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CMake - Cross Platform Makefile Generator
Copyright 2000-2009 Kitware, Inc., Insight Software Consortium
Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD License (the "License");
see accompanying file Copyright.txt for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the
See the License for more information.
#ifndef cmLocalGenerator_h
#define cmLocalGenerator_h
#include "cmStandardIncludes.h"
#include "cmState.h"
#include "cmake.h"
#include "cmOutputConverter.h"
class cmMakefile;
class cmGlobalGenerator;
class cmGeneratorTarget;
class cmTarget;
class cmTargetManifest;
class cmSourceFile;
class cmCustomCommand;
class cmCustomCommandGenerator;
/** \class cmLocalGenerator
* \brief Create required build files for a directory.
* Subclasses of this abstract class generate makefiles, DSP, etc for various
* platforms. This class should never be constructed directly. A
* GlobalGenerator will create it and invoke the appropriate commands on it.
class cmLocalGenerator : public cmOutputConverter
cmLocalGenerator(cmGlobalGenerator* gg, cmMakefile* makefile);
virtual ~cmLocalGenerator();
* Generate the makefile for this directory.
virtual void Generate() {}
virtual void ComputeHomeRelativeOutputPath() {}
* Calls TraceVSDependencies() on all targets of this generator.
void TraceDependencies();
virtual void AddHelperCommands() {}
* Generate the install rules files in this directory.
void GenerateInstallRules();
* Generate the test files for tests.
void GenerateTestFiles();
* Generate a manifest of target files that will be built.
void ComputeTargetManifest();
///! Get the makefile for this generator
cmMakefile *GetMakefile() {
return this->Makefile; }
///! Get the makefile for this generator, const version
const cmMakefile *GetMakefile() const {
return this->Makefile; }
///! Get the GlobalGenerator this is associated with
cmGlobalGenerator *GetGlobalGenerator() {
return this->GlobalGenerator; }
const cmGlobalGenerator *GetGlobalGenerator() const {
return this->GlobalGenerator; }
cmState* GetState() const;
cmState::Snapshot GetStateSnapshot() const;
void AddArchitectureFlags(std::string& flags,
cmGeneratorTarget const* target,
const std::string&lang, const std::string& config);
void AddLanguageFlags(std::string& flags, const std::string& lang,
const std::string& config);
void AddCMP0018Flags(std::string &flags, cmTarget const* target,
std::string const& lang, const std::string& config);
void AddVisibilityPresetFlags(std::string &flags, cmTarget const* target,
const std::string& lang);
void AddConfigVariableFlags(std::string& flags, const std::string& var,
const std::string& config);
void AddCompilerRequirementFlag(std::string &flags, cmTarget const* target,
const std::string& lang);
///! Append flags to a string.
virtual void AppendFlags(std::string& flags, const std::string& newFlags);
virtual void AppendFlags(std::string& flags, const char* newFlags);
virtual void AppendFlagEscape(std::string& flags,
const std::string& rawFlag);
///! Get the include flags for the current makefile and language
std::string GetIncludeFlags(const std::vector<std::string> &includes,
cmGeneratorTarget* target,
const std::string& lang,
bool forceFullPaths = false,
bool forResponseFile = false,
const std::string& config = "");
* Encode a list of preprocessor definitions for the compiler
* command line.
void AppendDefines(std::set<std::string>& defines,
const char* defines_list);
void AppendDefines(std::set<std::string>& defines,
std::string defines_list)
this->AppendDefines(defines, defines_list.c_str());
void AppendDefines(std::set<std::string>& defines,
const std::vector<std::string> &defines_vec);
* Join a set of defines into a definesString with a space separator.
void JoinDefines(const std::set<std::string>& defines,
std::string &definesString,
const std::string& lang);
/** Lookup and append options associated with a particular feature. */
void AppendFeatureOptions(std::string& flags, const std::string& lang,
const char* feature);
const char* GetFeature(const std::string& feature,
const std::string& config);
/** \brief Get absolute path to dependency \a name
* Translate a dependency as given in CMake code to the name to
* appear in a generated build file.
* - If \a name is a utility target, returns false.
* - If \a name is a CMake target, it will be transformed to the real output
* location of that target for the given configuration.
* - If \a name is the full path to a file, it will be returned.
* - Otherwise \a name is treated as a relative path with respect to
* the source directory of this generator. This should only be
* used for dependencies of custom commands.
bool GetRealDependency(const std::string& name, const std::string& config,
std::string& dep);
virtual std::string ConvertToIncludeReference(std::string const& path,
OutputFormat format = SHELL,
bool forceFullPaths = false);
/** Called from command-line hook to clear dependencies. */
virtual void ClearDependencies(cmMakefile* /* mf */,
bool /* verbose */) {}
/** Called from command-line hook to update dependencies. */
virtual bool UpdateDependencies(const char* /* tgtInfo */,
bool /*verbose*/,
bool /*color*/)
{ return true; }
/** Get the include flags for the current makefile and language. */
void GetIncludeDirectories(std::vector<std::string>& dirs,
cmGeneratorTarget* target,
const std::string& lang = "C",
const std::string& config = "",
bool stripImplicitInclDirs = true) const;
void AddCompileOptions(std::string& flags, cmTarget* target,
const std::string& lang, const std::string& config);
void AddCompileDefinitions(std::set<std::string>& defines,
cmTarget const* target,
const std::string& config,
const std::string& lang);
/** Compute the language used to compile the given source file. */
std::string GetSourceFileLanguage(const cmSourceFile& source);
// Fill the vector with the target names for the object files,
// preprocessed files and assembly files.
