-23 suzuki toshiya <>
* src/base/ftmac.c (FT_New_Face_From_Suitcase): Count scalable faces
in supported formats (sfnt, LWFN) only, and ignore bitmap faces in
unsupported formats (fbit, NFNT). The number of available faces are
passed via face->num_faces. If bitmap faces are embedded in sfnt
resource, face->num_fixed_size is correctly set. In public API,
FT_New_Face() and FT_New_Face_From_FSSpec() count the faces as
FT_GetFile_From_Mac_Name(), which ignores NFNT resources.
* doc/CHANGES: Mention the changes.
2005-12-17 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (Update_Max): Set current size of buffer
correctly (so that memory debug system won't panic).
2005-12-16 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (ft_glyphslot_grid_fit_metrics),
src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_glyphslot_grid_fit_metrics): Removed.
* src/base/ftobjs.c (ft_recompute_scaled_metrics): Do not round.
* src/cff/cffgload.c (cff_slot_load), src/cid/cidgload.c
(cid_slot_load_glyph), src/truetype/ttgload.c (compute_glyph_metrics),
src/type1/t1gload.c (T1_Load_Glyph): Do not round glyph metrics.
* doc/CHANGES: Mention the changes.
2005-12-13 David Turner <>
Change the implementation of the LIGHT hinting mode to completely
disable horizontal hinting. This is an experimental effort to
integrate David Chester's latest patch without affecting the other
hinting modes as well.
Note that this doesn't force auto-hinting for all fonts, however.
* src/autofit/afhints.c (af_glyph_hints_reload): Don't set
scaler_flags here but...
(af_glyph_hints_rescale): Here.
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_hints_init): Disable horizontal
hinting for `light' hinting mode.
* Jamfile: Small fix to ensure that ftexport.sym is placed into the
same location as other generated objects (i.e., within the `objs'
directory of the current directory).
Add support for an embedded `BDF ' table within SFNT-based bitmap
font files. This is used to store atoms & properties from the
original BDF fonts that were used to generate the font file.
The feature is controlled by TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF within
`ftoption.h' and is used to implement FT_Get_BDF_Property for these
font files.
At the moment, this is still experimental, the BDF table format
isn't cast into stone yet.
* include/freetype/config/ftoption.h (TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF): New
* include/freetype/config/ftstdlib.h (ft_memchr): New macro.
* include/freetype/internal/tttypes.h (TT_BDFRec, TT_BDF)
[TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF]: New structure.
(TT_FaceRec) [TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF]: New member `bdf'.
* include/freetype/tttags.h (TTAG_BDF): New macro.
* src/sfnt/Jamfile (_sources): Add ttbdf.
* src/sfnt/ (SFNT_DRV_SRC): Add ttbdf.c.
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c [TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF]: Include ttbdf.h and
(sfnt_get_charset_it) [TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF]: New function.
(sfnt_service_bdf) [TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF]: New service.
(sfnt_services) [TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF]: Add sfnt_service_bdf.
* src/sfnt/sfnt.c [TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF]: Include ttbdf.c.
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c [TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF]: Include ttbdf.h.
(sfnt_done_face) [TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BDF]: Call
* src/sfnt/ttbdf.h, src/sfnt/ttbdf.c: New files.
2005-12-07 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_init_face): Move tag check to...
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (sfnt_init): Here, before handling TTCs.
2005-12-06 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (tt_size_init): size->ttmetrics.valid is
initialized twice.
size->strike_index is not initialized.
2005-12-02 Taek Kwan(TK) Lee <>
* src/type42/t42objs.c (T42_Face_Init): Replace call to
FT_New_Memory_Face with call to FT_Open_Face to pass `params'.
2005-11-30 Werner Lemberg <>
* docs/CHANGES: Document ftdump's `-v' option.
Document latest charmap code changes.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c, src/sfnt/ttcmap.h:
2005-11-30 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (tt_cmap4_char_map_binary,
tt_cmap12_char_map_binary): Fix compiler warnings.
2005-11-29 Chia-I Wu <>
Major update to distinguish between unsorted and overlapping
segments for cmap format 4. For overlapping but sorted segments,
which is previously considered unsorted, we still use binary search.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.h (TT_CMapRec_): Replace `unsorted' by `flags'.
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (OPT_CMAP4): Removed as it is always defined.
(TT_CMap4Rec_): Remove `old_charcode' and `table_length'.
(tt_cmap4_reset): Removed.
(tt_cmap4_init): Updated accordingly.
(tt_cmap4_next): Updated accordingly.
Take care of overlapping segments.
(tt_cmap4_validate): Make sure the subtable is large enough.
Do not check glyph_ids because some fonts set the length wrongly.
Also, if all segments have offset 0, glyph_ids is always invalid.
It does not cause any problem so far only because the check misses
Distinguish between unsorted and overlapping segments.
