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4.26.2 (released 2021-08-09)
- [otTables] Added missing ``CompositeMode.PLUS`` operator (#2390).
4.26.1 (released 2021-08-03)
- [transform] Added ``transformVector`` and ``transformVectors`` methods to the
``Transform`` class. Similar to ``transformPoint`` but ignore the translation
part (#2386).
4.26.0 (released 2021-08-03)
- [xmlWriter] Default to ``"\n"`` for ``newlinestr`` instead of platform-specific
``os.linesep`` (#2384).
- [otData] Define COLRv1 ClipList and ClipBox (#2379).
- [removeOverlaps/instancer] Added --ignore-overlap-errors option to work around
Skia PathOps.Simplify bug (#2382, #2363, google/fonts#3365).
- NOTE: This will be the last version to support Python 3.6. FontTools will require
Python 3.7 or above from the next release (#2350)
4.25.2 (released 2021-07-26)
- [COLRv1] Various changes to sync with the latest CORLv1 draft spec. In particular:
define COLR.VarIndexMap, remove/inline ColorIndex struct, add VarIndexBase to ``PaintVar*`` tables (#2372);
add reduced-precicion specialized transform Paints;
define Angle as fraction of half circle encoded as F2Dot14;
use FWORD (int16) for all Paint center coordinates;
change PaintTransform to have an offset to Affine2x3;
- [ttLib] when importing XML, only set sfntVersion if the font has no reader and is empty (#2376)
4.25.1 (released 2021-07-16)
- [ttGlyphPen] Fixed bug in ``TTGlyphPointPen``, whereby open contours (i.e. starting
with segmentType "move") would throw ``NotImplementedError``. They are now treated
as if they are closed, like with the ``TTGlyphPen`` (#2364, #2366).
4.25.0 (released 2021-07-05)
- [tfmLib] Added new library for parsing TeX Font Metric (TFM) files (#2354).
- [TupleVariation] Make shared tuples order deterministic on python < 3.7 where
Counter (subclass of dict) doesn't remember insertion order (#2351, #2353).
- [otData] Renamed COLRv1 structs to remove 'v1' suffix and match the updated draft
spec: 'LayerV1List' -> 'LayerList', 'BaseGlyphV1List' -> 'BaseGlyphList',
'BaseGlyphV1Record' -> 'BaseGlyphPaintRecord' (#2346).
Added 8 new ``PaintScale*`` tables: with/without centers, uniform vs non-uniform.
Added ``*AroundCenter`` variants to ``PaintRotate`` and ``PaintSkew``: the default
versions no longer have centerX/Y, but default to origin.
``PaintRotate``, ``PaintSkew`` and ``PaintComposite`` formats were re-numbered.
NOTE: these are breaking changes; clients using the experimental COLRv1 API will
have to be updated (#2348).
- [pointPens] Allow ``GuessSmoothPointPen`` to accept a tolerance. Fixed call to
``math.atan2`` with x/y parameters inverted. Sync the code with fontPens (#2344).
- [post] Fixed parsing ``post`` table format 2.0 when it contains extra garbage
at the end of the stringData array (#2314).
- [subset] drop empty features unless 'size' with FeatureParams table (#2324).
- [otlLib] Added ``otlLib.optimize`` module; added GPOS compaction algorithm.
The compaction can be run on existing fonts with ``fonttools otlLib.optimize``
or using the snippet ````. There's experimental support for
compacting fonts at compilation time using an environment variable, but that
might be removed later (#2326).
4.24.4 (released 2021-05-25)
- [subset/instancer] Fixed ``AttributeError`` when instantiating a VF that
contains GPOS ValueRecords with ``Device`` tables but without the respective
non-Device values (e.g. ``XAdvDevice`` without ``XAdvance``). When not
explicitly set, the latter are assumed to be 0 (#2323).
4.24.3 (released 2021-05-20)
- [otTables] Fixed ``AttributeError`` in methods that split LigatureSubst,
MultipleSubst and AlternateSubst subtables when an offset overflow occurs.
The ``Format`` attribute was removed in v4.22.0 (#2319).
4.24.2 (released 2021-05-20)
- [ttGlyphPen] Fixed typing annotation of TTGlyphPen glyphSet parameter (#2315).
- Fixed two instances of DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence (#2311).
4.24.1 (released 2021-05-20)
- [subset] Fixed AttributeError when SinglePos subtable has None Value (ValueFormat 0)
(#2312, #2313).
4.24.0 (released 2021-05-17)
- [pens] Add ``ttGlyphPen.TTGlyphPointPen`` similar to ``TTGlyphPen`` (#2205).
4.23.1 (released 2021-05-14)
- [subset] Fix ``KeyError`` after subsetting ``COLR`` table that initially contains
both v0 and v1 color glyphs when the subset only requested v1 glyphs; we were
not pruning the v0 portion of the table (#2308).
- [colorLib] Set ``LayerV1List`` attribute to ``None`` when empty, it's optional
in CORLv1 (#2308).
4.23.0 (released 2021-05-13)
- [designspaceLib] Allow to use ``\\UNC`` absolute paths on Windows (#2299, #2306).
- [varLib.merger] Fixed bug where ``VarLibMergeError`` was raised with incorrect
parameters (#2300).
- [feaLib] Allow substituting a glyph class with ``NULL`` to delete multiple glyphs
- [glyf] Fixed ``NameError`` exception in ``getPhantomPoints`` (#2295, #2305).
- [removeOverlaps] Retry pathops.simplify after rounding path coordinates to integers
if it fails the first time using floats, to work around a rare and hard to debug
Skia bug (#2288).
- [varLib] Added support for building, reading, writing and optimizing 32-bit
``ItemVariationStore`` as used in COLRv1 table (#2285).
- [otBase/otConverters] Add array readers/writers for int types (#2285).
- [feaLib] Allow more than one lookahead glyph/class in contextual positioning with
"value at end" (#2293, #2294).
- [COLRv1] Default varIdx should be 0xFFFFFFFF (#2297, #2298).
- [pens] Make RecordingPointPen actually pass on identifiers; replace asserts with
explicit ``PenError`` exception (#2284).
- [mutator] Round lsb for CF2 fonts as well (#2286).
4.22.1 (released 2021-04-26)
- [feaLib] Skip references to named lookups if the lookup block definition
is empty, similarly to makeotf. This also fixes an ``AttributeError`` while
generating ``aalt`` feature (#2276, #2277).
- [subset] Fixed bug with ``--no-hinting`` implementation for Device tables (#2272,
#2275). The previous code was alwyas dropping Device tables if no-hinting was
requested, but some Device tables (DeltaFormat=0x8000) are also used to encode
variation indices and need to be retained.
- [otBase] Fixed bug in getting the ValueRecordSize when decompiling ``MVAR``
table with ``lazy=True`` (#2273, #2274).
- [varLib/glyf/gvar] Optimized and simplified ``GlyphCoordinates`` and
``TupleVariation`` classes, use ``bytearray`` where possible, refactored
phantom-points calculations. We measured about 30% speedup in total time
of loading master ttfs, building gvar, and saving (#2261, #2266).
- [subset] Fixed ``AssertionError`` while pruning unused CPAL palettes when
``0xFFFF`` is present (#2257, #2259).
4.22.0 (released 2021-04-01)
- [ttLib] Remove .Format from Coverage, ClassDef, SingleSubst, LigatureSubst,
AlternateSubst, MultipleSubst (#2238).
ATTENTION: This will change your TTX dumps!
- [misc.arrayTools] move Vector to its own submodule, and rewrite as a tuple
subclass (#2201).
- [docs] Added a terminology section for varLib (#2209).
- [varLib] Move rounding to VariationModel, to avoid error accumulation from
multiple deltas (#2214)
- [varLib] Explain merge errors in more human-friendly terms (#2223, #2226)
- [otlLib] Correct some documentation (#2225)
- [varLib/otlLib] Allow merging into VariationFont without first saving GPOS
PairPos2 (#2229)
- [subset] Improve PairPosFormat2 subsetting (#2221)
- [ttLib] create file on disk as late as possible (#2253)
- [cffLib] Add missing CFF2 dict operators LanguageGroup and ExpansionFactor
ATTENTION: This will change your TTX dumps!
4.21.1 (released 2021-02-26)
- [pens] Reverted breaking change that turned ``AbstractPen`` and ``AbstractPointPen``
into abstract base classes (#2164, #2198).
4.21.0 (released 2021-02-26)
- [feaLib] Indent anchor statements in ``asFea()`` to make them more legible and
diff-able (#2193).
- [pens] Turn ``AbstractPen`` and ``AbstractPointPen`` into abstract base classes
- [feaLib] Added support for parsing and building ``STAT`` table from AFDKO feature
files (#2039).
- [instancer] Added option to update name table of generated instance using ``STAT``
table's axis values (#2189).
- [bezierTools] Added functions to compute bezier point-at-time, as well as line-line,
curve-line and curve-curve intersections (#2192).
4.20.0 (released 2021-02-15)
- [COLRv1] Added ``unbuildColrV1`` to deconstruct COLRv1 otTables to raw json-able
data structure; it does the reverse of ``buildColrV1`` (#2171).
- [feaLib] Allow ``sub X by NULL`` sequence to delete a glyph (#2170).
- [arrayTools] Fixed ``Vector`` division (#2173).
- [COLRv1] Define new ``PaintSweepGradient`` (#2172).
- [otTables] Moved ``Paint.Format`` enum class outside of ``Paint`` class definition,
now named ``PaintFormat``. It was clashing with paint instance ``Format`` attribute
and thus was breaking lazy load of COLR table which relies on magic ``__getattr__``
- [COLRv1] Replace hand-coded builder functions with otData-driven dynamic
implementation (#2181).
- [COLRv1] Define additional static (non-variable) Paint formats (#2181).
- [subset] Added support for subsetting COLR v1 and CPAL tables (#2174, #2177).
- [fontBuilder] Allow ``setupFvar`` to optionally take ``designspaceLib.AxisDescriptor``
objects. Added new ``setupAvar`` method. Support localised names for axes and
named instances (#2185).
4.19.1 (released 2021-01-28)
- [woff2] An initial off-curve point with an overlap flag now stays an off-curve
point after compression.
4.19.0 (released 2021-01-25)
- [codecs] Handle ``errors`` parameter different from 'strict' for the custom
extended mac encodings (#2137, #2132).
- [featureVars] Raise better error message when a script is missing the required
default language system (#2154).
- [COLRv1] Avoid abrupt change caused by rounding ``PaintRadialGradient.c0`` when
the start circle almost touches the end circle's perimeter (#2148).
- [COLRv1] Support building unlimited lists of paints as 255-ary trees of
``PaintColrLayers`` tables (#2153).
- [subset] Prune redundant format-12 cmap subtables when all non-BMP characters
are dropped (#2146).
- [basePen] Raise ``MissingComponentError`` instead of bare ``KeyError`` when a
referenced component is missing (#2145).
4.18.2 (released 2020-12-16)
- [COLRv1] Implemented ``PaintTranslate`` paint format (#2129).
- [varLib.cff] Fixed unbound local variable error (#1787).
- [otlLib] Don't crash when creating OpenType class definitions if some glyphs
occur more than once (#2125).
4.18.1 (released 2020-12-09)
- [colorLib] Speed optimization for ``LayerV1ListBuilder`` (#2119).
- [mutator] Fixed missing tab in ``interpolate_cff2_metrics`` (0957dc7a).
4.18.0 (released 2020-12-04)
- [COLRv1] Update to latest draft: added ``PaintRotate`` and ``PaintSkew`` (#2118).
- [woff2] Support new ``brotlicffi`` bindings for PyPy (#2117).
- [glifLib] Added ``expectContentsFile`` parameter to ``GlyphSet``, for use when
reading existing UFOs, to comply with the specification stating that a
``contents.plist`` file must exist in a glyph set (#2114).
- [subset] Allow ``LangSys`` tags in ``--layout-scripts`` option (#2112). For example:
``--layout-scripts=arab.dflt,arab.URD,latn``; this will keep ``DefaultLangSys``
and ``URD`` language for ``arab`` script, and all languages for ``latn`` script.
