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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmFortranParser_h
#define cmFortranParser_h
#if !defined(cmFortranLexer_cxx) && !defined(cmFortranParser_cxx)
# include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
# include <set>
# include <string>
# include <utility>
# include <vector>
#include <cstddef> /* size_t */
/* Forward declare parser object type. */
using cmFortranParser = struct cmFortranParser_s;
/* Functions to enter/exit #include'd files in order. */
bool cmFortranParser_FilePush(cmFortranParser* parser, const char* fname);
bool cmFortranParser_FilePop(cmFortranParser* parser);
/* Callbacks for lexer. */
int cmFortranParser_Input(cmFortranParser* parser, char* buffer,
size_t bufferSize);
void cmFortranParser_StringStart(cmFortranParser* parser);
const char* cmFortranParser_StringEnd(cmFortranParser* parser);
void cmFortranParser_StringAppend(cmFortranParser* parser, char c);
void cmFortranParser_SetInInterface(cmFortranParser* parser, bool is_in);
bool cmFortranParser_GetInInterface(cmFortranParser* parser);
void cmFortranParser_SetInPPFalseBranch(cmFortranParser* parser, bool is_in);
bool cmFortranParser_GetInPPFalseBranch(cmFortranParser* parser);
void cmFortranParser_SetOldStartcond(cmFortranParser* parser, int arg);
int cmFortranParser_GetOldStartcond(cmFortranParser* parser);
/* Callbacks for parser. */
void cmFortranParser_Error(cmFortranParser* parser, const char* message);
void cmFortranParser_RuleUse(cmFortranParser* parser, const char* module_name);
void cmFortranParser_RuleLineDirective(cmFortranParser* parser,
const char* filename);
void cmFortranParser_RuleInclude(cmFortranParser* parser, const char* name);
void cmFortranParser_RuleModule(cmFortranParser* parser,
const char* module_name);
void cmFortranParser_RuleSubmodule(cmFortranParser* parser,
const char* module_name,
const char* submodule_name);
void cmFortranParser_RuleSubmoduleNested(cmFortranParser* parser,
const char* module_name,
const char* submodule_name,
const char* nested_submodule_name);
void cmFortranParser_RuleDefine(cmFortranParser* parser, const char* name);
void cmFortranParser_RuleUndef(cmFortranParser* parser, const char* name);
void cmFortranParser_RuleIfdef(cmFortranParser* parser, const char* name);
void cmFortranParser_RuleIfndef(cmFortranParser* parser, const char* name);
void cmFortranParser_RuleIf(cmFortranParser* parser);
void cmFortranParser_RuleElif(cmFortranParser* parser);
void cmFortranParser_RuleElse(cmFortranParser* parser);
void cmFortranParser_RuleEndif(cmFortranParser* parser);
/* Define the parser stack element type. */
struct cmFortran_yystype
char* string;
/* Setup the proper yylex interface. */
#define YY_EXTRA_TYPE cmFortranParser*
#define YY_DECL int cmFortran_yylex(YYSTYPE* yylvalp, yyscan_t yyscanner)
#define YYSTYPE cmFortran_yystype
#if !defined(cmFortranLexer_cxx)
# define YY_NO_UNISTD_H
# include "cmFortranLexer.h"
#if !defined(cmFortranLexer_cxx)
# if !defined(cmFortranParser_cxx)
# undef YY_DECL
# undef YYSTYPE
# endif
#if !defined(cmFortranLexer_cxx) && !defined(cmFortranParser_cxx)
# include <stack>
// Information about a single source file.
class cmFortranSourceInfo
// The name of the source file.
std::string Source;
// Set of provided and required modules.
std::set<std::string> Provides;
std::set<std::string> Requires;
// Set of files included in the translation unit.
std::set<std::string> Includes;
// Parser methods not included in generated interface.
// Get the current buffer processed by the lexer.
YY_BUFFER_STATE cmFortranLexer_GetCurrentBuffer(yyscan_t yyscanner);
// The parser entry point.
int cmFortran_yyparse(yyscan_t);
// Define parser object internal structure.
struct cmFortranFile
cmFortranFile(FILE* file, YY_BUFFER_STATE buffer, std::string dir)
: File(file)
, Buffer(buffer)
, Directory(std::move(dir))
, LastCharWasNewline(false)
FILE* File;
std::string Directory;
bool LastCharWasNewline;
struct cmFortranCompiler
std::string Id;
std::string SModSep;
std::string SModExt;
struct cmFortranParser_s
cmFortranParser_s(cmFortranCompiler fc, std::vector<std::string> includes,
std::set<std::string> defines, cmFortranSourceInfo& info);
cmFortranParser_s(const cmFortranParser_s&) = delete;
cmFortranParser_s& operator=(const cmFortranParser_s&) = delete;
bool FindIncludeFile(const char* dir, const char* includeName,
std::string& fileName);
std::string ModName(std::string const& mod_name) const;
std::string SModName(std::string const& mod_name,
std::string const& sub_name) const;
// What compiler.
cmFortranCompiler Compiler;
// The include file search path.
std::vector<std::string> IncludePath;
// Lexical scanner instance.
yyscan_t Scanner;
// Stack of open files in the translation unit.
std::stack<cmFortranFile> FileStack;
// Buffer for string literals.
std::string TokenString;
// Error message text if a parser error occurs.
std::string Error;
// Flag for whether lexer is reading from inside an interface.
bool InInterface;
int OldStartcond;
std::set<std::string> PPDefinitions;
size_t InPPFalseBranch;
std::stack<bool> SkipToEnd;
// Information about the parsed source.
cmFortranSourceInfo& Info;