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Curl and libcurl 7.16.3
Public curl release number: 99
Releases counted from the very beginning: 126
Available command line options: 118
Available curl_easy_setopt() options: 141
Number of public functions in libcurl: 54
Amount of public web site mirrors: 38
Number of known libcurl bindings: 35
Number of contributors: 554
This release includes the following changes:
o added curl_multi_socket_action()
o deprecated curl_multi_socket()
o uses less memory in non-pipelined use cases
o CURLOPT_HTTP200ALIASES matched transfers assume HTTP 1.0 compliance
o more than one test harness can run at the same time without conflict
o SFTP now supports quote commands before a transfer
o CURLMOPT_MAXCONNECTS added to curl_multi_setopt()
o upload resume works for file:// URLs
o asynchronous name resolves now require c-ares 1.4.0 or later
o added SOCKS test cases
o CURLOPT_FTP_CREATE_MISSING_DIRS and --ftp-create-dirs now work for SFTP
operations as well
This release includes the following bugfixes:
o if2up too long interface name memory leak
o test case 534 started to fail 2007-04-13 due to the existance of a
new host on the net with the same silly domain the test was using
for a host which was supposed not to exist.
o test suite SSL certificate works better with newer stunnel
o internal progress meter update frequency back to once per second
o avoid some unnecessary calls to function gettimeofday
o a double-free in the SSL-layer
o GnuTLS free of NULL credentials
o NSS-fix for closing down SSL
o bad warning from configure when gnutls was selected
o compilation on VMS 64-bit mode
o SCP/SFTP downloads could hang on the last bytes of a transfer
o curl_easy_duphandle() crash
o curl -V / curl_version*() works even when GnuTLS is used on a system without
a good random source
o curl_multi_socket() not "noticing" newly added handles
o lack of Content-Length and chunked encoding now requires HTTP 1.1 as well
to be treated as without response body
o connection cache growth in multi handles
o better handling of out of memory conditions
o overwriting an uploaded file with sftp now truncates it first
o SFTP quote commands chmod, chown, chgrp can now set a value of 0
o TFTP connect timouts less than 5 seconds
o improved curl -w for TFTP transfers
o memory leak when failed OpenSSL certificate CN field checking
o memory leak when OpenSSL failed PKCS #12 parsing
o FPL-SSL when built with NSS
o out-of-boundary write in Curl_select()
o -s/--silent can now be used to toggle off the silence again
o builds fine on 64bit HP-UX
o multi interface HTTP CONNECT glitch
o list FTP root directories when login dir is not root
o no longer slows down when getting very many URLs on the same command line
o lock share before decreasing dirty counter
o no-body FTP requests on re-used connections
This release includes the following known bugs:
o see docs/KNOWN_BUGS (
Other curl-related news:
o PycURL was released:
o TclCurl 7.16.2 was released:
New curl mirrors:
o is a new mirror in Belgium
o is a new mirror in Poland
o is a new mirror in St Louis, MO, USA
o is a new mirror in Indiana, USA
This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
advice from friends like these:
Song Ma, Dan Fandrich, Yang Tse, Jay Austin, Robert Iakobashvil,
James Housley, Daniel Black, Steve Little, Sonia Subramanian, Peter O'Gorman,
Frank Hempel, Michael Wallner, Jeff Pohlmeyer, Tobias Rundström,
Anders Gustafsson, James Bursa, Kristian Gunstone, Feng Tu,
Andre Guibert de Bruet, Rob Crittenden, Rich Rauenzahn, Tom Regner,
Dave Vasilevsky, Shmulik Regev, Robson Braga Araujo, Adam Piggott,
Gerrit Bruchhäuser
Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)