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* Copyright (C) 1998 - 2019, Daniel Stenberg, <>, et al.
* This software is licensed as described in the file COPYING, which
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/* OS/400 netdb.h does not define NI_MAXHOST. */
#define NI_MAXHOST 1025
/* OS/400 netdb.h does not define NI_MAXSERV. */
#define NI_MAXSERV 32
/* No OS/400 header file defines u_int32_t. */
typedef unsigned long u_int32_t;
/* System API wrapper prototypes & definitions to support ASCII parameters. */
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netdb.h>
#include <gskssl.h>
#include <qsoasync.h>
#include <gssapi.h>
extern int Curl_getaddrinfo_a(const char *nodename,
const char *servname,
const struct addrinfo *hints,
struct addrinfo **res);
#define getaddrinfo Curl_getaddrinfo_a
extern int Curl_getnameinfo_a(const struct sockaddr *sa,
curl_socklen_t salen,
char *nodename, curl_socklen_t nodenamelen,
char *servname, curl_socklen_t servnamelen,
int flags);
#define getnameinfo Curl_getnameinfo_a
/* GSKit wrappers. */
extern int Curl_gsk_environment_open(gsk_handle * my_env_handle);
#define gsk_environment_open Curl_gsk_environment_open
extern int Curl_gsk_secure_soc_open(gsk_handle my_env_handle,
gsk_handle * my_session_handle);
#define gsk_secure_soc_open Curl_gsk_secure_soc_open
extern int Curl_gsk_environment_close(gsk_handle * my_env_handle);
#define gsk_environment_close Curl_gsk_environment_close
extern int Curl_gsk_secure_soc_close(gsk_handle * my_session_handle);
#define gsk_secure_soc_close Curl_gsk_secure_soc_close
extern int Curl_gsk_environment_init(gsk_handle my_env_handle);
#define gsk_environment_init Curl_gsk_environment_init
extern int Curl_gsk_secure_soc_init(gsk_handle my_session_handle);
#define gsk_secure_soc_init Curl_gsk_secure_soc_init
extern int Curl_gsk_attribute_set_buffer_a(gsk_handle my_gsk_handle,
const char *buffer,
int bufSize);
#define gsk_attribute_set_buffer Curl_gsk_attribute_set_buffer_a
extern int Curl_gsk_attribute_set_enum(gsk_handle my_gsk_handle,
GSK_ENUM_VALUE enumValue);
#define gsk_attribute_set_enum Curl_gsk_attribute_set_enum
extern int Curl_gsk_attribute_set_numeric_value(gsk_handle my_gsk_handle,
int numValue);
#define gsk_attribute_set_numeric_value Curl_gsk_attribute_set_numeric_value
extern int Curl_gsk_attribute_set_callback(gsk_handle my_gsk_handle,
void *callBackAreaPtr);
#define gsk_attribute_set_callback Curl_gsk_attribute_set_callback
extern int Curl_gsk_attribute_get_buffer_a(gsk_handle my_gsk_handle,
const char **buffer,
int *bufSize);
#define gsk_attribute_get_buffer Curl_gsk_attribute_get_buffer_a
extern int Curl_gsk_attribute_get_enum(gsk_handle my_gsk_handle,
GSK_ENUM_VALUE *enumValue);
#define gsk_attribute_get_enum Curl_gsk_attribute_get_enum
extern int Curl_gsk_attribute_get_numeric_value(gsk_handle my_gsk_handle,
int *numValue);
#define gsk_attribute_get_numeric_value Curl_gsk_attribute_get_numeric_value
extern int Curl_gsk_attribute_get_cert_info(gsk_handle my_gsk_handle,
const gsk_cert_data_elem **certDataElem,
int *certDataElementCount);
#define gsk_attribute_get_cert_info Curl_gsk_attribute_get_cert_info
extern int Curl_gsk_secure_soc_misc(gsk_handle my_session_handle,
#define gsk_secure_soc_misc Curl_gsk_secure_soc_misc