(tt_cmap4_char_map_linear, tt_cmap4_char_map_binary): New functions
to do `charcode => glyph index' by linear/binary search.
(tt_cmap4_char_index, tt_cmap4_char_next): Use
tt_cmap4_char_map_linear and tt_cmap4_char_map_binary.
(tt_face_build_cmaps): Treat the return value of validator as flags
for cmap.
2005-11-29 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/sfnt/ttcmap.c (TT_CMap12Rec_, tt_cmap12_init, tt_cmap12_next):
New structures and functions for fast `next char'.
(tt_cmap12_char_map_binary): New function to do `charcode => glyph
index' by binary search.
(tt_cmap12_char_index, tt_cmap12_char_next): Use
(tt_face_build_cmaps): Check table and offset correctly (equality is
2005-11-15 Detlef Würkner <>
* builds/amiga/smakefile: Adjusted the compiler options
to the current sources, now really builds the gxvalid, gzip
and psnames modules.
* builds/amiga/src/base/ftsystem.c: The assumed Seek() position
in the file cache was off by one byte which could cause false
errors in font files.
2005-11-24 suzuki toshiya <>
* builds/mac/FreeType.m68k_far.make.txt,
Updated for MPW to build all available modules.
2005-11-21 Håvard Wall <>
* src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (bdf_interpret_style, BDF_Face_Done): Fix small
memory leak.
2005-11-21 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (sfnt_init): Add tracing message.
2005-11-21 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/sfnt/ttsbit0.c (tt_sbit_decoder_load_image): Image_offset was
added twice to image_start if image_format was 2 or 5.
2005-11-21 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_init_face): Check that format_tag is known
before loading the table directory.
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (tt_face_load_sfnt_header,
tt_face_load_directory): Delay sfnt_dir_check from
tt_face_load_sfnt_header to tt_face_load_directory.
2005-11-20 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (sfnt_dir_check): Clean up and return correct
error code.
(sfnt_init): New function to fill in face->ttc_header. A non-TTC font
is synthesized into a TTC font with one offset table.
(tt_face_load_sfnt_header): Use sfnt_init.
Fix an invalid access if the font is TTC and face_index is -1.
2005-11-18 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (tt_face_load_metrics): Ignore excess number
of metrics instead of aborting. Patch suggested by Derek Noonburg.
* src/cff/cffgload.c (cff_slot_load), src/cid/cidgload.c
(cid_slot_load_glyph), src/type1/t1gload.c (T1_Load_Glyph): Scale
the glyph properly if no hinter is available.
* docs/CHANGES: Mention scaling bug.
2005-11-18 suzuki toshiya <>
* include/freetype/ftgxval.h, src/base/ftgxval.c
(FT_TrueTypeGX_Free, FT_ClassicKern_Free): New functions to free
buffers allocated by gxvalid module.
* include/freetype/ftotval.h, src/base/ftotval.c
(FT_OpenType_Free): New function to free buffer allocated by
otvalid module.
2005-11-18 Chia-I Wu <>
* builds/unix/ftsystem.c (FT_Stream_Open, FT_New_Memory,
FT_Done_Memory), builds/vms/ftsystem.c (FT_Stream_Open, FT_New_Memory,
FT_Done_Memory), builds/win32/ftdebug.c (FT_Message, FT_Panic):
2005-11-17 Detlef Würkner <>
* builds/amiga/src/base/ftdebug.c (FT_Trace_Get_Count,
FT_Trace_Get_Name, FT_Message, FT_Panic),
builds/amiga/src/base/ftsystem.c (FT_New_Memory, FT_Done_Memory,
FT_Stream_Open): s/FT_EXPORT/FT_BASE/.
2005-11-17 Detlef Würkner <>
* builds/amiga/makefile, builds/amiga/makefile.os4,
builds/amiga/include/freetype/config/ftmodule.h: Updated the Amiga
build files (added support for the gxvalid module).
2005-11-17 Werner Lemberg <>
Add vertical metrics support to OpenType CFF outlines. Based on a
patch from Mike Moening <>.
* src/cff/cffgload.c (cff_face_get_vertical_metrics): New function.
(cff_slot_load): Use cff_face_get_vertical_metrics.
* docs/CHANGES: Updated.
2005-11-17 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/base/ftcalc.c (FT_MulTo64): Commented out.
* include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h (FT_SqrtFixed),
src/base/ftcalc.c (FT_SqrtFixed),
include/freetype/internal/ftdebug.h (FT_Trace_Get_Count,
FT_Trace_Get_Name, FT_Message, FT_Panic), src/base/ftdebug.c
(FT_Trace_Get_Count, FT_Trace_Get_Name, FT_Message, FT_Panic),
include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_New_Memory, FT_Done_Memory),
include/freetype/internal/ftstream.h (FT_Stream_Open),
src/base/ftsystem.c (FT_New_Memory, FT_Done_Memory, FT_Stream_Open):
* builds/ Manually add TT_New_Context to EXPORTS_LIST
2005-11-15 David Turner <>
* src/base/fttrigon.c (ft_trig_prenorm): Fix a bug that created
invalid computations, resulting in very weird bugs in TrueType
bytecode hinted fonts.