- [varLib.interpolatable] Allow UFOs to be checked; report open paths, non existant
glyphs; add a ``--json`` option to produce a machine-readable list of
- [pens] Added ``QuartzPen`` to create ``CGPath`` from glyph outlines on macOS.
Requires pyobjc (#2107).
- [feaLib] You can export ``FONTTOOLS_LOOKUP_DEBUGGING=1`` to enable feature file
debugging info stored in ``Debg`` table (#2106).
- [otlLib] Build more efficient format 1 and format 2 contextual lookups whenever
possible (#2101).
4.17.1 (released 2020-11-16)
- [colorLib] Fixed regression in 4.17.0 when building COLR v0 table; when color
layers are stored in UFO lib plist, we can't distinguish tuples from lists so
we need to accept either types (e5439eb9, googlefonts/ufo2ft/issues#426).
4.17.0 (released 2020-11-12)
- [colorLib/otData] Updated to latest draft ``COLR`` v1 spec (#2092).
- [svgLib] Fixed parsing error when arc commands' boolean flags are not separated
by space or comma (#2094).
- [varLib] Interpret empty non-default glyphs as 'missing', if the default glyph is
not empty (#2082).
- [feaLib.builder] Only stash lookup location for ``Debg`` if ``Builder.buildLookups_``
has cooperated (#2065, #2067).
- [varLib] Fixed bug in VarStore optimizer (#2073, #2083).
- [varLib] Add designspace lib key for custom feavar feature tag (#2080).
- Add HashPointPen adapted from psautohint. With this pen, a hash value of a glyph
can be computed, which can later be used to detect glyph changes (#2005).
4.16.1 (released 2020-10-05)
- [varLib.instancer] Fixed ``TypeError`` exception when instantiating a VF with
a GSUB table 1.1 in which ``FeatureVariations`` attribute is present but set to
``None`` -- indicating that optional ``FeatureVariations`` is missing (#2077).
- [glifLib] Make ``x`` and ``y`` attributes of the ``point`` element required
even when validation is turned off, and raise a meaningful ``GlifLibError``
message when that happens (#2075).
4.16.0 (released 2020-09-30)
- [removeOverlaps] Added new module and ``removeOverlaps`` function that merges
overlapping contours and components in TrueType glyphs. It requires the
`skia-pathops <>`__ module.
Note that removing overlaps invalidates the TrueType hinting (#2068).
- [varLib.instancer] Added ``--remove-overlaps`` command-line option.
The ``overlap`` option in ``instantiateVariableFont`` now takes an ``OverlapMode``
enum: 0: KEEP_AND_DONT_SET_FLAGS, 1: KEEP_AND_SET_FLAGS (default), and 2: REMOVE.
The latter is equivalent to calling ``removeOverlaps`` on the generated static
instance. The option continues to accept ``bool`` value for backward compatibility.
4.15.0 (released 2020-09-21)
- [plistlib] Added typing annotations to plistlib module. Set up mypy static
typechecker to run automatically on CI (#2061).
- [ttLib] Implement private ``Debg`` table, a reverse-DNS namespaced JSON dict.
- [feaLib] Optionally add an entry into the ``Debg`` table with the original
lookup name (if any), feature name / script / language combination (if any),
and original source filename and line location. Annotate the ttx output for
a lookup with the information from the Debg table (#2052).
- [sfnt] Disabled checksum checking by default in ``SFNTReader`` (#2058).
- [Docs] Document ``mtiLib`` module (#2027).
- [varLib.interpolatable] Added checks for contour node count and operation type
of each node (#2054).
- [ttLib] Added API to register custom table packer/unpacker classes (#2055).
4.14.0 (released 2020-08-19)
- [feaLib] Allow anonymous classes in LookupFlags definitions (#2037).
- [Docs] Better document DesignSpace rules processing order (#2041).
- [ttLib] Fixed 21-year old bug in ``maxp.maxComponentDepth`` calculation (#2044,
- [varLib.models] Fixed misspelled argument name in CLI entry point (81d0042a).
- [subset] When subsetting GSUB v1.1, fixed TypeError by checking whether the
optional FeatureVariations table is present (e63ecc5b).
- [Snippets] Added snippet to show how to decompose glyphs in a TTF (#2030).
- [otlLib] Generate GSUB type 5 and GPOS type 7 contextual lookups where appropriate
4.13.0 (released 2020-07-10)
- [feaLib/otlLib] Moved lookup subtable builders from feaLib to otlLib; refactored
some common code (#2004, #2007).
- [docs] Document otlLib module (#2009).
- [glifLib] Fixed bug with some UFO .glif filenames clashing on case-insensitive
filesystems (#2001, #2002).
- [colorLib] Updated COLRv1 implementation following changes in the draft spec:
(#2008, googlefonts/colr-gradients-spec#24).
4.12.1 (released 2020-06-16)
- [_n_a_m_e] Fixed error in ``addMultilingualName`` with one-character names.
Only attempt to recovered malformed UTF-16 data from a ``bytes`` string,
not from unicode ``str`` (#1997, #1998).
4.12.0 (released 2020-06-09)
- [otlLib/varLib] Ensure that the ``AxisNameID`` in the ``STAT`` and ``fvar``
tables is grater than 255 as per OpenType spec (#1985, #1986).
- [docs] Document more modules in ``fontTools.misc`` package: ``filenames``,
``fixedTools``, ``intTools``, ``loggingTools``, ``macCreatorType``, ``macRes``,
``plistlib`` (#1981).
- [OS/2] Don't calculate whole sets of unicode codepoints, use faster and more memory
efficient ranges and bisect lookups (#1984).
- [voltLib] Support writing back abstract syntax tree as VOLT data (#1983).
- [voltLib] Accept DO_NOT_TOUCH_CMAP keyword (#1987).
- [subset/merge] Fixed a namespace clash involving a private helper class (#1955).
4.11.0 (released 2020-05-28)
- [feaLib] Introduced ``includeDir`` parameter on Parser and IncludingLexer to
explicitly specify the directory to search when ``include()`` statements are
encountered (#1973).
- [ufoLib] Silently delete duplicate glyphs within the same kerning group when reading
groups (#1970).
- [ttLib] Set version of COLR table when decompiling COLRv1 (commit 9d8a7e2).
4.10.2 (released 2020-05-20)
- [sfnt] Fixed ``NameError: SimpleNamespace`` while reading TTC header. The regression
was introduced with 4.10.1 after removing ``py23`` star import.
4.10.1 (released 2020-05-19)
- [sfnt] Make ``SFNTReader`` pickleable even when TTFont is loaded with lazy=True
option and thus keeps a reference to an external file (#1962, #1967).
- [feaLib.ast] Restore backward compatibility (broken in 4.10 with #1905) for
``ChainContextPosStatement`` and ``ChainContextSubstStatement`` classes.
Make them accept either list of lookups or list of lists of lookups (#1961).
- [docs] Document some modules in ``fontTools.misc`` package: ``arrayTools``,
``bezierTools`` ``cliTools`` and ``eexec`` (#1956).
- [ttLib._n_a_m_e] Fixed ``findMultilingualName()`` when name record's ``string`` is
encoded as bytes sequence (#1963).
4.10.0 (released 2020-05-15)
- [varLib] Allow feature variations to be active across the entire space (#1957).
- [ufoLib] Added support for ``formatVersionMinor`` in UFO's ``fontinfo.plist`` and for
``formatMinor`` attribute in GLIF file as discussed in unified-font-object/ufo-spec#78.
No changes in reading or writing UFOs until an upcoming (non-0) minor update of the
UFO specification is published (#1786).
- [merge] Fixed merging fonts with different versions of ``OS/2`` table (#1865, #1952).
- [subset] Fixed ``AttributeError`` while subsetting ``ContextSubst`` and ``ContextPos``
Format 3 subtable (#1879, #1944).
- [ttLib.table._m_e_t_a] if data happens to be ascii, emit comment in TTX (#1938).
- [feaLib] Support multiple lookups per glyph position (#1905).
- [psCharStrings] Use inheritance to avoid repeated code in initializer (#1932).
- [Doc] Improved documentation for the following modules: ``afmLib`` (#1933), ``agl``
(#1934), ``cffLib`` (#1935), ``cu2qu`` (#1937), ``encodings`` (#1940), ``feaLib``
(#1941), ``merge`` (#1949).
- [Doc] Split off developer-centric info to new page, making front page of docs more
user-focused. List all utilities and sub-modules with brief descriptions.
Make README more concise and focused (#1914).
- [otlLib] Add function to build STAT table from high-level description (#1926).
- [ttLib._n_a_m_e] Add ``findMultilingualName()`` method (#1921).
- [unicodedata] Update ``RTL_SCRIPTS`` for Unicode 13.0 (#1925).
- [gvar] Sort ``gvar`` XML output by glyph name, not glyph order (#1907, #1908).
- [Doc] Added help options to ``fonttools`` command line tool (#1913, #1920).
Ensure all fonttools CLI tools have help documentation (#1948).
- [ufoLib] Only write fontinfo.plist when there actually is content (#1911).
4.9.0 (released 2020-04-29)
- [subset] Fixed subsetting of FeatureVariations table. The subsetter no longer drops
FeatureVariationRecords that have empty substitutions as that will keep the search
going and thus change the logic. It will only drop empty records that occur at the
end of the FeatureVariationRecords array (#1881).
- [subset] Remove FeatureVariations table and downgrade GSUB/GPOS to version 0x10000
when FeatureVariations contain no FeatureVariationRecords after subsetting (#1903).
- [agl] Add support for legacy Adobe Glyph List of glyph names in ``fontTools.agl``
- [feaLib] Ignore superfluous script statements (#1883).
- [feaLib] Hide traceback by default on ``fonttools feaLib`` command line.
Use ``--traceback`` option to show (#1898).
- [feaLib] Check lookup index in chaining sub/pos lookups and print better error
message (#1896, #1897).
- [feaLib] Fix building chained alt substitutions (#1902).
- [Doc] Included all fontTools modules in the sphinx-generated documentation, and
published it to ReadTheDocs for continuous documentation of the fontTools project
(#1333). Check it out at Thanks to Chris Simpkins!
- [transform] The ``Transform`` class is now subclass of ``typing.NamedTuple``. No
change in functionality (#1904).
4.8.1 (released 2020-04-17)
- [feaLib] Fixed ``AttributeError: 'NoneType' has no attribute 'getAlternateGlyphs'``
when ``aalt`` feature references a chain contextual substitution lookup
(googlefonts/fontmake#648, #1878).
4.8.0 (released 2020-04-16)
- [feaLib] If Parser is initialized without a ``glyphNames`` parameter, it cannot
distinguish between a glyph name containing an hyphen, or a range of glyph names;
instead of raising an error, it now interprets them as literal glyph names, while
also outputting a logging warning to alert user about the ambiguity (#1768, #1870).
- [feaLib] When serializing AST to string, emit spaces around hyphens that denote
ranges. Also, fixed an issue with CID ranges when round-tripping AST->string->AST
- [Snippets/otf2ttf] In script update LSB in hmtx to match xMin (#1873).
- [colorLib] Added experimental support for building ``COLR`` v1 tables as per
the `colr-gradients-spec <>`__
draft proposal. **NOTE**: both the API and the XML dump of ``COLR`` v1 are
susceptible to change while the proposal is being discussed and formalized (#1822).
4.7.0 (released 2020-04-03)
- [cu2qu] Added ``fontTools.cu2qu`` package, imported from the original
`cu2qu <>`__ project. The ``cu2qu.pens`` module
was moved to ``fontTools.pens.cu2quPen``. The optional cu2qu extension module
can be compiled by installing `Cython <>`__ before installing
fonttools from source (i.e. git repo or sdist tarball). The wheel package that
is published on PyPI (i.e. the one ``pip`` downloads, unless ``--no-binary``
option is used), will continue to be pure-Python for now (#1868).