extern int Curl_gsk_secure_soc_read(gsk_handle my_session_handle,
char *readBuffer,
int readBufSize, int *amtRead);
#define gsk_secure_soc_read Curl_gsk_secure_soc_read
extern int Curl_gsk_secure_soc_write(gsk_handle my_session_handle,
char *writeBuffer,
int writeBufSize, int *amtWritten);
#define gsk_secure_soc_write Curl_gsk_secure_soc_write
extern const char * Curl_gsk_strerror_a(int gsk_return_value);
#define gsk_strerror Curl_gsk_strerror_a
extern int Curl_gsk_secure_soc_startInit(gsk_handle my_session_handle,
int IOCompletionPort,
Qso_OverlappedIO_t * communicationsArea);
#define gsk_secure_soc_startInit Curl_gsk_secure_soc_startInit
/* GSSAPI wrappers. */
extern OM_uint32 Curl_gss_import_name_a(OM_uint32 * minor_status,
gss_buffer_t in_name,
gss_OID in_name_type,
gss_name_t * out_name);
#define gss_import_name Curl_gss_import_name_a
extern OM_uint32 Curl_gss_display_status_a(OM_uint32 * minor_status,
OM_uint32 status_value,
int status_type, gss_OID mech_type,
gss_msg_ctx_t * message_context,
gss_buffer_t status_string);
#define gss_display_status Curl_gss_display_status_a
extern OM_uint32 Curl_gss_init_sec_context_a(OM_uint32 * minor_status,
gss_cred_id_t cred_handle,
gss_ctx_id_t * context_handle,
gss_name_t target_name,
gss_OID mech_type,
gss_flags_t req_flags,
OM_uint32 time_req,
gss_buffer_t input_token,
gss_OID * actual_mech_type,
gss_buffer_t output_token,
gss_flags_t * ret_flags,
OM_uint32 * time_rec);
#define gss_init_sec_context Curl_gss_init_sec_context_a
extern OM_uint32 Curl_gss_delete_sec_context_a(OM_uint32 * minor_status,
gss_ctx_id_t * context_handle,
gss_buffer_t output_token);
#define gss_delete_sec_context Curl_gss_delete_sec_context_a
/* LDAP wrappers. */
#define BerValue struct berval
#define ldap_url_parse ldap_url_parse_utf8
#define ldap_init Curl_ldap_init_a
#define ldap_simple_bind_s Curl_ldap_simple_bind_s_a
#define ldap_search_s Curl_ldap_search_s_a
#define ldap_get_values_len Curl_ldap_get_values_len_a
#define ldap_err2string Curl_ldap_err2string_a
#define ldap_get_dn Curl_ldap_get_dn_a
#define ldap_first_attribute Curl_ldap_first_attribute_a
#define ldap_next_attribute Curl_ldap_next_attribute_a
/* Some socket functions must be wrapped to process textual addresses
like AF_UNIX. */
extern int Curl_os400_connect(int sd, struct sockaddr * destaddr, int addrlen);
extern int Curl_os400_bind(int sd, struct sockaddr * localaddr, int addrlen);
extern int Curl_os400_sendto(int sd, char *buffer, int buflen, int flags,
struct sockaddr * dstaddr, int addrlen);
extern int Curl_os400_recvfrom(int sd, char *buffer, int buflen, int flags,
struct sockaddr *fromaddr, int *addrlen);
extern int Curl_os400_getpeername(int sd, struct sockaddr *addr, int *addrlen);
extern int Curl_os400_getsockname(int sd, struct sockaddr *addr, int *addrlen);
#define connect Curl_os400_connect
#define bind Curl_os400_bind
#define sendto Curl_os400_sendto
#define recvfrom Curl_os400_recvfrom
#define getpeername Curl_os400_getpeername
#define getsockname Curl_os400_getsockname
#ifdef HAVE_LIBZ
#define zlibVersion Curl_os400_zlibVersion
#define inflateInit_ Curl_os400_inflateInit_
#define inflateInit2_ Curl_os400_inflateInit2_
#define inflate Curl_os400_inflate
#define inflateEnd Curl_os400_inflateEnd
#endif /* HEADER_CURL_SETUP_OS400_H */