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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#include "cmGlobalJOMMakefileGenerator.h"
#include "cmDocumentationEntry.h"
#include "cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3.h"
#include "cmMakefile.h"
#include "cmState.h"
#include "cmake.h"
cmGlobalJOMMakefileGenerator::cmGlobalJOMMakefileGenerator(cmake* cm)
: cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3(cm)
this->FindMakeProgramFile = "CMakeJOMFindMake.cmake";
this->ForceUnixPaths = false;
this->ToolSupportsColor = true;
this->UseLinkScript = false;
this->DefineWindowsNULL = true;
this->PassMakeflags = true;
this->UnixCD = false;
this->MakeSilentFlag = "/nologo";
void cmGlobalJOMMakefileGenerator::EnableLanguage(
std::vector<std::string> const& l, cmMakefile* mf, bool optional)
// pick a default
mf->AddDefinition("CMAKE_GENERATOR_CC", "cl");
mf->AddDefinition("CMAKE_GENERATOR_CXX", "cl");
this->cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3::EnableLanguage(l, mf, optional);
void cmGlobalJOMMakefileGenerator::GetDocumentation(
cmDocumentationEntry& entry)
entry.Name = cmGlobalJOMMakefileGenerator::GetActualName();
entry.Brief = "Generates JOM makefiles.";
void cmGlobalJOMMakefileGenerator::PrintCompilerAdvice(
std::ostream& os, std::string const& lang, const char* envVar) const
if (lang == "CXX" || lang == "C") {
/* clang-format off */
os <<
"To use the JOM generator with Visual C++, cmake must be run from a "
"shell that can use the compiler cl from the command line. This "
"environment is unable to invoke the cl compiler. To fix this problem, "
"run cmake from the Visual Studio Command Prompt (vcvarsall.bat).\n";
/* clang-format on */
this->cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3::PrintCompilerAdvice(os, lang, envVar);
const std::string& makeProgram, const std::string& projectName,
const std::string& projectDir, std::vector<std::string> const& targetNames,
const std::string& config, bool fast, int jobs, bool verbose,
std::vector<std::string> const& makeOptions)
std::vector<std::string> jomMakeOptions;
// Since we have full control over the invocation of JOM, let us
// make it quiet.
cm::append(jomMakeOptions, makeOptions);
// JOM does parallel builds by default, the -j is only needed if a specific
// number is given
// see
if (jobs == cmake::DEFAULT_BUILD_PARALLEL_LEVEL) {
return cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3::GenerateBuildCommand(
makeProgram, projectName, projectDir, targetNames, config, fast, jobs,
verbose, jomMakeOptions);