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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmGlobalVisualStudio10Generator_h
#define cmGlobalVisualStudio10Generator_h
#include <memory>
#include "cmGlobalVisualStudio8Generator.h"
#include "cmVisualStudio10ToolsetOptions.h"
/** \class cmGlobalVisualStudio10Generator
* \brief Write a Unix makefiles.
* cmGlobalVisualStudio10Generator manages UNIX build process for a tree
class cmGlobalVisualStudio10Generator : public cmGlobalVisualStudio8Generator
static std::unique_ptr<cmGlobalGeneratorFactory> NewFactory();
bool MatchesGeneratorName(const std::string& name) const override;
bool SetSystemName(std::string const& s, cmMakefile* mf) override;
bool SetGeneratorPlatform(std::string const& p, cmMakefile* mf) override;
bool SetGeneratorToolset(std::string const& ts, bool build,
cmMakefile* mf) override;
std::vector<GeneratedMakeCommand> GenerateBuildCommand(
const std::string& makeProgram, const std::string& projectName,
const std::string& projectDir, std::vector<std::string> const& targetNames,
const std::string& config, bool fast, int jobs, bool verbose,
std::vector<std::string> const& makeOptions =
std::vector<std::string>()) override;
//! create the correct local generator
std::unique_ptr<cmLocalGenerator> CreateLocalGenerator(
cmMakefile* mf) override;
* Try to determine system information such as shared library
* extension, pthreads, byte order etc.
void EnableLanguage(std::vector<std::string> const& languages, cmMakefile*,
bool optional) override;
bool IsCudaEnabled() const { return this->CudaEnabled; }
/** Generating for Nsight Tegra VS plugin? */
bool IsNsightTegra() const;
std::string GetNsightTegraVersion() const;
/** The vctargets path for the target platform. */
const char* GetCustomVCTargetsPath() const;
/** The toolset name for the target platform. */
const char* GetPlatformToolset() const;
std::string const& GetPlatformToolsetString() const;
/** The toolset version. */
const char* GetPlatformToolsetVersion() const;
std::string const& GetPlatformToolsetVersionString() const;
/** The toolset host architecture name (e.g. x64 for 64-bit host tools). */
const char* GetPlatformToolsetHostArchitecture() const;
std::string const& GetPlatformToolsetHostArchitectureString() const;
/** The cuda toolset version. */
const char* GetPlatformToolsetCuda() const;
std::string const& GetPlatformToolsetCudaString() const;
/** The custom cuda install directory */
const char* GetPlatformToolsetCudaCustomDir() const;
std::string const& GetPlatformToolsetCudaCustomDirString() const;
/** Return whether we need to use No/Debug instead of false/true
for GenerateDebugInformation. */
bool GetPlatformToolsetNeedsDebugEnum() const
return this->PlatformToolsetNeedsDebugEnum;
/** Return the CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME. */
std::string const& GetSystemName() const { return this->SystemName; }
/** Return the CMAKE_SYSTEM_VERSION. */
std::string const& GetSystemVersion() const { return this->SystemVersion; }
/** Return the Windows version targeted on VS 2015 and above. */
std::string const& GetWindowsTargetPlatformVersion() const
return this->WindowsTargetPlatformVersion;
/** Return true if building for WindowsCE */
bool TargetsWindowsCE() const override { return this->SystemIsWindowsCE; }
/** Return true if building for WindowsPhone */
bool TargetsWindowsPhone() const { return this->SystemIsWindowsPhone; }
/** Return true if building for WindowsStore */
bool TargetsWindowsStore() const { return this->SystemIsWindowsStore; }
const char* GetCMakeCFGIntDir() const override { return "$(Configuration)"; }
bool Find64BitTools(cmMakefile* mf);
/** Generate an <output>.rule file path for a given command output. */
