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Curl and libcurl 7.10.8. A bugfix release.
The 77th public curl release. Release number 104 counted from the very
This release includes the following changes:
o --head now works on file:// URLs too
o file: URLs with only one initial slash now works too
o RELEASE-NOTES document added to the release archive to summarize the big
and visible changes and bugfixes
o CURLOPT_MAXFILESIZE was added, and --max-filesize
o IPv6 is now supported on Windows builds too
o CURLOPT_IPRESOLVE lets you select pure IPv6 or IPv4 resolved addresses
(curl offers the command line options -4/--ipv4 and -6/--ipv6)
o GSS-Negotiate works fine with the MIT kerberos library
o SPNEGO support added, if libcurl is built with the FBopenssl libraries,
curl_version_info() can return a feature bit for it and curl -V displays
SPNEGO as a feature if libcurl is built with it enabled
o easy handles added to a multi handle now share DNS cache automaticly
o NTLM, Digest and GSS-Negotiate authentications also work for HTTPS over
o curl supports multiple -T flags to allow serveral uploaded files using
a single command line
o CURLINFO_RESPONSE_CODE can return the last FTP response code
This release includes the following bugfixes:
o added work-around for a name resolve problem on some glibc versions
o a rare ERRORBUFFER single-byte overflow was fixed
o HTTP-resuming an already downloaded file works better
o builds better on Solaris 8+ with gcc
o --disable-eprt works now
o improved CA cert verification
o --anyauth could bug when the first response had no body contents
o double password prompting when doing NTLM fixed
o improved performance when used multi-threaded on windows
o share-locking during DNS lookups was modified
o resume was not possible to switch off properly once enabled
o fixed the ipv4 connect code when a DNS entry has multiple IPs
o now checks subjectAltNames when matching certs
o HTTP POST using read callback works again
o builds fine on BeOS now
o CURLOPT_COOKIE set to NULL no longer sends the previously set cookie
o if an FTP transfer used a bad path, the next transfer could fail too
o ares-built libcurl resolves IP-only names properly
o changed the curl_lock_function proto to prevent warnings on some compilers
o builds fine on QNX 6.2.x now
o PUT with --digest works now
o --anyauth that picks NTLM and then follows a redirect (and does NTLM again)
works now
o asynch resolves now work on NT4 too
o a DNS cache trash (possible segfault) was fixed
o clears all proxy environment variables before the test is run
o Microsoft's "Negotiate" authentication is now supported by the existing
o A set zero-length proxy name confused libcurl
o Digest authentication works again without OpenSSL on 64bit architectures
o configure --enable-thread works now
o buffer problems in the test suite's web server were fixed
o improved proxy password handling
o LDAP is again working nicely with the current OpenLDAP
o asynch name lookup for non-resolving hosts now return a proper error message
o CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST set to 1 no longer aborts if no CN field is
obtainable, it will merely warn about it
o name resolve segfault with uClibc fixed
o multi interface and multi-part/formpost could end in segfault
o curl_multi_info_read() sets the msgs_in_queue to 0 when returning NULL
o multi interface, ares and non-resolving host caused a segfault
o minor single SSL memory leak fixed
to default
Other curl-related news since the previous public release:
o TclCurl 0.10.7 was released.
This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
advice from friends like these:
Loren Kirkby, Jeff Pohlmeyer, Antoine Calando, Gerd v. Egidy, Vincent
Sanders, John McGowan, Henrik Storner, Jörg Mueller-Tolk, Peter Pentchev,
Early Ehlinger, Kevin Fisk, Jurij Smakov, Bjorn Reese, Tim Bartley, David
Kimdon, Dominick Meglio, Markus Moeller, Giuseppe Attardi, James MacMillan,
Neil Spring, Siddhartha Prakash Jain, Jon Turner, Vincent Bronner, Shard,
Jeremy Friesner, Florian Schoppmann, Neil Dunbar, Frank Ticheler, Lachlan
O'Dea, Dirk Manske, Domenico Andreoli, Gisle Vanem, Kimmo Kinnunen, Andrew
Fuller, Georg Horn, Andrés García, Dylan Ellicott, Kevin Roth, David Hull,
James Bursa, Dan C
Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)