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# This file includes all FindXXX.cmake modules, so they are all executed.
# As it is it doesn't test a lot.
# It makes sure that the modules don't contain basic syntax errors.
# It also makes sure that modules don't fail with an error if something
# wasn't found but REQUIRED was not given.
# I guess more things could be added, like checking whether variables are
# defined after running the modules (e.g. FOO_FOUND etc.).
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.7)
file(GLOB all_modules "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/../../Modules/Find*cmake")
foreach(module ${all_modules})
message(STATUS "module: ${module}")
# get the "basename" of the package, so the existence of variables like
# FOO_FOUND could be tested later on, Alex
string(REGEX REPLACE ".+Find([^\\.]+)\\.cmake" "\\1" packageName "${module}")
string(TOUPPER "${packageName}" packageNameUpper)
# disabled for now, since too many modules break:
# if(NOT DEFINED ${packageNameUpper}_FOUND)
# message(SEND_ERROR "${packageNameUpper}_FOUND not defined !")
# endif()
add_executable(FindModulesExecuteAll main.c)