4.6.0 (released 2020-03-24)
- [varLib] Added support for building variable ``BASE`` table version 1.1 (#1858).
- [CPAL] Added ``fromRGBA`` method to ``Color`` class (#1861).
4.5.0 (released 2020-03-20)
- [designspaceLib] Added ``add{Axis,Source,Instance,Rule}Descriptor`` methods to
``DesignSpaceDocument`` class, to initialize new descriptor objects using keyword
arguments, and at the same time append them to the current document (#1860).
- [unicodedata] Update to Unicode 13.0 (#1859).
4.4.3 (released 2020-03-13)
- [varLib] Always build ``gvar`` table for TrueType-flavored Variable Fonts,
even if it contains no variation data. The table is required according to
the OpenType spec (#1855, #1857).
4.4.2 (released 2020-03-12)
- [ttx] Annotate ``LookupFlag`` in XML dump with comment explaining what bits
are set and what they mean (#1850).
- [feaLib] Added more descriptive message to ``IncludedFeaNotFound`` error (#1842).
4.4.1 (released 2020-02-26)
- [woff2] Skip normalizing ``glyf`` and ``loca`` tables if these are missing from
a font (e.g. in NotoColorEmoji using ``CBDT/CBLC`` tables).
- [timeTools] Use non-localized date parsing in ``timestampFromString``, to fix
error when non-English ``LC_TIME`` locale is set (#1838, #1839).
- [fontBuilder] Make sure the CFF table generated by fontBuilder can be used by varLib
without having to compile and decompile the table first. This was breaking in
converting the CFF table to CFF2 due to some unset attributes (#1836).
4.4.0 (released 2020-02-18)
- [colorLib] Added ``fontTools.colorLib.builder`` module, initially with ``buildCOLR``
and ``buildCPAL`` public functions. More color font formats will follow (#1827).
- [fontBuilder] Added ``setupCOLR`` and ``setupCPAL`` methods (#1826).
- [ttGlyphPen] Quantize ``GlyphComponent.transform`` floats to ``F2Dot14`` to fix
round-trip issue when computing bounding boxes of transformed components (#1830).
- [glyf] If a component uses reference points (``firstPt`` and ``secondPt``) for
alignment (instead of X and Y offsets), compute the effective translation offset
*after* having applied any transform (#1831).
- [glyf] When all glyphs have zero contours, compile ``glyf`` table data as a single
null byte in order to pass validation by OTS and Windows (#1829).
- [feaLib] Parsing feature code now ensures that referenced glyph names are part of
the known glyph set, unless a glyph set was not provided.
- [varLib] When filling in the default axis value for a missing location of a source or
instance, correctly map the value forward.
- [varLib] The avar table can now contain mapping output values that are greater than
OR EQUAL to the preceeding value, as the avar specification allows this.
- [varLib] The errors of the module are now ordered hierarchically below VarLibError.
See #1821.
4.3.0 (released 2020-02-03)
- [EBLC/CBLC] Fixed incorrect padding length calculation for Format 3 IndexSubTable
(#1817, #1818).
- [varLib] Fixed error when merging OTL tables and TTFonts were loaded as ``lazy=True``
(#1808, #1809).
- [varLib] Allow to use master fonts containing ``CFF2`` table when building VF (#1816).
- [ttLib] Make ``recalcBBoxes`` option work also with ``CFF2`` table (#1816).
- [feaLib] Don't reset ``lookupflag`` in lookups defined inside feature blocks.
They will now inherit the current ``lookupflag`` of the feature. This is what
Adobe ``makeotf`` also does in this case (#1815).
- [feaLib] Fixed bug with mixed single/multiple substitutions. If a single substitution
involved a glyph class, we were incorrectly using only the first glyph in the class
4.2.5 (released 2020-01-29)
- [feaLib] Do not fail on duplicate multiple substitutions, only warn (#1811).
- [subset] Optimize SinglePos subtables to Format 1 if all ValueRecords are the same
4.2.4 (released 2020-01-09)
- [unicodedata] Update RTL_SCRIPTS for Unicode 11 and 12.
4.2.3 (released 2020-01-07)
- [otTables] Fixed bug when splitting `MarkBasePos` subtables as offsets overflow.
The mark class values in the split subtable were not being updated, leading to
invalid mark-base attachments (#1797, googlefonts/noto-source#145).
- [feaLib] Only log a warning instead of error when features contain duplicate
substitutions (#1767).
- [glifLib] Strip XML comments when parsing with lxml (#1784, #1785).
4.2.2 (released 2019-12-12)
- [subset] Fixed issue with subsetting FeatureVariations table when the index
of features changes as features get dropped. The feature index need to be
remapped to point to index of the remaining features (#1777, #1782).
- [fontBuilder] Added `addFeatureVariations` method to `FontBuilder` class. This
is a shorthand for calling `featureVars.addFeatureVariations` on the builder's
TTFont object (#1781).
- [glyf] Fixed the flags bug in glyph.drawPoints() like we did for glyph.draw()
(#1771, #1774).
4.2.1 (released 2019-12-06)
- [glyf] Use the ``flagOnCurve`` bit mask in ``glyph.draw()``, so that we ignore
the ``overlap`` flag that may be set when instantiating variable fonts (#1771).
4.2.0 (released 2019-11-28)
- [pens] Added the following pens:
* ``roundingPen.RoundingPen``: filter pen that rounds coordinates and components'
offsets to integer;
* ``roundingPen.RoundingPointPen``: like the above, but using PointPen protocol.
* ``filterPen.FilterPointPen``: base class for filter point pens;
* ``transformPen.TransformPointPen``: filter point pen to apply affine transform;
* ``recordingPen.RecordingPointPen``: records and replays point-pen commands.
- [ttGlyphPen] Always round float coordinates and component offsets to integers
- [ufoLib] When converting kerning groups from UFO2 to UFO3, avoid confusing
groups with the same name as one of the glyphs (#1761, #1762,
4.1.0 (released 2019-11-18)
- [instancer] Implemented restricting axis ranges (level 3 partial instancing).
You can now pass ``{axis_tag: (min, max)}`` tuples as input to the
``instantiateVariableFont`` function. Note that changing the default axis
position is not supported yet. The command-line script also accepts axis ranges
in the form of colon-separated float values, e.g. ``wght=400:700`` (#1753, #1537).
- [instancer] Never drop STAT ``DesignAxis`` records, but only prune out-of-range
``AxisValue`` records.
- [otBase/otTables] Enforce that VarStore.RegionAxisCount == fvar.axisCount, even
when regions list is empty to appease OTS < v8.0 (#1752).
- [designspaceLib] Defined new ``processing`` attribute for ``<rules>`` element,
with values "first" or "last", plus other editorial changes to DesignSpace
specification. Bumped format version to 4.1 (#1750).
- [varLib] Improved error message when masters' glyph orders do not match (#1758,
- [featureVars] Allow to specify custom feature tag in ``addFeatureVariations``;
allow said feature to already exist, in which case we append new lookup indices
to existing features. Implemented ``<rules>`` attribute ``processing`` according to
DesignSpace specification update in #1750. Depending on this flag, we generate
either an 'rvrn' (always processed first) or a 'rclt' feature (follows lookup order,
therefore last) (#1747, #1625, #1371).
- [ttCollection] Added support for context manager auto-closing via ``with`` statement
like with ``TTFont`` (#1751).
- [unicodedata] Require unicodedata2 >= 12.1.0.
- [py2.py3] Removed yet more PY2 vestiges (#1743).
- [_n_a_m_e] Fixed issue when comparing NameRecords with different string types (#1742).
- [fixedTools] Changed ``fixedToFloat`` to not do any rounding but simply return
``value / (1 << precisionBits)``. Added ``floatToFixedToStr`` and
``strToFixedToFloat`` functions to be used when loading from or dumping to XML.
Fixed values (e.g. fvar axes and instance coordinates, avar mappings, etc.) are
are now stored as un-rounded decimal floats upon decompiling (#1740, #737).
- [feaLib] Fixed handling of multiple ``LigatureCaret`` statements for the same glyph.
Only the first rule per glyph is used, additional ones are ignored (#1733).
4.0.2 (released 2019-09-26)
- [voltLib] Added support for ``ALL`` and ``NONE`` in ``PROCESS_MARKS`` (#1732).
- [Silf] Fixed issue in ``Silf`` table compilation and decompilation regarding str vs
bytes in python3 (#1728).
- [merge] Handle duplicate glyph names better: instead of appending font index to
all glyph names, use similar code like we use in ``post`` and ``CFF`` tables (#1729).
4.0.1 (released 2019-09-11)
- [otTables] Support fixing offset overflows in ``MultipleSubst`` lookup subtables
- [subset] Prune empty strikes in ``EBDT`` and ``CBDT`` table data (#1698, #1633).
- [pens] Fixed issue in ``PointToSegmentPen`` when last point of closed contour has
same coordinates as the starting point and was incorrectly dropped (#1720).
- [Graphite] Fixed ``Sill`` table output to pass OTS (#1705).
- [name] Added ``removeNames`` method to ``table__n_a_m_e`` class (#1719).
- [ttLib] Added aliases for renamed entries ``ascender`` and ``descender`` in
``hhea`` table (#1715).
4.0.0 (released 2019-08-22)
- NOTE: The v4.x version series only supports Python 3.6 or greater. You can keep
using fonttools 3.x if you need support for Python 2.
- [py23] Removed all the python2-only code since it is no longer reachable, thus
unused; only the Python3 symbols were kept, but these are no-op. The module is now
DEPRECATED and will removed in the future.
- [ttLib] Fixed UnboundLocalError for empty loca/glyph tables (#1680). Also, allow
the glyf table to be incomplete when dumping to XML (#1681).
- [varLib.models] Fixed KeyError while sorting masters and there are no on-axis for
a given axis (38a8eb0e).
- [cffLib] Make sure glyph names are unique (#1699).
- [feaLib] Fix feature parser to correctly handle octal numbers (#1700).
3.44.0 (released 2019-08-02)
- NOTE: This is the last scheduled release to support Python 2.7. The upcoming fonttools
v4.x series is going to require Python 3.6 or greater.
- [varLib] Added new ``varLib.instancer`` module for partially instantiating variable
fonts. This extends (and will eventually replace) ``varLib.mutator`` module, as
it allows to create not just full static instances from a variable font, but also
"partial" or "less variable" fonts where some of the axes are dropped or
instantiated at a particular value.
Also available from the command-line as `fonttools varLib.instancer --help`
(#1537, #1628).
- [cffLib] Added support for ``FDSelect`` format 4 (#1677).
- [subset] Added support for subsetting ``sbix`` (Apple bitmap color font) table.
- [t1Lib] Fixed issue parsing ``eexec`` section in Type1 fonts when whitespace
characters are interspersed among the trailing zeros (#1676).
- [cffLib.specializer] Fixed bug in ``programToCommands`` with CFF2 charstrings (#1669).
3.43.2 (released 2019-07-10)
- [featureVars] Fixed region-merging code on python3 (#1659).
- [varLib.cff] Fixed merging of sparse PrivateDict items (#1653).
3.43.1 (released 2019-06-19)
- [subset] Fixed regression when passing ``--flavor=woff2`` option with an input font
that was already compressed as WOFF 1.0 (#1650).
3.43.0 (released 2019-06-18)
- [woff2] Added support for compressing/decompressing WOFF2 fonts with non-transformed
``glyf`` and ``loca`` tables, as well as with transformed ``hmtx`` table.
Removed ``Snippets/`` and ``Snippets/`` scripts,
and replaced them with a new console entry point ``fonttools ttLib.woff2``
that provides two sub-commands ``compress`` and ``decompress``.
- [varLib.cff] Fixed bug when merging CFF2 ``PrivateDicts``. The ``PrivateDict``
data from the first region font was incorrecty used for all subsequent fonts.
The bug would only affect variable CFF2 fonts with hinting (#1643, #1644).
Also, fixed a merging bug when VF masters have no blends or marking glyphs (#1632,
- [loggingTools] Removed unused backport of ``LastResortLogger`` class.