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c (FT_UNUSED_EXEC): Don't perform a
structure copy each time.
2005-11-11 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/cache/ftccache.c (FTC_Cache_Clear), src/cache/ftcmanag.c
(FTC_Manager_Check): Remove FT_EXPORT_DEF tag.
* src/base/ftcalc.c (FT_Add64): Remove FT_EXPORT_DEF tag.
(FT_Div64by32, FT_Sqrt32): Commented out. Unused.
* include/freetype/internal/ftcalc.h (SQRT_32): Removed. Unused.
(FT_Sqrt32): Commented out. Unused.
* include/freetype/cache/ftccache.h:
* src/cache/ftccback.h (ftc_node_destroy): New declaration.
* src/cache/ftccache.c (ftc_node_destroy): Use FT_LOCAL_DEF tag.
(FTC_Node_Destroy): New exported wrapper function for
* src/cache/ftcmanag.c: Include ftccback.c.
2005-11-10 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/autofit/afangles.c, src/autofit/aftypes.h (af_angle_diff):
Comment out. Unused.
* builds/ ($(EXPORTS_LIST)): Add TT_RunIns.
2005-11-10 Christian Biesinger <>
* builds/beos/ Call before anything else to
define the separator.
* builds/unix/ (LINK_LIBRARY): Add `-no-undefined' flag.
2005-11-07 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/type1/t1afm.c (T1_Read_PFM): Zero offset means `no kerning
table available'. From Sergey Tolstov <>.
2005-11-03 Ville Syrjälä <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Open_Face): Avoid possible memory leak.
2005-11-02 Werner Lemberg <>
Make compiling instructions in docs/CUSTOMIZE work again.
* builds/unix/ (CPPFLAGS): New variable.
(CFLAGS): Don't include @CPPFLAGS@.
* builds/ (FT_CFLAGS): Add CPPFLAGS.
2005-10-28 David Turner <>
Update build system to support the generation of a list of exported
symbols or Windows .DEF files by parsing the public headers with the
`apinames' tool located in src/tools/apinames.c.
Only tested on Unix at the moment. On Windows, the .DEF file is
generated but isn't used yet to generate a DLL.
* builds/ New file.
* builds/ Include
(dll): New target.
(clean_project_dos): Fix rule.
* builds/compiler/ (TE), builds/dos/ (E),
builds/os2/ (E), builds/win32/ (E): New
variables for controlling executable extensions.
* builds/unix/ (EXPORTS_LIST, CCexe),
builds/win32/, builds/win32/,
builds/win32/, builds/win32/,
builds/win32/, builds/win32/w32-vcc,
APINAMES_OPTIONS): New targets for controlling the `apinames' tool.
* Jamfile (GenExportSymbols): Updated.
* src/pfr/pfrtypes.h, src/pfr/pfrload.c, src/pfr/pfrobjs.c
[!FT_OPTIMIZE_MEMORY]: Fold memory optimization code into
FT_OPTIMIZE_MEMORY chunks for better maintainability and simplicity.
* src/base/fttrigon.c (ft_trig_prenorm), src/base/ftcalc.c
(FT_MulFix): Performance optimizations.
* include/freetype/internal/ftgloadr.h (FT_GLYPHLOADER_CHECK_P,
checking points and contours. Update callers to use
FT_GLYPHLOADER_CHECK_POINTS instead of FT_GlyphLoader_CheckPoints
at profile-detected hot-spots.
* src/base/ftgloadr.c (FT_GlyphLoader_CheckPoints): Set `adjust'
to 0 to not call `AdjustPoints' every time.
* src/autofit/aftypes.h (AF_ANGLE_DIFF): New macro to inline
* src/autofit/afhints.c (af_direction_compute): Re-implement.
(af_glyph_hints_compute_inflections, af_glyph_hints_reload): Use
AF_ANGLE_DIFF to speed up the detection of inflexions.
* src/tools/apinames.c: Include <string.h>.
(OutputFormat): New enumeration.
(names_dump): Add two parameters to control output format and DLL
(names_dump_windef): Removed. Code folded into `names_dump'.
(read_header_file): Use isalnum, not isalpha. Otherwise function
names with digits aren't read correctly.
(usage): Updated.
(main): New option `-o' to control output file name.
New option `-d' to indicate DLL file name.
Extend `-w' flag to handle Borland and Watcom compilers and linkers.
2005-10-28 suzuki toshiya <>
* builds/mac/ftlib.prj, builds/mac/freetype.mak: Removed.
ftlib.prj is unmaintained and incompatible with current tree.
freetype.mak is unrecoverably broken.
