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Contributing to CMake
CMake is maintained and supported by `Kitware`_ and developed in
collaboration with a productive community of contributors.
.. _`Kitware`:
The preferred entry point for new contributors is the mailing list.
Please subscribe and post to the `CMake Developers List`_ to offer
contributions. Regular and productive contributors may be invited
to gain direct push access.
.. _`CMake Developers List`:
Please base all new work on the ``master`` branch. Then use
``git format-patch`` to produce patches suitable to post to
the mailing list.
Code Style
We use `clang-format`_ to define our style for C++ code in the CMake source
tree. See the `.clang-format`_ configuration file for our style settings.
Use ``clang-format`` version 3.8 or higher to format source files.
.. _`clang-format`:
.. _`.clang-format`: .clang-format
We do not require any formal copyright assignment or contributor license
agreement. Any contributions intentionally sent upstream are presumed
to be offered under terms of the OSI-approved BSD 3-clause License.
See `Copyright.txt`_ for details.
.. _`Copyright.txt`: Copyright.txt