- [subset] Gracefully handle partial MATH table (#1635).
- [featureVars] Avoid duplicate references to ``rvrn`` feature record in
``DefaultLangSys`` tables when calling ``addFeatureVariations`` on a font that
does not already have a ``GSUB`` table (aa8a5bc6).
- [varLib] Fixed merging of class-based kerning. Before, the process could introduce
rogue kerning values and variations for random classes against class zero (everything
not otherwise classed).
- [varLib] Fixed merging GPOS tables from master fonts with different number of
``SinglePos`` subtables (#1621, #1641).
- [unicodedata] Updated Blocks, Scripts and ScriptExtensions to Unicode 12.1.
3.42.0 (released 2019-05-28)
- [OS/2] Fixed sign of ``fsType``: it should be ``uint16``, not ``int16`` (#1619).
- [subset] Skip out-of-range class values in mark attachment (#1478).
- [fontBuilder] Add an empty ``DSIG`` table with ``setupDummyDSIG`` method (#1621).
- [varLib.merger] Fixed bug whereby ``GDEF.GlyphClassDef`` were being dropped
when generating instance via ``varLib.mutator`` (#1614).
- [varLib] Added command-line options ``-v`` and ``-q`` to configure logging (#1613).
- [subset] Update font extents in head table (#1612).
- [subset] Make --retain-gids truncate empty glyphs after the last non-empty glyph
- [requirements] Updated ``unicodedata2`` backport for Unicode 12.0.
3.41.2 (released 2019-05-13)
- [cffLib] Fixed issue when importing a ``CFF2`` variable font from XML, whereby
the VarStore state was not propagated to PrivateDict (#1598).
- [varLib] Don't drop ``post`` glyph names when building CFF2 variable font (#1609).
3.41.1 (released 2019-05-13)
- [designspaceLib] Added ``loadSourceFonts`` method to load source fonts using
custom opener function (#1606).
- [head] Round font bounding box coordinates to integers to fix compile error
if CFF font has float coordinates (#1604, #1605).
- [feaLib] Don't write ``None`` in ``ast.ValueRecord.asFea()`` (#1599).
- [subset] Fixed issue ``AssertionError`` when using ``--desubroutinize`` option
(#1590, #1594).
- [graphite] Fixed bug in ``Silf`` table's ``decompile`` method unmasked by
previous typo fix (#1597). Decode languange code as UTF-8 in ``Sill`` table's
``decompile`` method (#1600).
3.41.0 (released 2019-04-29)
- [varLib/cffLib] Added support for building ``CFF2`` variable font from sparse
masters, or masters with more than one model (multiple ``VarStore.VarData``).
In ``cffLib.specializer``, added support for ``CFF2`` CharStrings with
``blend`` operators (#1547, #1591).
- [subset] Fixed subsetting ``HVAR`` and ``VVAR`` with ``--retain-gids`` option,
and when advances mapping is null while sidebearings mappings are non-null
(#1587, #1588).
- Added ``otlLib.maxContextCalc`` module to compute ``OS/2.usMaxContext`` value.
Calculate it automatically when compiling features with feaLib. Added option
``--recalc-max-context`` to ``subset`` module (#1582).
- [otBase/otTables] Fixed ``AttributeError`` on missing OT table fields after
importing font from TTX (#1584).
- [graphite] Fixed typo ``Silf`` table's ``decompile`` method (#1586).
- [otlLib] Better compress ``GPOS`` SinglePos (LookupType 1) subtables (#1539).
3.40.0 (released 2019-04-08)
- [subset] Fixed error while subsetting ``VVAR`` with ``--retain-gids``
option (#1552).
- [designspaceLib] Use up-to-date default location in ``findDefault`` method
- [voltLib] Allow passing file-like object to Parser.
- [arrayTools/glyf] ``calcIntBounds`` (used to compute bounding boxes of glyf
table's glyphs) now uses ``otRound`` instead of ``round3`` (#1566).
- [svgLib] Added support for converting more SVG shapes to path ``d`` strings
(ellipse, line, polyline), as well as support for ``transform`` attributes.
Only ``matrix`` transformations are currently supported (#1564, #1564).
- [varLib] Added support for building ``VVAR`` table from ``vmtx`` and ``VORG``
tables (#1551).
- [fontBuilder] Enable making CFF2 fonts with ``post`` table format 2 (#1557).
- Fixed ``DeprecationWarning`` on invalid escape sequences (#1562).
3.39.0 (released 2019-03-19)
- [ttLib/glyf] Raise more specific error when encountering recursive
component references (#1545, #1546).
- [Doc/designspaceLib] Defined new ``public.skipExportGlyphs`` lib key (#1534,
- [varLib] Use ``vmtx`` to compute vertical phantom points; or ``hhea.ascent``
and ``head.unitsPerEM`` if ``vmtx`` is missing (#1528).
- [gvar/cvar] Sort XML element's min/value/max attributes in TupleVariation
toXML to improve readability of TTX dump (#1527).
- [varLib.plot] Added support for 2D plots with only 1 variation axis (#1522).
- [designspaceLib] Use axes maps when normalizing locations in
DesignSpaceDocument (#1226, #1521), and when finding default source (#1535).
- [mutator] Set ``OVERLAP_SIMPLE`` and ``OVERLAP_COMPOUND`` glyf flags by
default in ``instantiateVariableFont``. Added ``--no-overlap`` cli option
to disable this (#1518).
- [subset] Fixed subsetting ``VVAR`` table (#1516, #1517).
Fixed subsetting an ``HVAR`` table that has an ``AdvanceWidthMap`` when the
option ``--retain-gids`` is used.
- [feaLib] Added ``forceChained`` in MultipleSubstStatement (#1511).
Fixed double indentation of ``subtable`` statement (#1512).
Added support for ``subtable`` statement in more places than just PairPos
lookups (#1520).
Handle lookupflag 0 and lookupflag without a value (#1540).
- [varLib] In ``load_designspace``, provide a default English name for the
``ital`` axis tag.
- Remove pyftinspect because it is unmaintained and bitrotted.
3.38.0 (released 2019-02-18)
- [cffLib] Fixed RecursionError when unpickling or deepcopying TTFont with
CFF table (#1488, 649dc49).
- [subset] Fixed AttributeError when using --desubroutinize option (#1490).
Also, fixed desubroutinizing bug when subrs contain hints (#1499).
- [CPAL] Make Color a subclass of namedtuple (173a0f5).
- [feaLib] Allow hyphen in glyph class names.
- [feaLib] Added 'tables' option to (#1497).
- [feaLib] Add support for special-case contextual positioning formatting
- [svgLib] Support converting SVG basic shapes (rect, circle, etc.) into
equivalent SVG paths (#1500, #1508).
- [Snippets] Added name-viewer.ipynb Jupyter notebook.
3.37.3 (released 2019-02-05)
- The previous release accidentally changed several files from Unix to DOS
line-endings. Fix that.
3.37.2 (released 2019-02-05)
- [varLib] Temporarily revert the fix to ``load_masters()``, which caused a
crash in ``interpolate_layout()`` when ``deepcopy``-ing OTFs.
3.37.1 (released 2019-02-05)
- [varLib] ``load_masters()`` now actually assigns the fonts it loads to the
source.font attributes.
- [varLib] Fixed an MVAR table generation crash when sparse masters were
- [voltLib] ``parse_coverage_()`` returns a tuple instead of an ast.Enum.
- [feaLib] A MarkClassDefinition inside a block is no longer doubly indented
compared to the rest of the block.
3.37.0 (released 2019-01-28)
- [svgLib] Added support for converting elliptical arcs to cubic bezier curves
- [py23] Added backport for ``math.isfinite``.
- [varLib] Apply HIDDEN flag to fvar axis if designspace axis has attribute
- Fixed "DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence" in Python 3.7.
- [voltLib] Fixed parsing glyph groups. Distinguish different PROCESS_MARKS.
Accept COMPONENT glyph type.
- [feaLib] Distinguish missing value and explicit ``<NULL>`` for PairPos2
format A (#1459). Round-trip ``useExtension`` keyword. Implemented
``ValueRecord.asFea`` method.
- [subset] Insert empty widths into hdmx when retaining gids (#1458).
3.36.0 (released 2019-01-17)
- [ttx] Added ``--no-recalc-timestamp`` option to keep the original font's
``head.modified`` timestamp (#1455, #46).
- [ttx/psCharStrings] Fixed issues while dumping and round-tripping CFF2 table
with ttx (#1451, #1452, #1456).
- [voltLib] Fixed check for duplicate anchors (#1450). Don't try to read past
the ``END`` operator in .vtp file (#1453).
- [varLib] Use sentinel value -0x8000 (-32768) to ignore post.underlineThickness
and post.underlinePosition when generating MVAR deltas (#1449,
- [subset] Added ``--retain-gids`` option to subset font without modifying the
current glyph indices (#1443, #1447).
- [ufoLib] Replace deprecated calls to ``getbytes`` and ``setbytes`` with new
equivalent ``readbytes`` and ``writebytes`` calls. ``fs`` >= 2.2 no required.
- [varLib] Allow loading masters from TTX files as well (#1441).
3.35.2 (released 2019-01-14)
- [hmtx/vmtx]: Allow to compile/decompile ``hmtx`` and ``vmtx`` tables even
without the corresponding (required) metrics header tables, ``hhea`` and
``vhea`` (#1439).
- [varLib] Added support for localized axes' ``labelname`` and named instances'
``stylename`` (#1438).
3.35.1 (released 2019-01-09)
- [_m_a_x_p] Include ``maxComponentElements`` in ``maxp`` table's recalculation.
3.35.0 (released 2019-01-07)
- [psCharStrings] In ``encodeFloat`` function, use float's "general format" with
8 digits of precision (i.e. ``%8g``) instead of ``str()``. This works around
a macOS rendering issue when real numbers in CFF table are too long, and
also makes sure that floats are encoded with the same precision in python 2.7
and 3.x (#1430, googlei18n/ufo2ft#306).
- [_n_a_m_e/fontBuilder] Make ``_n_a_m_e_table.addMultilingualName`` also add
Macintosh (platformID=1) names by default. Added options to ``FontBuilder``
``setupNameTable`` method to optionally disable Macintosh or Windows names.
(#1359, #1431).
- [varLib] Make ``build`` optionally accept a ``DesignSpaceDocument`` object,
instead of a designspace file path. The caller can now set the ``font``
attribute of designspace's sources to a TTFont object, thus allowing to
skip filenames manipulation altogether (#1416, #1425).
- [sfnt] Allow SFNTReader objects to be deep-copied.
- Require typing>=3.6.4 on py27 to fix issue with singledispatch (#1423).
- [designspaceLib/t1Lib/macRes] Fixed some cases where pathlib.Path objects were
not accepted (#1421).
- [varLib] Fixed merging of multiple PairPosFormat2 subtables (#1411).
- [varLib] The default STAT table version is now set to 1.1, to improve
compatibility with legacy applications (#1413).
3.34.2 (released 2018-12-17)
- [merge] Fixed AssertionError when none of the script tables in GPOS/GSUB have
a DefaultLangSys record (#1408, 135a4a1).
3.34.1 (released 2018-12-17)
- [varLib] Work around macOS rendering issue for composites without gvar entry (#1381).
3.34.0 (released 2018-12-14)
- [varLib] Support generation of CFF2 variable fonts. ``model.reorderMasters()``
now supports arbitrary mapping. Fix handling of overlapping ranges for feature
variations (#1400).
- [cffLib, subset] Code clean-up and fixing related to CFF2 support.
- [ttLib.tables.ttProgram] Use raw strings for regex patterns (#1389).
- [fontbuilder] Initial support for building CFF2 fonts. Set CFF's
``FontMatrix`` automatically from unitsPerEm.
- [plistLib] Accept the more general ``collections.Mapping`` instead of the
specific ``dict`` class to support custom data classes that should serialize
to dictionaries.
3.33.0 (released 2018-11-30)
- [subset] subsetter bug fix with variable fonts.
- [varLib.featureVar] Improve FeatureVariations generation with many rules.
- [varLib] Enable sparse masters when building variable fonts:
- [varLib.mutator] Add IDEF for GETVARIATION opcode, for handling hints in an
- [ttLib] Ignore the length of kern table subtable format 0
3.32.0 (released 2018-11-01)
- [ufoLib] Make ``UFOWriter`` a subclass of ``UFOReader``, and use mixins
for shared methods (#1344).
- [featureVars] Fixed normalization error when a condition's minimum/maximum
attributes are missing in designspace ``<rule>`` (#1366).
- [] Added ``[plot]`` to extras, to optionally install ``matplotlib``,
needed to use the ``fonTools.varLib.plot`` module.
- [varLib] Take total bounding box into account when resolving model (7ee81c8).
If multiple axes have the same range ratio, cut across both (62003f4).
- [subset] Don't error if ``STAT`` has no ``AxisValue`` tables.
- [fontBuilder] Added a new submodule which contains a ``FontBuilder`` wrapper
class around ``TTFont`` that makes it easier to create a working TTF or OTF
font from scratch with code. NOTE: the API is still experimental and may
change in future versions.
3.31.0 (released 2018-10-21)
- [ufoLib] Merged the `ufoLib <>`__
master branch into a new ``fontTools.ufoLib`` package (#1335, #1095).
Moved ``ufoLib.pointPen`` module to ``fontTools.pens.pointPen``.
Moved ``ufoLib.etree`` module to ``fontTools.misc.etree``.
Moved ``ufoLib.plistlib`` module to ``fontTools.misc.plistlib``.
To use the new ``fontTools.ufoLib`` module you need to install fonttools
with the ``[ufo]`` extra, or you can manually install the required additional
dependencies (cf. README.rst).
- [morx] Support AAT action type to insert glyphs and clean up compilation
of AAT action tables (4a1871f, 2011ccf).
- [subset] The ``--no-hinting`` on a CFF font now also drops the optional
hinting keys in Private dict: ``ForceBold``, ``LanguageGroup``, and
``ExpansionFactor`` (#1322).
- [subset] Include nameIDs referenced by STAT table (#1327).
- [loggingTools] Added ``msg=None`` argument to
``CapturingLogHandler.assertRegex`` (0245f2c).
- [varLib.mutator] Implemented ``FeatureVariations`` instantiation (#1244).
- [g_l_y_f] Added PointPen support to ``_TTGlyph`` objects (#1334).
3.30.0 (released 2018-09-18)
- [feaLib] Skip building noop class PairPos subtables when Coverage is NULL
- [ttx] Expose the previously reserved bit flag ``OVERLAP_SIMPLE`` of
glyf table's contour points in the TTX dump. This is used in some
implementations to specify a non-zero fill with overlapping contours (#1316).
- [ttLib] Added support for decompiling/compiling ``TS1C`` tables containing
VTT sources for ``cvar`` variation table (#1310).
- [varLib] Use ``fontTools.designspaceLib`` to read DesignSpaceDocument. The
``fontTools.varLib.designspace`` module is now deprecated and will be removed
in future versions. The presence of an explicit ``axes`` element is now
required in order to build a variable font (#1224, #1313).
- [varLib] Implemented building GSUB FeatureVariations table from the ``rules``
element of DesignSpace document (#1240, #713, #1314).
- [subset] Added ``--no-layout-closure`` option to not expand the subset with
the glyphs produced by OpenType layout features. Instead, OpenType features
will be subset to only rules that are relevant to the otherwise-specified
glyph set (#43, #1121).
3.29.1 (released 2018-09-10)
- [feaLib] Fixed issue whereby lookups from DFLT/dflt were not included in the
DFLT/non-dflt language systems (#1307).
- [graphite] Fixed issue on big-endian architectures (e.g. ppc64) (#1311).
- [subset] Added ``--layout-scripts`` option to add/exclude set of OpenType
layout scripts that will be preserved. By default all scripts are retained
(``'*'``) (#1303).
3.29.0 (released 2018-07-26)
- [feaLib] In the OTL table builder, when the ``name`` table is excluded
from the list of tables to be build, skip compiling ``featureNames`` blocks,
as the records referenced in ``FeatureParams`` table don't exist (68951b7).
- [otBase] Try ``ExtensionLookup`` if other offset-overflow methods fail
- [feaLib] Added support for explicit ``subtable;`` break statements in
PairPos lookups; previously these were ignored (#1279, #1300, #1302).
- [cffLib.specializer] Make sure the stack depth does not exceed maxstack - 1,
so that a subroutinizer can insert subroutine calls (#1301,
- [otTables] Added support for fixing offset overflow errors occurring inside
``MarkBasePos`` subtables (#1297).
- [subset] Write the default output file extension based on ``--flavor`` option,
or the value of ``TTFont.sfntVersion`` (d7ac0ad).
- [unicodedata] Updated Blocks, Scripts and ScriptExtensions for Unicode 11
- [xmlWriter] Added context manager to XMLWriter class to autoclose file
descriptor on exit (#1290).
- [psCharStrings] Optimize the charstring's bytecode by encoding as integers
all float values that have no decimal portion (8d7774a).
- [ttFont] Fixed missing import of ``TTLibError`` exception (#1285).
- [feaLib] Allow any languages other than ``dflt`` under ``DFLT`` script
(#1278, #1292).
3.28.0 (released 2018-06-19)
- [featureVars] Added experimental module to build ``FeatureVariations``
tables. Still needs to be hooked up to ```` (#1240).
- [fixedTools] Added ``otRound`` to round floats to nearest integer towards
positive Infinity. This is now used where we deal with visual data like X/Y
coordinates, advance widths/heights, variation deltas, and similar (#1274,
- [subset] Improved GSUB closure memoize algorithm.
- [varLib.models] Fixed regression in model resolution (180124, #1269).
- [feaLib.ast] Fixed error when converting ``SubtableStatement`` to string
- [varLib.mutator] Set ``OS/2.usWeightClass`` and ``usWidthClass``, and
``post.italicAngle`` based on the 'wght', 'wdth' and 'slnt' axis values
(#1276, #1264).
- [py23/loggingTools] Don't automatically set ``logging.lastResort`` handler
on py27. Moved ``LastResortLogger`` to the ``loggingTools`` module (#1277).
3.27.1 (released 2018-06-11)
- [ttGlyphPen] Issue a warning and skip building non-existing components
- [tests] Fixed issue running from a tagged commit.
3.27.0 (released 2018-06-11)
- [designspaceLib] Added new ``conditionSet`` element to ``rule`` element in
designspace document. Bumped ``format`` attribute to ``4.0`` (previously,
it was formatted as an integer). Removed ``checkDefault``, ``checkAxes``
methods, and any kind of guessing about the axes when the ``<axes>`` element
is missing. The default master is expected at the intersection of all default
values for each axis (#1254, #1255, #1267).
- [cffLib] Fixed issues when compiling CFF2 or converting from CFF when the
font has an FDArray (#1211, #1271).
- [varLib] Avoid attempting to build ``cvar`` table when ``glyf`` table is not
present, as is the case for CFF2 fonts.
- [subset] Handle None coverages in MarkGlyphSets; revert commit 02616ab that
sets empty Coverage tables in MarkGlyphSets to None, to make OTS happy.
- [ttFont] Allow to build glyph order from ``maxp.numGlyphs`` when ``post`` or
``cmap`` are missing.
- [ttFont] Added ``__len__`` method to ``_TTGlyphSet``.
- [glyf] Ensure ``GlyphCoordinates`` never overflow signed shorts (#1230).
- [py23] Added alias for ``itertools.izip`` shadowing the built-in ``zip``.
- [loggingTools] Memoize ``log`` property of ``LogMixin`` class (fbab12).
- [ttx] Impoved test coverage (#1261).
- [Snippets] Addded script to append a suffix to all family names in a font.
- [varLib.plot] Make it work with matplotlib >= 2.1 (b38e2b).
3.26.0 (released 2018-05-03)
- [designspace] Added a new optional ``layer`` attribute to the source element,
and a corresponding ``layerName`` attribute to the ``SourceDescriptor``
object (#1253).
Added ``conditionset`` element to the ``rule`` element to the spec, but not
implemented in designspace reader/writer yet (#1254).
- [varLib.models] Refine modeling one last time (0ecf5c5).
- [otBase] Fixed sharing of tables referred to by different offset sizes
- [subset] Don't drop a GDEF that only has VarStore (fc819d6). Set to None
empty Coverage tables in MarkGlyphSets (02616ab).
- [varLib]: Added ``--master-finder`` command-line option (#1249).
- [varLib.mutator] Prune fvar nameIDs from instance's name table (#1245).
- [otTables] Allow decompiling bad ClassDef tables with invalid format, with
warning (#1236).
- [varLib] Make STAT v1.2 and reuse nameIDs from fvar table (#1242).
- [varLib.plot] Show master locations. Set axis limits to -1, +1.
- [subset] Handle HVAR direct mapping. Passthrough 'cvar'.
Added ``--font-number`` command-line option for collections.
- [t1Lib] Allow a text encoding to be specified when parsing a Type 1 font
(#1234). Added ``kind`` argument to T1Font constructor (c5c161c).
- [ttLib] Added context manager API to ``TTFont`` class, so it can be used in
``with`` statements to auto-close the file when exiting the context (#1232).
3.25.0 (released 2018-04-03)
- [varLib] Improved support-resolution algorithm. Previously, the on-axis
masters would always cut the space. They don't anymore. That's more
consistent, and fixes the main issue Erik showed at TYPO Labs 2017.
Any varfont built that had an unusual master configuration will change
when rebuilt (42bef17, a523a697,
- [varLib.models] Added a ``main()`` entry point, that takes positions and
prints model results.
- [varLib.plot] Added new module to plot a designspace's
VariationModel. Requires ``matplotlib``.
- [varLib.mutator] Added -o option to specify output file path (2ef60fa).
- [otTables] Fixed IndexError while pruning of HVAR pre-write (6b6c34a).
- [varLib.models] Convert delta array to floats if values overflows signed
short integer (0055f94).
3.24.2 (released 2018-03-26)
- [otBase] Don't fail during ``ValueRecord`` copy if src has more items.
We drop hinting in the subsetter by simply changing ValueFormat, without
cleaning up the actual ValueRecords. This was causing assertion error if
a variable font was subsetted without hinting and then passed directly to
the mutator for instantiation without first it saving to disk.
3.24.1 (released 2018-03-06)
- [varLib] Don't remap the same ``DeviceTable`` twice in VarStore optimizer
- [varLib] Add ``--disable-iup`` option to ``fonttools varLib`` script,
and a ``optimize=True`` keyword argument to ```` function,
to optionally disable IUP optimization while building varfonts.
- [ttCollection] Fixed issue while decompiling ttc with python3 (#1207).
3.24.0 (released 2018-03-01)
- [ttGlyphPen] Decompose composite glyphs if any components' transform is too
large to fit a ``F2Dot14`` value, or clamp transform values that are
(almost) equal to +2.0 to make them fit and avoid decomposing (#1200,
#1204, #1205).
- [ttx] Added new ``-g`` option to dump glyphs from the ``glyf`` table
splitted as individual ttx files (#153, #1035, #1132, #1202).
- Copied ``ufoLib.filenames`` module to ``fontTools.misc.filenames``, used
for the ttx split-glyphs option (#1202).
- [feaLib] Added support for ``cvParameters`` blocks in Character Variant
feautures ``cv01-cv99`` (#860, #1169).
- [Snippets] Added ```` script to generate/check SHA1 hash of
ttx files (#1197).
- [varLib.mutator] Fixed issue while instantiating some variable fonts
whereby the horizontal advance width computed from ``gvar`` phantom points
could turn up to be negative (#1198).
- [varLib/subset] Fixed issue with subsetting GPOS variation data not
picking up ``ValueRecord`` ``Device`` objects (54fd71f).
- [feaLib/voltLib] In all AST elements, the ``location`` is no longer a
required positional argument, but an optional kewyord argument (defaults
to ``None``). This will make it easier to construct feature AST from
code (#1201).