* builds/mac/ftlib.prj.xml: Added.
Generated by Metrowerks CodeWarrior 9.0.
* builds/mac/FreeType.m68k_far.make.txt,
builds/mac/FreeType.ppc_carbon.make.txt: Added.
Skeleton files of MPW makefiles.
* builds/mac/ Added.
Python script to make MPW makefile from skeleton.
* builds/mac/README: Updated.
Almost rewritten to use new files.
2005-10-28 suzuki toshiya <>
* src/base/ftmac.c: Fix invalid casts from NULL to integer typed
variables. Advised by David Turner, Masatake YAMATO, Sean McBride,
and George Williams.
2005-10-27 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/ftsysmem.h, include/freetype/ftsysio.h: Removed.
2005-10-25 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_interface): Move out
`tt_face_get_kerning' from a #ifdef clause. Reported by Tony J.
Ibbs <>.
2005-10-23 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/base/ftdbgmem.c (ft_mem_debug_realloc): Make it compile with
2005-10-21 David Turner <>
* src/base/ftdbgmem.c (ft_mem_table_set, ft_mem_debug_realloc):
Another realloc memory counting bug fix.
* src/tools/Jamfile: Add missing file.
* src/lzw/Jamfile: Fix incorrect source file reference.
2005-10-20 David Turner <>
* src/base/ftdbgmem.c (ft_mem_table_set, ft_mem_table_remove,
ft_mem_debug_alloc, ft_mem_debug_free, ft_mem_debug_realloc): Fixes
to better account for memory reallocations.
* src/lzw/ftlzw2.c, src/lzw/ftzopen.h, src/lzw/ftzopen.c,
src/lzw/ First version of LZW loader re-implementation.
Apparently, this saves about 330 KB of heap memory when loading
2005-10-20 Chia-I Wu <>
* include/freetype/ftbitmap.h (FT_Bitmap_Copy, FT_Bitmap_Embolden),
src/base/ftbdf.c (FT_Get_BDF_Property), src/cache/ftcmru.c
(FTC_MruList_Reset, FTC_MruList_Done, FTC_MruList_Lookup): Fix
2005-10-19 Chia-I Wu <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Glyph): Allow size->ttmetrics to
be invalid when FT_LOAD_NO_SCALE is set.
2005-10-17 David Turner <>
* src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Open_Face): Don't call FT_New_GlyphSlot and
FT_New_Size if we are opening a face with face_index < 0 (which is
only used for testing the format).
* src/gxvalid/gxvmort0.c (gxv_mort_subtable_type0_entry_validate):
Remove compiler warning.
2005-10-16 David Turner <>
* src/tools/apinames.c: Add new tool to extract public API function
names from header files.
2005-10-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Add FT_FACE_FLAG_HINTER to indicate that a specific font driver has
a hinting engine of its own.
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_FACE_FLAG_HINTER): New macro.
* src/cff/cffobjs.c (cff_face_init), src/cid/cidobjs.c
(cid_face_init), src/truetype/ttobjs.c (tt_face_init)
(T1_Face_Init), src/type42/t42objs.c (T42_Face_Init)
* docs/CHANGES: Document it.
2005-09-27 Werner Lemberg <>
* builds/unix/freetype2.m4: Add license exception so that the file
can be used in any other autoconf script.
2005-09-26 David Turner <>
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_compute_stem_width): Fix bad
computation of the `vertical' flag, causing ugly things in LCD mode
and others.
2005-09-23 David Turner <>
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_hints_init): Fix a bug that
prevented internal hint mode bitflags from being computed correctly.
* src/base/Jamfile: Adding src/base/ftgxval.c.
* src/gxvalid/gxvbsln.c, src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvfeat.c, src/gxvalid/gxvjust.c, src/gxvalid/gxvkern.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvlcar.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmort.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvmort0.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmort1.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvmort2.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmort4.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvmort5.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmorx.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvmorx0.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmorx1.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvmorx2.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmorx5.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvopbd.c, src/gxvalid/gxvprop.c,
src/truetype/ttgload.c: Remove _many_ compiler warnings when
compiling with Visual C++ at maximum level (/W4).
* src/autofit/afangles.c (af_angle_atan): Replaced CORDIC-based
implementation with one using lookup tables. This simple thing
speeds up glyph loading by 18%, according to ftbench!
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_get_interface): Don't check for
`get_sfnt' and `load_sfnt' module interfaces.
2005-09-22 Werner Lemberg <>
* docs/CHANGES: Mention SING Glyphlet support.
2005-09-22 David Turner <>
* src/base/Jamfile: Disable compilation of ftgxval module
2005-09-19 David Somers <>
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (sfnt_dir_check): Modified to allow a
font to have no `head' table if tables `SING' and `META' are
present; this is to support `SING Glyphlet'.
