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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator_h
#define cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator_h
#include <memory>
#include "cmGlobalGeneratorFactory.h"
#include "cmGlobalVisualStudioGenerator.h"
class cmTarget;
struct cmIDEFlagTable;
/** \class cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator
* \brief Write a Unix makefiles.
* cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator manages UNIX build process for a tree
class cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator : public cmGlobalVisualStudioGenerator
//! Create a local generator appropriate to this Global Generator
std::unique_ptr<cmLocalGenerator> CreateLocalGenerator(
cmMakefile* mf) override;
#if !defined(CMAKE_BOOTSTRAP)
Json::Value GetJson() const override;
bool SetSystemName(std::string const& s, cmMakefile* mf) override;
* Utilized by the generator factory to determine if this generator
* supports toolsets.
static bool SupportsToolset() { return false; }
* Utilized by the generator factory to determine if this generator
* supports platforms.
static bool SupportsPlatform() { return false; }
* Try to determine system information such as shared library
* extension, pthreads, byte order etc.
void EnableLanguage(std::vector<std::string> const& languages, cmMakefile*,
bool optional) override;
* Try running cmake and building a file. This is used for dynamically
* loaded commands, not as part of the usual build process.
std::vector<GeneratedMakeCommand> GenerateBuildCommand(
const std::string& makeProgram, const std::string& projectName,
const std::string& projectDir, std::vector<std::string> const& targetNames,
const std::string& config, bool fast, int jobs, bool verbose,
std::vector<std::string> const& makeOptions =
std::vector<std::string>()) override;
* Generate the DSW workspace file.
virtual void OutputSLNFile();
//! Lookup a stored GUID or compute one deterministically.
std::string GetGUID(std::string const& name);
/** Append the subdirectory for the given configuration. */
void AppendDirectoryForConfig(const std::string& prefix,
const std::string& config,
const std::string& suffix,
std::string& dir) override;
//! What is the configurations directory variable called?
const char* GetCMakeCFGIntDir() const override
return "$(ConfigurationName)";
/** Return true if the target project file should have the option
LinkLibraryDependencies and link to .sln dependencies. */
virtual bool NeedLinkLibraryDependencies(cmGeneratorTarget*)
return false;
const std::string& GetIntelProjectVersion();
bool FindMakeProgram(cmMakefile* mf) override;
/** Is the Microsoft Assembler enabled? */
bool IsMasmEnabled() const { return this->MasmEnabled; }
bool IsNasmEnabled() const { return this->NasmEnabled; }
// Encoding for Visual Studio files
virtual std::string Encoding();
cmIDEFlagTable const* ExtraFlagTable;
cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator(cmake* cm,
std::string const& platformInGeneratorName);
void Generate() override;
std::string const& GetDevEnvCommand();
virtual std::string FindDevEnvCommand();
static const char* ExternalProjectType(const std::string& location);
virtual void OutputSLNFile(cmLocalGenerator* root,
std::vector<cmLocalGenerator*>& generators);
virtual void WriteSLNFile(std::ostream& fout, cmLocalGenerator* root,
std::vector<cmLocalGenerator*>& generators) = 0;
virtual void WriteProject(std::ostream& fout, const std::string& name,
const std::string& path,
const cmGeneratorTarget* t) = 0;
virtual void WriteProjectDepends(std::ostream& fout, const std::string& name,
const std::string& path,
cmGeneratorTarget const* t) = 0;
virtual void WriteProjectConfigurations(
std::ostream& fout, const std::string& name,
cmGeneratorTarget const& target, std::vector<std::string> const& configs,
const std::set<std::string>& configsPartOfDefaultBuild,
const std::string& platformMapping = "") = 0;
virtual void WriteSLNGlobalSections(std::ostream& fout,
cmLocalGenerator* root);
virtual void WriteSLNFooter(std::ostream& fout);
std::string WriteUtilityDepend(const cmGeneratorTarget* target) override;
virtual void WriteTargetsToSolution(
std::ostream& fout, cmLocalGenerator* root,
OrderedTargetDependSet const& projectTargets);
virtual void WriteTargetDepends(
std::ostream& fout, OrderedTargetDependSet const& projectTargets);
virtual void WriteTargetConfigurations(
std::ostream& fout, std::vector<std::string> const& configs,
OrderedTargetDependSet const& projectTargets);
virtual void WriteExternalProject(
std::ostream& fout, const std::string& name, const std::string& path,
const char* typeGuid,
const std::set<BT<std::pair<std::string, bool>>>& dependencies) = 0;
std::string ConvertToSolutionPath(const std::string& path);
std::set<std::string> IsPartOfDefaultBuild(
std::vector<std::string> const& configs,
OrderedTargetDependSet const& projectTargets,
cmGeneratorTarget const* target);
bool IsDependedOn(OrderedTargetDependSet const& projectTargets,
cmGeneratorTarget const* target);
std::map<std::string, std::string> GUIDMap;
virtual void WriteFolders(std::ostream& fout);
virtual void WriteFoldersContent(std::ostream& fout);
std::map<std::string, std::set<std::string>> VisualStudioFolders;
// Set during OutputSLNFile with the name of the current project.
// There is one SLN file per project.
std::string CurrentProject;
bool MasmEnabled;
bool NasmEnabled;
std::string IntelProjectVersion;
std::string DevEnvCommand;
bool DevEnvCommandInitialized;
std::string GetVSMakeProgram() override { return this->GetDevEnvCommand(); }