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# $Id$
AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign no-dependencies
CHANGES LEGAL maketgz MITX.txt MPL-1.1.txt \
reconf Makefile.dist curl-mode.el \
config-vms.h config-win32.h config-riscos.h config-mac.h
bin_SCRIPTS = curl-config
SUBDIRS = docs lib src include tests packages
# create a root makefile in the distribution:
cp $(srcdir)/Makefile.dist $(distdir)/Makefile
cd docs; make html
check: test
@(cd tests; $(MAKE) quiet-test)
# Build source and binary rpms. For rpm-3.0 and above, the ~/.rpmmacros
# must contain the following line:
# %_topdir /home/loic/local/rpm
# and that /home/loic/local/rpm contains the directory SOURCES, BUILD etc.
# cd /home/loic/local/rpm ; mkdir -p SOURCES BUILD RPMS/i386 SPECS SRPMS
# If additional configure flags are needed to build the package, add the
# following in ~/.rpmmacros
# %configure CFLAGS="%{optflags}" ./configure %{_target_platform} --prefix=%{_prefix} ${AM_CONFIGFLAGS}
# and run make rpm in the following way:
# AM_CONFIGFLAGS='--with-uri=/home/users/loic/local/RedHat-6.2' make rpm
$(MAKE) RPMDIST=curl rpm
$(MAKE) RPMDIST=curl-ssl rpm
RPM_TOPDIR=`rpm --showrc | $(PERL) -n -e 'print if(s/.*_topdir\s+(.*)/$$1/)'` ; \
cp $(srcdir)/packages/Linux/RPM/$(RPMDIST).spec $$RPM_TOPDIR/SPECS ; \
rpm -ba --clean --rmsource $$RPM_TOPDIR/SPECS/$(RPMDIST).spec ; \
mv $$RPM_TOPDIR/RPMS/i386/$(RPMDIST)-*.rpm . ; \
mv $$RPM_TOPDIR/SRPMS/$(RPMDIST)-*.src.rpm .
# Build a Solaris pkkgadd format file
# run 'make pkgadd' once you've done './configure' and 'make' to make a Solaris pkgadd format
# file (which ends up back in this directory).
# The pkgadd file is in 'pkgtrans' format, so to install on Solaris, do
# pkgadd -d ./HAXXcurl-*
# gak - libtool requires an absoulte directory, hence the pwd below...
umask 022 ; \
make install DESTDIR=`/bin/pwd`/packages/Solaris/root ; \
cat LEGAL MITX.txt MPL-1.1.txt > $(srcdir)/packages/Solaris/copyright ; \
cd $(srcdir)/packages/Solaris && $(MAKE) package
# Build a cygwin binary tarball installation file
# resulting .tar.bz2 file will end up at packages/Win32/cygwin
$(MAKE) -C packages/Win32/cygwin cygwinbin