Added section about using DESTDIR and INSTALL_ROOT.
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         4. Run "make installlib" (which installs the library only).
            Or, if step 2 was omitted, run "make installlib".
+Using DESTDIR or INSTALL_ROOT is enabled, with INSTALL_ROOT being the default
+value for DESTDIR, and the rest of the make file using only DESTDIR.
+It works as follows:
+   $ make install DESTDIR=/path/to/image
+overrides the in-makefile set DESTDIR, while both
+   $ INSTALL_ROOT=/path/to/image make install
+   $ make install INSTALL_ROOT=/path/to/image
+use DESTDIR=$(INSTALL_ROOT), even if DESTDIR eventually is defined in the
+environment, because variable-setting priority is
+1) commandline
+2) in-makefile
+3) environment           
 Note for Solaris users:  The "ar" command is usually located in
 "/usr/ccs/bin", which is not in the default PATH.  You will need to