3.23.0 (released 2018-02-26)
- [designspaceLib] Added an optional ``lib`` element to the designspace as a
whole, as well as to the instance elements, to store arbitrary data in a
property list dictionary, similar to the UFO's ``lib``. Added an optional
``font`` attribute to the ``SourceDescriptor``, to allow operating on
in-memory font objects (#1175).
- [cffLib] Fixed issue with lazy-loading of attributes when attempting to
set the CFF TopDict.Encoding (#1177, #1187).
- [ttx] Fixed regression introduced in 3.22.0 that affected the split tables
``-s`` option (#1188).
- [feaLib] Added ``IncludedFeaNotFound`` custom exception subclass, raised
when an included feature file cannot be found (#1186).
- [otTables] Changed ``VarIdxMap`` to use glyph names internally instead of
glyph indexes. The old ttx dumps of HVAR/VVAR tables that contain indexes
can still be imported (21cbab8, 38a0ffb).
- [varLib] Implemented VarStore optimizer (#1184).
- [subset] Implemented pruning of GDEF VarStore, HVAR and MVAR (#1179).
- [sfnt] Restore backward compatiblity with ``numFonts`` attribute of
``SFNTReader`` object (#1181).
- [merge] Initial support for merging ``LangSysRecords`` (#1180).
- [ttCollection] don't seek(0) when writing to possibly unseekable strems.
- [subset] Keep all ``--name-IDs`` from 0 to 6 by default (#1170, #605, #114).
- [cffLib] Added ``width`` module to calculate optimal CFF default and
nominal glyph widths.
- [varLib] Don’t fail if STAT already in the master fonts (#1166).
3.22.0 (released 2018-02-04)
- [subset] Support subsetting ``endchar`` acting as ``seac``-like components
in ``CFF`` (fixes #1162).
- [feaLib] Allow to build from pre-parsed ``ast.FeatureFile`` object.
Added ``tables`` argument to only build some tables instead of all (#1159,
- [textTools] Replaced ``safeEval`` with ``ast.literal_eval`` (#1139).
- [feaLib] Added option to the parser to not resolve ``include`` statements
- [ttLib] Added new ``ttCollection`` module to read/write TrueType and
OpenType Collections. Exports a ``TTCollection`` class with a ``fonts``
attribute containing a list of ``TTFont`` instances, the methods ``save``
and ``saveXML``, plus some list-like methods. The ``importXML`` method is
not implemented yet (#17).
- [unicodeadata] Added ``ot_tag_to_script`` function that converts from
OpenType script tag to Unicode script code.
- Added new ``designspaceLib`` subpackage, originally from Erik Van Blokland's
NOTE: this is not yet used internally by varLib, and the API may be subject
to changes (#911, #1110, LettError/designSpaceDocument#28).
- Added new FontTools icon images (8ee7c32).
- [unicodedata] Added ``script_horizontal_direction`` function that returns
either "LTR" or "RTL" given a unicode script code.
- [otConverters] Don't write descriptive name string as XML comment if the
NameID value is 0 (== NULL) (#1151, #1152).
- [unicodedata] Add ``ot_tags_from_script`` function to get the list of
OpenType script tags associated with unicode script code (#1150).
- [feaLib] Don't error when "enumerated" kern pairs conflict with preceding
single pairs; emit warning and chose the first value (#1147, #1148).
- [loggingTools] In ``CapturingLogHandler.assertRegex`` method, match the
fully formatted log message.
- [sbix] Fixed TypeError when concatenating str and bytes (#1154).
- [bezierTools] Implemented cusp support and removed ``approximate_fallback``
arg in ``calcQuadraticArcLength``. Added ``calcCubicArcLength`` (#1142).
3.21.2 (released 2018-01-08)
- [varLib] Fixed merging PairPos Format1/2 with missing subtables (#1125).
3.21.1 (released 2018-01-03)
- [feaLib] Allow mixed single/multiple substitutions (#612)
- Added missing ``*.afm`` test assets to (#1137).
- Fixed dumping ``SVG`` tables containing color palettes (#1124).
3.21.0 (released 2017-12-18)
- [cmap] when compiling format6 subtable, don't assume gid0 is always called
'.notdef' (1e42224).
- [ot] Allow decompiling fonts with bad Coverage format number (1aafae8).
- Change FontTools licence to MIT (#1127).
- [post] Prune extra names already in standard Mac set (df1e8c7).
- [subset] Delete empty SubrsIndex after subsetting (#994, #1118).
- [varLib] Don't share points in cvar by default, as it currently fails on
some browsers (#1113).
- [afmLib] Make poor old afmLib work on python3.
3.20.1 (released 2017-11-22)
- [unicodedata] Fixed issue with ``script`` and ``script_extension`` functions
returning inconsistent short vs long names. They both return the short four-
letter script codes now. Added ``script_name`` and ``script_code`` functions
to look up the long human-readable script name from the script code, and
viceversa (#1109, #1111).
3.20.0 (released 2017-11-21)
- [unicodedata] Addded new module ``fontTools.unicodedata`` which exports the
same interface as the built-in ``unicodedata`` module, with the addition of
a few functions that are missing from the latter, such as ``script``,
``script_extension`` and ``block``. Added a ``MetaTools/`` script
to download and parse data files from the Unicode Character Database and
generate python modules containing lists of ranges and property values.
- [feaLib] Added ``__str__`` method to all ``ast`` elements (delegates to the
``asFea`` method).
- [feaLib] ``Parser`` constructor now accepts a ``glyphNames`` iterable
instead of ``glyphMap`` dict. The latter still works but with a pending
deprecation warning (#1104).
- [bezierTools] Added arc length calculation functions originally from
``pens.perimeterPen`` module (#1101).
- [varLib] Started generating STAT table (8af4309). Right now it just reflects
the axes, and even that with certain limitations:
* AxisOrdering is set to the order axes are defined,
* Name-table entries are not shared with fvar.
- [py23] Added backports for ``redirect_stdout`` and ``redirect_stderr``
context managers (#1097).
- [Graphite] Fixed some round-trip bugs (#1093).
3.19.0 (released 2017-11-06)
- [varLib] Try set of used points instead of all points when testing whether to
share points between tuples (#1090).
- [CFF2] Fixed issue with reading/writing PrivateDict BlueValues to TTX file.
Read the commit message 8b02b5a and issue #1030 for more details.
NOTE: this change invalidates all the TTX files containing CFF2 tables
that where dumped with previous verisons of fonttools.
CFF2 Subr items can have values on the stack after the last operator, thus
a ``CFF2Subr`` class was added to accommodate this (#1091).
- [_k_e_r_n] Fixed compilation of AAT kern version=1.0 tables (#1089, #1094)
- [ttLib] Added getBestCmap() convenience method to TTFont class and cmap table
class that returns a preferred Unicode cmap subtable given a list of options
- [morx] Emit more meaningful subtable flags. Implement InsertionMorphAction
3.18.0 (released 2017-10-30)
- [feaLib] Fixed writing back nested glyph classes (#1086).
- [TupleVariation] Reactivated shared points logic, bugfixes (#1009).
- [AAT] Implemented ``morx`` ligature subtables (#1082).
- [reverseContourPen] Keep duplicate lineTo following a moveTo (#1080,
- [varLib.mutator] Suport instantiation of GPOS, GDEF and MVAR (#1079).
- [sstruct] Fixed issue with ``unicode_literals`` and ``struct`` module in
old versions of python 2.7 (#993).
3.17.0 (released 2017-10-16)
- [svgPathPen] Added an ``SVGPathPen`` that translates segment pen commands
into SVG path descriptions. Copied from Tal Leming's ``ufo2svg.svgPathPen``
- [reverseContourPen] Added ``ReverseContourPen``, a filter pen that draws
contours with the winding direction reversed, while keeping the starting
point (#1071).
- [filterPen] Added ``ContourFilterPen`` to manipulate contours as a whole
rather than segment by segment.
- [arrayTools] Added ``Vector`` class to apply math operations on an array
of numbers, and ``pairwise`` function to loop over pairs of items in an
- [varLib] Added support for building and interpolation of ``cvar`` table
(f874cf6, a25a401).
3.16.0 (released 2017-10-03)
- [head] Try using ``SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH`` environment variable when setting
the ``head`` modified timestamp to ensure reproducible builds (#1063).
- [VTT] Decode VTT's ``TSI*`` tables text as UTF-8 (#1060).
- Added support for Graphite font tables: Feat, Glat, Gloc, Silf and Sill.
Thanks @mhosken! (#1054).
- [varLib] Default to using axis "name" attribute if "labelname" element
is missing (588f524).
- [merge] Added support for merging Script records. Remove unused features
and lookups after merge (d802580, 556508b).
- Added ``fontTools.svgLib`` package. Includes a parser for SVG Paths that
supports the Pen protocol (#1051). Also, added a snippet to convert SVG
outlines to UFO GLIF (#1053).
- [AAT] Added support for ``ankr``, ``bsln``, ``mort``, ``morx``, ``gcid``,
and ``cidg``.
- [subset] Implemented subsetting of ``prop``, ``opbd``, ``bsln``, ``lcar``.
3.15.1 (released 2017-08-18)
- [otConverters] Implemented ``__add__`` and ``__radd__`` methods on
``otConverters._LazyList`` that decompile a lazy list before adding
it to another list or ``_LazyList`` instance. Fixes an ``AttributeError``
in the ``subset`` module when attempting to sum ``_LazyList`` objects
(6ef48bd2, 1aef1683).
- [AAT] Support the `opbd` table with optical bounds (a47f6588).
- [AAT] Support `prop` table with glyph properties (d05617b4).
3.15.0 (released 2017-08-17)
- [AAT] Added support for AAT lookups. The ``lcar`` table can be decompiled
and recompiled; futher work needed to handle ``morx`` table (#1025).
- [subset] Keep (empty) DefaultLangSys for Script 'DFLT' (6eb807b5).
- [subset] Support GSUB/GPOS.FeatureVariations (fe01d87b).
- [varLib] In ``models.supportScalars``, ignore an axis when its peak value
is 0 (fixes #1020).
- [varLib] Add default mappings to all axes in avar to fix rendering issue
in some rasterizers (19c4b377, 04eacf13).
- [varLib] Flatten multiple tail PairPosFormat2 subtables before merging
- [ttLib] Added support for recalculating font bounding box in ``CFF`` and
``head`` tables, and min/max values in ``hhea`` and ``vhea`` tables (#970).
3.14.0 (released 2017-07-31)
- [varLib.merger] Remove Extensions subtables before merging (f7c20cf8).
- [varLib] Initialize the avar segment map with required default entries
- [varLib] Implemented optimal IUP optmiziation (#1019).
- [otData] Add ``AxisValueFormat4`` for STAT table v1.2 from OT v1.8.2
- [name] Fixed BCP46 language tag for Mac langID=9: 'si' -> 'sl'.
- [subset] Return value from ``_DehintingT2Decompiler.op_hintmask``
- [cffLib] Allow to get TopDict by index as well as by name (dca96c9c).
- [cffLib] Removed global ``isCFF2`` state; use one set of classes for
both CFF and CFF2, maintaining backward compatibility existing code (#1007).
- [cffLib] Deprecated maxstack operator, per OpenType spec update 1.8.1.
- [cffLib] Added missing default (-100) for UnderlinePosition (#983).
- [feaLib] Enable setting nameIDs greater than 255 (#1003).
- [varLib] Recalculate ValueFormat when merging SinglePos (#996).
- [varLib] Do not emit MVAR if there are no entries in the variation store
- [ttx] For ``-x`` option, pad with space if table tag length is < 4.
3.13.1 (released 2017-05-30)
- [feaLib.builder] Removed duplicate lookups optimization. The original
lookup order and semantics of the feature file are preserved (#976).
3.13.0 (released 2017-05-24)
- [varLib.mutator] Implement IUP optimization (#969).
- [_g_l_y_f.GlyphCoordinates] Changed ``__bool__()`` semantics to match those
of other iterables (e46f949). Removed ``__abs__()`` (3db5be2).
