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from __future__ import print_function, division, absolute_import
from fontTools.misc.py23 import *
import unittest
import os
from fontTools import afmLib
CWD = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
DATADIR = os.path.join(CWD, 'data')
AFM = os.path.join(DATADIR, 'TestAFM.afm')
class AFMTest(unittest.TestCase):
def test_read_afm(self):
afm = afmLib.AFM(AFM)
sorted([('V', 'A'), ('T', 'comma'), ('V', 'd'), ('T', 'c'), ('T', 'period')]))
self.assertEqual(afm['V', 'A'], -60)
self.assertEqual(afm['V', 'd'], 30)
self.assertEqual(afm['A'], (65, 668, (8, -25, 660, 666)))
def test_write_afm(self):
afm = afmLib.AFM(AFM)
newAfm, afmData = self.write(afm)
self.assertEqual(afm.kernpairs(), newAfm.kernpairs())
self.assertEqual(afm.chars(), newAfm.chars())
self.assertEqual(afm.comments(), newAfm.comments()[1:]) # skip the "generated by afmLib" comment
for pair in afm.kernpairs():
self.assertEqual(afm[pair], newAfm[pair])
for char in afm.chars():
self.assertEqual(afm[char], newAfm[char])
with open(AFM, 'r') as f:
originalLines =
newLines = afmData.splitlines()
del newLines[1] # remove the "generated by afmLib" comment
self.assertEqual(originalLines, newLines)
def write(afm, sep='\r'):
temp = os.path.join(DATADIR, 'temp.afm')
afm.write(temp, sep)
with open(temp, 'r') as f:
afmData =
afm = afmLib.AFM(temp)
if os.path.exists(temp):
return afm, afmData
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys