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CMake - Cross Platform Makefile Generator
Copyright 2000-2009 Kitware, Inc., Insight Software Consortium
Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD License (the "License");
see accompanying file Copyright.txt for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the
See the License for more information.
#ifndef _cmDocumentation_h
#define _cmDocumentation_h
#include "cmStandardIncludes.h"
#include "cmDocumentationFormatter.h"
#include "cmDocumentationSection.h"
#include "cmake.h"
namespace cmsys
class Directory;
/** Class to generate documentation. */
class cmDocumentation: public cmDocumentationEnums
* Check command line arguments for documentation options. Returns
* true if documentation options are found, and false otherwise.
* When true is returned, PrintRequestedDocumentation should be
* called. exitOpt can be used for things like cmake -E, so that
* all arguments after the -E are ignored and not searched for
* help arguments.
bool CheckOptions(int argc, const char* const* argv,
const char* exitOpt =0);
* Print help requested on the command line. Call after
* CheckOptions returns true. Returns true on success, and false
* otherwise. Failure can occur when output files specified on the
* command line cannot be written.
bool PrintRequestedDocumentation(std::ostream& os);
/** Print help of the given type. */
bool PrintDocumentation(Type ht, std::ostream& os);
void SetShowGenerators(bool showGen) { this->ShowGenerators = showGen; }
/** Set the program name for standard document generation. */
void SetName(const std::string& name);
/** Set a section of the documentation. Typical sections include Name,
Usage, Description, Options */
void SetSection(const char *sectionName,
cmDocumentationSection *section);
void SetSection(const char *sectionName,
std::vector<cmDocumentationEntry> &docs);
void SetSection(const char *sectionName,
const char *docs[][2]);
void SetSections(std::map<std::string,cmDocumentationSection *>
/** Add the documentation to the beginning/end of the section */
void PrependSection(const char *sectionName,
const char *docs[][2]);
void PrependSection(const char *sectionName,
std::vector<cmDocumentationEntry> &docs);
void PrependSection(const char *sectionName,
cmDocumentationEntry &docs);
void AppendSection(const char *sectionName,
const char *docs[][2]);
void AppendSection(const char *sectionName,
std::vector<cmDocumentationEntry> &docs);
void AppendSection(const char *sectionName,
cmDocumentationEntry &docs);
/** Add common (to all tools) documentation section(s) */
void addCommonStandardDocSections();
/** Add the CMake standard documentation section(s) */
void addCMakeStandardDocSections();
/** Add the CTest standard documentation section(s) */
void addCTestStandardDocSections();
/** Add the CPack standard documentation section(s) */
void addCPackStandardDocSections();
void GlobHelp(std::vector<std::string>& files, std::string const& pattern);
void PrintNames(std::ostream& os, std::string const& pattern);
bool PrintFiles(std::ostream& os, std::string const& pattern);
bool PrintVersion(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintUsage(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelp(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpFull(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpOneManual(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpOneCommand(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpOneModule(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpOnePolicy(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpOneProperty(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpOneVariable(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpListManuals(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpListCommands(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpListModules(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpListProperties(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpListVariables(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpListPolicies(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintHelpListGenerators(std::ostream& os);
bool PrintOldCustomModules(std::ostream& os);
const char* GetNameString() const;
bool IsOption(const char* arg) const;
bool ShowGenerators;
std::string NameString;
std::map<std::string,cmDocumentationSection*> AllSections;
std::string CurrentArgument;
struct RequestedHelpItem
RequestedHelpItem(): HelpType(None) {}
cmDocumentationEnums::Type HelpType;
std::string Filename;
std::string Argument;
std::vector<RequestedHelpItem> RequestedHelpItems;
cmDocumentationFormatter Formatter;
static void WarnFormFromFilename(RequestedHelpItem& request, bool& result);