virtual void GetIndividualFileTargets(std::vector<std::string>&) {}
// Create a struct to hold the varibles passed into
// ExpandRuleVariables
struct RuleVariables
memset(this, 0, sizeof(*this));
cmTarget* CMTarget;
const char* TargetPDB;
const char* TargetCompilePDB;
const char* TargetVersionMajor;
const char* TargetVersionMinor;
const char* Language;
const char* Objects;
const char* Target;
const char* LinkLibraries;
const char* Source;
const char* AssemblySource;
const char* PreprocessedSource;
const char* Output;
const char* Object;
const char* ObjectDir;
const char* ObjectFileDir;
const char* Flags;
const char* ObjectsQuoted;
const char* SONameFlag;
const char* TargetSOName;
const char* TargetInstallNameDir;
const char* LinkFlags;
const char* Manifests;
const char* LanguageCompileFlags;
const char* Defines;
const char* Includes;
const char* RuleLauncher;
const char* DependencyFile;
const char* FilterPrefix;
* Get the relative path from the generator output directory to a
* per-target support directory.
virtual std::string GetTargetDirectory(cmTarget const& target) const;
* Get the level of backwards compatibility requested by the project
* in this directory. This is the value of the CMake variable
* "major.minor[.patch]". The returned integer is encoded as
* CMake_VERSION_ENCODE(major, minor, patch)
* and is monotonically increasing with the CMake version.
cmIML_INT_uint64_t GetBackwardsCompatibility();
* Test whether compatibility is set to a given version or lower.
bool NeedBackwardsCompatibility_2_4();
* Generate a Mac OS X application bundle Info.plist file.
void GenerateAppleInfoPList(cmTarget* target, const std::string& targetName,
const char* fname);
* Generate a Mac OS X framework Info.plist file.
void GenerateFrameworkInfoPList(cmTarget* target,
const std::string& targetName,
const char* fname);
/** Construct a comment for a custom command. */
std::string ConstructComment(cmCustomCommandGenerator const& ccg,
const char* default_comment = "");
// Compute object file names.
std::string GetObjectFileNameWithoutTarget(const cmSourceFile& source,
std::string const& dir_max,
bool* hasSourceExtension = 0);
/** Fill out the static linker flags for the given target. */
void GetStaticLibraryFlags(std::string& flags,
std::string const& config,
cmTarget* target);
/** Fill out these strings for the given target. Libraries to link,
* flags, and linkflags. */
void GetTargetFlags(std::string& linkLibs,
std::string& flags,
std::string& linkFlags,
std::string& frameworkPath,
std::string& linkPath,
cmGeneratorTarget* target,
bool useWatcomQuote);
virtual void ComputeObjectFilenames(
std::map<cmSourceFile const*, std::string>& mapping,
cmGeneratorTarget const* gt = 0);
bool IsWindowsShell() const;
bool IsWatcomWMake() const;
bool IsMinGWMake() const;
bool IsNMake() const;
void IssueMessage(cmake::MessageType t, std::string const& text) const;
void CreateEvaluationFileOutputs(const std::string& config);
void ProcessEvaluationFiles(std::vector<std::string>& generatedFiles);
///! put all the libraries for a target on into the given stream
void OutputLinkLibraries(std::string& linkLibraries,
std::string& frameworkPath,
std::string& linkPath,
cmGeneratorTarget &,
bool relink,
bool forResponseFile,
bool useWatcomQuote);
// Expand rule variables in CMake of the type found in language rules
void ExpandRuleVariables(std::string& string,
const RuleVariables& replaceValues);
// Expand rule variables in a single string
std::string ExpandRuleVariable(std::string const& variable,
const RuleVariables& replaceValues);
const char* GetRuleLauncher(cmTarget* target, const std::string& prop);
void InsertRuleLauncher(std::string& s, cmTarget* target,
const std::string& prop);
// Handle old-style install rules stored in the targets.
void GenerateTargetInstallRules(
std::ostream& os, const std::string& config,
std::vector<std::string> const& configurationTypes);
std::string& CreateSafeUniqueObjectFileName(const std::string& sin,
std::string const& dir_max);
virtual std::string ConvertToLinkReference(std::string const& lib,
OutputFormat format = SHELL);
/** Check whether the native build system supports the given
definition. Issues a warning. */
virtual bool CheckDefinition(std::string const& define) const;
cmMakefile *Makefile;
cmState::Snapshot StateSnapshot;
cmGlobalGenerator *GlobalGenerator;
std::map<std::string, std::string> UniqueObjectNamesMap;
std::string::size_type ObjectPathMax;
std::set<std::string> ObjectMaxPathViolations;
std::set<cmTarget const*> WarnCMP0063;
bool EmitUniversalBinaryFlags;
// Hack for ExpandRuleVariable until object-oriented version is
// committed.
std::string TargetImplib;
cmIML_INT_uint64_t BackwardsCompatibility;
bool BackwardsCompatibilityFinal;
void AddSharedFlags(std::string& flags, const std::string& lang,
bool shared);
bool GetShouldUseOldFlags(bool shared, const std::string &lang) const;
void AddPositionIndependentFlags(std::string& flags, std::string const& l,
int targetType);
void ComputeObjectMaxPath();