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/* Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
file Copyright.txt or for details. */
#ifndef cmFileAPI_h
#define cmFileAPI_h
#include "cmConfigure.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_set>
#include <vector>
#include "cm_jsoncpp_reader.h"
#include "cm_jsoncpp_value.h"
#include "cm_jsoncpp_writer.h"
class cmake;
class cmFileAPI
cmFileAPI(cmake* cm);
/** Read fileapi queries from disk. */
void ReadQueries();
/** Write fileapi replies to disk. */
void WriteReplies();
/** Get the "cmake" instance with which this was constructed. */
cmake* GetCMakeInstance() const { return this->CMakeInstance; }
/** Convert a JSON object or array into an object with a single
"jsonFile" member specifying a file named with the given prefix
and holding the original object. Other JSON types are unchanged. */
Json::Value MaybeJsonFile(Json::Value in, std::string const& prefix);
/** Report file-api capabilities for cmake -E capabilities. */
static Json::Value ReportCapabilities();
cmake* CMakeInstance;
/** The api/v1 directory location. */
std::string APIv1;
/** The set of files we have just written to the reply directory. */
std::unordered_set<std::string> ReplyFiles;
static std::vector<std::string> LoadDir(std::string const& dir);
void RemoveOldReplyFiles();
// Keep in sync with ObjectKindName.
enum class ObjectKind
/** Identify one object kind and major version. */
struct Object
ObjectKind Kind;
unsigned long Version = 0;
friend bool operator<(Object const& l, Object const& r)
if (l.Kind != r.Kind) {
return l.Kind < r.Kind;
return l.Version < r.Version;
/** Represent content of a query directory. */
struct Query
/** Known object kind-version pairs. */
std::vector<Object> Known;
/** Unknown object kind names. */
std::vector<std::string> Unknown;
/** Represent one request in a client 'query.json'. */
struct ClientRequest : public Object
/** Empty if request is valid, else the error string. */
std::string Error;
/** Represent the "requests" in a client 'query.json'. */
struct ClientRequests : public std::vector<ClientRequest>
/** Empty if requests field is valid, else the error string. */
std::string Error;
/** Represent the content of a client query.json file. */
struct ClientQueryJson
/** The error string if parsing failed, else empty. */
std::string Error;
/** The 'query.json' object "client" member if it exists, else null. */
Json::Value ClientValue;
/** The 'query.json' object "requests" member if it exists, else null. */
Json::Value RequestsValue;
/** Requests extracted from 'query.json'. */
ClientRequests Requests;
/** Represent content of a client query directory. */
struct ClientQuery
/** The content of the client query directory except 'query.json'. */
Query DirQuery;
/** True if 'query.json' exists. */
bool HaveQueryJson = false;
/** The 'query.json' content. */
ClientQueryJson QueryJson;
/** Whether the top-level query directory exists at all. */
bool QueryExists = false;
/** The content of the top-level query directory. */
Query TopQuery;
/** The content of each "client-$client" query directory. */
std::map<std::string, ClientQuery> ClientQueries;
/** Reply index object generated for object kind/version.
This populates the "objects" field of the reply index. */
std::map<Object, Json::Value> ReplyIndexObjects;
std::unique_ptr<Json::CharReader> JsonReader;
std::unique_ptr<Json::StreamWriter> JsonWriter;
bool ReadJsonFile(std::string const& file, Json::Value& value,
std::string& error);
std::string WriteJsonFile(
Json::Value const& value, std::string const& prefix,
std::string (*computeSuffix)(std::string const&) = ComputeSuffixHash);
static std::string ComputeSuffixHash(std::string const&);
static std::string ComputeSuffixTime(std::string const&);
static bool ReadQuery(std::string const& query,
std::vector<Object>& objects);
void ReadClient(std::string const& client);
void ReadClientQuery(std::string const& client, ClientQueryJson& q);
Json::Value BuildReplyIndex();
Json::Value BuildCMake();
Json::Value BuildReply(Query const& q);
static Json::Value BuildReplyError(std::string const& error);
Json::Value const& AddReplyIndexObject(Object const& o);
static const char* ObjectKindName(ObjectKind kind);
static std::string ObjectName(Object const& o);
static Json::Value BuildVersion(unsigned int major, unsigned int minor);
Json::Value BuildObject(Object const& object);
ClientRequests BuildClientRequests(Json::Value const& requests);
ClientRequest BuildClientRequest(Json::Value const& request);
Json::Value BuildClientReply(ClientQuery const& q);
Json::Value BuildClientReplyResponses(ClientRequests const& requests);
Json::Value BuildClientReplyResponse(ClientRequest const& request);
struct RequestVersion
unsigned int Major = 0;
unsigned int Minor = 0;
static bool ReadRequestVersions(Json::Value const& version,
std::vector<RequestVersion>& versions,
std::string& error);
static bool ReadRequestVersion(Json::Value const& version, bool inArray,
std::vector<RequestVersion>& result,
std::string& error);
static std::string NoSupportedVersion(
std::vector<RequestVersion> const& versions);
void BuildClientRequestCodeModel(
ClientRequest& r, std::vector<RequestVersion> const& versions);
Json::Value BuildCodeModel(Object const& object);
void BuildClientRequestCache(ClientRequest& r,
std::vector<RequestVersion> const& versions);
Json::Value BuildCache(Object const& object);
void BuildClientRequestCMakeFiles(
ClientRequest& r, std::vector<RequestVersion> const& versions);
Json::Value BuildCMakeFiles(Object const& object);
void BuildClientRequestInternalTest(
ClientRequest& r, std::vector<RequestVersion> const& versions);
Json::Value BuildInternalTest(Object const& object);