`SING Glyphlet' is an extension to OpenType developed by Adobe
primarily to facilitate adding supplemental glyphs to an OpenType
font (with emphasis on, but not necessarily limited to, gaiji to a
CJK font). A SING Glyphlet Font is an OpenType font that contains
the outline(s), either in a `glyf' or `CFF' table, for a glyph;
`cmap', `BASE', and `GSUB' tables are present with the same format
and functionality as a regular OpenType font; there are no `name',
`head', `OS/2', and `post' tables; there are two new tables, `SING'
which contains details about the glyphlet, and `META' which contains
Further information on the SING Glyphlet format can be found at:
* include/freetype/tttags.h (TTAG_SING, TTAG_META): New macros for
the OpenType tables `SING' and `META'. These two tables are used in
SING Glyphlet Format fonts.
2005-09-09 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_load_face): Reactivate code to set
FT_FACE_FLAG_KERNING which has been commented out erroneously.
* docs/CHANGES: Document it.
2005-09-05 Werner Lemberg <>
Fixes for `make multi' and using C++ compiler.
* src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.c (gxv_set_length_by_ushort_offset,
gxv_set_length_by_ulong_offset, gxv_array_getlimits_byte,
gxv_array_getlimits_ushort): Declare with FT_LOCAL_DEF.
(gxv_compare_ranges): Make it static.
(gxv_LookupTable_fmt0_validate, gxv_LookupTable_fmt2_validate,
gxv_LookupTable_fmt4_validate, gxv_LookupTable_fmt6_validate,
gxv_LookupTable_fmt8_validate, gxv_LookupTable_validate): Improve
trace messages.
(gxv_StateArray_validate, gxv_XStateArray_validate): s/class/clazz/.
* src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.h: Add prototypes for
gxv_StateTable_subtable_setup, gxv_XStateTable_subtable_setup,
gxv_XStateTable_validate, gxv_array_getlimits_byte,
gxv_array_getlimits_ushort, gxv_set_length_by_ushort_offset,
gxv_set_length_by_ulong_offset, gxv_odtect_add_range,
* src/gxvalid/gxvbsln.c (gxv_bsln_LookupValue_validate,
gxv_bsln_parts_fmt1_validate): Improve trace messages.
* src/gxvalid/gxvfeat.c: Split off predefined registry stuff to...
* src/gxvalid/gxvfeat.h: New file.
* src/gxvalid/gxvjust.c (gxv_just_wdc_entry_validate): Improve trace
* src/gxvalid/gxvkern.c (GXV_kern_Dialect): Add KERN_DIALECT_UNKNOWN.
gxv_kern_subtable_fmt1_entry_validate): Fix C++ compiler errors.
(gxv_kern_coverage_validate): Use KERN_DIALECT_UNKNOWN.
Improve trace message.
(gxv_kern_validate_generic): Fix C++ compiler error.
Improve trace message.
(gxv_kern_validate_classic): Fix C++ compiler error.
* src/gxvalid/gxvmort0.c (gxv_mort_subtable_type0_validate): Declare
* src/gxvalid/gxvmort1.c
gxv_mort_subtable_type1_subtable_setup): Fix C++ compiler errors.
(gxv_mort_subtable_type1_substTable_validate): Improve trace
(gxv_mort_subtable_type1_validate): Declare with FT_LOCAL_DEF.
* src/gxvalid/gxvmort2.c (gxv_mort_subtable_type2_opttable_load,
gxv_mort_subtable_type2_ligatureTable_validate): Fix C++ compiler
(gxv_mort_subtable_type2_validate): Declare with FT_LOCAL_DEF.
* src/gxvalid/gxvmort4.c (gxv_mort_subtable_type4_validate): Declare
* src/gxvalid/gxvmort5.c (gxv_mort_subtable_type5_subtable_setup,
gxv_mort_subtable_type5_InsertList_validate): Fix C++ compiler
(gxv_mort_subtable_type5_validate): Declare with FT_LOCAL_DEF.
* src/gxvalid/gxvmort.c: Include gxvfeat.h.
(gxv_mort_featurearray_validate, gxv_mort_coverage_validate):
Declare with FT_LOCAL_DEF.
(gxv_mort_subtables_validate, gxv_mort_validate): Improve trace
* src/gxvalid/gxvmort.h (gxv_mort_feature_validate): Remove.
* src/gxvalid/gxvmorx0.c (gxv_morx_subtable_type0_validate): Declare
* src/gxvalid/gxvmorx1.c
gxv_morx_subtable_type1_substitutionTable_validate): Fix C++
compiler errors.
(gxv_morx_subtable_type1_validate): Declare with FT_LOCAL_DEF.
* src/gxvalid/gxvmorx2.c (gxv_morx_subtable_type2_opttable_load,
gxv_morx_subtable_type2_ligatureTable_validate): Fix C++ compiler
(gxv_morx_subtable_type2_validate): Declare with FT_LOCAL_DEF.
