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Issues not sorted in any particular order.
To get fixed in 7.14.0 (planned release: May/June 2005)
- Make the tests run better on more platforms.
To get fixed in 7.14.1 (planned release: June 2005)
58 - Fix KNOWN_BUGS #19: "FTP 3rd party transfers with the multi interface
doesn't work"
47 - Peter Sylvester's patch for SRP on the TLS layer
Awaits OpenSSL support for this, no need to support this in libcurl before
there's an OpenSSL release that does it.
To get fixed in 7.15.0
55 - Add a function to the multi interface that gets file descriptors, as an
alternative to the curl_multi_fdset(). This is necessary to allow apps to
properly avoid the FD_SETSIZE problem.
56 - Make curl_easy_perform() a wrapper-function that simply creates a multi
handle, adds the easy handle to it, runs curl_multi_perform() until the
transfer is done, then detach the easy handle, destroy the multi handle
and return the easy handle's return code. This will thus make everything
internally use and assume the multi interface. The select()-loop should
use the new function from (55).
To get fixed in 7.16.0
57 - Add an interface to libcurl for getting and setting cookies from an easy
handle. One idea: the
older idea: We need to settle on some
middle ground I guess.
60 -