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""" TSI{0,1,2,3,5} are private tables used by Microsoft Visual TrueType (VTT)
tool to store its hinting source data.
TSI0 is the index table containing the lengths and offsets for the glyph
programs and 'extra' programs ('fpgm', 'prep', and 'cvt') that are contained
in the TSI1 table.
from __future__ import print_function, division, absolute_import
from fontTools.misc.py23 import *
from . import DefaultTable
import struct
tsi0Format = '>HHL'
def fixlongs(glyphID, textLength, textOffset):
return int(glyphID), int(textLength), textOffset
class table_T_S_I__0(DefaultTable.DefaultTable):
dependencies = ["TSI1"]
def decompile(self, data, ttFont):
numGlyphs = ttFont['maxp'].numGlyphs
indices = []
size = struct.calcsize(tsi0Format)
for i in range(numGlyphs + 5):
glyphID, textLength, textOffset = fixlongs(*struct.unpack(tsi0Format, data[:size]))
indices.append((glyphID, textLength, textOffset))
data = data[size:]
assert len(data) == 0
assert indices[-5] == (0XFFFE, 0, 0xABFC1F34), "bad magic number"
self.indices = indices[:-5]
self.extra_indices = indices[-4:]
def compile(self, ttFont):
if not hasattr(self, "indices"):
# We have no corresponding table (TSI1 or TSI3); let's return
# no data, which effectively means "ignore us".
return b""
data = b""
for index, textLength, textOffset in self.indices:
data = data + struct.pack(tsi0Format, index, textLength, textOffset)
data = data + struct.pack(tsi0Format, 0XFFFE, 0, 0xABFC1F34)
for index, textLength, textOffset in self.extra_indices:
data = data + struct.pack(tsi0Format, index, textLength, textOffset)
return data
def set(self, indices, extra_indices):
# gets called by 'TSI1' or 'TSI3'
self.indices = indices
self.extra_indices = extra_indices
def toXML(self, writer, ttFont):
writer.comment("This table will be calculated by the compiler")