Fix typo.
* src/gxvalid/gxvmorx4.c (gxv_morx_subtable_type4_validate): Declare
* src/gxvalid/gxvmorx5.c (gxv_morx_subtable_type5_insertionGlyph_load,
gxv_morx_subtable_type5_subtable_setup): Fix C++ compiler error.
(gxv_morx_subtable_type5_validate): Declare with FT_LOCAL_DEF.
* src/gxvalid/gxvmorx.c (gxv_morx_subtables_validate,
gxv_morx_validate): Improve trace message.
* src/gxvalid/gxvopbd.c (gxv_opbd_LookupFmt4_transit): Fix compiler
(gxv_opbd_validate): Improve trace message.
* src/gxvalid/gxvprop.c: Decorate constants with `U' and `L' where
(gxv_prop_zero_advance_validate, gxv_prop_validate): Improve trace
* src/gxvalid/gxvtrak.c (gxv_trak_trackTable_validate): Remove unused
parameter. Update all callers.
(gxv_trak_validate): Improve trace message.
* (GXV_DRV_H): Add gxvfeat.h.
2005-09-01 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/gxvalid/gxvbsln.c (GXV_BSLN_VALUE_EMPTY): Add `U'.
* src/gxvalid/gxvmort1.c (GXV_MORT_SUBTABLE_TYPE1_HEADER_SIZE),
src/gxvalid/gxvmort2.c (GXV_MORT_SUBTABLE_TYPE2_HEADER_SIZE): Fix
* src/gxvalid/gxvmorx0.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmorx1.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvmorx2.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmorx4.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvmorx5.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmort.c: Improve trace
Decorate constants with `U' and `L' where appropriate.
Fix compiler warnings.
2005-08-31 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (load_truetype_glyph): Fix typo.
* src/gxvalid/gxvbsln.c (gxv_bsln_validate): Fix trace message.
* src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.c (gxv_odtect_add_range): Use `const'.
* src/gxvalid/gxvfeat.c, src/gxvalid/gxvjust.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvkern.c, src/gxvalid/gxvlcar.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmod.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvmort0.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmort1.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvmort2.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmort4.c,
src/gxvalid/gxvmort5.c, src/gxvalid/gxvmort.c: Improve trace
Decorate constants with `U' and `L' where appropriate.
Fix compiler warnings.
2005-08-30 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/gxvalid/README: Revised.
* src/gxvalid/gxvbsln.c: Fix compiler warnings.
* src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.c: Fix compiler warnings.
(gxv_XEntryTable_validate, gxv_compare_ranges): Remove unused
parameter. Update all callers.
Improve trace messages.
Some formatting.
2005-08-29 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/freetype.h, include/freetype/ftchapters.h: Add
a preliminary section with some explanations about user allocation.
* src/tools/docmaker/ (HtmlFormatter.section_enter):
Don't abort if there are no data types, functions, etc., in a
Print synopsis only if we have a data type, function, etc.
docs/VERSION.DLL, docs/formats.txt: Revised, formatted.
2005-08-28 George Williams <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c [TT_MAX_COMPOSITE_RECURSE]: Removed.
(load_truetype_glyph): Limit recursion depth by `maxComponentDepth'.
2005-08-25 J. Ali Harlow <>
* builds/unix/ (CFlags): Add missing directory.
2005-08-24 Werner Lemberg <>
* docs/CHANGES: Mention gxvalid module.
2005-08-23 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/autofit/aflatin.c (af_latin_metrics_scale): Initialize
render mode properly. Reported by
2005-08-23 suzuki toshiya <>
Add gxvalid module to validate TrueType GX/AAT tables.
Modifications on existing files:
* Jamfile: Register gxvalid module.
* src/base/Jamfile: Register ftgxval.c.
* src/base/ Register ftgxval.c.
* docs/INSTALL.ANY: Register gxvalid/gxvalid.c.
* include/freetype/config/ftheader.h (FT_GX_VALIDATE_H): New macro
to include gxvalid header file.
* include/freetype/config/ftmodule.h: Register gxv_module_class.
* include/freetype/ftchapters.h: Add comment about gx_validation.
* include/freetype/ftotval.h: Change keyword FT_VALIDATE_XXX
to FT_VALIDATE_OTXXX to co-exist with gxvalid.
* include/freetype/tttags.h: Add tags for TrueType GX/AAT tables.
* include/freetype/internal/ftserv.h (FT_SERVICE_GX_VALIDATE_H): New
macro for gxvalid service.
* include/freetype/internal/fttrace.h: Add trace facilities for
New files on existing directories:
* include/freetype/internal/services/svgxval.h: Registration of
validation service for TrueType GX/AAT and classic kern table.
* include/freetype/ftgxval.h: Public API definition to use gxvalid.
* src/base/ftgxval.c: Public API of gxvalid.