std::string GenerateRuleFile(std::string const& output) const override;
void PathTooLong(cmGeneratorTarget* target, cmSourceFile const* sf,
std::string const& sfRel);
std::string Encoding() override;
const char* GetToolsVersion() const;
virtual bool IsDefaultToolset(const std::string& version) const;
virtual std::string GetAuxiliaryToolset() const;
bool GetSupportsUnityBuilds() const { return this->SupportsUnityBuilds; }
bool FindMakeProgram(cmMakefile* mf) override;
bool IsIPOSupported() const override { return true; }
static std::string GetInstalledNsightTegraVersion();
/** Return the first two components of CMAKE_SYSTEM_VERSION. */
std::string GetApplicationTypeRevision() const;
cmIDEFlagTable const* GetClFlagTable() const;
cmIDEFlagTable const* GetCSharpFlagTable() const;
cmIDEFlagTable const* GetRcFlagTable() const;
cmIDEFlagTable const* GetLibFlagTable() const;
cmIDEFlagTable const* GetLinkFlagTable() const;
cmIDEFlagTable const* GetCudaFlagTable() const;
cmIDEFlagTable const* GetCudaHostFlagTable() const;
cmIDEFlagTable const* GetMasmFlagTable() const;
cmIDEFlagTable const* GetNasmFlagTable() const;
cmGlobalVisualStudio10Generator(cmake* cm, const std::string& name,
std::string const& platformInGeneratorName);
void Generate() override;
virtual bool InitializeSystem(cmMakefile* mf);
virtual bool InitializeWindows(cmMakefile* mf);
virtual bool InitializeWindowsCE(cmMakefile* mf);
virtual bool InitializeWindowsPhone(cmMakefile* mf);
virtual bool InitializeWindowsStore(cmMakefile* mf);
virtual bool ProcessGeneratorToolsetField(std::string const& key,
std::string const& value);
virtual std::string SelectWindowsCEToolset() const;
virtual bool SelectWindowsPhoneToolset(std::string& toolset) const;
virtual bool SelectWindowsStoreToolset(std::string& toolset) const;
std::string const& GetMSBuildCommand();
cmIDEFlagTable const* LoadFlagTable(std::string const& optionsName,
std::string const& toolsetName,
std::string const& defaultName,
std::string const& table) const;
std::string GeneratorToolset;
std::string GeneratorToolsetVersion;
std::string GeneratorToolsetHostArchitecture;
std::string GeneratorToolsetCustomVCTargetsDir;
std::string GeneratorToolsetCuda;
std::string GeneratorToolsetCudaCustomDir;
std::string DefaultPlatformToolset;
std::string DefaultPlatformToolsetHostArchitecture;
std::string WindowsTargetPlatformVersion;
std::string SystemName;
std::string SystemVersion;
std::string NsightTegraVersion;
std::string DefaultCLFlagTableName;
std::string DefaultCSharpFlagTableName;
std::string DefaultLibFlagTableName;
std::string DefaultLinkFlagTableName;
std::string DefaultCudaFlagTableName;
std::string DefaultCudaHostFlagTableName;
std::string DefaultMasmFlagTableName;
std::string DefaultNasmFlagTableName;
std::string DefaultRCFlagTableName;
bool SupportsUnityBuilds = false;
bool SystemIsWindowsCE;
bool SystemIsWindowsPhone;
bool SystemIsWindowsStore;
class Factory;
friend class Factory;
struct LongestSourcePath
: Length(0)
, Target(0)
, SourceFile(0)
size_t Length;
cmGeneratorTarget* Target;
cmSourceFile const* SourceFile;
std::string SourceRel;
LongestSourcePath LongestSource;
std::string MSBuildCommand;
bool MSBuildCommandInitialized;
cmVisualStudio10ToolsetOptions ToolsetOptions;
virtual std::string FindMSBuildCommand();
std::string FindDevEnvCommand() override;
std::string GetVSMakeProgram() override { return this->GetMSBuildCommand(); }
bool PlatformToolsetNeedsDebugEnum;
bool ParseGeneratorToolset(std::string const& ts, cmMakefile* mf);
std::string CustomVCTargetsPath;
std::string VCTargetsPath;
bool FindVCTargetsPath(cmMakefile* mf);
bool CudaEnabled;
// We do not use the reload macros for VS >= 10.
std::string GetUserMacrosDirectory() override { return ""; }