- [varLib.interpolate_layout] Added ``mapped`` keyword argument to
``interpolate_layout`` to allow disabling avar mapping: if False (default),
the location is mapped using the map element of the axes in designspace file;
if True, it is assumed that location is in designspace's internal space and
no mapping is performed (#950, #975).
- [varLib.interpolate_layout] Import designspace-loading logic from varLib.
- [varLib] Fixed bug with recombining PairPosClass2 subtables (81498e5, #914).
- [cffLib.specializer] When copying iterables, cast to list (462b7f86).
3.12.1 (released 2017-05-18)
- [pens.t2CharStringPen] Fixed AttributeError when calling addComponent in
T2CharStringPen (#965).
3.12.0 (released 2017-05-17)
- [cffLib.specializer] Added new ``specializer`` module to optimize CFF
charstrings, used by the T2CharStringPen (#948).
- [varLib.mutator] Sort glyphs by component depth before calculating composite
glyphs' bounding boxes to ensure deltas are correctly caclulated (#945).
- [_g_l_y_f] Fixed loss of precision in GlyphCoordinates by using 'd' (double)
instead of 'f' (float) as ``array.array`` typecode (#963, #964).
3.11.0 (released 2017-05-03)
- [t2CharStringPen] Initial support for specialized Type2 path operators:
vmoveto, hmoveto, vlineto, hlineto, vvcurveto, hhcurveto, vhcurveto and
hvcurveto. This should produce more compact charstrings (#940, #403).
- [Doc] Added Sphinx sources for the documentation. Thanks @gferreira (#935).
- [fvar] Expose flags in XML (#932)
- [name] Add helper function for building multi-lingual names (#921)
- [varLib] Fixed kern merging when a PairPosFormat2 has ClassDef1 with glyphs
that are NOT present in the Coverage (1b5e1c4, #939).
- [varLib] Fixed non-deterministic ClassDef order with PY3 (f056c12, #927).
- [feLib] Throw an error when the same glyph is defined in multiple mark
classes within the same lookup (3e3ff00, #453).
3.10.0 (released 2017-04-14)
- [varLib] Added support for building ``avar`` table, using the designspace
``<map>`` elements.
- [varLib] Removed unused ``build(..., axisMap)`` argument. Axis map should
be specified in designspace file now. We do not accept nonstandard axes
if ``<axes>`` element is not present.
- [varLib] Removed "custom" axis from the ``standard_axis_map``. This was
added before when glyphsLib was always exporting the (unused) custom axis.
- [varLib] Added partial support for building ``MVAR`` table; does not
implement ``gasp`` table variations yet.
- [pens] Added FilterPen base class, for pens that control another pen;
factored out ``addComponent`` method from BasePen into a separate abstract
DecomposingPen class; added DecomposingRecordingPen, which records
components decomposed as regular contours.
- [TSI1] Fixed computation of the textLength of VTT private tables (#913).
- [loggingTools] Added ``LogMixin`` class providing a ``log`` property to
subclasses, which returns a ``logging.Logger`` named after the latter.
- [loggingTools] Added ``assertRegex`` method to ``CapturingLogHandler``.
- [py23] Added backport for python 3's ``types.SimpleNamespace`` class.
- [EBLC] Fixed issue with python 3 ``zip`` iterator.
3.9.2 (released 2017-04-08)
- [pens] Added pen to draw glyphs using WxPython ``GraphicsPath`` class:
- [varLib.merger] Fixed issue with recombining multiple PairPosFormat2
subtables (#888)
- [varLib] Do not encode gvar deltas that are all zeroes, or if all values
are smaller than tolerance.
- [ttLib] _TTGlyphSet glyphs now also have ``height`` and ``tsb`` (top
side bearing) attributes from the ``vmtx`` table, if present.
- [glyf] In ``GlyphCoordintes`` class, added ``__bool__`` / ``__nonzero__``
methods, and ``array`` property to get raw array.
- [ttx] Support reading TTX files with BOM (#896)
- [CFF2] Fixed the reporting of the number of regions in the font.
3.9.1 (released 2017-03-20)
- [varLib.merger] Fixed issue while recombining multiple PairPosFormat2
subtables if they were split because of offset overflows (9798c30).
- [varLib.merger] Only merge multiple PairPosFormat1 subtables if there is
at least one of the fonts with a non-empty Format1 subtable (0f5a46b).
- [varLib.merger] Fixed IndexError with empty ClassDef1 in PairPosFormat2
- [varLib.merger] Avoid reusing Class2Record (mutable) objects (e6125b3).
- [varLib.merger] Calculate ClassDef1 and ClassDef2's Format when merging
PairPosFormat2 (23511fd).
- [macUtils] Added missing ttLib import (b05f203).
3.9.0 (released 2017-03-13)
- [feaLib] Added (partial) support for parsing feature file comments ``# ...``
appearing in between statements (#879).
- [feaLib] Cleaned up syntax tree for FeatureNames.
- [ttLib] Added support for reading/writing ``CFF2`` table (thanks to
@readroberts at Adobe), and ``TTFA`` (ttfautohint) table.
- [varLib] Fixed regression introduced with 3.8.0 in the calculation of
``NumShorts``, i.e. the number of deltas in ItemVariationData's delta sets
that use a 16-bit representation (b2825ff).
3.8.0 (released 2017-03-05)
- New pens: MomentsPen, StatisticsPen, RecordingPen, and TeePen.
- [misc] Added new ``fontTools.misc.symfont`` module, for symbolic font
statistical analysis; requires ``sympy`` (
- [varLib] Added experimental ``fontTools.varLib.interpolatable`` module for
finding wrong contour order between different masters
- [varLib] designspace.load() now returns a dictionary, instead of a tuple,
and supports <axes> element (#864); the 'masters' item was renamed 'sources',
like the <sources> element in the designspace document
- [ttLib] Fixed issue with recalculating ``head`` modified timestamp when
saving CFF fonts
- [ttLib] In TupleVariation, round deltas before compiling (#861, fixed #592)
- [feaLib] Ignore duplicate glyphs in classes used as MarkFilteringSet and
MarkAttachmentType (#863)
- [merge] Changed the ``gasp`` table merge logic so that only the one from
the first font is retained, similar to other hinting tables (#862)
- [Tests] Added tests for the ``varLib`` package, as well as test fonts
from the "Annotated OpenType Specification" (AOTS) to exercise ``ttLib``'s
table readers/writers (<>)
3.7.2 (released 2017-02-17)
- [subset] Keep advance widths when stripping ".notdef" glyph outline in
CID-keyed CFF fonts (#845)
- [feaLib] Zero values now produce the same results as makeotf (#633, #848)
- [feaLib] More compact encoding for “Contextual positioning with in-line
single positioning rules” (#514)
3.7.1 (released 2017-02-15)
- [subset] Fixed issue with ``--no-hinting`` option whereby advance widths in
Type 2 charstrings were also being stripped (#709, #343)
- [feaLib] include statements now resolve relative paths like makeotf (#838)
- [feaLib] table ``name`` now handles Unicode codepoints beyond the Basic
Multilingual Plane, also supports old-style MacOS platform encodings (#842)
- [feaLib] correctly escape string literals when emitting feature syntax (#780)
3.7.0 (released 2017-02-11)
- [ttx, mtiLib] Preserve ordering of glyph alternates in GSUB type 3 (#833).
- [feaLib] Glyph names can have dashes, as per new AFDKO syntax v1.20 (#559).
- [feaLib] feaLib.Parser now needs the font's glyph map for parsing.
- [varLib] Fix regression where GPOS values were stored as 0.
- [varLib] Allow merging of class-based kerning when ClassDefs are different
3.6.3 (released 2017-02-06)
- [varLib] Fix building variation of PairPosFormat2 (b5c34ce).
- Populate defaults even for otTables that have postRead (e45297b).
- Fix compiling of MultipleSubstFormat1 with zero 'out' glyphs (b887860).
3.6.2 (released 2017-01-30)
- [varLib.merger] Fixed "TypeError: reduce() of empty sequence with no
initial value" (3717dc6).
3.6.1 (released 2017-01-28)
- [py23] Fixed unhandled exception occurring at interpreter shutdown in
the "last resort" logging handler (972b3e6).
- [agl] Ensure all glyph names are of native 'str' type; avoid mixing
'str' and 'unicode' in TTFont.glyphOrder (d8c4058).
- Fixed inconsistent title levels in README.rst that caused PyPI to
incorrectly render the reStructuredText page.
3.6.0 (released 2017-01-26)
- [varLib] Refactored and improved the variation-font-building process.
- Assembly code in the fpgm, prep, and glyf tables is now indented in
XML output for improved readability. The ``instruction`` element is
written as a simple tag if empty (#819).
- [ttx] Fixed 'I/O operation on closed file' error when dumping
multiple TTXs to standard output with the '-o -' option.
- The unit test modules (``*``) have been moved outside of the
fontTools package to the Tests folder, thus they are no longer
installed (#811).
3.5.0 (released 2017-01-14)
- Font tables read from XML can now be written back to XML with no
- GSUB/GPOS LookupType is written out in XML as an element, not
comment. (#792)
- When parsing cmap table, do not store items mapped to glyph id 0.
- [otlLib] Make ClassDef sorting deterministic. Fixes #766 (7d1ddb2)
- [mtiLib] Added unit tests (#787)
- [cvar] Implemented cvar table
- [gvar] Renamed GlyphVariation to TupleVariation to match OpenType
- [otTables] Handle gracefully empty VarData.Item array when compiling
XML. (#797)
- [varLib] Re-enabled generation of ``HVAR`` table for fonts with
TrueType outlines; removed ``--build-HVAR`` command-line option.
- [feaLib] The parser can now be extended to support non-standard
statements in FEA code by using a customized Abstract Syntax Tree.
See, for example, ``feaLib.builder_test.test_extensions`` and
baseClass.feax (#794, fixes #773).
- [feaLib] Added ``feaLib`` command to the 'fonttools' command-line
tool; applies a feature file to a font. ``fonttools feaLib -h`` for
- [pens] The ``T2CharStringPen`` now takes an optional
``roundTolerance`` argument to control the rounding of coordinates
(#804, fixes #769).
- [ci] Measure test coverage on all supported python versions and OSes,
combine coverage data and upload to (#786)
- [ci] Configured Travis and Appveyor for running tests on Python 3.6
(#785, 55c03bc)
- The manual pages installation directory can be customized through
``FONTTOOLS_MANPATH`` environment variable (#799, fixes #84).
- [Snippets] Added, for converting fonts from CFF to
TrueType using the googlei18n/cu2qu module (#802)
3.4.0 (released 2016-12-21)
- [feaLib] Added support for generating FEA text from abstract syntax
tree (AST) objects (#776). Thanks @mhosken
- Added ``agl.toUnicode`` function to convert AGL-compliant glyph names
to Unicode strings (#774)
- Implemented MVAR table (b4d5381)
3.3.1 (released 2016-12-15)
- [setup] We no longer use to compute fonttools version
from git metadata, as this has caused issues for some users (#767).
Now we bump the version strings manually with a custom ``release``
command of script.
3.3.0 (released 2016-12-06)
- [ttLib] Implemented STAT table from OpenType 1.8 (#758)
- [cffLib] Fixed decompilation of CFF fonts containing non-standard
key/value pairs in FontDict (issue #740; PR #744)
- [py23] minor: in ``round3`` function, allow the second argument to be
``None`` (#757)
- The standalone ``sstruct`` and ``xmlWriter`` modules, deprecated
since vesion 3.2.0, have been removed. They can be imported from the
``fontTools.misc`` package.
