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# Since bitmap glyph metrics are shared between EBLC and EBDT
# this class gets its own python file.
from __future__ import print_function, division, absolute_import
from fontTools.misc.py23 import *
from fontTools.misc import sstruct
from fontTools.misc.textTools import safeEval
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
bigGlyphMetricsFormat = """
> # big endian
height: B
width: B
horiBearingX: b
horiBearingY: b
horiAdvance: B
vertBearingX: b
vertBearingY: b
vertAdvance: B
smallGlyphMetricsFormat = """
> # big endian
height: B
width: B
BearingX: b
BearingY: b
Advance: B
class BitmapGlyphMetrics(object):
def toXML(self, writer, ttFont):
for metricName in sstruct.getformat(self.__class__.binaryFormat)[1]:
writer.simpletag(metricName, value=getattr(self, metricName))
def fromXML(self, name, attrs, content, ttFont):
metricNames = set(sstruct.getformat(self.__class__.binaryFormat)[1])
for element in content:
if not isinstance(element, tuple):
name, attrs, content = element
# Make sure this is a metric that is needed by GlyphMetrics.
if name in metricNames:
vars(self)[name] = safeEval(attrs['value'])
log.warning("unknown name '%s' being ignored in %s.", name, self.__class__.__name__)
class BigGlyphMetrics(BitmapGlyphMetrics):
binaryFormat = bigGlyphMetricsFormat
class SmallGlyphMetrics(BitmapGlyphMetrics):
binaryFormat = smallGlyphMetricsFormat