New files under src/gxvalid/:
* src/gxvalid/Jamfile src/gxvalid/README src/gxvalid/
src/gxvalid/ src/gxvalid/gxvalid.c src/gxvalid/gxvalid.h
src/gxvalid/gxvbsln.c src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.c src/gxvalid/gxvcommn.h
src/gxvalid/gxverror.h src/gxvalid/gxvfeat.c src/gxvalid/gxvfgen.c
src/gxvalid/gxvjust.c src/gxvalid/gxvkern.c src/gxvalid/gxvlcar.c
src/gxvalid/gxvmod.c src/gxvalid/gxvmod.h src/gxvalid/gxvmort.c
src/gxvalid/gxvmort.h src/gxvalid/gxvmort0.c src/gxvalid/gxvmort1.c
src/gxvalid/gxvmort2.c src/gxvalid/gxvmort4.c src/gxvalid/gxvmort5.c
src/gxvalid/gxvmorx.c src/gxvalid/gxvmorx.h src/gxvalid/gxvmorx0.c
src/gxvalid/gxvmorx1.c src/gxvalid/gxvmorx2.c src/gxvalid/gxvmorx4.c
src/gxvalid/gxvmorx5.c src/gxvalid/gxvopbd.c src/gxvalid/gxvprop.c
src/gxvalid/gxvtrak.c: New files, gxvalid body.
2005-08-21 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Glyph): Only translate outline
to (0,0) if bit 1 of the `head' table isn't set. This improves
rendering of buggy fonts.
2005-08-20 Chia I Wu <>
* src/truetype/ttdriver.c (Load_Glyph): Don't check the validity of
ttmetrics here. TrueType fonts with only sbits always have
ttmetrics.valid set to false.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Glyph): Check that ttmetrics is
valid before loading outline glyph.
* src/cache/ftcimage.c (FTC_INode_New): Fix a memory leak.
2005-08-20 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/ttload.c (tt_face_load_metrics_header): Ignore missing
`hhea' table for SFNT Mac fonts. Change based on a patch by
2005-08-20 Masatake YAMATO <>
* src/otvalid/otvmod.c (otv_validate): Use ft_validator_run instead
of ft_setjmp.
2005-08-19 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (load_truetype_glyph): Fix compiler
2005-08-16 Chia I Wu <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c, src/truetype/ttinterp.h: Update copyright
2005-08-16 Chia I Wu <>
* src/truetype/ttinterp.c, src/truetype/ttinterp.h: Remove original
TT_Done_Context and rename TT_Destroy_Context to TT_Done_Context
with slight changes.
Update all callers.
(TT_New_Context): Now takes TT_Driver argument directly.
Update all callers.
* src/truetype/ttobjs.h (tt_slot_init): New function.
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (tt_driver_init): Initialize execution
context here.
(tt_slot_init): New function to create extra points for the internal
glyph loader. We then use it directly, instead of face's glyph
loader, when loading glyph.
* src/truetype/ttdriver.c (tt_driver_class): Use tt_slot_init for
glyph slot initialization.
(Load_Glyph): Load flag dependencies are handled here. Return error
if size is NULL.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c: Heavy cleanup and refactoring.
(org_to_cur): Removed.
(TT_Load_Simple_Glyph): Call FT_GlyphLoader_CheckPoints.
(TT_Hint_Glyph): New function to hint a zone, prepared by caller.
(TT_Process_Simple_Glyph): s/load/loader/.
Use loader->pp values instead of recalculation.
Use TT_Hint_Glyph.
No need to save/restore loader->stream before and after
TT_Vary_Get_Glyph_Deltas now.
(TT_LOADER_SET_PP): New macro to calculate and set the four phantom
(load_truetype_glyph): Never set exec->glyphSize to 0. This closes
Savannah bug #13107.
Forget glyph frame before calling TT_Process_Simple_Glyph.
Scale all four phantom points.
Split off some functionality to ...
(TT_Process_Composite_Component, TT_Process_Composite_Glyph): These
new functions.
(TT_Load_Glyph): Set various fields of `glyph' here, not in
load_truetype_glyph and compute_glyph_metrics.
Split off some functionality to ...
(load_sbit_image, tt_loader_init): These new functions.
(compute_glyph_metrics): Call FT_Outline_Get_CBox.
2005-08-08 Werner Lemberg <>
* docs/INSTALL.ANY: Updated.
2005-08-05 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/cff/cffgload.c (cff_builder_close_contour),
src/psaux/psobjs.c (t1_builder_close_contour): Protect against
zero `outline' pointer.
* src/base/ftgloadr.c (FT_GlyphLoader_Add): Protect against zero
`loader' address.
2005-08-03 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/sfnt/sfdriver.c (sfnt_interface) [FT_OPTIMIZE_MEMORY]:
Reactivate pointers to tt_find_sbit_image and tt_load_sbit_metrics
to make X work again.