3.2.3 (released 2016-12-02)
- [py23] optimized performance of round3 function; added backport for
py35 math.isclose() (9d8dacb)
- [subset] fixed issue with 'narrow' (UCS-2) Python 2 builds and
``--text``/``--text-file`` options containing non-BMP chararcters
- [varLib] fixed issuewhen normalizing location values (8fa2ee1, #749)
- [inspect] Made it compatible with both python2 and python3 (167ee60,
#748). Thanks @pnemade
3.2.2 (released 2016-11-24)
- [varLib] Do not emit null axes in fvar (1bebcec). Thanks @robmck-ms
- [varLib] Handle fonts without GPOS (7915a45)
- [merge] Ignore LangSys if None (a11bc56)
- [subset] Fix subsetting MathVariants (78d3cbe)
- [OS/2] Fix "Private Use (plane 15)" range (08a0d55). Thanks @mashabow
3.2.1 (released 2016-11-03)
- [OS/2] fix checking ``fsSelection`` bits matching ``head.macStyle``
- [varLib] added ``--build-HVAR`` option to generate ``HVAR`` table for
fonts with TrueType outlines. For ``CFF2``, it is enabled by default.
3.2.0 (released 2016-11-02)
- [varLib] Improve support for OpenType 1.8 Variable Fonts:
- Implement GDEF's VariationStore
- Implement HVAR/VVAR tables
- Partial support for loading MutatorMath .designspace files with
varLib.designspace module
- Add varLib.models with Variation fonts interpolation models
- Implement GSUB/GPOS FeatureVariations
- Initial support for interpolating and merging OpenType Layout tables
(see ``varLib.interpolate_layout`` and ``varLib.merger`` modules)
- [API change] Change version to be an integer instead of a float in
hhea and vhea tables. Scripts that set the Version for those to 1.0
or other float values also need fixing. A warning is emitted when
code or XML needs fix.
- several bug fixes to the cffLib module, contributed by Adobe's
- The XML output for CFF table now has a 'major' and 'minor' elements
for specifying whether it's version 1.0 or 2.0 (support for CFF2 is
coming soon)
- [] remove undocumented/deprecated ``extra_path`` Distutils
argument. This means that we no longer create a "FontTools" subfolder
in site-packages containing the actual fontTools package, as well as
the standalone xmlWriter and sstruct modules. The latter modules are
also deprecated, and scheduled for removal in upcoming releases.
Please change your import statements to point to from fontTools.misc
import xmlWriter and from fontTools.misc import sstruct.
- [scripts] Add a 'fonttools' command-line tool that simply runs
``fontTools.*`` sub-modules: e.g. ``fonttools ttx``,
``fonttools subset``, etc.
- [hmtx/vmts] Read advance width/heights as unsigned short (uint16);
automatically round float values to integers.
- [ttLib/xmlWriter] add 'newlinestr=None' keyword argument to
``TTFont.saveXML`` for overriding os-specific line endings (passed on
to ``XMLWriter`` instances).
- [versioning] Use versioneer instead of ``setuptools_scm`` to
dynamically load version info from a git checkout at import time.
- [feaLib] Support backslash-prefixed glyph names.
3.1.2 (released 2016-09-27)
- restore Makefile as an alternative way to build/check/install
- update instructions for installing package from source,
and for running test suite
- NEWS: Change log was out of sync with tagged release
3.1.1 (released 2016-09-27)
- Fix ``ttLibVersion`` attribute in TTX files still showing '3.0'
instead of '3.1'.
- Use ``setuptools_scm`` to manage package versions.
3.1.0 (released 2016-09-26)
- [feaLib] New library to parse and compile Adobe FDK OpenType Feature
- [mtiLib] New library to parse and compile Monotype 'FontDame'
OpenType Layout Tables files.
- [voltLib] New library to parse Microsoft VOLT project files.
- [otlLib] New library to work with OpenType Layout tables.
- [varLib] New library to work with OpenType Font Variations.
- [pens] Add ttGlyphPen to draw to TrueType glyphs, and t2CharStringPen
to draw to Type 2 Charstrings (CFF); add areaPen and perimeterPen.
- [ttLib.tables] Implement 'meta' and 'trak' tables.
- [ttx] Add --flavor option for compiling to 'woff' or 'woff2'; add
``--with-zopfli`` option to use Zopfli to compress WOFF 1.0 fonts.
- [subset] Support subsetting 'COLR'/'CPAL' and 'CBDT'/'CBLC' color
fonts tables, and 'gvar' table for variation fonts.
- [Snippets] Add ````, for symbolic font statistics analysis;, a preliminary script for detecting interpolation
errors; ``{merge,dump}``.
- [classifyTools] Helpers to classify things into classes.
- [CI] Run tests on Windows, Linux and macOS using Appveyor and Travis
CI; check unit test coverage with; automatic
deployment to PyPI on tags.
- [loggingTools] Use Python built-in logging module to print messages.
- [py23] Make round() behave like Python 3 built-in round(); define
round2() and round3().
3.0 (released 2015-09-01)
- Add Snippet scripts for cmap subtable format conversion, printing
GSUB/GPOS features, building a GX font from two masters
- TTX WOFF2 support and a ``-f`` option to overwrite output file(s)
- Support GX tables: ``avar``, ``gvar``, ``fvar``, ``meta``
- Support ``feat`` and gzip-compressed SVG tables
- Upgrade Mac East Asian encodings to native implementation if
- Add Roman Croatian and Romanian encodings, codecs for mac-extended
East Asian encodings
- Implement optimal GLYF glyph outline packing; disabled by default
2.5 (released 2014-09-24)
- Add a Qt pen
- Add VDMX table converter
- Load all OpenType sub-structures lazily
- Add support for cmap format 13.
- Add pyftmerge tool
- Update to Unicode 6.3.0d3
- Add pyftinspect tool
- Add support for Google CBLC/CBDT color bitmaps, standard EBLC/EBDT
embedded bitmaps, and ``SVG`` table (thanks to Read Roberts at Adobe)
- Add support for loading, saving and ttx'ing WOFF file format
- Add support for Microsoft COLR/CPAL layered color glyphs
- Support PyPy
- Support Jython, by replacing numpy with array/lists modules and
removed it, pure-Python StringIO, not cStringIO
- Add pyftsubset and Subsetter object, supporting CFF and TTF
- Add to ttx args for -q for quiet mode, -z to choose a bitmap dump
2.4 (released 2013-06-22)
- Option to write to arbitrary files
- Better dump format for DSIG
- Better detection of OTF XML
- Fix issue with Apple's kern table format
- Fix mangling of TT glyph programs
- Fix issues related to mona.ttf
- Fix Windows Installer instructions
- Fix some modern MacOS issues
- Fix minor issues and typos
2.3 (released 2009-11-08)
- TrueType Collection (TTC) support
- Python 2.6 support
- Update Unicode data to 5.2.0
- Couple of bug fixes
2.2 (released 2008-05-18)
- ClearType support
- cmap format 1 support
- PFA font support
- Switched from Numeric to numpy
- Update Unicode data to 5.1.0
- Update AGLFN data to 1.6
- Many bug fixes
2.1 (released 2008-01-28)
- Many years worth of fixes and features
2.0b2 (released 2002-??-??)
- Be "forgiving" when interpreting the maxp table version field:
interpret any value as 1.0 if it's not 0.5. Fixes dumping of these
GPL fonts:
- Fixed ttx -l: it turned out this part of the code didn't work with
Python 2.2.1 and earlier. My bad to do most of my testing with a
different version than I shipped TTX with :-(
- Fixed bug in ClassDef format 1 subtable (Andreas Seidel bumped into
this one).
2.0b1 (released 2002-09-10)
- Fixed embarrassing bug: the master checksum in the head table is now
calculated correctly even on little-endian platforms (such as Intel).
- Made the cmap format 4 compiler smarter: the binary data it creates
is now more or less as compact as possible. TTX now makes more
compact data than in any shipping font I've tested it with.
- Dump glyph names as a separate "GlyphOrder" pseudo table as opposed
to as part of the glyf table (obviously needed for CFF-OTF's).
- Added proper support for the CFF table.
- Don't barf on empty tables (questionable, but "there are font out
- When writing TT glyf data, align glyphs on 4-byte boundaries. This
seems to be the current recommendation by MS. Also: don't barf on
fonts which are already 4-byte aligned.
- Windows installer contributed bu Adam Twardoch! Yay!
- Changed the command line interface again, now by creating one new
tool replacing the old ones: ttx It dumps and compiles, depending on
input file types. The options have changed somewhat.
- The -d option is back (output dir)
- ttcompile's -i options is now called -m (as in "merge"), to avoid
clash with dump's -i.
- The -s option ("split tables") no longer creates a directory, but
instead outputs a small .ttx file containing references to the
individual table files. This is not a true link, it's a simple file
name, and the referenced file should be in the same directory so
ttcompile can find them.
- compile no longer accepts a directory as input argument. Instead it
can parse the new "mini-ttx" format as output by "ttx -s".
- all arguments are input files
- Renamed the command line programs and moved them to the Tools
subdirectory. They are now installed by the install script.
- Added OpenType support. BASE, GDEF, GPOS, GSUB and JSTF are (almost)
fully supported. The XML output is not yet final, as I'm still
considering to output certain subtables in a more human-friendly
- Fixed 'kern' table to correctly accept subtables it doesn't know
about, as well as interpreting Apple's definition of the 'kern' table
headers correctly.
- Fixed bug where glyphnames were not calculated from 'cmap' if it was
(one of the) first tables to be decompiled. More specifically: it
cmap was the first to ask for a glyphID -> glyphName mapping.
- Switched XML parsers: use expat instead of xmlproc. Should be faster.
- Removed my UnicodeString object: I now require Python 2.0 or up,
which has unicode support built in.
- Removed assert in glyf table: redundant data at the end of the table
is now ignored instead of raising an error. Should become a warning.
- Fixed bug in hmtx/vmtx code that only occured if all advances were
- Fixed subtle bug in TT instruction disassembler.
- Couple of fixes to the 'post' table.
- Updated OS/2 table to latest spec.
1.0b1 (released 2001-08-10)
- Reorganized the command line interface for and, they now behave more like "normal" command line tool,
in that they accept multiple input files for batch processing.
- and don't silently override files anymore, but
ask before doing so. Can be overridden by -f.
- Added -d option to both and
- Installation is now done with distutils. (Needs work for environments
without compilers.)
- Updated installation instructions.
- Added some workarounds so as to handle certain buggy fonts more
- Updated Unicode table to Unicode 3.0 (Thanks Antoine!)
- Included a Python script by Adam Twardoch that adds some useful stuff
to the Windows registry.
- Moved the project to SourceForge.
1.0a6 (released 2000-03-15)
- Big reorganization: made ttLib a subpackage of the new fontTools
package, changed several module names. Called the entire suite
- Added several submodules to fontTools, some new, some older.
- Added experimental CFF/GPOS/GSUB support to ttLib, read-only (but XML
dumping of GPOS/GSUB is for now disabled)
- Fixed hdmx endian bug
- Added -b option to, it disables recalculation of
bounding boxes, as requested by Werner Lemberg.
- Renamed to and to
- Use ".ttx" as file extension instead of ".xml".
- TTX is now the name of the XML-based *format* for TT fonts, and not
just an application.
Never released
- More tables supported: hdmx, vhea, vmtx
1.0a3 & 1.0a4
Never released
- fixed most portability issues
- retracted the "Euro_or_currency" change from 1.0a2: it was
1.0a2 (released 1999-05-02)
- binary release for MacOS
- genenates full FOND resources: including width table, PS font name
info and kern table if applicable.
- added cmap format 4 support. Extra: dumps Unicode char names as XML
- added cmap format 6 support
- now accepts true type files starting with "true" (instead of just
0x00010000 and "OTTO")
- 'glyf' table support is now complete: I added support for composite
scale, xy-scale and two-by-two for the 'glyf' table. For now,
component offset scale behaviour defaults to Apple-style. This only
affects the (re)calculation of the glyph bounding box.
- changed "Euro" to "Euro_or_currency" in the Standard Apple Glyph
order list, since we cannot tell from the 'post' table which is
meant. I should probably doublecheck with a Unicode encoding if
available. (This does not affect the output!)
Fixed bugs: - 'hhea' table is now recalculated correctly - fixed wrong
assumption about sfnt resource names
1.0a1 (released 1999-04-27)
- initial binary release for MacOS