2005-08-02 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/otvalid/otvcommn.h: Remove dead code.
2005-07-31 Chia I Wu <>
* src/truetype/ttobjs.h (tt_size_run_fpgm, tt_size_run_prep): New
* src/truetype/ttobjs.c (tt_size_run_fpgm, tt_size_run_prep): New
(tt_size_init): Add 4, instead of 2, (phantom) points to twilight
Move code that runs fpgm to tt_size_run_fpgm.
(Reset_Outline_Size): Move code that runs prep to tt_size_run_prep.
(tt_glyphzone_new): Allocate right size of arrays.
Set max_points and max_contours properly.
2005-07-26 Chia I Wu <>
* src/truetype/ttdriver.c (Set_Char_Sizes): Avoid unnecessary
computations and clean up.
* src/truetype/ttobjs.h (struct TT_SizeRec_): Comment on the
internal copy of metrics.
2005-07-12 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/ftoutln.h (FT_Outline_Embolden): Fix prototype.
Reported by Xerxes.
2005-07-04 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h (FT_REALLOC_ARRAY): Fix typo.
Reported by Brett Hutley.
2005-06-30 David Turner <>
* src/sfnt/ftbitmap.c, src/truetype/ttgload.c, src/sfnt/ttcmap.c:
Removing compiler warnings (Visual C++ /W4).
Implement a work-around for broken C preprocessor in Visual C++ (it
has been confirmed by the MS developers that it is indeed a bug
which won't be fixed in the very near future).
* Jamfile (FT2_COMPONENTS): Include otvalid (again).
* src/otvalid/otvcommn.h (OTV_NAME, OTV_FUNC): New macros.
avoid argument expansion by argument prescan.
Append `Func' to all affected macros and change them to take just a
single argument. Example: `AttachList' is renamed to
* src/otvalid/otvgdef.c, src/otvalid/otvgpos.c,
src/otvalid/otvgsub.c, src/otvjstf.c: Append `Func' to macros
affected by the changes to OTV_NESTx and modify them to take just a
single argument.
2005-06-20 Chia I Wu <>
* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h, src/base/ftobjs.c: New function
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (compute_glyph_metrics): Use
* src/cff/cffgload.c (cff_slot_load), src/cid/cidgload.c
(cid_slot_load_glyph), src/type1/t1gload.c (T1_Load_Glyph): Use
FT_Outline_Get_CBox is called twice.
* src/base/ftsynth.c (FT_GlyphSlot_Embolden): Modify metrics to more
reasonable values when emboldening outline glyphs. The theoretic
ones are unrealistic.
2005-06-16 Chia I Wu <>
* src/base/ftoutln.c (FT_Outline_Embolden): Strength should be
* src/base/ftsynth.c (FT_GlyphSlot_Embolden): Change the default
Don't increase slot->advance.y.
2005-06-16 Werner Lemberg <>
* include/freetype/freetype.h (FREETYPE_MINOR): Set to 2.
* builds/unix/ (version_info): Set to 9:9:3.
Currently, we are still binary compatible.
* builds/win32/visualc/index.html,
builds/win32/visualc/freetype.vcproj: s/219/2110/, s/2.1.9/2.1.10/.
* builds/ (refdoc), README, Jamfile (RefDoc):
* docs/CHANGES, docs/VERSION.DLL: Updated.
* ChangeLog: Split off older entries into...
* ChangeLog.20, ChangeLog.21: These new files.
2005-06-15 Kirill Smelkov <>
The next release will be 2.2.0, so don't worry about source code
backward compatibility.
* include/freetype/ftimage.h (FT_Outline_MoveToFunc,
FT_Outline_LineToFunc, FT_Outline_ConicToFunc,
FT_Outline_CubicToFunc, FT_SpanFunc, FT_Raster_RenderFunc),
include/freetype/ftrender.h (FT_Glyph_TransformFunc,
FT_Renderer_RenderFunc, FT_Renderer_TransformFunc): Decorate
parameters with `const' where appropriate.
2005-06-15 Chia I Wu <>
* src/sfnt/ttsbit.c (tt_face_load_sbit_image): Compute vertBearingY
to make glyphs centered vertically.
* src/truetype/ttgload.c (compute_glyph_metrics): Compute
vertBearingY to make glyphs centered vertically.
Fix some bugs in vertical metrics:
. loader->pp3.y and loader->pp4.y are in 26.6 format, not in font
. As we use the glyph's cbox to calculate the top bearing now
there is no need to adjust `top'.
2005-06-15 Werner Lemberg <>
* src/otvalid/otvcommn.h (OTV_OPTIONAL_TABLE): Use FT_UShort to be
in sync with OTV_OPTIONAL_OFFSET. Reported by YAMATO Masatake.
2005-06-13 Werner Lemberg <>
* docs/release: Update.
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